Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Frank Amodeo and Mirabilis: "Stratis Owned by Amodeo"

Mdi, Inc. possible “incriminating” remarks today appear to confirm Citron Research concerns back in May that STratis Authority is owned by Frank Amodeo:

Citron’s concerns in May 2007 about Frank Amodeo ties to Stratis Authority:

Note that this is the first time that I could find this “business description” on LearnSafe admitting about PEO’s. I could not even find this description on their website.

Do not forget that Stratis is the largest shareholder of Mdi, Inc.

Press Release today:

LearnSafe offers a unique funding model, where school districts essentially get the security systems for free, in exchange for outsourcing certain payroll, insurance and benefit duties to a professional employer organization, or PEO. The profit the PEO makes in handling those duties for the school districts allows LearnSafe to provide the security systems and other security services.

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