Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bush Embraces The Dark Side

Two urgent matters need your help.

First, your phone call or fax to the White House first thing in the morning will help limit the damage from President Bush's new "inclusive" approach to radical Islamists. Bush is addressing the Washington Islamic Center today (Wednesday, June 27) in Washington DC at 11:30 a.m., and possibly starting a major initiative to INCLUDE Islamist groups like CAIR, the Muslim American Society and Muslim Student Association in an even closer relationship with the White House and executive agencies. He will be speaking at the most important, Saudi-funded, extremist, Wahhabist mosque in the country.

It's bad enough that he is helping celebrate the entry of Wahhabi extremism into the USA. But if he must commemorate this mosque, let's tell him what we think needs to be said - today and every day in the future...

Please contact the White House - here are some talking points to put in your own words:

An Open Letter to President George Bush

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falcon_01 said...

More platitudes and public affirmation of the "religion of peace" no doubt. If we don't embrace the terrorists we will all be seen as intolerant! If we don't embrace cramnesty we will all be seen as intolerant!

Enough already Mr. President. We ARE intolerant of the abuses our elected officials have comitted against us, their very countrymen! The injustices we have endured in the name of political correctness infringe on our constitutional rights!

I seriously doubt the president is going into the lions den to speak against their support of terror. He might make some generic statements about terrorism being bad, but I doubt he will point out their blatant funding and support of violence against America.