Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pictures of the Nazi Invasion of Orlando by Isis

One picture is worth a thousand words!

The pictures of the Orlando Nazi March on February 25, 2006 made by Isis. She told me it was okay to post her pictures as long as I told everyone they were her pictures and, therefore, her personal property. I would like to offer an apology for calling her a "Nazi Babe" in the first article I posted on this topic. I would note for the record that I consider these the best pictures taken at the rally and indictate that Isis is an individual with photographic talent.
The Nazi March in Orlando was a failure.
AM 580 Talk Radio Reports:
Nazi Rally Fight was Staged Bob Hazen 02/27/2006 11:00:53
That Neo-Nazi rally in Parramore on Saturday may have gone even better than it first appeared. Police now say the one fight that grabbed all the headlines may not have been real after all. Many people feared violence when the Nazis marched through the mostly black neighborhood on Saturday and the fist-fight before the rally seemed to confirm their worries. "It may have been some kind of staged event to stir trouble inside."
Orlando Police now say they think the two men involved were actually friends, and staged a mock fight. Sergeant Barbara Jones says that's part of the nature of these types of demonstrations. "That can happen at these types of things where an organized counter-demonstrator group comes in, and their goal is also to stir trouble."
Even if the fight was concocted, both men still face real charges of disorderly conduct. In all 17 people were arrested at Saturday's rally. Most were members of an anti-Neo Nazi group called SHARPS, along with one "Skinhead Nazi" and a regular civilian. Hundreds of people followed and shouted at the National Socialist Movement members as they marched, but police are calling the relative lack of trouble at the march a success.


IsisDC said...

I'm not a Nazi, I am actually an antiracist, and the only ones who don't seem to know are the fake antiracists, you know the embarassing violent ones.

But, if you have a fetish about picturing me in a Nazi uniform, then, well, feel free to whatever gets you off.

Ronald Barbour said...

Please accept my very humble apology if you're not a Nazi, a member of the NSM, but your articles seem to indicate that you tilt in that direction.

Please be advised that anything printed in my Blog, except where noted, is simply my own humble opinion, and I've always told my readers that I will flat out lie make a point, so I encourage everyone to cross check anything I say with other sources.

This is the reason why I post links to articles to back up my arguments and quote other authors.

In your case, since I don't even know your real name, there is no way I can confirm or deny which political party you're are a member, or if you're even interested in politics.

I think the best venue to continue this discussion would be by EMail:


Operators are standing by 24/7 --

I'd be interested in talking to you, since the NSM refuses contact with me.

This is not surprising since I've called them traitors.

P.S. I have a Edit function on my Blog -- all articles can be easily revised to reflect more accurate information, if need be.

IsisDC said...

Well, I am actually a liberal, but I try to ber fair to everyone I cover.

I don't approach this with MY opinions, I approach journalism to be about what the news actually is.

I don't believe I have ever posted anything on my blog that was racist or of Nazi opinion that came from my own ideas.

If you actually would take a look at my whole blog and all my photos you will see a salad mix of everything from Cindy Sheehan to Grover Norquist to Gay Pride, Bikers to Nazis.

I don't believe that the news is about *me*, it's about *them* and my photos are just a way to record what *they* have to say or think and with as little bias a possible.

I shoot the NSM events because nobody else is. It is a growing movement and I believe it to be a part of the world we live in today, thus my photos are just a mirror reflection of their activities.

Next time you go into a museum of history you will see that the most powerful elements of the exhibits are the photos.

Nobody even knows who took them, and most likely they never made any money off of them, but the images are there to tell the story of that period in time.

So, when people ask me why I shoot what I shoot, I tell them it is for our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The nasty comments and misjudgements I face from people today about what I do and how I do it really means nothing to me.

What I can give to the future is really all that matters.

Ronald Barbour said...

A fellow liberal?

I'm a liberal too in the 19th century definition, which is someone who stands for limited constitutional government, laissez-faire capitalism and individual rights.

My favorite presidents are Washington and Lincoln who would agree that the United States is a republic and not a democracy.

I have been a card carrying member of the Republican Party since 1969, and the first President I voted for was Richard Nixon in 1972. I have been a Christian since 1960.

I disagree that the NSM is the up and coming vanguard of the future. If it becomes a real threat to the Government it will be crushed with an iron fist. Fascists like Bill White and Osama bin Laden make the mistake of thinking that America is weak because we allow freedom of speech, but in fact the Republic is very strong.

The USA is not a Weimar Republic that can be pushed aside by scum from the gutter as was the case in Germany in 1933, nor will we give into terrorism.

This is something I doubt you understand because of your political orientation (a contempoary liberal is in reality a socialist) and where you live, Washington D.C. that like the Northeast and Left coast of California and the Pacific Northwest lives in an alternative universe where Big Government can solve any problem.

IsisDC said...

Well, I am sort of a social liberal, but a small government low tax conserv. I am actually a card carrying member of the Libertarian party.

Guns, legalized pot, free markets and I don't give a shit who marries or sleeps with who.

I have been a born again pagan/athiest for a few years now.

The NSM is a growing movement. Maybe not to the level of government take over, but I do believe it might one day outreach to the level of The Constitutional and Reform Party and other 3rd party small but radical groups.

I personally don't see them as a problem as much as a symptom of the state of mind of how angry our society has become, mostly due to the crimminals in the currant Bush Junta today.

In '04, Rove's genious plan of running on a gay hate campaign has a lot to do with blowing open the door on this trendy scapegoating which is becoming increasingly popular among the disgruntled working class households.

I do sit and talk with the NSM and even as I a completely disagree with their take on the reasons for our broken system, I certainly agree with them that we are in a terrible state in American history.

I have been in communication with Mr. Bill White since the Toledo riots, which I covered as well.
And, as he and I have had a few heated discussions, I will tell you this, Bill is one of the brightest persons I have met on the grassroots activist scene.
He has the skills and strategic mind of a well respected K st policy wonk. If you disagree with his purpose and want to take up the sword to oppose him, the worst thing you can do is underestimate his capabilities and his blood thirst to win in any situation.
He will do whatever he can to try to destroy anyone he feels will threaten his path and cares for no boundries that will prevent him in his quest.