Friday, February 24, 2006

MSM Hypocrisy in Coverage of Nazis March In Orlando

The announced Saturday Nazi march in Orlando is an excellent example of MSM (Mainstream Media) hypocrisy: They refused to publish the Modammad Cartoons because this would have led to violence on the part of Muslims in this country and the world according to their humble opinion; yet they go bull bore in reporting the Nazi march beforehand and publish pictures knowing full well that news coverage will draw hundreds and perhaps thousands of angry counter-demonstrators based on recent experience just last October in Toledo, Ohio where riots produced a casualty list of 12 injured police officers and over 100 arrests.

I say that any violence that happens tomorrow is partly the blame of the MSM in the Orlando Metro Area to include the ORLANDO SENTINEL, AM 540 and AM 580, and television stations 2, 6 and 9.

Nice going MSM guys: I hope you get plenty of pictures of bloody heads in the riot you helped start.

National Socialist Movement website that announces the Orlando demonstration:

Please follow the links to the pictures of the recent Toledo demonstration -- It is clearly the intention of the Nazis to encourage violence and allow the police to suppress the disorder, as well as protect them. Thus the authorities will be used to do the dirty work of the Nazis.

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Isis will post her photos on NIM Busters after the March