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The meeting between me and the agents of Caesar, the U.S. Secret Service, was set up in advance by my Pastor, William Lowry. The agents allegedly wanted to meet with me in order to "close my case" -- I found out instead that they wanted to meet with me every ninety days for an indefinite period.

The exchange lasted about 20 minutes and it took place in the main conference room of my Church. The persons present were I, Pastor William Lowry and two Secret Service agents; one male and one female. The dialogue was for the most part between me and the male agent, a man of about 35 years with a shaven head that indicates either excessive vanity or a personality disorder who I will call Kojak.

The female Secret Service agent was a blond and very attractive, about 30 years in age who largely remained silent and was likely wearing a recording device and carrying a small caliber gun on her person who I'll call Madonna. This was Kojak's bodyguard and witness for court should the need arise.

The interview opened with a five minute monologue by Kojak in which the reason for the meeting was changed from its original purpose of closing my case to a request for tri-monthly personal contact with the members of the Secret Service. It is interesting to note that it is a felony under federal law for a person interviewed by a federal agent to make false statements; unfortunately it is not a felony for agents to lie to the public.

When the Kojak finally fell silent, I launched into my standard argument about the reasons why I would never cooperate with the Secret Service (1) The massive violations of my constitutional rights at the outset of my case in 1994 (2) The fact that legally speaking my case ended on June 26, 2001. (3) The attempt by the Secret Service to have me placed illegally in a mental institution for life while a political prisoner at FCI BUTNER, North Carolina. (4) Secret Service harassment after my release from prison that resulted in me losing several good jobs. (5) The fact that the Secret Service has grown into a latter day Praetorian Guard that represents a clear danger to ordinary citizens and may present a challenge to those it is charged with protection as has been proven over many years of Secret Service oppressive and illegal actions.

Kojak then stated that he was not here to debate the merits of my case, but said that he believed it should be closed and that my threat status lowered. He related that I was a "Class III" individual: In SS Insider Language a "Class III" is deemed to be a high national security threat to the United States. To my best knowledge I am the only such person with this classification at large; the others are locked up in various federal prisons, high security mental institutions, or dead.

My response was to note once again that the SS had committed many offenses against my person including a vain attempt to have me illegally placed in a mental institution for life and injected with drugs that were designed to cloud my mind and perhaps to destroy my rational thought process. This type of treatment of a political prisoner has ominous parallels with the perversion of mental health care in the former Soviet Union where dissents were frequently injected with dangerous drugs in order to "cure" them of their dislike of communism.

Kojak responded that he was an "honest" cop who would never lie or commit illegal acts, and again that he was not at this meeting to debate the merits of my case, but thought that it would be best if I just went along with the program met with him every several months. He repeated his mantra once again that my case should be closed.

I could see by this point that Kojak was "stuck on stupid" so my response was to state the obvious: that the Secret Service by its actions against me over the last decade proved that it had declared war on me. Thus, my logical reaction was to accept the situation and to adopt a profile of active defense against the Secret Service. I went on to say that I have nothing personal against any member of the Secret Service, as indeed in the old days of the Cold War I had nothing against officers and agents of the Soviet KGB and GRU which were my opposition, but that I considered all Secret Service agents my enemies and members of a different army. I would take no offensive measures other than legal challenges and an active campaign in the Media. I noted that my case had much in common with THE DREYFES AFFAIR in France of about 100 years ago in which an innocent French officer was court martial and sent to Devil's Island because of perjury and other crimes committed against him by French investigators and judges, and I went on to say that there were many ominous parallels in my case and that of Captain Dreyfes who was freed because of the public outrage of the French people when the real facts of the case were at last published. I when on to conclude that if the details of my case were ever published in THE WASHINGTON TIMES or other major media outlet the resulting uproar would call in question the actions of the Secret Service and perhaps ruin the careers of many of its agents.

Kojak replied that he would be setting home and watching such a thing happen on FOX NEWS or CNN drinking a beer in his easy chair knowing that he was an "honest" cop who never told a lie and could never be indicted or sent to prison.

My response was to inform him that he could not use the color of law to escape his personal responsibility for illegal actions as it was a long established legal principle that when given a illegal order by a superior officer the subordinate did not have to carry it out: This important principle was established at the Nuremberg trial after WW II when the indicted German Secret Service officers attempted to use it as a legal defense. Hence the two SS agents had in my humble committed a felony in that they were both armed and did not receive express permission from the church to enter the property with guns. I would note that it has long been established that a church is the House of God and a Palace of Peace where all weapons are left outside the boundary of the church property.

Kojak then noted that I had not been cooperative with other Secret Service agents in the past and that one agent by the name of "Tom" had been the victim of an aggressive verbal attack launched by me. He repeated the mantra once again concerning his Eagle Scout level of honesty that concluded with the statement, "I would never lie in the Lord's House." This remark coming from a man who misrepresented the purpose of the meeting in order to get an interview with me that would have otherwise been impossible.

I informed the hopelessly delusional and ignorant Kojak once again that legally speaking my case was closed on June 26, 2001; that I served the required prison sentence; that I served out the three year Parole; that I had committed no crimes and obeyed the letter of the law without fail. I once again repeated my mantra that I considered Secret Service agents such as himself enemies that I viewed with the same contempt I viewed the KGB in the Cold War days when I was a soldier in Military Intelligence in Berlin. I end my diatribe with the remark, "You know I don't even consider you an American!"

Madonna gasped in shock. I suppose the truth can be shocking to certain individuals. I would hope my remark started her thinking about the wisdom of her career choice. I continued, "What you should do right now is to resign from the Secret Service." But if I had been more quick witted I would have also added, "And throw your guns and badges into the trash can. Go with Rev Lowry to the Chapel and confess your sins and throw yourself on the altar of Jesus Christ and be reborn."

I looked at my watch and the time was 2:30 P.M. The interview had lasted only about 20 minutes but it seemed much longer. I made an excuse and left in the conference room, but in truth I could have remained there much longer. I haven't talked to William Lowry yet about what happened after I departed. The Christian and the Romantic in me hopes that the Kojak and Madonna would have done as I have suggested, however, the Realist in me knows that these individuals have sold their souls to Satan for a paycheck, the federal Credit Union, free medical and dental, 401K plan and 30 days paid vacation a year.
But still you never know.
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