Saturday, February 25, 2006


Ronbo meets Nazis in downtown Orlando at the corner of Church Street and Division at about 1305 hours (that's 1:05 P.M. to you civilians) on February 25, 2006.

After parking his car near the Orlando Public Library at 1300, that's 1 P.M. to you civlians, Ronbo advanced up Church Street towards the location of the Nazis on his Recon partrol. When he arrived at the intersection of Church Street and Division and observed the approximately 25 Nazi demonstrators well guarded by the OPD SWAT TEAM & mounted policemen on the Division Street side in a public parking lot.

Suddenly Ronbo found himself surrounded by young teenage anarchists of the Southeastern Anarchist Network dressed in completely in black with masks over their faces and was pushed towards the police line. It was clear that the anarchists wanted to kick some Nazi butt and this youthful desire to slay dragons bought back to life the old war horse in Ronbo, a retired Army veteran of many campaigns, who was for the dressed for the occasion in a loud Hawaii style shirt, white pants and black Nikes, so thus uniformed he marched for a moment at the front with his new battlefield allies with grey hair flying in the wind towards the surprised Nazis.

Needless to say, the presence of Ronbo and his cohort of about 50 girls and boys in black was quickly noted by the mounted police, OPD SWAT Team and various members of law enforcement present who thought he was the ancient leader of a Crusade of Children, and this idea was reenforced when he began a shout that was picked up by the Young Crusaders , "Death to the Nazis!" and other such martial verbage.

Ronbo's Sortie came to a quick end when he was detained by several mounted policemen about half way across Division Street and separated from the Children's Crusade. He was quickly herded down Church Street for an interview with an OPD sergeant. Ronbo's I.D. was checked and seeing as how he had no outstanding warrants he was released and told to go home. And he did go about two blocks towards his car down Church Street until he came to Orange Avenue looking for the gutsy little group of black dressed anarchists with the idea of having another go at the Nazis, but passing Central Blvd. and noticed that brave hearted youngsters were being arrested by the OPD and loaded into Paddy Wagons.

Ronbo then decided on a flanking movement towards the Nazis and at the next intersection where he briefly enlisted with a JDL group that was flying the Israeli flag and marching towards the OPD HQ where the Nazis were now located. The Nazis, 30 minutes behind schedule due to the brazen assault of one old man and a platoon of young anarchists began their march down Church Street with a right turn made at Paramore Street -- the heart of African-American Orlando -- much to the disgust and amazement of the residents who loudly demanded the police go away so they could lynch the Nazis.

By then Ronbo's group was one of dozens of other anti-Nazi groups and individuals that numbered in the hundreds, if not over a thousand. The Long March ended in front of the Federal Building on Hughey Avenue where the Nazis gave speeches and said "Seig Heil" to the scores of anti-Nazis and policemen. The crowd responded with "Nazis Go Home" and "F*** You" and "No Fascist USA!" Ronbo a street fighter and rabble rouser of many years experience knew this was his last chance to start another sortie against the Nazis, so he began to shout, "Death to the Nazis" and "Hang Them High!" chants that were picked up by the large emotional crowd, especially those facing Hughey and the Federal Building, the frontline where the younger and most radical stood who took encouragement from those shouting behind them and began a movement towards the Nazis, which was well recorded by the Media with literally dozens of cameras present to record what looked like for a moment like a real street battle when a fist fight broke out on the right flank.

The forward movement stopped. It was stopped by about a dozen mounted policemen. The psychological effect of stalwart men on horseback who refused to give an inch. So instead of attempting a flanking movement or forcing themselves between the horses, the leaderless mob was halted and then retreated. When Ronbo saw that the moment was passed he withdrew from the scene to fight another day.

Ronbo is at this moment typing these lines in the Orlando Public Library, not knowing if he'll be arrested when he returns home. Sorry folks no pictures. The camera bag which contained camera, notebook and tape recorder was lost at "Ronbo Sortie" somewhere near Church Street and Division. However, this event was well covered by the local Media and Ronbo did observe a UPI cameramen and reporters of various national and International Media at the scene. There should be lots of pictures. Perhaps even a few of a wild old man wearing a loud shirt yelling, "Death to the Nazis!" If you don't hear from Ronbo-- He's been busted.

Just send his bail to the Orange County Jail.

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