Friday, December 29, 2006

Homeless Tyrant Saddam To Hang Today?

I mean what does the poor bum have to live for?
He lost his empire and is reduced to living in a tiny room in a public housing shelter with absolutely no chance for employment ever again as a tyrant in the tight job market for that vocation in the Middle East.
I'm sure this will be viewed as a mercy killing.
Maliki wants it done by Sunday, but like Ed says, we wouldn’t transfer him to the Iraqis unless the execution was imminent. The risk of someone on their side tipping the jihadis to his whereabouts or even trying to bust him out themselves is too great. Baghdad is eight hours ahead of us; don’t be surprised if there’s big breaking news this afternoon a little after 4 p.m. eastern time.



Rastaman said...

Looking forward to the long overdue good news. Personally I wish they'd just dropped a grenade down that hole and been done with it right there.

Well done blog. I saw your comment on mine and gave you a link. Keep up the good work, we're making a difference!


Ronbo said...

I disagree.

If Saddam had been killed while being arrested (1)much of the story concerning his tyranny would have never come to light.(2) The USA would have been charged with his assassination.(3) Rest assured we learned much from him during interrogations.

I always thought it was a pity that Hitler was able to kill himself rather face justice.

Anyhow, thanks for the kind remarks, which are a welcome break from the Hate EMail, death threats and Fatwas.

Cheers, Ronbo

"Know the Truth, and the Truth will make you want to kill Ronbo."

Zonka said...

You got fatwas? Consider it a merit badge, you're doing something right ;)

civilian-at-arms said...

My condolences to the Democrats on this most solemn of days. Blue feelings to the maximum.

Ronbo, if you're upset with the conditions of Saddam's apprehension and imprisonment, just wait for the star treatment bin Landen is sure to receive.