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Seven Major Problems Facing America

Bruce Tefft is a writer/blogger/moderator for the Yahoo Open Source Intelligence discussion group. Here is a fine read from Mr. Tefft, posted today, that concerns his educated opinion on the top problems that face America for the foreseeable future.

I daily get emails and phone calls about every possible problem America faces for the near and far future. Many problems posed are not really significant, some are low priority, and a few are great problems that need to be addressed immediately. With that thought in mind, I decided to list a prioritized ranking of America's greatest problems for the future.

#1. Islam

Muslims now number over three-million people in America, and hold political ideas that are stark contradictions to basic Western andAmerican political, social, philosophical, and cultural values:

A. Islam does not recognize any separation of politics and religion...any separation of the political from the spiritual.

B. In Islam all power rests with Allah. The Koran is always taken literally as its words are considered to be the actual words of Allah. Thus, none of these words may be changed; for to change any of them would be altering Allah's truth...a sin unto Allah.

C. Muslims, because of the Koran, do not respect non-Muslims. Their religion does not permit them to do so, as the Koran says that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims. A good Muslim can never support the concepts of co-equal multiculturalism, or individual rights.

D. To Muslims, the world is classified into two parts: that part of the world which has submitted, and is therefore an Islamic state (Dar a lIslam), and that section of the world which has yet to submit, and is in a pre-Islamic state, known as Dar al Harb, or the House of War (Think: America).

E. For the most-part, the millions of Muslims living in America and the West will not integrate as to do so contradicts Islam. It is forbidden by Mohammad (Allah's prophet) for Muslims even to befriend infidels. He also admonished Allah's children to kill infidels where they find them.

Dealing with the threats that Islam poses for America in America is difficult for most Westerners (members of Western Civilization) because of our base devotion to the concept of freedom of religion (a big thing in our cultural values). That devotion blinds people to an important reality: Islam is not just a religion, but a political system also. Indeed, Islam is more of a political and social system than a religion. It is a political and social system diametrically opposed to our own. It abhors freedom of choice, freedom of religion,freedom of speech, and freedom of most things that we cherish. The only freedom permitted under Islam is to become Muslim, and submit to the will of Allah.

In all our future tomorrows, America will have to increasingly deal with the reality of Islam. Americans need to seriously consider how Islam and its supremacy dogmatic philosophy is to be handled least we revert into 7th Century Old World barbarism. A good first step would be to think about Islam as a political and social system first and foremost, that is exactly opposite from our own social and political values, and one whose advance needs to be stopped. Considering the birth-rate of American infidels, to give total freedom of Islam to grow here in America is the same as generating our own death-wish, demise, and all the values we hold dear.
# 2. Growth of Government

Government at all levels, local, county, state, and federal is growing at an alarming rate. Not only does such growth demand more personal wealth (think: stolen), it also reduces incrementally personal liberty. Many of the things that one could legally do only a few years ago are now against the law, and places one at risk of arrest. Oddly, many of the new restrictions on liberty come from local and state governments(public smoking, seat-belts, car insurance, drinking alcohol in a vehicle, hate-speech, etc.).

If the rate of government's growth is not stopped and reversed, an Orwellian America is only a few years away.

# 3. Lack of "Bill of Rights" and Constitutional Government Adherence

This problem is linked to # 2, and the unabated growth of government at all levels. Without enforcement of Constitutional restrictions on government power, liberty wanes and freedom becomes past history. America cannot long continue ignoring Constitutional law and especially the "Bill of Rights", and remain a free society. This issue will soon have to be addressed and understood by most people, or the phrase, "America, the land of the free, "will only be a long-ago memory and nothing more.

# 4. War on Some Drugs

Like the late Harry Browne used to say, "America needs to end its insane war on drugs." The horrible damage the "War on Drugs" has done to America is already much greater than most realize. It has populated our prisons with people that have done no crime against anyone, generated a giant prison-police-union, reduced everyone's liberty, killed thousands of people, promoted a police-state, and even caused Second Amendment restrictions.

The basic moral question is: Why should not a person be free to engage in individual behavior if dose not directly impact on another's freedom? Is not that the very essence of freedom? If a person is not free to do self-induced things to himself, then how can he truly he thought free? Under what moral authority does the state regulate and punish an adult for doing something good or bad to himself?

# 5. The Two Political Party System

The two party-system and the winner-take-all results, increasingly fails to represent minority opinions, so most people, do not get involved in government. Lisa Jane Disch in, "The Tyranny of the Two-Party System, says that the present two-party system dominates thought more than just the legal barriers that require third parties to expend enormous amounts of money and effort, under restrictive conditions, just to get to the starting line of political competition. She argues that the system also works as a monolithic ideological construct that makes it difficult even to imagine a vibrant, multi-party political market place.

Unlike most Western democracies and republics that have numerous major political parties, America has only two viable parties; for, the deck is stacked. Today, America has only one more political party than Communist Cuba. The multitude of political ideas cannot be addressed in the 21st Century with only two political parties pandering towards the middle of the majority political spectrum or the 46% that even bother to vote. Below is a list of a few nations that shows the current number of political parties with representation in their national legislative body:
Cuba = 1
USA = 2
Canada = 5 (less people than the state of California)
United Kingdom = 7
Australia = 5 (less people than the state of Texas)
Israel = 12 (less people than the state of Arizona)
Italy = 17
# 6. Immigration

America needs immigrants, especially because of the low birth-rate of most of the dominant population. However, the numbers and types of immigrants should be monitored, because:
A. Islam's war on infidels in and outside of America (refer to item # 1)
B. Social, linguistic, and cultural considerations

It does little to promote the cause of liberty, communications, and understanding if 75% of Arizonans are Spanish-speaking Mexicans with little knowledge or appreciation for American political, historical, or cultural traditions, and don't speak the common language. I remember a few years ago when at a meeting someone spoke about the great diversity of a southern Arizona town. Suddenly, another person noted something to the effect of, "Hell, we're not diverse...everyone here is either Anglo or Mexican!"

America needs immigrants and an immigration policy that promotes diversity, not for diversity's sake; but, to be sure that no one single religious,cultural,or language over-powers an entire region or state. Acculturation to America requires that the immigrants of a particular ethnicity, religion, andlanguagedon't out-number the natives, or English speaking population in an entire state or region. America needs time to digest immigrants, and this is greatly enhanced if the immigrants are really diverse and speak many languages(not just one). Good areas where immigrants might come from:

India - Over 300 languages are spoken in India, and English has become a national language (this does not include Muslim Indian immigration).

China - Mainly a non-Muslim nation

Viet Nam - Vietnamese that came over after the Viet Nam war acculturated rather rapidly. About 20% are Christians, 40/50% are Buddhists, and the remainder are non-religious.

Any other Asian or Western Hemisphere nation that are not Muslim nor speak Spanish as a first language should be encouraged to move to America. It would be desirable to avoid accepting infidels fleeing Eurabia to America; for, their dhimmitude mentality might be contagious. Besides, they had their chance, and failed to save even their own culture. Europe could be viewed as a laboratory to observe what not to do to save Western Civilization and one's base language and culture.

# 7. Federal, State, or Local Restrictions on Private Firearms

This relates well with my numbers 1, 2, and 3; but, needs a separate listing because of its importance to real freedom, and the preservation of liberty.

Without private citizens having firearms rights, many of the earlier listed "problems" would be more difficult to protect or to solve.


Anonymous said...

I would hardly call any opinion of Bruce Tefft's an "educated" or "informed" one. Tefft is caught in an addiction to anti-Muslim bigotry. He condemns all Muslims, everywhere, even our allies, even the 80,000 Muslims serving with honor and courage in the US military, even US government officials who happen to be Muslim. He has previously advocating putting all US Muslims in prison camps, deporting them, or executing them, and outlawing Islam as a religion. As the result of his addiction to bigotry, Mr. Tefft lost his consulting contract with NYPD, had his email access to NYPD blocked, has been banned from numerous Yahoo Groups, and is one of the subjects of a major civil rights lawsuit. For more details, see

Lady In Lexington said...

The “rev” Sutter is a liar. He has claimed to have earned four Purple Hearts, one Bronze Star, and one Navy Cross.

He has also claimed to have 26 years in counter terrorism.
(26 years counter terrorism claim)

‘Rev Jim’s Profile’ (updated Dec 23, 2006) says he is 51.

Now reads what he wrote about himself sept 1995 bit.listserv.ada-law this doesn’t match this up with his claims of being in the navy for 26 years. Unless of course he was *disabled* while in the Navy.

“Most of you know I am quite ill, with cancer, Stage 4 congestive heart failure, chronic hypoxemia, asthma, sleep apnea, diabetes, incomplete SCI at
T-12, spinal arthritis, uncoordinated parastalsys, and a brain tumor. I am
not expected to make it to the end of this year. At first I said “Yeah, I’m too young and handsome to die”, but now I’m not so sure that I’m so young anymore. :>) It is taking a very long time to bounce back from my last heart attack, in August.”

This page especially funny look at what he claims to be a picture of himself

But one look in Sutter’s AOL image folder we see the real picture of Sutter called “me years ago”

It’s good match with the one on his yahoo profile today. BTW he paid for his ordination from The Universal Life Church but at one time he made the claim that he was a Catholic minister.

Modesto, CA is ULC headquarters and Bishop Kirby Hensley is a ULC bishop

Sutter is not capable to telling the truth about what he had for lunch