Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

To all the men who've taken their job seriously, God bless you. I pray you have a very Happy Father's Day. For all the men who have been prevented from that great gift, either by the woman not allowing you to a Father or abortion, my heart still goes to you. I just wish you would have tried harder.

I can hear the outcries! Check yourself. Was it because you tired of trying? Did you think it would be better for your child? YOU WERE WRONG! But we all make mistakes. I should know! Happy Sperm Donor's Day to you.

If you have not been a Father to your children, you do not receive the mantle of Father. Not in my book.

To the men who stood up to the plate, you are the true heroes to your children. Now you have to check deep in your heart to find out whether or not you have been influenced by societal restraints or led your children in the ways of the Lord? Teaching your children that there is right and wrong and what the differences are. (You can do this whether you have a religion or not.)

I pray for all men today, that they are appreciated all year long and not just on this day. I pray all men would step up to the plate and be the men they are supposed to be. I pray, also, that the men of today would remember the Lord.

For those of you who do not like my prayers, DO NOT READ MY SITE! It's that simple. I'm a Christian woman, and we are lacking Christian men. Oh, there are many men out there, but they have lost their way. Womens' Lib, political correctness, women lieing, courts believing all women and no men, etc. These men have been attacked and beaten down. They need someone to stand up with them not for them.

Women, love your husband. Husbands, love your wife. Period. God bless you all.


Ronbo said...

Well said Gunny!

Since Karl Marx founded the Marxist religion, also called communism in 1848, the Left has been at war with the family,as only with the destruction of the family can the children be raised by the State and have no loyalty except to the State.

To advance this agenda, the feminist movement (Women's Lib 1960s) was created to run the male out of the family and the woman was to work a full time job. This meant the children would have as the State a "Father" -- government funded and controlled day care, public schools, and so forth.

I suppose the next logical step is Huxley's "Brave New World" where the women are cut out of the reproduction process as well...and thus the State has total control over the children and the family structure completely destroyed.This seems where we are headed.


The Gunslinger said...

Kudos to Rosemary...who wrote this!