Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nuclear Materials Stopped At Border

This could have been the USA-Mexico border, although I would hope the Border Patrol would have seized the nuclear materials and arrested the individuals. This is more evidence that Al Qaeda or some other Islamic terrorist group is active in the planning of nuclear terrorism against non-Muslim nations.

Car with nuclear cargo denied entry
From Times Wire Reports
June 20, 2007

Georgian customs officers sent a car carrying a mixture of plutonium and beryllium back into Azerbaijan after foiling an attempt to smuggle the materials over the border, Georgian television reported.

Customs officials found the materials, which can be used in nuclear bombs, in what appeared to be a routine check as the car was driven over the border from Azerbaijan, the Imedi television station reported.

"Georgian customs detected a high level of radiation," Imedi reported.

Details were scant. Reports did not indicate the source of the materials, and Interior Ministry officials declined to comment.

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Chris said...

Sent the car back? WHAT? Well, good thing it was not the US!

The border agents might have shot the terrorists, who would have been granted immunity to try again later, for testifying agenst the border agents.