Saturday, September 30, 2006

Red October American Style

To arms!

The Bolsheviks are coming on the 5th of October!

YOUR GOVERNMENT, on the basis of outrageous lies, is waging a murderous and utterly illegitimate war in Iraq, with other countries in their sights.
YOUR GOVERNMENT is openly torturing people, and justifying it.
YOUR GOVERNMENT puts people in jail on the merest suspicion, refusing them lawyers, and either holding them indefinitely or deporting them in the dead of night.
YOUR GOVERNMENT is moving each day closer to a theocracy, where a narrow and hateful brand of Christian fundamentalism will rule.
YOUR GOVERNMENT suppresses the science that doesn't fit its religious, political and economic agenda, forcing present and future generations to pay a terrible price.
YOUR GOVERNMENT is moving to deny women here, and all over the world, the right to birth control and abortion.
YOUR GOVERNMENT enforces a culture of greed, bigotry, intolerance and ignorance.
People look at all this and think of Hitler - and they are right to do so. The Bush regime is setting out to radically remake society very quickly, in a fascist way, and for generations to come.
We must act now; the future is in the balance.
Millions and millions are deeply disturbed and outraged by this. They recognize the need for a vehicle to express this outrage, yet they cannot find it; politics as usual cannot meet the enormity of the challenge, and people sense this. There is not going to be some magical "pendulum swing." People who steal elections and believe they're on a "mission from God" will not go without a fight. There is not going to be some savior from the Democratic Party. This whole idea of putting our hopes and energies into "leaders" who tell us to seek common ground with fascists and religious fanatics is proving every day to be a disaster, and actually serves to demobilize people.
But silence and paralysis are NOT acceptable. That which you will not resist and mobilize to stop, you will learn - or be forced - to accept. There is no escaping it: the whole disastrous course of this Bush regime must be STOPPED. And we must take the responsibility to do it. And there is a way. We are talking about something on a scale that can really make a huge change in this country and in the world. We need more than fighting Bush's outrages one at a time, constantly losing ground to the whole onslaught. We must, and can, aim to create a political situation where the Bush regime's program is repudiated, where Bush himself is driven from office, and where the whole direction he has been taking society is reversed. We, in our millions, must and can take responsibility to change the course of history. Acting in this way, we join with and give support and heart to people all over the globe who so urgently need and want this regime to be stopped.
This will not be easy. If we speak the truth, they will try to silence us. If we act, they will try to stop us. But we speak for the majority, here and around the world, and as we get this going we are going to reach out to the people who have been so badly fooled by Bush and we are NOT going to stop. The point is this: history is full of examples where people who had right on their side fought against tremendous odds and were victorious. And it is also full of examples of people passively hoping to wait it out, only to get swallowed up by a horror beyond what they ever imagined.
The future is unwritten. WHICH ONE WE GET IS UP TO US.

Endorsers of this call include:
James Abourezk, Aris Anagnos, Anti-Flag, Edward Asner, Russell Banks, Ed Begley Jr., Harry Belafonte, St. Clair Bourne, Gabriel Byrne, Margaret Cho, Ward Churchill, Kate Clinton, US Rep. John Conyers Jr., John Densmore, Jesse Diaz Jr., Ariel Dorfman, Tom Duane, Michael Eric Dyson, Steve Earle, Niles Eldredge, Daniel Ellsberg, Eve Ensler, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jane Fonda, Michael Franti, reg e. gaines, Martin Garbus, Wavy Gravy, André Gregory, Paul Haggis, Sam Hamill, Suheir Hammad, Kathleen Hanna, Stephen Hays, Merle Hoffman, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Bill T. Jones, Rickie Lee Jones, Sarah Jones, Brig. Gen. (ret) Janis Karpinski, Casey Kasem, Ron Kovic, Jonathan Kozol, Jessica Lange, Lewis Lapham, Mark Leno, Rabbi Michael Lerner, George Lois, US Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Mark Crispin Miller, Tom Morello, Viggo Mortensen, US Rep. Major Owens, Ozomatli, Grace Paley, Harvey Pekar, Sean Penn, Jeremy Pikser, Harold Pinter, Frances Fox Piven, Michael Ratner, Boots Riley, Mark Ruffalo, US Rep. Bobby Rush, Susan Sarandon, James Schamus, Richard Serra, Rev. Al Sharpton, Cindy Sheehan, Martin Sheen, Gary Soto, Nancy Spero, Gloria Steinem, Lynne Stewart, Serj Tankian, Jonathan Tasini, Sunsara Taylor, Studs Terkel, Gore Vidal, Kurt Vonnegut, Alice Walker, Naomi Wallace, Lt. Ehren Watada, US Rep. Maxine Waters, Cornel West, Saul Williams, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Ann Wright, Howard Zinn, and thousands more.
Announcing a Day of Mass Resistance:OCTOBER 5, 2006BRING THIS TO A HALT!
Discussion at:

"Is Paris Burning? IS PARIS BURNING?"

Not yet....But I'm sure the Moozlams will get around to it soon: Brussels has been torched.

Last night Brussels police arrested 53 youths, including 19 minors, in the Marollen neigbourhood. The area had seen heavy rioting the previous nights. Some of the arrested immigrants were carrying combustibles. One schack was set alight and one car was torched. The police said there were no serious incidents. Yesterday afternoon Freddy Thielemans, the Mayor of Brussels, told journalists at a press conference that of the 45 youths arrested the previous night 31 were known to the police for a total of 242 crimes. The Mayor emphasized that the riots were the work of youth gangs and cannot be compared to last year’s riots in France since there had been no direct confrontations between the police and the rioters.

Robert Redeker: Running From Moslem Death Squads

Show support for this brave man by signing the petition:

*A French high school philosophy teacher and author who carried out a scathing attack against the Prophet Muhammad and Islam in a newspaper commentary says he has gone into hiding under police protection after receiving a series of death threats, including one disseminated on an online radical Islamist forum.
The teacher, Robert Redeker, 52, wrote in the center-right daily Le Figaro 10 days ago that Muhammad was “a merciless warlord, a looter, a mass-murderer of Jews and a polygamist,” and called the Koran “a book of incredible violence.”
The Redeker case is the latest manifestation in Europe of a mounting ideological battle that pits those who believe Islam and the Prophet Muhammad can be criticized in the name of free speech against those in the Muslim community who believe no criticism can be tolerated...
“I can’t work, I can’t come and go and am obliged to hide,” Mr. Redeker told Europe 1 radio in a telephone interview from an undisclosed location on Friday. “So in some way, the Islamists have succeeded in punishing me on the territory of the republic as if I were guilty of a crime of opinion.”
Mr. Redeker, who has kept in contact with news agencies by cellphone and e-mail, said that his wife and their children had also been threatened with death. He told Europe 1 that his wife was in hiding with him, but he was less clear about his three children, saying that one of them had been forced to move and that another was in a boarding school.
Asked to describe the sort of threats he had received, Mr. Redeker replied, “You will never feel secure on this earth. One billion, three hundred thousand Muslims are ready to kill you.”

*New York Times, Saturday edition, September 30, 2006

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Islam: Beware The Righteous Anger Of The American Street

Political correctness has cut off a vital source of feedback to both the Islamists and the so-called progressives of the West. They are blind to the realities of the American Street. Gradually, more and more Americans are beginning to entertain the concept that drastic measures may well be necessary to ensure our survival. It is only a half-thought position, outside of the circle of passionate advocates who write on the web or occasionally break into media notice on talk radio or a cable news channel. But it is part of a growing acceptance that we might need to go a bit Roman, or at least contemplate the exact mechanisms which brought an end to World War II, our most recent war fought against an existential threat.
America is generally slow to awaken to danger, but once roused it is a fierce fighter. A few voices are warning our potential foes. But they are not listening.
Those of us who do not want to see a convulsive death struggle play out on the world stage, who want to see the drama go from a tragedy to a farce, have our work cut out.
Thomas Lifson is the editor and publisher of American Thinker.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wife Beating Discussed On Arab Television

Disgusting 21st century barbarians!


Work in progress: Rogue cops, Ex-Con businessman, and millions of dollars in play

Billings & Robinson: the Rogue Cops of Orlando.

Kevin Billings on the left is formerU.S. Secret Service.

Joe Robinson on the right is former Orlando P.D.

Frank Amodeo is the Ex-Con Businessman, their fearless leader and owner of what amounts to a new high tech private army that has already attempted to overthrow a government.

Frank Amodeo, reflecting recently in his office on the 28th floor of SunTrust Tower in Orlando, is chief strategic adviser and financier of Mirabilis Ventures, which has bought or purchased interest in 70 companies including security operations, consulting firms and construction businesses. ROBERTO GONZALEZ/ORLANDO SENTINEL . BOX: The businesses Mirabilis Ventures Inc. Frank Amodeo says he provided the financial backing to purchase the company in 2005. He says the private holding company has bought or has acquired a partial interest in 70 businesses, ranging from retail to real estate to construction to security and consulting. Amodeo's role: Chief strategic adviser and financier AQMI Strategy Corp. Formed by Amodeo in 2004. Helps Mirabilis identify distressed companies to acquire, according to AQMI officials. They say the company also provides crisis-management services and political and security consulting. AQMI employed the two Central Florida men detained in May in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Amodeo's role: President Nexia Strategy Corp. Formed in 2005. Provides consulting for Mirabilis and outside clients. Nexia's Web site says the company draws on the services of attorneys, accountants and business and security experts with global experience. Amodeo's role: Consultant SOURCES: Sentinel research, Florida Division of Corporations . Frank Amodeo is reflected on Mirabilis Ventures corporate tracking software recently in his office at the SunTrust Tower in downtown Orlando. ROBERTO GONZALEZ/ORLANDO SENTINEL
More articles:

How to defeat the Moslems: The lessons from the Battle of Mohacs

The Battle of Mohacs opened with the refusal of the Hungarian king to accept Islam and surrender his land and self-respect to the Jihadi wolves. The earlier lessons of the experience which the Bulgars, Romanians, Croats and Serbs had had at the ruthless and cruel hands of the Jihadis was not entirely lost on the Hungarians. But Eastern Europe took a long time to realize the only successful way of defeating the Jihadis forever was to outmatch them in their bestiality, with the determination and ruthlessness of a hunter pitted against a wild beast.
It was (and is) senseless to negotiate with the Jihadis, it was foolish to try to talk to them. Like a broken record the Jihadis could only give their non-Muslim victims, the alternatives of Islam, or Death!. The only way to deal with the Jihadis was (and is) to fight them to their deaths and to destroy them to their last man. For the fight with them to be successful, has to be pro-active, pre-emptive and ruthless to the finish. The point is to learn from the faults of other non-Muslims in dealing with the Jihadis over the last 1400 years right from the first Jihadi razzias on the caravans of the pre-Muslim Arabs of Mecca.
All those who tried to negotiate with the Jihadis, had a sorrowful ending, either as martyrs or as slaves (Zimmis) of the Muslims. The only tactic that can ever succeed against the Jihadis is to remember vividly what they have done in the past (and which is exactly what they will repeat in the future) and to attack them when they least expect it, to lull them in a false sense of security, to betray them at the first favorable opportunity, to target them with the precision of a hunter, to lure them with a bait s does a hunter, to lie in wait for them to reach the bait and to and put the bullet between the two eyes of the Jihadi beasts to make them dead meat when they least suspect that their death is lurking round the corner.
But never leave the job half done, Do not allow a wounded beast to escape. A wounded beast is no guarantor of our safety, in fact he is more dangerous. The way a wounded tiger become a more dangerous man-eater, the only safe situation is of ensuring that we hunt down the beast till it is dead meat.
Same holds true for Jihadis, who may look like humans, but have the motivation of a wild beast, the only difference is that they are capable of making nukes to destroy the whole of humankind. Yes this is what the Jihadis explicitly say in private and now Ahmedinejad says so openly.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

End the occupation!

The occupation of indigenous peoples by invaders from outside, whether physical or cultural, is the root cause of all political hatred and violence in our world today. In order to secure just and lasting peace for the peoples of the world, it is necessary to end all forms of occupation and give both territories and cultures back to the people who had been the physical and cultural owners of the land for so long until the invaders brutally stole it and colonized it.

Here are a few examples of lands that need to be returned to their rightful owners, or cultures that need to be restored after being violated by cultural imperialists

Monday, September 25, 2006

Bin Laden Dead? More Reports...

The news of the death of al-Qaida's chief was reported in the Saturday edition of l'Est Republicain, a respected regional daily. The French paper cites a memo they claim was obtained from the French counter-espionage agency, the Direction Générale des Services Extérieurs, or the DGSE.

Bin Laden, the world's most wanted terrorist is believed to have died last August as a result of typhoid fever while he was in a remote part of Pakistan, according to the French newspaper. . . .

Making the report all the more credible was the choice by those in French counter-intelligence of where to leak the Saudi report, the regional L'Est Republicain, rather than one of the larger Paris-based dailies.

"There is a history with that paper," the Saudi source told UPI. The newspaper is known to have had intelligence reports leaked to it in the past. "They are very reliable," said the Saudi official.

Bill Clinton Is Insane

After reading the transcript of Bill Clinton's strange interview with Fox News report Chris Wallace, I couldn't help but to think of the scene in "The Caine Mutiny" where the Captain Queeg, the mentally challenged Captain of the U.S.S. Caine, played by Humphrey Bogart, comes apart under questioning by the defense attorney at the court martial:
---Did you turn your ship upside down searching for a phantom key?
---I don't know what lies have been sworn to here, but a key did exist.

---The witness is understandably agitated. I request a recess.

---I don't want a recess.

--- Did you conduct such a search?
---My disloyal officers failed me, and the key couldn't be found.

---wasn't this whole fuss over a quart of strawberries?

---The pilfering of food is a very serious occurrence on board a ship.

---You were told that the mess boys ate the berries. There was no key.

---The key was not imaginary. I don'tknow anything about the mess boys.

---Have you no recollection of a conversation with Ensign Harding?
---Didn't he tell you that the mess boys ate the strawberries?

---I remember he was grateful for his transfer. His wife was ill.

---Do you know where Ensign Harding is now?

---He's in San Diego. He can be flown up here in three hours if necessary.

---Shall we have him testify?
Clinton vs. Wallace on “Fox News Sunday"

I tried to cut all the best parts but you’re well advised to read the transcript. Righties are going to have a field day fact-checking him. Points to take away:

1. He showed leadership by not pulling out of Somalia while the bodies were still warm.

2. Contrary to Chris Wallace’s assertion, Bin Laden wasn’t involved in Mogadishu. Which, actually, wasn’t Chris Wallace’s assertion.
3. He was all set to do exactly what Bush ended up doing after 9/11 except that he couldn’t get basing rights in Uzbekistan and the CIA and FBI wouldn’t “certify” that Bin Laden was responsible for the embassy bombings. Really? I’d be curious to know what Michael Scheuer has to say about that. I’d also be curious to know why, if the FBI refused to certify, Osama’s been on their Ten Most Wanted list for his role in the embassy bombings since June 1999.
4. He had eight years to confront Islamic extremism, four years to address Bin Laden’s declaration of war on the U.S., and two and a half years to respond to the embassy bombings, yet somehow Republicans had “three times” as long as Clinton did to get him.
5. Despite the fact that it’s central to a debate that’s been raging for weeks, Wallace’s question about whether he did enough to eliminate Bin Laden is a “conservative hit job” designed to appease Fox’s right-wing viewers, who’ll all be very, very sore when they find out Rupert Murdoch is working with Clinton on climate change. Presumably Wallace should have stuck to the script followed by Meredith “Giggles” Vieira, CNN schlockmeister Larry King, who bombarded Clinton with tough questions like “How’s your health?” and “Have you seen Gore’s movie?”, and of course Keith Olbermann, who played his part perfectly except for the lack of a blue dress.
6. The “entire military” was against using special forces to go in and get Bin Laden, thereby rendering Clinton powerless under the “Entire Military” exception to the Constitution’s commander-in-chief clause.
7. John Warner, Lindsey Graham, and the rest of the McCain anti-belly slap contingent are proof that some Republicans still believe in the Constitution.
8. Republicans will do well in November if terrorism is the central issue because Americans know the multicultural left is hopelessly ideologically compromised on Islamic extremism. Which is to say, because Americans will be “scared.”

Mel Gibson Sells Out For Ten Pieces Of Silver

Mel Gibson, a well known drunk and raving anti-Semite is clearly trying to get in good with the swine of the Hollyweird Left and the MSM Progressives to promote his latest movie.
The Leftist TIMES and NEWSWEEK will put Gibson's movie on their covers.
This translates into millions in free advertisement.
"Nice going, Mel. In your last movie you had a character like yourself called Judas:
So enjoy your ten pieces of silver, you whore of the Leftist establishment." -- Ronbo

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Mel Gibson has returned to the spotlight to promote his upcoming movie "Apocalypto," and to criticize the war in Iraq, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
Almost two months after he railed against Jews when he was arrested for driving drunk in Malibu, the actor made a surprise appearance Friday at Fantastic Fest, an event in Austin, Texas, devoted to new science fiction, horror and fantasy films, the trade paper said in its Monday edition.

He presented a work-in-progress screening of his Mayan adventure tale, and then took questions. About one-third of the full house gathered for the film gave him a standing ovation. The film is scheduled for a December 8 release via Disney.

In describing its portrait of a civilization in decline, Gibson said, "The precursors to a civilization that's going under are the same, time and time again," drawing parallels between the Mayan civilization on the brink of collapse and America's present situation. "What's human sacrifice," he asked, "if not sending guys off to Iraq for no reason?"

Appearing alongside Rudy Youngblood, one of the film's actors who hails from the Austin area, Gibson said he plans to make further trims in the film, which ran more than two hours. The print shown did not include sound effects and score, and some visual effects have not yet been added.

Gibson's appearance at the festival, co-founded by Harry Knowles, was reminiscent of a similar appearance he made at Knowles' Butt-Numb-a-Thon, which offered one of the first public previews of "The Passion of the Christ."

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The New Leader Of The Anglosphere: AUSTRALIA!

An example to be followed if the Anglosphere is to survive the Third Great Jihad.


Ronbo gives this article his five star rating:

Australia, the Beacon of SanitySeptember 23rd, 2006

Australia is once again making more sense than any other country on earth with regard to issues of culture and immigration. Like its
Anglosphere cousins the United States and Canada, Australia’s political economy, personal freedom, rule of law, and other characteristics inherited from the British, make it an extremely attractive place for immigrants. A continental land mass able to accommodate a greater population completes the package luring many, including many Muslims, to dream of a better life there than in their own home countries.

But unlike Canada, which has embraced a
self-effacing attitude toward its own cultures, and the United States, which also pays obeisance to the pernicious self-abnegating doctrines of multiculturalism, Australia is unafraid to stand up and say that those wanting to come to Australia must adapt to the existing realities, not expect to change Australia into their home country, only with better weather and welfare benefits.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Maybe Bin Laden Really Is Dead

Do you folks remember this deal about a couple of weeks ago?

If the Prince of Darkness did die of disease in late August, would it not be logical to assume his terrorist pals would most certainly give the old Godfather of Terrorism a big send off to Paradise and the 72 Virgins even at the risk of making a large target for the Infidels?

Very Interesting.

A pity the powers-that-be didn't order the drone off the Boyz In The Hood.

September 13, 2006 -- WASHINGTON - Taliban terror leaders who had gathered for a funeral - and were secretly being watched by an eye-in-the-sky American drone - dodged assassination because U.S. rules of engagement bar attacks in cemeteries, according to a shocking report.
U.S. intelligence officers in Afghanistan are still fuming about the recent lost opportunity for an easy kill of Taliban honchos packed in tight formation for the burial, NBC News reported.
The unmanned airplane, circling undetected high overhead, fed a continuous satellite feed of the juicy target to officers on the ground.
"We were so excited. I came rushing in with the picture," one U.S. Army officer told NBC.
But that excitement quickly turned to gut-wrenching frustration because the rules of engagement on the ground in Afghanistan blocked the U.S. from mounting a missile or bomb strike in a cemetery, according to the report.
Pentagon officials declined comment and referred The Post to Central Command officers in Afghanistan, who did not respond to a request for comment or explanation.
Agonizingly, Army officers could do nothing but watch the pictures being fed back from the drone as the Taliban splintered into tiny groups - too small to effectively target with the drone - and headed back to their mountainside hideouts.
Military experts told The Post that rules of engagement are constantly adjusted on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, depending on the severity of the threat posed by the enemy.
In Iraq, gun battles have raged inside cemeteries in Fallujah, and once-off-limits mosques are now subject to U.S. searches.
The lost opportunity in Afghanistan came amid a spike in Taliban activity in Afghanistan - a craggy country roughly the size of Texas that poses problems for U.S. troops hunting fighters in remote mountain areas.
Taliban militants have launched their deadliest attacks since the terrorist regime was toppled by U.S.-led forces in late 2001 for providing a sanctuary for Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda camps.
U.S. troops and NATO allies recently reclaimed territory in southern Afghanistan from Taliban fighters following a bloody 11-day operation.
NATO leaders announced yesterday the hard fighting killed at least 510 Taliban insurgents.
And American and Afghan forces stormed a fortified compound in the Wardak province to arrest a dozen Taliban leaders who were planning a new wave of attacks.
"Five years ago, the Afghan national army was zero," Maj. Gen. Robert Durbin, who heads the training of Afghan soldiers and police, told CNN.
"We now have sufficient forces - that's why there is some tough fighting down in Kandahar."

No Geneva Convention For Captured Islamic Terrorists!

Look what they do to our captured soldiers:

September 23, 2006

New Tucker and Menchaca Video: Bodies Desecrated by Terrorists
A new video released by the Mujahidin Shura Council of Iraq shows new footage of the desecration of the bodies of Thomas Tucker and Kristian Menchaca. The Jawa Report has obtained a copy of the video. Graphic Images and link to video below.

A previous video had been released of the mutilation of Tucker and Menchaca's bodies by al Qaeda in Iraq. This one includes new footage and has a high production value. The video shows the bodies being dragged through the streets, beaten, and kicked.


What Is Islam's Final Goal?

World Conquest.

For true Muslims, the West and Christianity must be brought down together. Earliest Islam inspires terrorists and extremists to triumph over the "Great Satan" and the "Abode of Unbelievers" in their false religion. They are inspired to effectuate the ultimate victory for Islam, the true religion, which includes waging jihad or qital in the example of their prophet.
Beyond the West, though, since all corners of the globe have some religion, Islam must now religiously dominate the world, which entails complete control over all aspects of society through sharia, with no distinction between mosque and state, between religion and civil liberties, and between imposing holiness from an antiquated and harsh sacred Book and law—the Quran and sharia—and choosing holiness from a relationship with a loving Father God—the Holy Spirit’s work in the heart.


I rewrote the lyrics to "Fuck Tha Police" by Dope, something that I have wanted to do since I first heard the song. I don't like rap, and especially not gangsta rap, but the melody and beat of this song seems really appropriate for the new lyrics. It is written from the persepective of a hard core soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan.I hope you like it, and any of our soldiers reading this blog like it too.

FUCK THA HAJIS (new lyrics for "Fuck Tha Police" by Dope)

Fuck tha hajis, comin' straight from the free and proud.

Mother fuckers got it bad cause i'm allowed,

To draw a baby raper prophet, and makes a fatwa

Calling for my head off.

Fuck that shit cause I ain't the one,

For a punk mother fucker with a koran and a gun,

To be shooting at and threatenin’ with hell,

We can go toe to toe cuz I stay an infidel.

Tryin’ to behead me cuz I’m a stranger,

You’re pissin me off, your all in danger.

Shooting at my humvee from your motorbike,

Yeah mother fucker, i'm callin’ in an airstrike.

You'd rather see the whole world end,

Than have an infidel for a friend.

I’ll shoot a haji out of shape,

And when i'm finished, bring the yellow tape,

To tape off the scene of the slaughter.

Still gettin' strong off MREs and water.

I don't know if they're pigs or what,

With their face in the dirt and a raised up butt.

A mother fucker on the war path,

And when i'm finished,

There's gonna be a blood bathof hajis dyin' on my way,

Yeah I got somethin' to say:


Fuck tha hajis and I said it with authority,

Cause the US has military superiority.

Bullets are flying all around me,

While you're a scared little maggot and hide behind your baby.

But that shit don't work, I just laugh.

My Stryker don’t stop for nothing in its path.

Jihadis, i'm sayin' fuck you punk.

Fuck your koran and shit, it's all junk.

You better say your prayers when you stand,

With a rag on your head and a gun in your hand.

Our Apaches and Cobras are hunting you down,

Our Barrett 50 cals will put you in the ground.

It is so sweet to watch your raghead ass,

Go up in a white phosphorous blast.

Takin' out a haji will make my day,

An infidel like me don't give a fuck to say:


Bill Clinton Goes Postal In Interview


"At least I tried. That's the difference between me and some, including all the right wingers. They ridicule me for trying. They had eight months to try, they did not try. I tried. So I tried and failed'"..


You screwed up you big dummy: The maximum range of an excuse is zero feet -- so accept responsibility for your failure like a man and make an apology to the nation.

But Seriously -- News Reports Say Osama bin Laden Is Dead!

Also, that he died a dog's death of a terrible disease.

Pray God that it is true.

PARIS (Reuters) - France's Defence Ministry said on Saturday a secret service report saying al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had died could not be confirmed but said it would launch an inquiry into the leak of secret documents.

"The information published this morning in the L'Est Republicain newspaper relating to the supposed death of Osama bin Laden cannot be confirmed," the Defence Ministry said in a statement.

"The Defence Minister has asked that an inquiry be carried out to determine the origin of the leak that can be punished by criminal charges."

Friday, September 22, 2006

Breaking News From Pakistan: Osama bin Laden Murdered By "Ronbo"

September 22, 2006

Peshawar, Pakistan

Associated Press (AP)

Pakistan's President confirms rumors that Osama bin Laden was killed yesterday by a former American soldier identified as "Ronbo."

Reports say that Ronbo, an alias for Ronald Barbour, a former soldier of Military Intelligence and highly skilled assassin, discovered bin Laden hiding in a cesspool covered with human waste who was breathing air thru a straw. After pulling the dread Moslem terrorist leader of Al Qaeda out of the latrine and hosing him down with water to confirm his true identity, Ronbo first beat, then stabbed, then shot and, finally, beheaded bin Laden with a dull butter knife before video cameras and reporters.

It is not clear whether the beating, stabbing, or beheading, or a combination of all actually killed bin Laden, but clearly he is dead.

When told the news about the death of Osama bin Laden, Senator McCain said,

"Naturally I am pleased that The Terrorist Master Mind of Al Qaeda is dead, like all Americans I well remember the horror of 9/11, however, former Staff Sergeant Barbour has violated the new guidelines the Senate has put together in regards to a ban on torture by U.S. military personnel, which would also include retired and seperated veterans. This incident was clearly a personal vendetta, and Barbour's actions mock what this country stands for: Liberty and Justice for All. I mean Osama bin Laden was innocent until proven guilty. I hope the Attorney General indicts Ronbo for murder. This era of street justice must end."

Later at a news conference when asked for comments about the brutal murder of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, President Bush said, "No comment" with a smile.

The shocking video of this incident at 6:30 P.M. on CBS.


The Fear Of Islam

A story of our times:

Please note the bulge in the Middle Eastern looking man's shirt:

It would appear to be a concealed weapon.

This observed only a short distance from the White House.

The event was photographed on August 12, 2006.

This picture was never turned over to Homeland Security.

The photographer was afraid of revenge by the Moslems.

The Army Marches On....

Best year for enlistments since 1997...

In an Associated Press interview, Harvey said the Army will enlist its 80,000th soldier on Friday, reaching its goal for the year with eight days to spare. That is a considerable turnaround from last year when the Army missed its target for the first time since 1999 and by the widest margin in more than two decades.

The Beginning Of American Withdrawal From United Nations?

This could be in the works.....

Bolton’s remarks could be a warning to the United Nations that the issue of Iran’s nuclear program could be the final straw for the Bush administration. The cutting of dues would probably be a a first step. But it could also be precursor to the total U.S. abandonment of the U.N. And if the halls of the U.N. are without the powerful voice of the world’s only remaining superpower, the only sound to be heard will be the laughter of a nuclear-armed Ahmadinejad.


Christians Finally Revolt Against Moslem Tyranny

This from ABC:

Hundreds of rioters protesting against the execution of three Christians have torched buildings in Indonesia. The mob has also attacked a prison in West Timor and 200 inmates have escaped. The executed Christians - Fabianus Tibo, Dominggus Silva and Marianus Riwu - were convicted of leading Christian militias when sectarian violence in Sulawesi took more than 1,000 lives five years ago. The three were born on the island of Flores in Indonesia's East Nusa Tenggara province, where most people are Christian. The town of Atambua, on West Timor's border with East Timor, is also within the province. Stone throwing mobs there have attacked the state prosecutor's office and set alight the home of the chief prosecutor. Police posts and shops have also been targeted by the violent mobs. Mobs have also torched government buildings in Central Sulawesi.

America's Total War Card: Yet To Be Played

Interesting article:

In the comments, Jim Bennett suggests that the Islamists are making the same specific miscalculation as the Japanese did: "The Japanese thought that suicide tactics would demoralize the Americans and serve as a demonstration of Japanese resolve. They were right, in a way, but they failed to anticipate what the results of that effect would be." The thugs and autocrats who make war on us often have a poor understanding of the political dynamics of democratic societies in general and of American society in particular. Eventually they tend to overplay their hands.

A Freedom Fighter Is Forced To Retire!

Alas Poor Tomcat!

You are retired.

Sent to the junkyard after years of heroic service!

Like the Mustang.

No more dawn patrols in the Danger Zone.

No more enemy aircraft blown from the skies by your guns and missiles.

Gone -- But an American Top Gun never forgotten.

By Tom Vanden Brook, USA TODAY

VIRGINIA BEACH — Today the Navy holsters the F-14 Tomcat, the top gun in its Cold War arsenal and one of the most recognizable warplanes in history. Maintenance costs for the F-14 have soared, and its replacement, the F/A-18 Super Hornet, is more versatile and cheaper to maintain.

The Super Hornet is unlikely to surpass the F-14's following. Furiously fast, deafeningly loud and lethal to enemy aircraft, the Tomcat had attained legendary status by the 1980s. The 1986 film Top Gun, in which Tom Cruise portrayed an F-14 pilot in training, cemented the supersonic warplane's reputation in the popular culture.

"There's something about the way an F-14 looks, something about the way it carries itself," says Adm. Michael Mullen, chief of naval operations, the Navy's top officer. "It screams toughness. Look down on a carrier flight deck and see one of them sitting there, and you just know, there's a fighter plane. I really believe the Tomcat will be remembered in much the same way as other legendary aircraft, like the Corsair, the Mustang and the Spitfire."

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Follow The Links To The Truth About Islam


When Will Muslims Apologize? - Patriotic Kiwi

Islam was not spread with the help of sword! [Satire] - Mohammad Asghar

The Taliban Country: Pakistan - Tashbih Sayyed, PhD

Was the Pope Wrong? - MA Khan

Birthday Greetings To A Freedom Fighter

Ron "Ronbo" Barbour turns 58 years young today.
Thanks everyone at The Happy Extremist for your warm regards and greetings!

Answer Malkins Questions, O Grand Associated Press (AP)

It would appear that Ms. Malkin is driving some more nails into the coffin of one of the key members of the Mainstream Media -- The Grand & Glorious Associated Press (AP) -- the alleged "unbiased" and "objective" source of many stories and pictures.

If Ms. Malkins charges are true, and the look quite impressive to me, the next turn of the screw will be the "outing" of AP by the conservative New Media. This will lead to yet another MSM scandal like the pathetic attempt by CBS to frame President Bush with forged National Guard documents a few weeks before the Presidential Election of 2004.

So the Decline and Fall of the Mainstream Media continues. At this rate, wthin ten years the New Media of conservative newspapers, cable news channels like Fox, the Right Wing Blogs will be the MSM.

The article:

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Moslem Offense Levels Explained

Voices Raised In Warning of Islamic Violence

Excellent article by Malkin:

When will we say, "Enough is Enough?"

I mean, here's my question about all this. When are we, as a nation, when is the rest of the peace-loving world going to get mad enough at these savages, militant Islamofascists rioting, threatening death and slitting throats, and when's the world going to stop capitulating? We are told that there's so much hate for us out there by our own media. I'll tell you what, folks, I have had it. I am sick and tired of my country being portrayed as the damned enemy out there, and I'm sick and tired of a bunch of Americans acting like they think it, too, and that we've got to revise policy and start apologizing and so forth. A bunch of stupid idiot Americans are joining this chorus because they think there's so much hate for us out there, including in the worldwide media, that our guilt makes everybody want to apologize all the darn time. Well, screw it. You know, and a reckoning should be coming any time soon. I'm this close to exploding this morning. I've really had it.......

The Movie of the Year: OBSESSION

Watch the entire movie:

Moozlams In USA Enraged By Camera Lady

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Tatyana photographs the sidewalk display and storefront of some Muslim missionaries in Brooklyn and gets accosted by the Muslims, who try to intimidate her and call the cops. Instead of telling the Muslims that public photography is legal, the cops defer to them and tell Tatyana to stop stirring up trouble. The Muslims file a harrassment complaint against Tatyana and she files one against them. Tatyana notes that if the missionary follows through on his threat to sue her he will be able to find out where she lives, and notes the implied threat.