Saturday, June 16, 2007

Back North

Ronbo has graciously invited me to post on The Freedom Fighter's Journal. I'm the Gunslinger, from Gunslinger's Journal and I'm delighted to accept his invitation.

This afternoon I heard from a friend who is frustrated because now that he is retired and can move away from his over-regulated, over-taxed, and overrun state, he worries that there is no longer anywhere to move to.

I found myself recommending places where old notions of Americana are still honored, but with warnings about cruel weather, harsh winters, difficult living; all the normal cautions about states like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota...

And suddenly it occured to me: Maybe rather than mourning the necessity of moving to such inhospitable climes in order to escape the dependency and nannyism of the welfare state, we should think back to our beginnings and see that it might be just what we need. Perhaps Providence is leading the way to an American Renaissance.

Like it or not, America and the West are the inventions of White People, who themselves are the product of the Cold North. Biology insists on it. Could it be that the qualities and characteristics developed by neccissity in that forbidding territory are also those required for building the richest, most powerful, most prosperous and successful culture in the history of mankind?

Is it perhaps our living in the balmy climes that has sapped our strength, our convictions and our courage, and allowed our glorious culture to degenerate to the hapless, unsure, pathetic and suicidal thing it has become?

If the flight of Americans from the "Big Easy" that liberal dependent America has become, in order to find the freedom and independence that still resonates in our souls, forces us into the inhospitable climates of our own Cold North, perhaps it will recreate our beginnings, reteach us the lessons we once knew, and provide the natural climate for the rebirth of our original soul, and thereby the rebirth of America as it once was, and was meant to be.

I'm not crazy about blizzards. But I am crazy about strong, independent, fierce, determined, victorious, fearless, risk-taking Vikings! And maybe the latter requires the former.*

This is not a scientific thesis...just an interesting question that crossed my mind.

* A quick and dirty snapshot of European history: Fierce Northern Tribes scattered throughout Europe and Britain, conquering the indigenous peoples. They lived and thrived there for centuries. Then, during the Viking Age, Norsemen from the frozen wastes, ravaged through Europe as far as Russia, the Middle East, and Spain, easily conquering their former cousins who were unable to defend against them in their milder, easier climates. Was it just an accident of fate? Or was it a failure we didn't learn from, and thus have repeated?

The Gunslinger

P.S. Thanks Ronbo. Nice place you've got here! Gunny


harbinger said...

GS, glad I was a help with the inspiring, kind of sad I have to keep heading north, oh well. I think the colder air is much healthier for the body and the mind though.
Good post, and nice to see you getting out there GS, well done.

Rosemary said...

Dear Gunslinger,
Welcome! I was also invited. You have written a thought-provoking article. I'm from upstate, but I live out here in the crazy, over run Left coast (California). I miss home so much.

I want to move, also, Harbinger. But to where? Will there be someone I know there? Never mattered before, but...What will the tax rate be? How about home owners tax? (Doesn't even make sense. Makes it sound as if you're paying rent to the gov't to live in your own home!) I keep coming up blank.

I don't want to live in hurricane or tornado parts of the country, because I don't want the gov't watching my back. They start watching too closely at all other things, and they decide on issue we can deal with ourselves. Yuck! That is why I love Gunslinger's site. I'm also honored to be writing on the site!

Hey Ronbo, Great choice! You can always judge a person by the people they have in the confidence. Pretty good, dude. :)

Ronbo said...

Thanks harbinger and rosemary for the kind words.

And mega welcome to the Gunslinger: be sure to check out her blog -- She takes takes deadly aim and fires volleys of polemics at the Left that make Ann Coulter look like a bleeding heart liberal !!!

Cheers, Ronbo

The Gunslinger said...

Let me add...Lefties will not follow us to the COLD NORTH.

It's too hard, requires too much self-sufficiency and industriousness for their little selves. It's the one part of the country we can pretty much have to ourselves, as long as we don't make the mistake of making it too hospitable.

Remember, the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to make immigrants (legal, interstate or illegal) stay away: Become Inhospitable.

Rosemary, I just heard an interview with Tom McClintock yesterday. And his information about the financial condition of California is frightening. We REALLY need to get out of here before the whole thing collapses.

If I was in a position to leave, I think I just flip a coin among Idaho, Montana, North Nevada and West Wyoming. Once I got out of the nightmare of California, I'd have some breathing room to figure out my "most favoritist" destination!

I'm my sole support, unfortunately, and I have a good job here. I really can't leave for a few more years. And it's driving me crazy!

...also...Welcome to you too!