Tuesday, February 28, 2006

STRATEGERY: New Book by Bill Sammon

This book parallels my thinking on the subject of the Mainstream Media.
President Bush, for the first time, is hailing the rise of the alternative media and the decline of the mainstream media, which he now says “conspired” to harm him with forged documents. “I find it interesting that the old way of gathering the news is slowly but surely losing market share,” Bush said in an exclusive interview for the new book STRATEGERY. “It’s interesting to watch these media conglomerates try to deal with the realities of a new kind of world.” [STRATEGERY was ranked #5 on AMAZON.COM's sales chart early Tuesday morning.] For example, journalist Dan Rather left the anchor chair at CBS News after Internet reporters revealed he had used forged documents to criticize Bush’s military record in September 2004.
The forgeries, which Bush now calls a conspiracy, ended up helping his reelection campaign, he acknowledged in the Oval Office interview. “It looks like somebody conspired to float false documents,” the president tells author Bill Sammon. “And I was amazed about it. I just couldn’t believe that would be happening [and] then it would become the basis of a fairly substantial series of news stories.” He added: “Then there was a backlash to it. I mean, a lot of people were angry that this could have happened. A lot of Americans are fair people and they viewed this as patently unfair. So in a funny way, I guess it inured to our benefit, when it was all said and done.”
The episode, known as “Memogate,” inoculated Bush against further scrutiny of his National Guard record for the duration of the presidential campaign. “It also, frankly, gave us an opportunity, frequently, when things came out in the media that we didn’t believe or didn’t like, to say, ‘It’s another CBS story,’” said Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman, who was the president’s campaign manager. “I mean, it gave us a serious response to bad news.” Although Memogate was initially expected to harm the president, it ended up backfiring spectacularly on the press. “The guy that it hurt most was Dan Rather and the executives at CBS,” White House strategist Karl Rove said in an interview for STRATEGERY. “It further disgraced a network which is third in ratings and, if you look at the demographics of their consumers, it’s like 70 percent Democrat.” Rove said Rather’s eagerness to broadcast obviously forged documents proves he is “no serious reporter.” As for Rather’s insistence, to this day, that the documents are real, Rove said: “That’s really bias.”
Memogate has helped accelerate the decline of the mainstream media, generally defined as CBS, NBC, ABC, The New York Times and other establishment news outlets. “I think what’s healthy is that there’s no monopoly on the news,” Bush said. “There’s competition. There’s competition for the attention of, you know, 290 million people, or whatever it is. “And the amazing thing about this world we live in is that there’s a kind of free-flowing, kind of bulletin board of ideas and thoughts out there in the ether space, sometimes landing on somebody’s desk and sometimes not, but always available. It’s a very interesting period.”
Having long been pilloried by the mainstream media, Bush now finds the rise of the alternative media nothing less than revolutionary. “It’s the beginning of the twenty-first century; it also happens to be the beginning of—or near the beginning—of a revolution in newsgathering and dissemination,” he said. “Not in newsmaking—that tends to be pretty consistent.” Rove considers Memogate a watershed in the rise of the alternative media. “The whole incident in the fall of 2004 showed really the power of the 'blogosphere',” he said in his West Wing office. “Because in essence you had now, an army of self-appointed experts looking over the shoulder of the mainstream media and bringing to bear enormously sophisticated skills,” he added.
Still, Rove cautioned that the Internet’s political potential has a darker side. “There is so much ugliness and viciousness and fundamental untruths that the blogosphere transmits,” he lamented. “It also is a vehicle for ugly rumors, for scurrilous personal attacks, an avenue for the creation of urban legends which are deeply corrosive of the political system and of people’s faith in it.” Rove said Rather and his producer, Mary Mapes, were gunning for the president and trying to help his challenger, Sen. John Kerry, by broadcasting the forged documents in the heat of the presidential campaign. “From her body language and his body language, their enthusiasm for this story was in large measure fed by the belief that they were playing a constructive and perhaps determinative role in the presidential campaign,” Rove said of Mapes and Rather. “They made a decision in this instance – I think quite prematurely and quite unfairly – to pursue a story that attacked the president,” he added. “And I thought it was, to me, one of the most incredible examples of how fundamentally unfair it was.”
Rove expressed astonishment that CBS ignored the warnings of document experts hired by the network to authenticate the National Guard memos. “It goes back to the failure of the mainstream media, in this instance, to honor their own experts,” he said. Rove is not the only senior Bush adviser who considers the mainstream media biased against the conservative president. White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card was outraged that the TV networks refused to declare Bush the winner on Election Night, even after all the votes were counted in the pivotal state Ohio and it became obvious Kerry could not win. “Some of the talking heads,” Card said, “were rooting for a crisis in Ohio. It wasn’t just that they were afraid to admit we had won.” Card became particularly incensed when Bush’s Ohio lead reached 120,000 votes, which was mathematically insurmountable. “Nobody wanted to call it so that we had won,” he said. “It was like, c’mon, are they just afraid to say it?”

Pictures of the Nazi Invasion of Orlando by Isis

One picture is worth a thousand words!

The pictures of the Orlando Nazi March on February 25, 2006 made by Isis. She told me it was okay to post her pictures as long as I told everyone they were her pictures and, therefore, her personal property. I would like to offer an apology for calling her a "Nazi Babe" in the first article I posted on this topic. I would note for the record that I consider these the best pictures taken at the rally and indictate that Isis is an individual with photographic talent.
The Nazi March in Orlando was a failure.
AM 580 Talk Radio Reports:
Nazi Rally Fight was Staged Bob Hazen 02/27/2006 11:00:53
That Neo-Nazi rally in Parramore on Saturday may have gone even better than it first appeared. Police now say the one fight that grabbed all the headlines may not have been real after all. Many people feared violence when the Nazis marched through the mostly black neighborhood on Saturday and the fist-fight before the rally seemed to confirm their worries. "It may have been some kind of staged event to stir trouble inside."
Orlando Police now say they think the two men involved were actually friends, and staged a mock fight. Sergeant Barbara Jones says that's part of the nature of these types of demonstrations. "That can happen at these types of things where an organized counter-demonstrator group comes in, and their goal is also to stir trouble."
Even if the fight was concocted, both men still face real charges of disorderly conduct. In all 17 people were arrested at Saturday's rally. Most were members of an anti-Neo Nazi group called SHARPS, along with one "Skinhead Nazi" and a regular civilian. Hundreds of people followed and shouted at the National Socialist Movement members as they marched, but police are calling the relative lack of trouble at the march a success.

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Storming of the White House on March 15, 2006


I have a few questions for Moonbat Leadership:
1. How do you plan to break the line of the elite Washington D.C. SWAT Team on the outer most defense ring around the White House?
2. How do you plan to destroy the second line of defense? Always assuming the Moonbats Hordes somehow get around or thru the D.C. SWAT team, which is highly unlikely in the extreme. This defense line will be manned by the U.S. Army Military Police & various Army and Marine Corps drawn from combat units stationed in the D.C. area.
3. What about the third and final defense ring? If the Moonbat Hordes somehow push aside the first and second line of defense, they will be facing the inner most and final defense ring of the White House that is manned by the ruthless U.S. Secret Service who -- like the Her Majesty's Secret Service -- have a license to kill.
But by all means if you want to storm the most heavily guarded governmental installation in the USA, well guarded by some of the most highly trained police and military units on the face of the earth -- go for it, Moonbats!
I would counsel to bring along plenty of body bags: You will be shot down dead like mad dogs in the street if you attempt to set one foot inside the White House grounds.


Storm the White House Multi-Day Event, Beginning March 15, come when you can and stay as long as you can - we are taking over the White House until they leave. Torture, Occupation, Genocide - Must End Now.
Wednesday, March 15th 2006 12:00 AM Washington, DC USA TAKE THE WHITE HOUSE BY STORM - Stop Genocide, Torture and Occupation U.N. SOS -
We need your help to end the reign of international criminals. It is our duty and the duty of the United Nations to rescue the people of the world from the U.S. dictators. Murder for occupation and theft of land is illegal. Murder of journalists is criminal. Remove the traitors who have stolen the U.S. budget and used it to commit international crimes against humanity. If we were being bombed and our journalists were being murdered here in the U.S. by a foreign country's military, we would hope that the people of that country would stop what they are doing and go to their president's office and demand that it was stopped.
If we were the ones burying thousands and thousands of our family members and watching the destruction of the homes, schools, churches and offices that we had worked for decades to build, we would hope that someone, somewhere would care enough to do something for us. We must stop the criminals in our government NOW. There is no meeting with Congress that is going to change what they are doing. We must put the power of the people into action and stay there until they leave! Inviting everyone to the White House for a protest rally to show that we do not accept the criminal government, illegal wars and the permanent occupation planned for Iraq and Afghanistan. For Nat Turner, For Martin and Coretta, For all the Torture and Assassination in Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and many others - We will not allow the Slave Holders that Still Prevail in this Country to Rule us any longer. Imprisonment and torture based on race, religion, resources or region is no different than the slavery we sought to abolish years ago. The Administration is Criminal and if they will not step down, we must storm in, show them how many of us do not accept a criminal government. How can we stand by and watch them kill our brothers, sisters, journalists and friends for their dollars? We are calling on all citizens and governments in every country to stand with us. We are calling on all Member Nations of the U.N.; All Representatives and Justices in the World Court and International Criminal Courts; All Human Rights Advocates; All Soldiers and CIA agents and government officials who have been blackmailed or are in fear of the dictators to join us in ending this reign of corporate terror in our government.
The World Criminal Courts need to incarcerate Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld for admitted crimes and known crimes of international scope. The Political Cooperative will put a new, temporary government in place that is comprised of people from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and all the organizations that have finally made us aware of the truth of the savage practices and illegal policies of our government in assassinating our own officials as well as people throughout the world who oppose their criminal activity. We need all of you to save U.S. victims and global victims from their ongoing criminal activity. We are calling on the military, police, citizens and religious organizations to stand with us and help us to bring democracy back to the United States and by doing so, free the world from the wrath, occupation, theft, torture, blackmail and assassination by the Criminals in the United States Government. What they have done all over the world is much worse than what Saddam Hussein has done, so why are they not in jail too? They have admitted to international and national crimes, so why have they not been taken to Court too?
Location: White House, Washington DC Starting March 15th, come for as long as you can and bring signs that say U.N. SOS and "Leave Now" or whatever you would like to say. Ride Share and Room Share Plans can be made here:
http://www.citysites.com/travel/tiki-view_tracker.php?trackerId=3 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC 20500 Contact: Darrow Boggiano
415.409.2611 Sponsored By: We are requesting participation from all members of the United Nations, PFAW, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Code Pink, police, soldiers, ACLU, CIA, NSA and International Courts of Justice/World Court.

Join the discussion:


Saturday, February 25, 2006


Ronbo meets Nazis in downtown Orlando at the corner of Church Street and Division at about 1305 hours (that's 1:05 P.M. to you civilians) on February 25, 2006.

After parking his car near the Orlando Public Library at 1300, that's 1 P.M. to you civlians, Ronbo advanced up Church Street towards the location of the Nazis on his Recon partrol. When he arrived at the intersection of Church Street and Division and observed the approximately 25 Nazi demonstrators well guarded by the OPD SWAT TEAM & mounted policemen on the Division Street side in a public parking lot.

Suddenly Ronbo found himself surrounded by young teenage anarchists of the Southeastern Anarchist Network dressed in completely in black with masks over their faces and was pushed towards the police line. It was clear that the anarchists wanted to kick some Nazi butt and this youthful desire to slay dragons bought back to life the old war horse in Ronbo, a retired Army veteran of many campaigns, who was for the dressed for the occasion in a loud Hawaii style shirt, white pants and black Nikes, so thus uniformed he marched for a moment at the front with his new battlefield allies with grey hair flying in the wind towards the surprised Nazis.

Needless to say, the presence of Ronbo and his cohort of about 50 girls and boys in black was quickly noted by the mounted police, OPD SWAT Team and various members of law enforcement present who thought he was the ancient leader of a Crusade of Children, and this idea was reenforced when he began a shout that was picked up by the Young Crusaders , "Death to the Nazis!" and other such martial verbage.

Ronbo's Sortie came to a quick end when he was detained by several mounted policemen about half way across Division Street and separated from the Children's Crusade. He was quickly herded down Church Street for an interview with an OPD sergeant. Ronbo's I.D. was checked and seeing as how he had no outstanding warrants he was released and told to go home. And he did go about two blocks towards his car down Church Street until he came to Orange Avenue looking for the gutsy little group of black dressed anarchists with the idea of having another go at the Nazis, but passing Central Blvd. and noticed that brave hearted youngsters were being arrested by the OPD and loaded into Paddy Wagons.

Ronbo then decided on a flanking movement towards the Nazis and at the next intersection where he briefly enlisted with a JDL group that was flying the Israeli flag and marching towards the OPD HQ where the Nazis were now located. The Nazis, 30 minutes behind schedule due to the brazen assault of one old man and a platoon of young anarchists began their march down Church Street with a right turn made at Paramore Street -- the heart of African-American Orlando -- much to the disgust and amazement of the residents who loudly demanded the police go away so they could lynch the Nazis.

By then Ronbo's group was one of dozens of other anti-Nazi groups and individuals that numbered in the hundreds, if not over a thousand. The Long March ended in front of the Federal Building on Hughey Avenue where the Nazis gave speeches and said "Seig Heil" to the scores of anti-Nazis and policemen. The crowd responded with "Nazis Go Home" and "F*** You" and "No Fascist USA!" Ronbo a street fighter and rabble rouser of many years experience knew this was his last chance to start another sortie against the Nazis, so he began to shout, "Death to the Nazis" and "Hang Them High!" chants that were picked up by the large emotional crowd, especially those facing Hughey and the Federal Building, the frontline where the younger and most radical stood who took encouragement from those shouting behind them and began a movement towards the Nazis, which was well recorded by the Media with literally dozens of cameras present to record what looked like for a moment like a real street battle when a fist fight broke out on the right flank.

The forward movement stopped. It was stopped by about a dozen mounted policemen. The psychological effect of stalwart men on horseback who refused to give an inch. So instead of attempting a flanking movement or forcing themselves between the horses, the leaderless mob was halted and then retreated. When Ronbo saw that the moment was passed he withdrew from the scene to fight another day.

Ronbo is at this moment typing these lines in the Orlando Public Library, not knowing if he'll be arrested when he returns home. Sorry folks no pictures. The camera bag which contained camera, notebook and tape recorder was lost at "Ronbo Sortie" somewhere near Church Street and Division. However, this event was well covered by the local Media and Ronbo did observe a UPI cameramen and reporters of various national and International Media at the scene. There should be lots of pictures. Perhaps even a few of a wild old man wearing a loud shirt yelling, "Death to the Nazis!" If you don't hear from Ronbo-- He's been busted.

Just send his bail to the Orange County Jail.

Muslim Treatment Of Women: Reduced to Sex Slaves

In the current War on Terrorism, which looks increasingly like a World War between Islam and Western Civilization, one would think a major ally in supporting our Government's effort to bring democracy to the Islamic World would be the Feminists. After all, it is well documented that Islam oppresses women in many Muslim countries where they have been reduced to the status of sex slaves. Yet the the Feminists have been silent about these abuses. It would appear that their Leftist politics and hatred for the conservative Bush Administration is greater than their compassion for uncounted millions of innocent women in mostly Third World countries who suffer perhaps the worst form of tyranny one can imagine.

An excellent article on the topic:


I was watching footage of the radical Muslim protestors on TV today--and I couldn't help but think how stupid they look. These people are rioting, killing people, throwing rocks and burning building over a cartoon and ignoring the affronts to Islam by radicals. One of those affronts is the Islamic participation in the sex trade. Muslim nations are participating in the sex trade, and turning their backs on the suffering of their own people. Along with the sex trade, other types of crime are spreading in their societies. Generations of women and children are traumatized. All the while the mullahs are praising Allah, the police are raping and covering up crime, and Shari'a law is being violated to fulfil the selfish lust of people who represent evil and perversion. So I am taking a stand against you rioters--put down your stones and demand a change in your own country! Islam is being prostituted!
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Friday, February 24, 2006

MSM Hypocrisy in Coverage of Nazis March In Orlando

The announced Saturday Nazi march in Orlando is an excellent example of MSM (Mainstream Media) hypocrisy: They refused to publish the Modammad Cartoons because this would have led to violence on the part of Muslims in this country and the world according to their humble opinion; yet they go bull bore in reporting the Nazi march beforehand and publish pictures knowing full well that news coverage will draw hundreds and perhaps thousands of angry counter-demonstrators based on recent experience just last October in Toledo, Ohio where riots produced a casualty list of 12 injured police officers and over 100 arrests.

I say that any violence that happens tomorrow is partly the blame of the MSM in the Orlando Metro Area to include the ORLANDO SENTINEL, AM 540 and AM 580, and television stations 2, 6 and 9.

Nice going MSM guys: I hope you get plenty of pictures of bloody heads in the riot you helped start.

National Socialist Movement website that announces the Orlando demonstration:


Please follow the links to the pictures of the recent Toledo demonstration -- It is clearly the intention of the Nazis to encourage violence and allow the police to suppress the disorder, as well as protect them. Thus the authorities will be used to do the dirty work of the Nazis.

Why Americans Hate The MSM

I couldn't have said it any better!

By Joe Clarke

Dick Cheney's hunting accident could not get the "Dump Dick" reaction or traction the MSM was hoping for. I can easily visualize the bloodthirsty MSM having prayer vigils, pleading with their god(s) to take Cheney's victim, that one tough cookie, Harry Whittington, off the face of the earth so that the Veep could be forever hounded by the Libs, arrested, and then impeached. "The best laid plans of mice (vermin), not men" waiting in their dark cellars under the New York Times for something to chew on. The RIM (Reality Impaired Media) is somewhat like the American Public Schools - they have such high self esteem yet their performance is abysmal.
The RIM is so narcissistically high on itself that when the several embedded journalists were either captured or wounded in the past month in Iraq, the news networks treated the unfortunate reporters like they were Sergeant York or Audie Murphy and worthy of the Congressional Medal of Honor. The Antique Media, AKA MSM, is one hard nut to crack. Despite the fact that CBS, NBC, New York Times, PBS, CNN et al have been losing their vast audience while conservative media has been gaining audience - and revenues - they continue to snub the majority of non-leftist Americans.
Knight Ridder cannot find a buyer for its 32 daily newspapers, and ABC News will soon be unloaded by Disney all the while Fox's Newscorps has increased earnings in the last year with the help of its news and cable divisions. I flip through radio stations like some people flip through TV channels, because of the wide diversity of biases that are broadcast on the radio. My hometown newspaper, The Akron Beacon Journal, has one opinion, one bias, one theme, and one focus - LEFT. Booooooring, and not profitable or attractive to readers or advertisers.
You would think that just, maybe, the executives and publishers of Knight Ridder, the Beacon's parent company, might consider some diversity (conservative opinion)once in a while, so to appeal to more readers/advertisers and make an old fashioned capitalistic profit. No, these people are such hard leftist ideologues, they are going down with the left leaning ship without regard to the corporate investors. I have attempted for years to convince radio stations with good conservative formats to dump their ABC and CBS syndicated hourly news. Why would one want to listen to Rush, Hannity, Mark Levin, and the rest of the great conservative standbys, and then be interrupted by ABC or CBS Antique Media News coverage which espouses (in their news stories) the exact opposite, lib opinion of the conservative show hosts? I run to the radio to shut it down when these lib newscasts try to invade my space. I do not shut off all lib news from the MSM, but it is so predictable and formulated, that I foreknow that the news stories are going to be anti-Bush, pro democrat propaganda - without fail. I usually watch 5 minutes of CNN, or read the front page of the New York Times to tell what the MSM will be broadcasting - for the next few days, and, it will be all anti-conservative.
The American public does not just hate the propagandist leftist media for what they print and broadcast, we also despise "The Press" for their selective non reporting of important stories, such as; the heroics of our military in Iraq, any accomplishments in Iraq, Able Danger, Barrett Report, any scandalous behavior of the Democratic Party, Al Gore's nutty nonsense, Loftus Papers, the Birth Dearth caused by abortion on demand, the disadvantages of gay lifestyles and hetero divorces, the cultural advantages of long term hetero marriage and mothering/fathering vs feminism, and so on.
At the present rate, I assume that, soon, there will be very little Antique Media left to hate as the economic diminishing returns wake up the capitalist investors who do not like to park their investment money into losers like Hollywood, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, Cable, Newspapers and the rest of the fifth column holding up the Democratic Party. Or, the American public will continue to enjoy feeding on the lies and exaggerations of the god forsaken media and learn to become good little apparachniks. '

Thursday, February 23, 2006

History is made by a few committed people

Like George Washington -- without his decisive leadership the American Revolution would have been unsuccessful.

But one thing that seems clear is this---as history has shown again and again, the direction we take may depend on the actions of a very small number of people. A few clerics, some complicity media, a radical jihadist group or two...and a small number of willing rioters...can play a decisive role in whether this escalates into a full-blown war between the Islam and the West. Our actions matter in this. Right now, most in the West are hoping to have this be a precision war against jihadists, a targeted conflict that tries to convince average Muslims that they are not our enemies--only the Islamist radicals within their midst. However, the decision as to whether this can be such a conflict, or whether it spirals into a worldwide, multi-generational conflict with all of Islam is---at best---only half up to us. And if only a small number of people on the other side have decided that they want all-out war, then whatever choices we may once have had will have been reduced to only two: fight it, or not.


Iran Behind Mosque Bombing in Iraq

Ronbo is right again!

I've said from the first that the Askariya Mosque bombing was the work of Iran...The reason being a preemptive strike against American plans to invade Iran sometime this year.

The Intellectual Activist (TIA) agrees with my theory.



This is a real tear jerker of a story and truely The Ballad of a Green Beret:
Back at home a young wife waits
Her Green Beret has met his fate
He has died for those oppressed
Leaving her this last request
Put silver wings on my son's chest
Make him one of America's best
He'll be a man they'll test one day
Have him win the Green Beret
It's hard to say'Daddy is gone' Turlock soldier's wife tries to adjust to his death in Afghanistan The moment of truth Julie Gonsalves dreads is still some time away — when her 3-year-old is old enough to understand that Daddy won't come home anymore.
"That's the hard part, telling Cody his daddy is gone," said Gonsalves, the 30-year-old widow of Turlock native Chad Gonsalves, a Green Beret who was killed in Afghanistan last week. "I tried to tell Cody, but he just didn't get it," Gonsalves explained by telephone from her home in Fayetteville, N.C. "I told him Daddy wasn't coming home, he was in heaven. Cody said, 'Daddy not coming home? Silly Mommy. Daddy's coming home.'"
Read More....
The Ballad Of The Green Berets by Barry Sadler

Senator Kennedy: "But, damn, that was all in the past...."

The Ghost of Hitler Smiles On HAMAS!

Hamas Uber-Alles

By David Meir-Levi

FrontPageMagazine.com February 23, 2006

Last month the Palestinian people, by a significant majority in an orderly democratic election, voted Hamas into power. In upcoming months, there will be efforts to obscure the identity of this organization--to claim that its past commitments are giving way to a rethinking and that it is “in evolution.” It is important, therefore, to have a clear idea of where Hamas is coming from and where its worldview must necessarily lead it.

Hamas may have just engaged in a parliamentary maneuver, but it remains a self-defined religious apocalyptic terrorist group whose foundation document preaches genocide and world domination by the military and religious forces of Islam.(1) In Arabic, “Hamas” means “zeal.” In Hebrew, Arabic’s sister language, the same word means “violence.” But the group’s comes from the acronym: “Haraqat al-Muqawama al-Islamiyah”: the Islamic resistance movement.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Port Story Tsunami: "What the Hell is going on here?"

Like Neal Boortz, I ask too: "What the hell is going on here?" The best issue going for this Administration and the Republican Party in the upcoming 2006 Congressional elections was their stalwart stand against Islamofascist terrorism.
Then GWB decides to grab defeat out the jaws of victory by awarding the Arabs of the UAE with commerical control of six major American ports. This proved to be too much even for the appeasement Democrats who were given a chance to look like war hawks.
Some critical commentary from the Right Wing:
What we have here is a tsunami. We've got tsunami of coverage on this port deal that is disabling any reasonable debate about this, and I know it doesn't help this idiot Jimmy Carter has just come out for this port deal. I mean, if Bush really wanted this, Jimmy Carter has just screwed it. Jimmy Carter's just blown this deal sky high by coming out and endorsing it.
So this is where George Bush wants to use his first veto? How many budgets has he signed? Six? We've seen non-defense government spending increase throughout his administration at record rates, and never a veto. Never. Not even a hint of a veto. So now Bush has finally found something he wants to veto? He wants to veto any bill that would prevent the turnover of six critical ports to a Muslim government? Pardon me, but what the hell is going on here?
If Vice President Dick Cheney shot himself in the foot last week when he shot poor old Harry Whittington down on the Armstrong Ranch, President Bush is in the process of machine gunning both his legs off over this Dubai Ports World deal. What a total disaster this is! The President - just four and one half years after 9/11 - is now defending an Arab government against both political parties and the overwhelming majority of the American people. This latest incident is further proof that George W. Bush inherited the same political "tin ear" that his out-of-touch father had. Neither Bush has a clue what the American people are thinking.

By Michelle Malkin ·
Let's take a closer look at a rose-colored Wall Street Journal editorial on the port deal that is garnering favorable reviews from some of my friends on the right.
Sayeth the WSJ:
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is the latest Republican to broadcast his "independence" from President Bush on homeland security, yesterday joining Senator Lindsey Graham, Representative Peter King and numerous state politicians in calling on the Administration to stop a deal that would allow a United Arab Emirates company to manage six major U.S. ports. The Democrats are also piling on, and we'll speak to that in a moment, but this behavior of Republicans strikes us as peculiar coming from people who claim to support the war on terror. Mr. Graham told Fox News that the Administration's decision allowing the state-owned Dubai Ports World to run commercial operations at U.S. ports was "tone deaf politically." The voluble Senator said this is no time "to outsource major port security to a foreign-based company" and that "most Americans are scratching their heads wondering, 'Why this company, from this region, now?' "
Some of us are scratching our heads all right, but we're wondering why Mr. Graham and others believe Dubai Ports World has been insufficiently vetted for the task at hand. So far, none of the critics have provided any evidence that the Administration hasn't done its due diligence. The deal has been blessed by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, a multiagency panel that includes representatives from the departments of Treasury, Defense and Homeland Security.
Malkin contnues:
Contrary to the Journal editorial board's assertion, critics have indeed provided evidence that due diligence was not done. As I noted on Monday, Rep. Peter King revealed the following: The House Homeland Security Committee chairman said that, despite Chertoff's explanation on ABC's "This Week," he still has strong concerns about the inquiry. "When I talk to the people actually involved in the process, it was very cursory, it was very superficial," King said. He said he found out about the purchase, which transfers operations at ports in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia to the Persian Gulf company, last Tuesday in meetings with senior Bush administration officials. "As I understand it, the whole process took only 20 to 25 days," he said of the transaction. "There's no way you can do a complete analysis in 20 to 25 days and that includes financial analysis."

Christopher Hitchens on the Cartoon Jihad

Christopher Hitchens scores some excellent points in articles printed at Slate:

T]here is a strong case for saying that the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, and those who have reprinted its efforts out of solidarity, are affirming the right to criticize not merely Islam but religion in general. And the Bush administration has no business at all expressing an opinion on that. If it is to say anything, it is constitutionally obliged to uphold the right and no more. ...
Put the case that we knew of a highly paranoid religious cult organization with a secretive leader. Now put the case that this cult, if criticized in the press, would take immediate revenge by kidnapping a child. Put the case that, if the secretive leader were also to be lampooned, two further children would be killed at random. Would the press be guilty of "self-censorship" if it declined to publish anything that would inflame the said cult? Well, yes it would be guilty, but very few people would insist on the full exertion of the First Amendment right. However, the consequences for the cult and its leader would be severe as well. All civilized people would regard it as hateful and dangerous, and steps would be taken to circumscribe its influence, and to ensure that no precedent was set.


Datong, shown outside the China Youth Daily, challenged a plan to dock reporters' pay if government officials took issue with their stories. The speed and power of the Internet helped launch a campaign that ultimately compelled a government retreat from the plan. (By Philip P. Pan -- The Washington Post)

"The Great Firewall of China"
The Washington Post has posted a big three-part series by Phillip Pan on the effect of the Internet in China. Pan is one of the best American correspondents in China, so this series is guaranteed to make rewarding reading. This is more indication that Communist China is in the process of falling apart -- Censorship is the glue that holds together the People's Republic -- and all indications from reading this series of articles are that the glue is no longer holding due to the large numbers of Chinese making use of the Internet.

The Click That Broke a Government's Grip
By Phillip P. Pan,
Washington Post
February 19 2006
"The top editors of the China Youth Daily were meeting in a conference room last August when their cell phones started buzzing quietly with text messages. One after another, they discreetly read the notes. Then they traded nervous glances. Colleagues were informing them that a senior editor in the room, Li Datong, had done something astonishing. Just before the meeting, Li had posted a blistering letter on the newspaper's computer system attacking the Communist Party's propaganda czars and a plan by the editor in chief to dock reporters' pay if their stories upset party officials. No one told the editor in chief. For 90 minutes, he ran the meeting, oblivious to the political storm that was brewing. Then Li announced what he had done. The chief editor stammered and rushed back to his office, witnesses recalled. But by then, Li's memo had leaked and was spreading across the Internet in countless e-mails and instant messages."
Reference Tool on Web Finds Fans, Censors
By Phillip P. Pan,
Washington Post
February 20 2006
Officials tolerated Wikipedia at first, perhaps because it seemed to be exactly what the party had in mind when it began promoting Internet use 11 years ago--an educational resource that could help China close its technological gap with the West, encourage innovation and boost economic growth. But as the Chinese Wikipedia flourished, the authorities apparently came to see it as another threat to the party's control of information, and an example of an even more worrying development. The Internet has emerged as a venue for people with shared interests--or grievances--to meet, exchange ideas and plan activities without the party's knowledge or approval.
Bloggers Pursuing Change Confront Fear and Mistrust
By Phillip P. Pan
Washington Post
February 21 2006
Many rallied to support Zhao, but some objected to his "Western" views and said he deserved to be silenced. Others, especially those with a financial stake in the industry, said they worried Zhao's writing could lead officials to impose tighter controls on blogging. And a few said they were pleased that Microsoft had been forced to comply with the same censorship rules that its Chinese rivals obey. The story of Zhao's blog--and the ambivalence it met in cyberspace--demonstrates that those trying to use the Internet to foster political change in China must contend not only with the censors but also with the apathy, fear and mistrust of their fellow citizens.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Have You Forgotten?

Artist/Band: Worley Darryl
Have You Forgotten? (2003)
I hear people saying we don't need this war
I say there's some things worth fighting for
What about our freedom and this piece of ground
We didn't get to keep 'em by backing down
They say we don't realize the mess we're getting in
Before you start your preaching let me ask you this my friend
Have you forgotten how it felt that day?
To see your homeland under fire
And her people blown away
Have you forgotten when those towers fell?
We had neighbors still inside going thru a living hell
And you say we shouldn't worry 'bout bin Laden
Have you forgotten?
They took all the footage off my T.V.
Said it's too disturbing for you and me
It'll just breed anger that's what the experts say
If it was up to me I'd show it everyday
Some say this country's just out looking for a fight
After 9/11 man I'd have to say that's right
Have you forgotten how it felt that day?
To see your homeland under fire
And her people blown awayHave you forgotten when those towers fell?
We had neighbors still inside going thru a living hell
And you say we shouldn't worry 'bout bin Laden
Have you forgotten?
I've been there with the soldiers
Who've gone away to war
And you can bet that they remember
Just what they're fighting for
Have you forgotten how it felt that day?
To see your homeland under fire
And her people blown away
Have you forgotten when those towers fell?
We had neighbors still inside going thru a living hell
And you say we shouldn't worry 'bout bin Laden
Have you forgotten?
Have you forgotten all the people killed?
Some went down like heros in that Pennsylvania field
Have you forgotten about our Pentagon?
All the loved ones that we lost and those left to carry on
Don't you tell me not to worry about bin Laden
Have you forgotten?
Have you forgotten?
Have you forgotten?
Excellent slide show on 9/11 at:

The Big Story of the Day: Don't sell the ports to the UAE!

The time is 1939. War clouds gather in Europe. Fascist Italy makes the USA an offer to save millions by taking over six major ports to include the one at New York City. Those who favor appeasement also favor this takeover because, as is well known, Mussolini has made the Italians ever so much more efficient and has "made the trains run on time. "

Of course, this didn't happen. To my best knowledge this was never proposed in 1939 by the Roosevelt Administration, which despite its love affair with the economics of fascist Italy, was never foolish to enough compromise Homeland Security by doing business with a potential enemy of the United States.

Yet unbelievably the Bush Administration, the stalwart enemy of Islamofascism, seeks to turn over control of major American ports to the UAE, a motley collection of neo- fascist Arab Gulf Banana Republics who stand charged with allowing Al Qaeda to use their banking system to enable the attack on 9/11. This dingbat idea is back by the Director of Homeland Security who perhaps should switch back to smoking only tobacco with charming Arab diplomats before he sells the Brooklyn Bridge and Independence Hall to them.

Somehow I don't think this is a done deal. This is even too much for raving Leftist Moonbat Democrats such as Hillary Clinton.

As usual Malkin has the rest of the story.


Deny the Holocaust Get Three Years In Prison

It is wisely said, "I may disagree with everything you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it," a saying that dovetails with the feelings of a vast majority of Americans who think Irving was wrong to deny one of the most documented evil events in history, the Holocaust, but think it's absurd to throw him in prison for an exercise of freedom of speech.
Holocaust Denier Gets Three Years in Jail
By VERONIKA OLEKSYN, Associated Press Writer
Mon Feb 20, 6:24 PM ET
Right-wing British historian David Irving was sentenced to three years in prison Monday after admitting to an Austrian court that he denied the Holocaust — a crime in the country where Hitler was born. Irving, who pleaded guilty and then insisted during his one-day trial that he now acknowledged the Nazis' World War II slaughter of 6 million Jews, had faced up to 10 years behind bars. Before the verdict, Irving conceded he had erred in contending there were no gas chambers at the Auschwitz concentration camp. "I made a mistake when I said there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz," Irving testified, at one point expressing sorrow "for all the innocent people who died during the Second World War."

Iraqi Politician Says American Soldiers Have Lion Hearts

This is a story you won't see in the MSM -- An Iraqi politician giving praise to American troops for a job well done. The reason stories like this are ignored by the Leftist Media is that they run against the Party Line of THE NEW YORK TIMES. This mantra states that America is losing the war in Iraq and there are no positive developments. This despite a growing mountain of evidence to the contrary and a rising tide of pro-American Iraqi public opinion.


February 20, 2006


An Iraqi mayor has written a dramatic letter to the commander of coalition forces, praising U.S. troops as "lion hearts" and "knights" for liberating his city from al Qaeda terrorists. The emotional letter from gallant Tal' Afar Mayor Najim Abdullah Abid Al-Jibouri to Gen. George Casey is circulating among military families over the Internet and has created a surge of pride in troops.

Al-Jibouri's letter calls soldiers of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, who carried out recent anti-terrorist operations in Tal' Afar "lion hearts," who "bristle with the confidence of knights in a bygone era." He said the troops transformed his western Iraqi city from a "ghost town, in which terrorists spread death and destruction, into a secure city flourishing with life." Al-Jibouri also offered special words to the families of the 39 Americans who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the battle to save his city. "To the families of those who have given their holy blood for our land, we all bow to you in reverence for the souls of your loved ones," he wrote. "We see them in the smile of every child, and in every flower growing in this land."

The letter is having a profound impact on those who fought in Tal' Afar. Col. H.R. McMaster, commander of the regiment's 4,700 soldiers, told The Post in an e-mail from Iraq: "It is a moving tribute to our courageous, disciplined, tough and compassionate troopers. "I think it is easy for people to understand the sacrifices that come with military service, but more difficult to understand the intangible rewards," he added.

Al-Jibouri is a Sunni Arab and a former officer in Saddam Hussein's military who was recently brought to the area from another part of the country by the new Iraqi government. Over the summer and fall, he worked side by side with McMaster on Operation Restore Rights, a military campaign that targeted Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al Qaeda in Iraq. The group used the city of 250,000 located 40 miles from the Syrian border as its epicenter for smuggling money, material and suicide bombers. "Our city was the main base of operations for . . . Zarqawi. The city was completely held hostage by his henchmen . . . Our streets were silent and no one dared to walk them," al-Jibouri wrote in the letter. "Their savagery reached such a level that they stuffed the corpses of children with explosives and tossed them into the streets in order to kill grieving parents attempting to retrieve . . . their young," he added.

Working closely with tribal leaders and Iraqi army recruits, the 3rd Cavalry evacuated civilians in September and carried out precision block-by-block, house-by-house operations in a textbook campaign that routed the terrorists while limiting the kind of collateral damage that plagued other U.S. military operations in cities like Fallujah. While there are still terrorist attacks in the city, the numbers are way down and schools are open, police stations have been rebuilt and a municipal government is starting to function, the military says.

The regiment, which also fought in the invasion of Iraq in 2003, is now in the process of redeploying back to Fort Carson, Colo., after its second yearlong stint in Iraq. The mayor's letter to Casey is being handed out to families at homecoming ceremonies at Fort Carson, adding a sense of "mission accomplished" to the joy returning soldiers and their families are experiencing, said McMaster's wife, Katie. "We are all thrilled about this letter and so very proud of our soldiers," Mrs. McMaster told The Post.


The Fear Factor: Environmentalists Are Afraid Of Crichton

It has finally come to pass after all these years of a religious Leftist mantra that believes without scientific facts that Global Warming is caused by mankind's industrial activities and can be reversed by human efforts has been challenged.
The hero in this conflict is best selling author Michael Crichton, who has the ear of President Bush, and whose latest best seller, "State of Fear" takes dead aim at the irrationalism and fear that the Left has used as a tool for political purpose to pass legislation that heavily regulates industrial development in an attempt to end capitalism.
Thus the fear has been turned against its authors. The Environmentalists are aware that their claims are based on junk science who theories can be easily exposed in the light of truth.

Excellent article by Crichton on THE GREAT CONTEMPORARY MYTH:
I am going to challenge you today to revise your thinking, and to reconsider some fundamental assumptions. Assumptions so deeply embedded in our consciousness that we don’t even realize they are there. Here is a map by the artist Tom Friedman, that challenges certain assumptions.
More information on the Theology of Environmentalism:

Monday, February 20, 2006

One Picture Speaks A Thousand Words About Islam

This sign was carried last weekend by Muslim demonstrators in Pakistan.

It hasn't appeared anywhere in the MSM to my knowledge.

I understand the MSM boys were too busy covering the non-story about Cheney's hunting accident.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Monster Mohammad Cartoon Demonstration Hits D.C.

New Black Panther Party Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz led the rally, which drew about 40 people who protested depictions of the prophet Muhammad. (Photos By Lois Raimondo -- The Washington Post)
This is the best the Islamofascists can do in the way of demonstrations and riots in the USA concerning the Muhammad Cartoons?
About 40 -- count 'em -- 40! Loony Tune racists and fascists showed up at the Monster Islamist Peaceful Demonstration -- Actually with the D.C police riot squad, the U.S. Secret Service and at least 20 (very likely armed) counter demonstrators from the Free Republic standing by they knew better than to be violent.
The guiding genius behind this march of fools was Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz, El Supremo of the New Black Panther Party that has as a membership about 40 violent ex-cons who are banned from voting. Comrade Shabazz, for those of us who know and love him, is a mentally challenged Anti-American, racist and Jew hater of the first rank.
Anyhow, this monster crowd of Space Cadets and Nation of Islam Black Nazi Devotees were met by 20 stalwart and likely pistol packing counter-protesters from The Homeland of The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy better known as the ultra respectable Free Republic, who stood in front of the embassy on Whitehaven Street NW waving Danish and U.S. flags and holding large signs reading "Human Shields" and shouted "Western Civilization!" and "USA!" to which the brain dead responded "I'm not going to eat any more Danish in my life -- no strawberry Danish, no cheese Danish," which was pretty good for people likely never ate a Danish in their lives with coffee at Starbucks, and who if challenged couldn't tell you what a "Danish" was and had no earthly idea what line of business "Starbucks" is in, but who could give you detailed directions to the nearest crack house in D.C.
Read more about this history making affair at these links:

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ronbo Announces $10 Million Bounty For The Death of Mohammed Yousaf Qureshi


Cleric Announces $1M Bounty on Cartoonist
Feb 17 4:37 PM US
By RIAZ KHAN Associated Press Writer
PESHAWAR, Pakistan A Pakistani cleric announced a $1 million bounty for killing a cartoonist who drew the Prophet Muhammad as thousands joined street protests after Friday prayers. Denmark, which first published the cartoons, temporarily closed its embassy and advised its citizens to leave Pakistan. Prayer leader Mohammed Yousaf Qureshi announced the bounty for killing a cartoonist to about 1,000 people outside the historic Mohabat Khan mosque in the northwestern city of Peshawar.
He said the mosque and the Jamia Ashrafia religious school he leads would give a $25,000 reward and a car for killing the cartoonist who drew the prophet caricatures _ considered blasphemous by Muslims. He said a local jewelers' association would also give $1 million, but no representative of the association was available to confirm the offer.
Jack Wakeland of TIA (The Intellectual Activist) has a "modest proposal for what the American government should do about all evil fatwa-makers": "Put each and every imam who makes a homicidal fatwa on a list. The White House could then publish its list of outlawed Muslims and start working off that list--a kind of grand 'Deck of 52.' In America and every other nation that lives under the rule of law, the attorney general could arrest or seek the extradition of each and every imam and mullah on the list. He could charge each with inciting mass-murder. "In nations that don't have the rule of law, the CIA (or the US Air Force) could start assassinating each and every imam and mullah on the list. I bet the US would only have to remove only 100 names from the list for that to silence most of the world's imams. They'd be too terrified to openly make any more threats against our freedoms." First on the list: Mohammed Yousaf Qureshi.
I have a "Modest Proposal" as well. In addition to the steps outlined by Mr. Wakeland I think that patriotic Americans should put together a bounty for the assassination of Mohammad Yousaf Qureshi and all the other Muslim clerics who announce FATWAs on any American, European or Asian who exercises their right to freedom speech to be critical of Islam.
I would start the bounty at $10 million dollars, which would only be $1 dollar from ten million Americans and far less than the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks. In fact, Starbucks would be an excellent place to put out a coffee can for spare change with a picture of Mr. Qureshi and a caption saying, "Your small coins will get this large disgusting piece of Islamist dung killed."
I think its important to let all Americans share in the honor of the kill. During World War II, for example, Americans were asked to grow "Victory Gardens" and save precious gasoline, metal and rubber for the war effort. What better way to get the average Jane or John involved in the war against Islamofascism than to let them put their small change towards the death of Mr. Qureshi of Peshawar, Pakistan?

Watch this topic for replies

The Cartoon Jihad Comes To America


(New York -WABC, February 17, 2006) - The global protests over published cartoons depicting the profit Mohammed come to New York City today. At this hour a peaceful demonstration is getting underway outside the Danish consulate. It was a Danish newspaper that first published the cartoons igniting the outrage.

Organizers here were hoping to have as many as 2,000 people at this protest but it's tough to say of that will really happen because of this morning's rainy weather. Some of the protesters were assembling at noon with signs. The protest was organized by the Islamic Leadership Council, an alliance of more than 100 mosques and the organizers have assured us that the protests will be peaceful, unlike what we have been seeing in other parts of the world this week

Friday, February 17, 2006

The Age Of Treason

A very good post by THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR tells the central truth of our times: The American Left hates the conservative movement, Christians, the Republican Party and President Bush with a passion worse than a Christian feels for the Prince of Darkness.

Where does this Leftist hatred lead? The U.S. Civil War II? The only thing keeping a lid on violence is that the Republican opposition does not as yet return the hatred. When and if they do this country may face another 1861.


Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.'s Our Angry Left:

Those on the left that hate this president more than they love their country will inevitably learn one of life's great lessons. Hatred is the cannibal that will consume one's soul. With Howie Dean and the boys and girls on the left, marching in lockstep, they are providing America with the living breathing evidence of the daily demise of a political party. Tell me this folks. Who in this country votes for anger? Who in this country thinks Al Gore's recent trashing in Saudi Arabia, of all that we love and believe in is worthy of our voting for him or his kind on the left into the oval office? And who in America wants to see President Hillary Clinton on TV every night? A frightening thought indeed, in my opinion. As for me, I'd rather be forced to listen to a thousand scratching fingernails being run up and down a chalk board every night than to have to listen to Hillary. Just my opinion and not necessarily those of this radio station! -- Jim L. East Sandwich, Massachusetts



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Eva Green is the New Bond Girl

Attention: Bond People -- Not-So-Secret Agent 007 of Her Majesty's Not-So-Secret Service has a New Bond Girl (There is always a "New Bond Girl" for each new Bond movie) for his next adventure Casino Royale. I do believe this is the second Casino Royale, the first one was a 1960s comedy that had about a dozen James Bonds including Woody Allen.
I have a question: If the main idea of being a secret agent is to be a face in the crowd and keep a low profile and live in a modest fashion, would it not be unwise to blow into town in an expensive sports car in the company of a "Drop Dead Beauty" with the both of you dressed to the nines and spending money like drunken sailor on a Friday night? Oh well! That's Hollywood! That's Entertainment!
I can't wait to see it!

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The $1,000,000 Politically Correct Question

Let's see now: Cartoons of satire concerning Muhammad are offensive to Muslims and cannot be published due to the fact that they can cause mass civil unrest by Muslims. However, pictures showing Muslims being tortured by G.I.s in Iraq are NOT offensive to Muslims and must be published although the publication of such pictures can cause civil unrest on the part of Muslims.

Do I see a small contradiction here? Perhaps a Paladin at the MSM will tell us the difference. I don't see one. In the words of Objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand, "If you encounter a contradiction go back and check your premise. In logic there are no such thing as a contradiction."
Malkin on the subject:


"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit." -- Matt 7:15-17

Link to the same article at The Happy Extremist:

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The Democratic Party Civil War

This is very bad news for the Democratic Party and its MSM establishment that had high hopes of gaining a majority in Congress in the 2006 mid term elections. The Democrats high card for victory was alleged corruption in the Republican Party, but as is noted below the leading Senate Democrat has his own ethics problems.


The Democrats' Coming Civil War By: Blanton :

“Dean himself said that any Democrat doing favors for Abramoff's clients would be a ‘big problem.’ He knew before he said it that Reid had done so.” There is a growing sense of restlessness on Capitol Hill and it is not the majority that has this sense. With Democrats potentially on the cusp of making a significant dent in the Republican majority, tensions that have been well below the surface are starting to spill out and may soon boil over into a Democrat civil war. Various people on Capitol Hill tell me that the Democrats are struggling to keep their internal disputes from boiling over. They all lay the blame at Howard Dean and the Democrat leadership on Capitol Hill failing to get along. Right now, individuals loyal to Howard Dean are compiling dossiers on embattled Senate minority leader Harry Reid and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi. Couple these potential trouble spots with the pending William Jefferson plea bargain, Democrat netroots leader Kos' perceived selling out to the establishment through his failure to engage the DLC and failure to back Hackett in Ohio, and the failure of the minority to rally around one set of talking points and you have the a higher chance of a Democrat civil war than an Iraqi civil war. .

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit." -- Matt 7:15-17

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Thursday, February 16, 2006


If anyone ever needed more evidence that the MSM (Mainstream Media: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE WASHINGTON POST, LOS ANGELES TIMES, etc.) are nothing more than the propaganda department of Leftist ideology and the Paladins of the Democratic Party -- This last last week should be the cherry of the top of the cake, because it has become impossible to tune into news program without hearing more and more and MORE commentary this week about a story that deserved at best a couple paragraphs -- To wit: Vice President Cheney accidently shot a friend while hunting.
It would appear the MSM irrationally think they can fine tune this non-story into a vehicle for driving Cheney from office for the Greater Glory of Liberalism, but the reality is they are showing their Leftist bias and its hatred for conservatives like Cheney before millions of Americans who are increasingly tuning the hatred and bias out and looking for other news sources and commentary.
This is very good news for small time Bloggers like myself.
As usual Malkin knows where the bodies are buried:


The Media of late has been full of Doom and Gloom, especially in regards to the situation in the Middle East, nuclear weapon development in Iran and the world wide Muslim demonstrations and riots over the Muhammad Cartoons.
However, this morning I woke up early to read the article below that appeared in the TIA (The Intellectual Activist) which when linked to other articles that have appeared recently in the Media point to nothing less than the beginning of the collapse of Communism in the world's most populous country -- China.
This is wonderful news to say the least, because for one thing a democratic China will tilt to the West in matters of foreign policy and the addition of over one billion Chinese in an active anti-Islamist alliance sinks any hope of an establishment of a world Islamofascist state. It also brings to mind the Grand Alliance of World War II in which China played a key role in the defeat of Japanese fascism.
Why has this evolution to liberty come about in China?
There are many and complex reasons that date back to the 1970s when Richard Nixon played "The China Card" and the opening up of normal diplomatic relations with the People's Republic and the beginning of trade with the USA and the West. The desire of the Communist leadership to make China the dominate country in the world which could only happen if China modernized its economy and this could only happen if a technological and business elite were trained. The problem with allowing vast numbers of Chinese to become Western educated technological and business educated is that such individuals do not limit their thinking to those subjects -- They tend to start reading and thinking about political science and realize that for China to join the first ranks of advanced countries it must allow the people to be free.
But the key factor in my never humble opinion is the growing numbers of Christians in China which has come to pass in the face of intense Communist oppression lasting decades, and has happened in a way that has important historical parallels with how Christianity became the main religion in the Roman Empire in the 4th century A.D. -- By means of "Home Churches" and secret meeting places.
In China today there are more Christians than members of the Communist Party because Communism is a materialistic faith that cannot answer the big questions in life -- birth, death and God. I have no doubt in my formerly military mind that the Christians of China are key players in internal liberation from tyranny because freedom of the individual and exercise of free will is an important favor in spreading, "The Good News" to everyone.

The Turning Point in Our History"
Commentary by Robert Tracinski
If China has abandoned its Communist ideology, I have been asking, how will it be possible for it to maintain its political dictatorship? Without its ideology, on what basis can it justify its apparatus of repression?
Well, it looks like it can't. This blockbuster report indicates that there is growing resistance to political censorship--among the Communist Party elders! This whole report is very well worth reading--don't just satisfy yourself with the excerpts below, because the whole article offers some fascinating lessons. As for the cause of this rebellion against censorship, note that the author of an open letter against censorship declares that "experience shows" that a "free flow of ideas" is beneficial.
Whose experience? It is not China's experience they are relying on, but ours. Note also the influence of a "market-driven" media--which has a profit motive in uncovering stories of official corruption and misdeeds. Most interesting of all, note that the open letter speaks of "the turning point in our history from a totalitarian to a constitutional system"--as if the transition to a free society in China were already a given, and there is no argument over it.
It all starts from here: if free speech is allowed, it will lead to exposure of official corruption, to calls for allowing open political opposition, to calls for making the judiciary independent and allowing individuals to sue the government--and then the whole apparatus of dictatorship will be erased.
This is Beijing's "glasnost"--the first stage of the negotiated surrender of China's political dictatorship.
"Beijing Censors Taken to Task in Party Circles,"
Joseph Kahn, New York Times,
February 15 BEIJING, Feb. 1
A dozen former Communist Party officials and senior scholars, including a onetime secretary to Mao, a party propaganda chief and the retired bosses of some of the country's most powerful newspapers, have denounced the recent closing of a prominent news journal, helping to fuel a growing backlash against censorship.
Excellent articles and commentary concerning the rise of Christianity in China and mass unrest with the Communist regime by all sectors of public life in the PRC:
"Freedom is the freedom to say 2 + 2 = 4; if that is granted then all else must follow."
-- George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty Four