Monday, May 21, 2007

American Republic: "Fuck You," says President Bush!

The bigger "F**k you!"

By Michelle Malkin

So, open-borders sellout John McCain cursed out Sen. John Cornyn. Yawn.

I didn't get all worked up about it. You know why?

Because when it comes to "F**k yous!," no obscene utterance compares to the George W. Bush-backed, RNC-backed, Kennedy-conspired, fantasy-based amnesty profanity unleashed on conservatives and the country.

Take the poll: Bush Should Resign


Beach Girl said...

Excellent - thanks.

Ronbo said...

So far the poll results are 100% in favor of a Bush resignation.

I think Dick Cheney couyld do a much better job these last 18 months of this Administration. "The Dick" will do the right thing!