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A Gathering Of Eagles: Update For February 28, 2007

Michele Malkin's article in support of EAGLE DAY

How many times have you sat in front of the TV over the last four years, watching anti-war activists march on Washington, chase the ROTC off your local college campus, vandalize war memorials, insult the troops and wreak havoc under the surrender banner?

How many times have you thought to yourself: What can I do?

Here is the answer: Get off the sofa and join the Gathering of Eagles on March 17 in Washington, D.C.

On that day, well-funded, celebrity-studded anti-war groups plan to march to the Pentagon on a protest route that will take them past the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and climax in calls for immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq, destruction of America's "global military machine," shutdown of the enemy-detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay and impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney (plus an end to "colonial occupation" in "Palestine, Haiti and everywhere" for good measure).

Last time the left-wing, peace-loving fun bunch came to town, their minions gone wild threw rocks at a military recruitment office in D.C's Dupont Circle neighborhood and at a local Fox News van, broke through a Capitol Hill police security cordon, spray painted the Capitol Grounds with impunity, desecrated the Lone Sailor statue that stands watch at the U.S. Navy Memorial and reportedly spat at disabled Iraq war veteran Josh Sparling as he voiced his support for his fellow troops.

Tens of thousands of anti-war demonstrators were at that event last month. How many showed up with Sparling to counter the far Left? Forty.

Now, imagine our troops getting word of that count. They're walking the talk, committed to the long, hard mission of counterinsurgency in Iraq and abroad, risking life and limb - and only 40 of their fellow Americans bothered to represent them in the nation's capital?

March 17, 20077 AM to 4 PMThe Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall, Washington D.C.

For West Coast readers, check out the Move America Forward caravan leaving March 8 for the gathering.

Rolling Thunder will be there. If you want to coordinate something in your state, go here. Hot Air will be there.

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To Islam And Back: The Daveed Gartenstein-Ross Story

The confession of a highly intelligent and educated man who went To Islam And Back -- This video speaks volumes on the appeal that Islam has for Western intellectuals and has parallels in the 1930s when many otherwise intelligent people fell for the Big Collectivist Lie of Communism, Fascism or Nazism.

Frontpage Interview's guest today is Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, a counterterrorism consultant. He frequently appears as an analyst on ABC, the Fox News Channel, MSNBC, al-Jazeera, and talk radio, and writes for publications that include Reader's Digest, Commentary, The Weekly Standard, and The Wall Street Journal Europe. Gartenstein-Ross's rise in the field has been aided by a very unusual background: born into a Jewish family, Daveed converted to Islam while in college, and his first job after college was with the Al Haramain Islamic Foundation, an international Wahhabi charity that proved to be an al-Qaeda financier. Daveed's new book, My Year Inside Radical Islam, documents his time working at Al Haramain.

Environmentalism Is A New Pagan Religion

Well at long last the sane people of the world are getting organized to fight the newest gambit of the Left to destroy Civilization: Environmentalism, which is nothing more than a recycled pagan tree hugging RELIGION.
Greenhouse sceptics to congregate
Katharine Murphy and Brendan Nicholson, Canberra and Richard Baker
February 28, 2007

HARD-CORE global warming sceptics will descend on Canberra today for the release of a book claiming environmentalism is the new religion.

Former mining executive Arvi Parbo will launch Ray Evans' new publication, Nine Facts About Climate Change, at a function at Parliament House.

The book claims climate change is nothing new and declares Howard Government investments in solar power and in cleaning up coal a "complete waste of taxpayers' money".
"Environmentalism has largely superseded Christianity as the religion of the upper classes in Europe and to a lesser extent in the United States," Mr Evans says in the publication.

"It is a form of religious belief which fosters a sense of moral superiority in the believer, but which places no importance on telling the truth," he says.

"The global warming scam has been, arguably, the most extraordinary example of scientific fraud in the postwar period."

The function is organised by the Lavoisier Group, founded in 2000 by Ray Evans and former mining executive Hugh Morgan to test claims that global warming is the result of human activity.

Mr Evans is a longstanding friend and colleague of Mr Morgan and a committed activist on issues such as workplace reform through the HR Nicholls Society, which he founded with federal Treasurer Peter Costello.

Former Labor minister Peter Walsh also will attend today's function, and the group will hold a dinner to be addressed by climate-change sceptic Chris de Freitas, Associate Professor in the School of Geography, Geology and Environmental Science at Auckland University.

Liberal MP Dennis Jensen has organised the function on behalf of the Lavoisier Group and expects about 50 people to attend the dinner.

Dr Jensen, a nuclear physicist, has said he is not convinced that human activity is responsible for global warming.

In an interview with The Age last month, Mr Evans acknowledged that last September's visit by former US vice-president Al Gore to promote his Oscar-winning global-warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth had helped generate a lot of publicity on climate change.
But he described Mr Gore's film as "bullshit from beginning to end".

"The science from the anthropology point of view has collapsed. The carbon-dioxide link is increasingly recognised as irrelevant," Mr Evans said.
"But the Government's frightened.
"Cabinet, from what I understand, is by and large still sceptical of climate change, but it is scared of the drought and worried about how Labor will make use of it."


Untold American Triumph In Iraq: Kurdistan

The story of Kurdistan will never be told by THE NEW YORK TIMES, but the Freedom Fighter's Journal is proud reprint this complete article on a success story that was based on the USA invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003:

Iraq Journal Part II, Dr. Mike Evans
January 30, 2007, Northern Iraq
(I am interviewing Adnan Mufti, Speaker of the House of Kurdistan.)
“I read the Iraq Study Group report that criticized your region for not flying the Iraq flag,” I said.
Adnan responded, “Yes, they did. This was the same flag planted in over 5000 villages that were gassed. We have a constitution, and our region is democratic. Why must we fly the Iraqi flag? Would the U.S. ask the Jews that suffered in the Holocaust to fly the Nazi flag? We refuse to honor the ‘Hitler’ who gassed our people; we want the new flag approved by our Constitution.” Adnan also rejected the Iraq Study Group’s proposal that two terror states, Iran and Syria, “meddle in our affairs.”

“Why,” he asked, “did no one from the Iraq Study Group come here? They ask where the proof is that the Bush policy is succeeding in Iraq. We are the proof. Your nations saved us from extermination. We are a stable region that is a model of everything the U.S. wants for Iraq. Why is it being kept hidden?” I am reminded as I look into his eyes that he was the target of a bomb attack by fanatic Muslims because of his strong support for America, and was poisoned by Saddam Hussein, and almost died.

Adnan placed a letter in my hands to deliver to President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. He said, “I sent it through diplomatic channels via the U.S. Ambassador, but did not hear back.” I promised I would do my best to get it into the hands of the President.

I found the Kurds to be very tolerant of other religions. They enjoyed telling me their history, which traces back to the Medes. From the story of Daniel in the lion’s den and the conversion of the Mede king, Darius, to the appeal of a Jewish orphan, Esther. They told me of the Magi, the wise men who followed the star and presented gifts to the Christ child, and of the Medes who were converted on the day of Pentecost.

They told me about Christians by the tens of thousands that had fled north out of Sunni and Shiite strongholds toward the Valley of Nineveh, a few miles from Erbil. The horrible story of a fourteen-year-old being crucified for sharing his faith broke my heart as I thought of the innocence of my own precious grandchildren. I heard of a pastor who was beheaded for sharing the Gospel, and of women having had acid thrown in their faces for going to church. The church in Iraq is under siege, yet the world remains silent.

I found it strange that the U.S. has no base in Erbil to fight the war on terror. The greatest success story in all of Iraq, a model to inspire true democracy, is being completely ignored. Kurdistan is where America needs to invest its money rather than bleed money from Kurdistan into the coffers of the regimes that consider America the enemy. I also found it odd that 400 billion dollars has been spent in Iraq, and the Kurds have no U.S. military equipment with which to fight the war on terror. To see our allies using old Russian AK-47s is an embarrassment.

In this book, I will give you a no-spin understanding of the problem, but also of the solution. The first step is to begin by rewarding our allies and stop appeasing our enemies; what a novel approach.

As an example, I believe the U.S. needs to move a major military base into Erbil and allow the Kurds to have 100 percent of the money they were promised. This is not happening. The U.S. needs to reward stable regimes economically. To do it, the U.S. must stand up to Turkey and Iran, both of which hate the Kurds. The Kirkuk oilfields should be turned over to the Kurds that have, in the past, controlled the Kirkuk region. Saddam killed them to get them out and moved pro-Saddam regimes in to protect his investment.

The word in the U.S. is to redefine the war goals in Iraq. Yet, it is clear that the U.S. has been 100 percent successful in the Kurdish region which represents millions of people. I have proposed to the Iraqi Kurdish leaders that I would work with them to host an Iraq Study Group in the U.S. based on moral clarity, as opposed to an “appeasement study group.”

The war in Iraq can be won; one only needs to go to Kurdistan to see one of the greatest success stories. Military moms and dads need to go to Kurdistan. When they do, they will be treated as heroes and will know that the sacrifice was not in vain. The Kurdish people run to kiss them and honor them in ways beyond America’s ability to imagine. They love the families because they, too, have lost loved ones. They are filled with amazing compassion and gratitude.

The U.S. National Intelligence Agency declassified a report suggesting that President Bush’s new strategy for controlling violence must show progress within twelve to eighteen months or risk further deterioration. Show progress? What a sick joke. You have one-fourth of Iraq living in stability; not one U.S. soldier has been killed there…ever. There has not been a terror attack in 18 months. If that is not progress, what is?

Robert Gates, U.S. Secretary of Defense, says that the U.S. is planning to stop Iran from contributing to the violence in Iraq. If so, the border with Iran must be closed, the Embassy and consulates closed, and the Iraqis that have proven their allegiance, i.e., the Kurds, must be given the tools to do the job. It is not securing Baghdad; it is about isolating Iran. That will not happen unless the push is from the north to the south, with the Iraqi Kurds doing the pushing. The Turkish army has already pushed its way into Southern Kurdistan. If the U.S. does not move into the area quickly, the Turks and the Iranians will. The war must be fought north to south with allies, not south to north with enemies.

Over and over I have been told that Iraqi ministries in Baghdad are helping the terrorists. The Shiites and Sunnis will not end their conflict; it is being fueled and fed by Arab countries. The only hope to save Iraq is by enlisting the Iraqi Kurds.

Winning the war in Iraq will not happen by fighting in Central or Southern Iraq. America is not going to win over corrupt theocracies by distorting their reality. Getting in bed with the enemy is not the solution; it is the problem.

It is so obvious to me that Iraq is headed over the cliff of an Islamic revolution that is being birthed between the Shiites and Sunnis.
---Mike Evans

(Coming: Part III, Friday, February 23, and Part IV, Friday, March 2.)

Click here to receive articles by Mike Evans, intelligence reports from Iraq, and to receive notices of scheduled showings of the television documentary, The Final Move Beyond Iraq and release of his newest book The Final Move Beyond..

The Left Are Raving Anti-Semitic Moonbats

Excellent Post as usual by Zionist Youngster that begs the question why two-thirds of American Jews continue to vote for the Democrat Party, especially since they abandoned Senator Lieberman based only on his support for the war effort against Islamofascism?
Clearly, the Democrat Party is no friend of the Jews and no friend of Israel. I call upon all Jewish Freedom Fighters in the United States to change their voters' registration to the Republican Party, which has a track record of support for Judaism and the Republic of Israel -- America's only true ally in the Middle East.
Proving Jew-Hatred Internal
This post builds on my previous, The Tribes, addressing a Jewish matter.

A question I have not yet been personally asked (though I have seen it raised in some form or another in the blogosphere from time to time) is, “How do you know the anti-Zionist critics of Israel are anti-Semitic at heart? With all due respect, singling Israel out for criticism, though a potent demonstration of it, is still not ironclad proof. Do you have any way of showing that their anti-Semitism is an internal, emotional, ingrained matter?” That is a fair question, and I can answer it.

I spoke of the Leftists’ admiration for all manner of exoticism in my previous post, and particularly for tribalism. Conservatives usually, as I described on myself, channel this “feeling that burns in one’s blood and bones” by returning to the heritage that was extant just a few generations before, while Progressives, ironically, let that feeling carry them away to the direction of turning their backs on that same heritage. I talked of myself as being a happy “urban tribesman”; for Leftists, the real, heartfelt dream is to go back to living as non-Western tribesmen do: as villagers or desert nomads.

On all of the left-wing sites I read (linked to at the sidebar, under the heading, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”), whenever tribes and tribalism are mentioned, the feeling of admiration, of identification, of desire to be like them, oozes from every letter. Iraqi tribesmen deserve to have their sovereignty recognized, Western capitalism and Christian missionaries are slammed for “destroying indigenous tribal cultures”, and the thought of Native American scholar Vine Deloria is echoed that Western Man must transition to the Native American (i.e. tribal) way of life in order to regain happiness. Again, I agree with the foundation of those sentiments but not with their details, and certainly not with where the Leftists take them. But I digress. My point is that there is only one exception to their feelings toward tribalism: the Jews.

Whenever Israel, Zionism and the Jews are mentioned, all of a sudden tribalism becomes to the Leftists something to be despised, reviled and condemned. Jewish tribalism is, to their minds, a regression, and furthermore a danger to the world and its wellbeing. The Jews, in contrast to any other tribe, are expected to “rise above their tribalism and adopt more universal values”. No other tribal group gets this treatment on sites like CounterPunch and ZNET. Only the Jews.

Think I’m making this up? Here is a fine specimen by Gilad Atzmon,
One Hundred Years of Jewish Solitude, displaying the condemnation of Jewish tribalism in full form. And to those who wonder how one article shows the truth regarding all, remember that such sites, particularly CounterPunch, are Stalinist sites, not admitting any article prior to being checked for strict doctrinal conformance. Besides, there’s more where Atzmon’s article comes from—do a search for “tribalism” on CounterPunch and you will find, wherever it is mentioned in connection to Jews, the mention is unfavorable, and favorable everywhere else.

Recall what I said about the Leftists’ attitude toward tribes and tribalism: heartfelt admiration and a desire to be like them, seeping from every word. An internal, emotional thing, without a shadow of doubt. And now, with that in consideration, the question arises: what does it mean that, when the same concept, tribalism, is attached to the modifier, “Jewish”, all of a sudden their words turn from admiration and wistfulness to condemnation and loathing? What it does mean when a deep-seated emotion is overridden by that single modifier?

Yes, it means that we have before us 100 percent, irrefutable proof that the Jew-hatred of the CounterPunch and Common Dreams Marxists and Jimmy “
Too Many Jews” Carter and the Daily Kos Kids (not all of them, of course—I’m talking about those like Christopher Day, mattes and litho) and all the rest of left-wingers of those type is an internal matter. It will be no use wrapping it in the nice package of “care for the plight of the Palestinians” and “love of peace and justice”—if tribalism stirs such strong pangs of sympathy when mentioned of Native Americans, of Arab Bedouins, of Uyghurs, et cetera, yet the same concept, tribalism, evokes the opposite of that as soon as the Jews are concerned, then what we have here is Jew-hatred, Judeophobia, anti-Semitism on the internal level, within the heart.

As an indigenous Jewish tribesman, native of my land, I have no less a cause for being sympathized with by the Leftists than do the Native Americans. (But see my post
On a Few Comments on DKos, from January 23, 2007, for their typical hypocrisy on that regard.) That I am instead regarded as a colonial invader, and my belonging to The Tribe (always thus capitalized when they speak of “the stranglehold of the Israel Lobby on the USA”) is brought up as a basis for disparagement rather than solidarity, is ironclad proof of ingrained Leftist Jew-hatred, hide as it may under the cover of “criticism of Israel’s policies”. I have proved what I set out to prove; now the burden is on the other side to show otherwise. And for us, members of The Tribe, this is a call to keep the Leftist dogs on the short leash they deserve, and not give them the credence of which they are not worthy.


The British Red/Green Alliance

An Upside-Down World The British far left makes common cause with Muslim reactionaries.
Sunday, February 25, 2007
LONDON--The other day Ken Livingstone, the mayor of my hometown of London, organized a conference on Islam and the West. It was a carefully rigged affair in which handpicked speaker after handpicked speaker stood up and announced that the democracies were to blame for the tidal wave of murder sweeping the world. To provide a spurious air of balance, the organizers invited a few people who dissented from the line of the Muslim Brotherhood and its British allies. Agn├Ęs Poirier, a French feminist, was one of them, but she pulled out because although there were no special facilities for Christians, Hindus and Jews, Mr. Livingstone had provided separate prayer rooms for Muslim men and Muslim women.
She wanted to know: Does Ken Livingstone's idea of multiculturalism acknowledge and condone segregation? It clearly does, but what made this vignette of ethnic politics in a European city worth noting is that commentators for the BBC and nearly every newspaper here describe Mr. Livingstone as one of the most left-wing politicians in British public life. Hardly any of them notice the weirdness of an apparent socialist pandering to a reactionary strain of Islam, pushing its arguments and accepting its dictates.
Mr. Livingstone's not alone. After suicide bombers massacred Londoners on July 7, 2005, leftish rather than conservative papers held British foreign policy responsible for the slaughters on the transport network. ("Blair's Bombs," ran the headline in my own leftish New Statesman.) In any university, you are more likely to hear campaigns for the rights of Muslim women derided by postmodernists than by crusty conservative dons. Our Stop the War coalition is an alliance of the white far left and the Islamist far right, and George Galloway, its leader, and the first allegedly "far left" member to be elected to the British Parliament in 50 years, is an admirer of Saddam Hussein and Hezbollah.
I could go on with specific examples, but the crucial point is the pervasive European attitude to the Iraq catastrophe. As al Qaeda, the Baathists and Shiite Islamists slaughter thousands, there is virtually no sense that their successes are our defeats. Iraqi socialists and trade unionists I know are close to despair. They turn for support to Europe, the home of liberalism, feminism and socialism, and find that rich democrats, liberals and feminists won't help them or even acknowledge their existence.
There were plenty of leftish people in the 20th century who excused communism, but they could at least say that communism was a left-wing idea. Now overwhelmingly and everywhere you find people who scream their heads off about the smallest sexist or racist remark, yet refuse to confront ultra-reactionary movements that explicitly reject every principle they profess to hold.
Why is the world upside down? In part, it is a measure of President Bush's failure that anti-Americanism has swept out of the intelligentsia and become mainstream in Britain. A country that was once the most pro-American in Western Europe now derides Tony Blair for sticking with the Atlantic alliance. But if Iraq has pummeled Mr. Blair's reputation, it has also shone a very harsh light on the British and European left. No one noticed it when the Berlin Wall came down, but the death of socialism gave people who called themselves "left wing" a paradoxical advantage. They no longer had a practical program they needed to defend and could go along with ultra-right movements that would once have been taboo. In moments of crisis, otherwise sane liberals will turn to these movements and be reassured by the professed leftism of the protest organizers that they are not making a nonsense of their beliefs.
If, that is, they have strong beliefs to abandon. In Europe and North America extreme versions of multiculturalism and identity politics have left a poisonous legacy. Far too many liberal-minded people think that is somehow culturally imperialist to criticize reactionary movements and ideas--as long as they aren't European or American reactionary movements. This delusion is everywhere. Until very recently our Labour government was allowing its dealings with Britain's Muslim minority to be controlled by an unelected group, the Muslim Council of Britain, which stood for everything social democrats were against. In their desperate attempts to ingratiate themselves, ministers gave its leader a knighthood--even though he had said that "death was too good" for Salman Rushdie, who happens to be a British citizen as well as a great novelist.
Beyond the contortions and betrayals of liberal and leftish thinking lies a simple emotion that I don't believe Americans take account of: an insidious fear that has produced the ideal conditions for appeasement. Radical Islam does worry Europeans but we are trying to prevent an explosion by going along with Islamist victimhood. We blame ourselves for the Islamist rage, in the hope that our admission of guilt will pacify our enemies. We are scared, but not scared enough to take a stand.
I hope conservative American readers come to Britain. But if you do, expect to find an upside-down world. People who call themselves liberals or leftists will argue with you, and when they have finished you may experience the strange realization that they have become far more reactionary than you have ever been.
Mr. Cohen, a columnist for the Observer and The New Statesman

The Attempted Assassination Of Cheney Brings Out The Raving Leftist Moonbats

The Islamofascists couldn't hate Cheney more -- The Red/Green alliance in full flower.

From Rush Limbaugh Radio Show

Anger at Huffington Post That Bomb Missed Cheney

February 27, 2007

RUSH: The vice president was the target of an assassination attempt at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. The Taliban is taking credit for this saying that Cheney was the target. I mentioned last week that Dick Cheney is my hero. He's been on the warpath lately, folks, and as I said last week: it's about time. Where's the administration been during all of these attacks? This is very refreshing. Cheney has been out there taking on the Drive-Bys. He's been out there taking on the Democrats, and he hasn't been holding back and he hasn't been backing down. He properly characterized Pelosi's stance, that is basically pro-Al-Qaeda and owns defeat in the war in Iraq. When the controversy ensued, he didn't hold back. He continued to say it.

He continued to make it clear for members of the Drive-By who wanted to try to obfuscate it and spin it into something that it wasn't. So he's been taking on the media. He's traveling the world. He's out there appearing on television shows, and he's completely unapologetic for the war in Iraq. He's traveling around shoring up alliances and making sure the Afghans know we're there for the cause, and giving a what-for to the Pakistan president: Musharraf. It leads to the question, "Where has the administration been the last two years?" It's good that he's out there, and I'm thrilled that this is going on, and it's having an impact. There are stories galore in my stacks today about how the Democrats are falling apart in both the House and the Senate. They are finding out, it says in an AP story, that it's far different to actually implement some things that they were talking about during the campaign than it was to just say them. There are breakdowns within the various cauci of the Democrat Party inside the House.

Dingy Harry has withdrawn the resolution that they were talking about advancing, that would rewrite the use-of-force authorization for Iraq in 2002. But I want to call your attention to something that I was alerted to today. I didn't find this on my own. I must give credit where credit is due. I was alerted to this by a friend. The Huffington Post, which is a wacko leftist website -- which is not really far from some of the truly kooky left-wing websites out there -- ran a story on the attempted assassination of Dick Cheney at Bagram Air Force Base in Iraq. It was just a straightforward report, just a couple of pictures with a short little blurb from the wire services. It's the comments from people who read the Huffington Post to which I call your attention. Here are just some of them, and we're going to link to this. Dean, go ahead and put it up now. I want a link to this Huffington Post entry so that you can go read this yourself before they pull it down if they do pull it down. [Comments deleted before the end of Tuesday's show.] Here are comments from Democrats and liberals. Keep in mind, as we always say, these are the people who claim to have the biggest hearts. These are the people who claim to have the tolerance. These are the people that when anybody on the right says anything that offends them, anything at all, they come back and make charges of racism and sexism and bigotry and homophobia -- and these are the people calling for an end to all the "mean-spiritedness" and the "politics of personal destruction." These are the people who are telling us that they are a cut above; that they care; that they have more love and compassion for humanity than do conservatives. So with that in mind, listen to some of these comments. ---“Darth sure does manage to spread a little cheer everywhere he goes.”

“So Cheney is personally responsible for the deaths of 14 innocent people...and then he waddles off to lunch!! What a piece of [excrement].”
The next three are pretty good: “They missed. Too bad.”
We have people commenting at the Huffington Post wishing that Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, whoever, had succeeded in assassinating Dick Cheney!

Another one: “Too bad they missed.”

The next comment: “You can't kill pure evil. Like an exorcism you have to drive a stake through it.” The next comment: “If at first you don't succeed…” Next comment: “Better luck next time, Taliban. What a different world we would be living in today if they had succeeded. Dr. Evil escapes again. Damn." "Sounds like a BS attempt. The VP's inside some sort of compound and they blow up a bomb at the front door? C----t. At least lob a few grenades into the compound,” presumably to kill Cheney. “They missed? Damn it. I hope they try again before he leaves.” Not all the comments are this way, but a good number of them are, and we'll link to this particular post at Huffington Post on so you can go right to it and see it yourself. This is sick stuff, and it's not the first time this kind of death wish has appeared. By no means is it the first time you can find death wishes on left-wing blogs and websites when it comes to either the president or the vice president.

It leads me to, once again, discuss what we were talking about toward the end of the program yesterday. How is it that you explain visceral, literal hatred for somebody you don't know? It's one thing to disagree with somebody's policies, but this is crossing a new line now, actively wishing -- and it's not new, by the way. We've had books on how to assassinate George W. Bush in the 2004 campaign. We had a movie in which President Bush was assassinated, leading up to the 2006 election. We have had numerous examples of this kind of expressed hatred and a desire for assassination, the killing or the death of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and whoever else. These are people who do not know these men personally, have never met them, and don't have the slightest idea who they really are. This is all based on, supposedly, policy differences. But it can't be based on just that.

There has to be something far deeper involved to make these kinds of people make these kinds of comments. I'm not enough of a psychoanalyst to be able to delve into it. There are others, though, who are and who have. It would be interesting to repeat some things. One of the examples I've read from some is that many of these people just have an overall God problem. They don't believe in God, and therefore they will believe in anything. They have deep-rooted family problems, father problems, problems with their fathers. I'm reading all kinds of comments to try to explain why it is that there's such personal hatred -- and you can't rule out the fact of faith and religion, which is intimidating to people who don't believe in God. Any god. When they don't believe in something larger than exists on earth, and somebody comes along who is a leader who does, they feel threatened, imposed upon, and like they're under the bright lights of judgment.

Well, whatever it is, it is sick, and it resides exclusively on the left. Yet these people get away with this image of love and tolerance and compassion, humanitarianism and all of this, when they're just a bunch of sickies. When you read this, you're going to want to throw up, that there are actually American citizens hoping for the assassination of the vice president of the United States. You know, you go back to the nineties. On our side of the aisle, there was a tremendous amount of disgust with Bill Clinton over any number of things. I don't recall anybody actively wishing -- and I don't recall any movies, nor do I recall any books devoted to the subject of assassinating Bill Clinton or Hillary or the vice president, Al Gore. It's a new phenomena and it's not just related to the Florida 2000 imbroglio and the aftermath. There are some sick, sick people out there. This is all happening, by the way, after they won the election. These people are incapable of happiness; they are incapable of objectivity; they are incapable of finding the truth anywhere, and they don't want to by any stretch of the imagination.

The truth will threaten the alternative reality they've created for themselves. They don't want to be threatened in that way. This is why I'm still stunned that the Republicans lost the 2006 election. Actually, I'm stunned the Democrats won it, but I think the way to explain it is the Republicans did lose it. They just weren't giving anybody reasons to vote for them. I don't want to rehash all that, but this is not new. It's been going on and on and on. I've always been under the impression that the American people simply, en masse, as a majority, are not the type of people today to embrace this kind of thing or to embrace the kind of people who espouse it, or to embrace the people that these sickos would vote for.

RUSH: This is Marsha in Overland Park, Kansas. I used to live there, Marsha, in a little shack. How are you? Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Oh, thank you so much for taking my call. As a proud mother of an American soldier, my blood boils when I hear about this Huffington website and all these other people out there that are always taking aim at our leaders. In this case, Rush, it sounds to me like they certainly don't care about wanting to take additional aim at our soldiers because with every comment about additional bombs and attacks on that military base that they're hoping to get the vice president, they're hoping that another American soldier is killed as well.

RUSH: Wait. But, Marsha, these people say they "support the troops." How can you possibly think that?

CALLER: Well, I have another idea for the people that say they support the troops.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: I would like for all the ones that want to spit on them or want to stop recruiting or just plain be mean and ugly to these wonderful patriots, I would like for them to just put a nice, big, yellow, cowardly flag in their yard. Because God forbid we are ever attacked on our American soil, then our soldiers will know who they need to just walk past as they're protecting us. Because they certainly don't think our soldiers are necessary, so they certainly don't think they need to be protected as well.

RUSH: Of course not. Not only that, the latest attempt by the Drive-By Media was an AP story to impugn the honor and the intelligence of men and women in the Armed Forces. It was just a rehash of things they've always tried in the past, that they come from the poorest backgrounds and the poorest places, and since America has so little economic opportunity, they have no choice but to risk their lives in order to gain an education and perhaps earn a living -- and they're impugned for that! I've always said, "Let's just say for a moment, hypothetically, it's true. It's not, let’s say it is. Why impugn them for that? If they're willing to risk their lives in order to have a future, why is that worthy of criticism?"

Well, the latest assault on members of the military claims the vast majority of them come from little towns, dust bowl towns with no future and with no schooling and with no education. It's repugnant to me to watch an ongoing, recycled effort to impugn the honor and the integrity of the volunteers of the US Armed Forces. The capper today, of course, is when Vice President Cheney escapes the assassination attempt, and Democrats at the Huffington Post commenting on that news story express regret that the Taliban missed, and say that they hope the Taliban gets him next time.

RUSH: By the way, a little update, ladies and gentlemen. Our first item in the program today: the Huffington Post, in their news section, posted a story on the attempted assassination of Dick Cheney today by Taliban commanders and terrorists at Bagram Air Force Base, leading to comments after the news story suggesting that it was unfortunate Cheney was not killed. We posted the link to that site at They've now shut down the comments and they have eliminated some of the offensive ones. So if you go there now, you will not see the first comment -- and I didn’t share this one with you because it's the F-word. That's all it is. The first comment, the news that Cheney didn't die, that's gone, and it's been replaced with something sweet and light and so forth and so on. But they've stopped comments to that particular item in their news section and have eliminated, I'm told, some of the offensive comments hoping that Cheney dies or should have died or will die in the next attack or what have you.

RUSH: I have to share this with you, too. I have a friend responding to the Huffington Post comments that we shared with you at the opening of the program today in which many of the protesters -- or commentors, I should say; many of the people -- posting comments expressed anger that Cheney had not been assassinated and wishing the Taliban well in their next attempt.

The friend of mine in California has just sent me a copy of an instant message chat that he had with a comedy writer of a prominent late-night American talk show. He will not tell me which show, but he said, "You're free to use this, just don't try and figure out what show. I'm not going to tell you what show it is. I'm not going to give you the guy's name. It's probably more than one show anyway," but here is what he sent me.

Comedy writer: If Cheney wasn't such a p****head, he'd get killed and bring some happiness to the country, and I'd have a much needed day off. That bloated f*** can't do anything right. My friend: If you want me to think you're vile scum, you're doing a precision job.

Comedy writer: It's not just me. We all think it would be a hoot if Cheney died.

My friend: You and your ignorant pals who think global warming and carbon offsets are the issue of our times, and who ignorantly put your heads in sand while the global jihadist movement continues?

Comedy writer: Nope. We just want Cheney to die.

My friend: You're pathetic.

Comedy writer: I'm hilarious. I wish that bloated excrement was dead. We all do.

RUSH: This is a comedy writer at a prominent late-night talk show, and he claims that all the writers on this show have the same view. Now, this clearly, ladies and gentlemen, is sick. These people have a hatred and a disgust for Cheney (and probably Bush) that cannot be explained, other than that they're liberals. This makes no sense whatsoever. Their day happens to be dominated by how much they hate people, which is why I've often said, “I can't imagine what it's like to get up with such anger and hate every day. What must life be like?”


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

World Trade Center BOMBED today 1993....NEVER FORGET THE CRIMES OF ISLAM!
World Trade Center bomb terrorises New YorkA suspected car bomb has exploded underneath the World Trade Center in New York killing at least five people and injuring scores more.
The bombing has shocked America which had seemed immune from acts of terrorism that have plagued other parts of the world.
An emotional Mario Cuomo, New York's state governor, told journalists: "We all have that feeling of being violated. No foreign people or force has ever done this to us. Until now we were invulnerable."

Monday, February 26, 2007

Egypt: Free This Blogger: ABDEL KAREEM!!!

After I posted about Abdel Kareem's conviction, a commenter named Ahmad wrote,
Hello, could you help me promote this freedom video as much as you can, if you agree to its contents, of course. It’s about Egypt’s real nature and the accelerating imprisonment of freedom fighters in general, and bloggers like Kareem and many others under severe threats from the Egyptian Government.
Many thanks, Ahmad
Here is the link to the



Sign The Petition:

"Muslims Out Of My Dutch Parliament!"

I wish this country had about 535 Congress members like this guy.
In Saturday's interview, Wilders said: "I do not want to live in a country where some day six or seven members of cabinet could be Muslim," adding that Islamic laws were "barbaric", referring to four people who were beheaded in Saudi-Arabia this week.

"I want to encourage Muslims to leave the Netherlands voluntarily. The demographic development should become such, that the chance is small that we again have two Muslims in the cabinet." About 1 million Muslims live in the Netherlands out of a population of 16 million.

Treason In The Military Displayed On 60 Minutes

Traitor - Bastard - General - Benedict Arnold of the U.S. Army.

This is how a great nation falls apart and is defeated by a lesser force. Dissension within the ranks provides nothing more than fuel to our enemies. If these individuals joined the military for school purposes and travel, they did not realize what the military is all about. As military members, we do not choose the wars to fight in, and when involved in a conflict we do not call time out; If these individuals disagree with the war in Iraq, they have the option to SEPARATE from the Armed Forces, they were not drafted like in Vietnam!
After turning over every rock on every military base in the country for the last six years, the Leftist Ministry of Propaganda -- also known as 60 Minutes -- finds a few traitors in the ranks to give voice to the stab in the back of the U.S. military in a time of war.
Video of the program and reaction from the Pro-American element in the Armed Forces.

Day By Day Today


A Gathering Of Eagles Update: WEAR BLUE ARM BANDS!

I'm with this demonstration except for wearing "Red Arm Bands" that the author below suggests. As is well known, the color red symbolism is the Left -- socialism and communism -- which are 180 degrees from what this Eagle demonstration is all about. The color of liberty is BLUE. I say let us all wear blue armbands.
1000 Hours, March 17, 2007
Viet Nam Memorial Wall
Washington, D.C.

The anti-war/anti-America groups are planning a “march to the Pentagon” on March 17, 2007…this group has intentions that defenders of freedom cannot overlook or allow to occur…there must be a challenge.

Here’s a portion from the “anti-war” web site March 17 — March on Pentagon!: Time to Turn Up the Heat! that causes considerable concern: “The biggest single group of new volunteers and activists are soldiers and marines who have returned from Iraq. Their family members and other veterans are also organizing to March on the Pentagon. The opening rally will assemble at the Vietnam Memorial (Constitution Gardens) at noon.”

The anti-war/anti-America group cannot be allowed to use the Viet Nam Memorial Wall as a back-drop to their anti-America venom and stain the hallowed ground that virtually cries out with blood at the thought of this proposed desecration….it must not happen.

Many are encouraging a ”Gathering of Eagles” (symbolic of our freedom) at the Viet Nam Memorial Wall on March 17, 2007, as a signal that a segment of America does not agree with the “anti-war/anti-America” rally on the same day. As noted above, the anti-war/anti-America crowd is publishing intention to use the Viet Nam Memorial as a backdrop to their rally………..this cannot happen…… cannot go unchallenged.

Based on the input received, here is what is suggested as a means to identify those of us attending/visiting the Viet Nam Memorial wall and other Memorials on March 17, 2007 opposing the anti-war distortions.

We want to send a different message than the “anti-war/anti-America” surrender crowd, so we should be clearly set apart from them.

Wear a Red Armband on the right arm (Red often symbolizes/represents courage, revolution, hardiness, blood, and/or valor) . If red is not your color, choose another, but wear an “armband”.

On the armband each person should print something, e.g. WWII, Korea, Nam, Iraq, spouse, widow, POW, Vet, Legion, patriot, citizen, etc., or other respectful phrase one wants to help us identify one another.

We need to remember all American’s are invited to support our effort which is intended as a defender of hallowed ground and intended as a non-violent competition between those that would sell out America and those of us who support freedom and keeping the fight with the enemy on distant shores.

At this time we have visitors/supporters coming from North, South, East, and West to include Hawaii….. “Rolling Thunder” will also visit Washington, D.C on March 17 in support of “Gathering of Eagles”.

Many of us will be wearing favorite caps, shirts, jackets, jungle fatigues, desert dress, medals, etc. to include the Red Armband or another color if desired……….it will be a grand reunion, a time of new friendships, which will also, God willing, rekindle a new light of American patriotism which would filter down the mall toward the Capitol of the United States…..maybe even the main stream media (MSM)
…..obviously more detail is needed which will come as we draw nearer…look at the web sites, live blog in the near future.

We know some of the, who, what, when, why, where, …….it’s up to each of us to supply the “how”.
More details to follow………..

Ronbo Kills Mugger In Costa Rica

The legend of Ronbo continues....

Tourist kills mugger with bare hands
Apache Press (AP)
SAN JOSE, Costa Rica - An American tourist who watched as a U.S. military veteran in his 50s used his bare hands to kill an armed assailant in Costa Rica said she thought the attempted robbery was a joke — until the masked attacker held a gun to her head. "I thought it was a skit. But then he pointed the gun at my head and grabbed me by the throat and I thought I was going to die," Clova Adams, 54, told The Associated Press by telephone Friday from the Carnival Liberty cruise ship.
The assault occurred during a ship stopover Wednesday in Limon, 80 miles east of San Jose, Costa Rica's capital. Adams was with 12 American tourists who hired a driver to explore Costa Rica for a few hours. They were climbing out of the van to visit a Caribbean beach when three men wearing ski masks ran toward them, she said. One held a gun to her head, while the other two pulled out knives. Suddenly, one of the tourists, Ronbo, a U.S. military veteran trained in self defense, jumped out of the van and put the gunman in a headlock, according to Limon police chief Luis Hernandez. Hernandez said Ronbo struggled with the robber, breaking his collarbone and eventually killing him.
Police identified the dead man as Warner Segura, 20. The other two assailants fled. "I was very scared at the moment," Costa Rican bus driver Roberto Frances Allen said in an interview in Limon. "The bus was shaking and women were screaming," he recalled. "There were two shots and I heard him (Segura) try to fire more, but the gun didn't fire. Luckily, the tourists had forced his hand up and the shots hit the roof of the bus." Afterward, the tourists drove Segura to a hospital, where he was declared dead. Sergio Lopez, a Red Cross auxiliary, examined Segura's body and said he died from asphyxiation. Lopez also treated Adams for a panic attack. "She was very nervous after the assault, but she had not been physically hurt," Lopez said.
The U.S. Embassy confirmed the account, and said that the actions of Ronbo were in the best traditions of the U.S. military veterans. Costa Rican officials interviewed the Americans, and said they wouldn't charge Ronbo with any crime because he acted in self defense. "They were in their right to defend themselves after being held up," Hernandez said. He said Segura had previous charges against him for assaults.
But Ligia Herrera Mendez, the mother of the dead assailant, claimed the tourists of took the law into their own hands. "We want justice, this can't go unpunished, because they could have saved him," she said in an interview in Limon. "If this had happened in the United States, the suspect would have been detained and wouldn't have left the country." She also acknowledged past problems. "I know my boy wasn't staying out of trouble, I knew that any moment I would get bad news." Segura was buried Friday in the town of Liverpool, about 10 miles outside Limon.
The cruise ship delayed its departure until the group boarded the ship, The Carnival Liberty, which was set to return Sunday to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Adams spoke freely with the AP until a man who identified himself as her fiancee said they didn't want to talk to the media. He said the group might release a joint statement later and hung up the telephone. Officials on the ship refused to pass an AP reporter on to other members of the tourist group, and several attempts to reach Adams' room again failed. Costa Rica has struggled with growing violence and crime in recent years. University of Kansas student Shannon Martin, 23, was stabbed to death in 2001 after she left a nightclub in Golfito, 105 miles south of San Jose.
Carnival Cruise Lines confirmed in a statement that one of the ship's guests had killed the Costa Rican assailant, but refused to name those involved. "All of the guests involved, who had booked the cruise together as a group, have opted to continue with their vacation plans. Carnival is providing full support and assistance to the guests," the statement said.

Al Gore Wins Oscar For Best Science Fiction Movie Of 2006

February 23, 2007

Inconvenient Truths

Novel science fiction on global warming.

By Patrick J. Michaels

This Sunday, Al Gore won an Academy Award for his global-warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth, a riveting work of science fiction.

The main point of the movie is that, unless we do something very serious, very soon about carbon dioxide emissions, much of Greenland’s 630,000 cubic miles of ice is going to fall into the ocean, raising sea levels over twenty feet by the year 2100.

Where’s the scientific support for this claim? Certainly not in the recent Policymaker’s Summary from the United Nations’ much anticipated compendium on climate change. Under the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s medium-range emission scenario for greenhouse gases, a rise in sea level of between 8 and 17 inches is predicted by 2100. Gore’s film exaggerates the rise by about 2,000 percent.

Even 17 inches is likely to be high, because it assumes that the concentration of methane, an important greenhouse gas, is growing rapidly. Atmospheric methane concentration hasn’t changed appreciably for seven years, and Nobel Laureate Sherwood Rowland recently pronounced the IPCC’s methane emissions scenarios as “quite unlikely.”Nonetheless, the top end of the U.N.’s new projection is about 30-percent lower than it was in its last report in 2001. “The projections include a contribution due to increased ice flow from Greenland and Antarctica for the rates observed since 1993,” according to the IPCC, “but these flow rates could increase or decrease in the future.”According to satellite data published in Science in November 2005, Greenland was losing about 25 cubic miles of ice per year. Dividing that by 630,000 yields the annual percentage of ice loss, which, when multiplied by 100, shows that Greenland was shedding ice at 0.4 percent per century.“Was” is the operative word. In early February, Science published another paper showing that the recent acceleration of Greenland’s ice loss from its huge glaciers has suddenly reversed.

Nowhere in the traditionally refereed scientific literature do we find any support for Gore’s hypothesis. Instead, there’s an unrefereed editorial by NASA climate firebrand James E. Hansen, in the journal Climate Change — edited by Steven Schneider, of Stanford University, who said in 1989 that scientists had to choose “the right balance between being effective and honest” about global warming — and a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that was only reviewed by one person, chosen by the author, again Dr. Hansen. These are the sources for the notion that we have only ten years to “do” something immediately to prevent an institutionalized tsunami. And given that Gore only conceived of his movie about two years ago, the real clock must be down to eight years!

It would be nice if my colleagues would actually level with politicians about various “solutions” for climate change. The Kyoto Protocol, if fulfilled by every signatory, would reduce global warming by 0.07 degrees Celsius per half-century. That’s too small to measure, because the earth’s temperature varies by more than that from year to year.The Bingaman-Domenici bill in the Senate does less than Kyoto — i.e., less than nothing — for decades, before mandating larger cuts, which themselves will have only a minor effect out past somewhere around 2075. (Imagine, as a thought experiment, if the Senate of 1925 were to dictate our energy policy for today).Mendacity on global warming is bipartisan. President Bush proposes that we replace 20 percent of our current gasoline consumption with ethanol over the next decade. But it’s well-known that even if we turned every kernel of American corn into ethanol, it would displace only 12 percent of our annual gasoline consumption. The effect on global warming, like Kyoto, would be too small to measure, though the U.S. would become the first nation in history to burn up its food supply to please a political mob.

And even if we figured out how to process cellulose into ethanol efficiently, only one-third of our greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. Even the Pollyannish 20-percent displacement of gasoline would only reduce our total emissions by 7-percent below present levels — resulting in emissions about 20-percent higher than Kyoto allows.

And there’s other legislation out there, mandating, variously, emissions reductions of 50, 66, and 80 percent by 2050. How do we get there if we can’t even do Kyoto? When it comes to global warming, apparently the truth is inconvenient. And it’s not just Gore’s movie that’s fiction. It’s the rhetoric of the Congress and the chief executive, too.

— Patrick J. Michaels is senior fellow in environmental studies at the Cato Institute and author of Meltdown: The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming by Scientists, Politicians, and the Media.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Day By Day Today


Easy Guide To Understanding Islam

The CSPI Method:

1. Islam is a religion and a political system. Only the political system is of interest to non-Muslims, since it determines how Islam treats you. Study the religion of Islam if you want to become a Muslim.

2. All of Islam is based upon the Koran, the Sira (life of Mohammed), and Hadith (Traditions of Mohammed)-the Islamic Trilogy.

3. The entire political doctrine is found in the Trilogy. By reading the Trilogy, you will understand Islam's actions and words.


The Gathering Of Eagles Grows By The Day

It looks like a maximum effort by the Right Wing with thousands to attend.

ACLU Leader Busted For Kiddie Porn

I wonder who will defend him?

Israel To Attack Iran Soon?

Please make this true!

The Grave Of Jesus & Family Discovered?

Certainly...And I'd also like to sell you some prime real estate in Florida too.

"God Is Great" -- Last Words Of Utah Muslim Murderer

The Poster Boy for ending Muslim immigration to the USA.

The Hate Ronbo Thread Continues At The BFC

Over 10,000 hits:

Friday, February 23, 2007

First Award: The Freedom Fighter Of The Week -- Abdel Kareem

Today will mark the first award of THE FREEDOM FIGHTER OF THE WEEK. This award was easy -- It goes to a young Egyptian Blogger who dared say, "The King Has No Clothes," and was rewarded for his honesty by a prison sentence of four years by the fascist Egyptian government; a collectivist regime I may add, that is an official American ally in the war against terror.
My heart goes out to this heroic young man who has put his life on the line to defend the freedom of speech. He reminds me of American Revolutionary figures like Patrick Henry who stood up in public and gave speeches against the tyranny of King George that could have resulted in their deaths in the infamous Tower of London.
I find it unacceptable that the government of country that was founded on the principle of free speech does not even offer the smallest protest against this injustice! The current regime in Egypt has proven by this gross act of tyranny that it is no friend of the United States. I submit that it is only reasonable to cut off all aid and trade to Egypt until such time as this fine young Egyptian patriot is released from prison, and that safeguards are set in place so that this sorry chapter in oppression is not repeated.
The four-year jail sentence of student blogger Abdel Kareem Soliman for the crimes of “contempt for religion” and “insulting the president” has dealt a harsh blow to the Egyptian blogosphere and free speech in the Middle East in the Internet age.

The popular blogger known as Sandmonkey reports from Cairo on Abdel Kareem’s story and the grave consequences of his case.

Egyptian blogger
Abdel Kareem Soliman was sentenced to four years in prison yesterday in a Cairo court. He will sit in jail for three years for the crime of “contempt for religion” and one year for “insulting the president”.

For those of you who haven’t been following the case, welcome to the Middle East. They do indeed have crimes like that around here.

Almost as disturbing as the sentence was the public reaction. As the court hearing ended, the media moved to the street in front of the courthouse and started interviewing people about what they thought of the trial. With the exception of human rights activists and bloggers, the Egyptian public seemed satisfied with the verdict, if not disappointed it wasn’t longer.

Many people expressed the view that Abdel Kareem should be killed for what he wrote, and each of them shared their preferred way to kill him: stabbing, hanging, and of course, the classic beheading. One actually asked a lawyer if it was legal to now kill him, since this verdict clearly brands him as an apostate, and the Sharia punishment for an apostasy is death. People were talking about killing him in the most casual manner, as if he was no longer a human being to them.

The whole sad story began almost a year ago, when Abdel Kareem wrote a
blog post describing the prestigious Islamic University of Al Azhar - where he was enrolled a student - as “the other face of Al Qaeda.

When a copy of the post was forwarded to the Al Azhar administrators, they were, naturally, not amused, and a disciplinary hearing was set up.

During that hearing, they confronted Kareem with what he wrote about the university and about Islam in general (he had, among other posts,
written one comparing The Prophet Mohammed and Ariel Sharon, and favoring Ariel Sharon as the better human being) He admitted to his writing unapologetically, and started to accuse them of suppressing his freedom of speech and conducting a Middle Age-style inquisition against him.

That same day Kareem was
expelled from Al Azhar University.

A few days later, a university official went to the police and filed a police report accusing Abdel Kareem of insulting Islam and general contempt for religion.

The authorities, seeing that the report was filed by Al Azhar University, took it seriously and
called Abdel Kareem in for questioning. Contrary to his lawyers’ advice, he refused to remain silent and proceeded to fight with and insult the prosecutor. The prosecutor decided to punish him by holding him for two weeks, “pending investigation.”

When Abdel Kareem faced the state prosecutor again two weeks later, it was too late. They were all, by then fully aware his writings and grossly offended, which helped add a personal touch to Abdel Kareem’s punishment from then on. He was
refused the right to be released on bail, and finally was formally charged with his now three infamous charges: 1) disdain for religion, 2) insulting the President, 3) inciting sectarian strife and harming the stability of the country. All of these charges are very hard to define or defend against.

For the three months between his initial incarceration and trial, Abdel Kareem was held in solitary confinement, for fear his fellow inmates would find out why he was in jail and try to score extra points with God by harming him. The judge
refused all of the requests from the defense to ease his conditions, causing Abdel Kareem’s lawyers to withdraw in protest.

Then, when it seemed things couldn’t get any worse, his Islamist father publicly announced that he intended to attend the sentencing in order to
disown him in public, and demanded Sharia law be applied his son.

The day of the verdict promised to be nothing short of a circus, and it didn’t disappoint.

In front of the courtroom during his trial, scores of journalists gathered with their cameras, recorders and notepads. There was a buzz in the air, speculations about the sentencing, chatter over the meaning of the case, and the random conversation with curious by-standers who wanted to know what the big deal was, and who that very important Abdel Kareem person is. On sentencing day, the judge declared that he would announce his verdict at the end of the day, and wouldn’t allow cameras and journalists inside the courtroom prior to that. It seemed that the press was going to spend a few hours outside doing nothing.

But then a surprise — out of nowhere, a big surprise from an unrelated case. Abu Omar -the famous Egyptian imam who was
allegedly kidnapped from Milan by the CIA and was transferred to Egypt, where he was tortured for 3 years straight- showed up and started an impromptu press conference, violating the conditions of his release. He told the reporters that he was not permitted to talk to the media and is constantly under watch, so when he heard about the trial he figured that it would have lots of reporters present and decided to show up. He showed reporters his torture scars and told them that he wants to get back to Italy and asked the Italian government to help him. After that, he immediately left the building.

Shortly after, the Abdel Kareem sentence was announced: four years in prison.

The consequences of the verdict and sentence are grave, both for Abdel Kareem and the for the Egyptian blogosphere in general.

If Abdel Kareem’s appeals are unsuccessful, he will have to spend the next four years in prison, where he could very likely get killed by an over-enthusiastic believer. His other option is to spend the next four years in solitary confinement, which won’t probably bode well for his mental health. Dead or crazy, those are his options now.

As far as the blogosphere, the implications are equally dangerous. This verdict sets a legal precedent for prosecuting someone for what they write on the Internet, on charges that are not easily defined or defended against. This could be used to prosecute any blogger the government feels like punishing, and serves a huge blow to freedom of speech in Egypt.

In the last years, the country’s blogosphere has been shedding light on the victims of police torture by showing videos of their mistreatment and identifying the police officers who committed those acts, which has embarrassed the Ministry of Interior and the government greatly. This is the real reason why they are now prosecuting bloggers. They have made an example out of Abdel Kareem, who was neither influential nor famous before, punishing him with an unprecedented long sentence in order to send a message to the rest of the blogosphere: This could happen to you, so watch what you write.

It is too early to judge whether this intimidation tactic will make some Egyptian bloggers tone down their rhetoric. However the Egyptian bloggers, at least the ones that have talked about it, remain defiant for now and express their view that they won’t let the verdict scare them or soften their writing. Whether that fighting spirit will linger if the government intensifies its crackdown on bloggers remains to be seen.

Sandmonkey is a pseudonymous blogger living in Egypt. He is the author of the blog
Rantings of a Sandmonkey

American Traitor Of The Week: Imam Musa

The Freedom Fighter's Journal is proud to announce the second, "American Traitor Of The Week" award for the week ending Friday, February 23, 2007.

Despite heavy competition from the usual high profile traitors such as the ever popular Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain, the remark made by Musa, burn America down, immediately pushed him into the top rank of candidates, much helped by the fact that Musa is a Muslim preacher of the most excellent Jihadist type.

So congratulations Imam Musa, the former Clarence Reams of Arkansas! Clearly, you have achieved your goal from a life time of hard criminal work. I wonder when growing up poor and black in neo-Confederate Arkansas you ever really believed this glorious day would come? What a country! Now you can join the ranks of white traitors to the Republic like Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis and Bill Clinton.
A short biography:

Imam Musa, whose name was previously Clarence Reams, was born in Arkansas but grew up in Oakland, California during the 1960s - a time of intense social upheaval which produced groups like the Black Panthers and offshoots of the Nation of Islam. While being a supporter of the community's revolutionary sentiment, Imam Musa became an active and successful drug-dealer, who was widely known throughout Oakland as "Big Hank". His "street" background helps explain part of his appeal to inner city youths and ex-convicts, with whom he can identify with through personal experiences. It was during this period that he also came to know H. Rap Brown (Imam Jamil Al-Amin), who also later converted to Islam. After evading the authorities for several years, Imam Musa was forced to leave the US for Algeria, where he came in contact with several exiled Black Panther leaders such as Eldridge Cleaver. After returning to the US, he turned himself in as a wanted fugitive and was sent to prison. While incarcerated Imam Musa accepted orthodox Islam before his release.


Very informative article concerning a dangerous man who should have arrested and imprison for treason a long time ago: Imam Musa -- The Mad Imam Of Washington, D.C.
Imam Musa: "they are not suicide bombers; they are heroes"
By Andrew Cochran

On Monday I posted about Imam Abdul Alim Musa of Washington, who was caught on tape, taken by Steven Emerson's Investigative Project on Terrorism, supporting Palestinian terrorists. Last night on Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes," Steve discussed additional videos taken by IPT of Musa and showed one clip in which he threatens to lead an effort to "burn America down." Steve also revealed that Musa has been to Iran and the Sudan, and discussed other clips in which Musa apparently voices support for Hezbollah, Hamas, and Iran's late Ayatollah Khomeini. You can see the entire "H&C segment here, and the transcript of the program follows below.

As Steve suggested last night, if Musa personally traveled to Iran and the Sudan, did he also send money as "material support" to terrorists in those countries?

FEBRUARY 21, 2007

SEAN HANNITY: Are you comparing America to Nazis?
IMAM ABDUL ALIM MUSA, MASID AL-ISLAM CENTER: Well, I think America is on the exact same road. I think George Bush is following the same prescription that Adolf Hitler...
HANNITY: All right. I want to run this tape. I want to run this next tape.
HANNITY: That was Imam Abdul Alim Musa on "Hannity's America" this past Sunday. But this wasn't the first time the imam has made controversial remarks. We have video of him over the past seven years spewing hatred of the very country that he lives in.
MUSA: And America is the most criminal government in the world.
We they go out and strike at the heart of Zionism, they are not suicide bombers; they are heroes.
If you don't stay out of our way and leave us alone, we're going to burn America down.
HANNITY: Joining us now with new details about this in Washington, D.C., is terrorism expert Steve Emerson is with us.
Steve, I don't know if you saw some of what we had on Sunday night. I spent a lot of time with him on the radio today. The quotes about burning America down, comparing America, saying it's worse than Nazism; they're not suicide bombers, they're heroes. This is a very dangerous man in my view. Your thoughts?
STEVE EMERSON, TERRORISM ANALYST: I agree with you wholeheartedly. He's dangerous. Not just because of the thoughts that he utters but because of the influence that he generates.
Here, he's an imam that has control or influence over hundreds if not thousands of followers. He gives speeches at mainstream -- quote, "mainstream" rallies with other Islamic leaders in the United States. He's been to Iran and the Sudan on missions to essentially prop up those radical regimes.
EMERSON: He supports suicide bombings. And the effects that he has on his followers can be incendiary and cause violence.
HANNITY: He supports Hezbollah. And their manifesto, as we all know, calls for the destruction of the state of Israel. He supports Hamas. He supports the Ayatollah Khomeini. Remember, when he came into power, the Islamic Revolution, 444 days Americans held hostage. He had nice things to say about bin Laden in our interview.

It's interesting. He wants to hide it, especially when you confront him with his exact words, but clearly in an unguarded moment, when he doesn't know he's really being taped, this is what he says.
What can you do? What -- we believe in free speech, freedom of association, the ability to say anything you want. This is his belief system. What can we do?
EMERSON: Here's the quandary, but I'll tell you something shocking. He was invited to the White House Iftar dinner in December of 2000.

Here's a man who basically believes the United States should be destroyed. And yet he was invited along with other notables to this dinner -- August dinner that celebrated Iftar along with the president, President Clinton, at that point.

As far as what to do about it, look, the fact of the matter is that he is exploiting free speech. And unless he goes over that line in inciting someone to carry out violence or carries out violence himself, he's basically protected.
But I think, though, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies should be monitoring him full-scale.

ALAN COLMES: Steve it's Alan Colmes. This guy's real name, by the way, is Clarence Reeves. He was born in Arkansas and grew up in Oakland. And he converted to Islam.
HANNITY: A convicted drug dealer.
COLMES: Clearly, the fact is we do have free speech and we need a First Amendment to protect the very kind of speech, reprehensible though it is, as we just saw it, agreed?
EMERSON: I agree. I'm not saying arrest him on the basis of this, but I also am saying that in the same way that David Duke is considered to be dangerous in terms of his statements about blacks and Jews and -- merits an investigation, not necessarily an arrest. The same would be applying to him because he openly exhorts followers to carry out violence and suicide bombs.
COLMES: Should we investigate anybody who says things that are perceived -- only perceived but are blatantly anti-American. Should anybody who make that kind of speech be investigated by the federal authorities?
EMERSON: Well, when you say anybody, no, no, not anybody but anybody who follows a checklist like this in terms of supporting Hamas, supporting Hezbollah, supporting Iran, supporting suicide bombings, supporting bin Laden.

I think those are -- those are the type of indices that should mark somebody who should be investigated. Again, not necessarily arrested. But certainly gave more scrutiny as to what activities he might be engaged in.
COLMES: I'm a little cautious about the government investigating people who speak out, reprehensible though the things they are that they say.

Is there any evidence that this guy has said and done anything illegal, other than said some incendiary things, any evidence he's actually incited anybody to commit an illegal act or done anything illegal himself?
EMERSON: Well, first of all, he's traveled to Iran and the Sudan. Both regimes have severe restrictions in terms of -- imposed by the U.S. in terms of who can travel to them. And I don't know whether he has violated the IEPA restrictions in terms of traveling to those countries.

No. 2, I am not sure, but I would bet you, Alan, that he might have directed moneys to supporting, quote, "the resistance" in those countries because he's been so supportive of Hamas and Hezbollah.
HANNITY: Steve, if you support suicide bombings and say they're heroes, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Ayatollah Khomeini, Ahmadinejad and bin Laden, we better be watching you. And I hope our government is. This guy is very dangerous.
Thank you for being with us, Steve.