Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Suicide Civil War In Gaza Continues....

After years of worshipping the suicide bomber as their national hero, the Palestinians are now strapping on a collective suicide belt and preparing to blow themselves up in an all-out civil war waged by the Iranian-backed Hamas faction against Yasser Arafat's tired old Fatah faction.
Hamas is winning in an 'alternative' election in Gaza—one bullet, one vote.

All of the reports, including another good one in the Daily Telegraph, make it clear that this is the beginning of a full-scale civil war, with Hamas fighters attacking and taking over Palestinian Authority security posts and targeting Fatah's leaders.

In an odd note on the conflict, the Washington Times reports on a poll showing that the Palestinians are suffering from depression and anxiety. What makes this report so comically bizarre is that it comes from a Western perspective that the Palestinians have clearly rejected for decades. Only those who think it is normal and morally desirable to enjoy life can worry about being anxious or depressed. Those who worship death and want to emulate the suicide bomber can expect no other result than a life of permanent anxiety and despair.

"Palestinian Fighting 'Will Burn All of Us,' Official Says," CNN, June 12 Rival factions killed more than two dozen people in bitter fighting that has left Gaza sliding into chaos, Palestinian officials said.

As Fatah radio called on fighters to confront Hamas militants and broadcasts from Hamas fighters urged their Fatah foes to abandon their posts or face death, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas appealed in vain for a cease-fire. "If anybody thinks that we will be a winner out of this fire, I think they're wrong," said Palestinian official Saeb Erakat. "If this fire continues, it will burn all of us. Nobody stands to gain anything."…

Hundreds of Hamas gunmen surrounded a Fatah base in northern Gaza near the Jabalya refugee camp and launched an attack, Palestinian security sources said….

The home of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, a Hamas member, came under attack Tuesday for the second day, the Hamas media office reported. Earlier, Hamas gunmen killed Jamal al-Jediyan, the head of Fatah in northern Gaza, Fatah sources said. His brother and cousin also died in the attack. Later in the morning, Hamas gunmen surrounded the home of Fatah spokesman Maher Mekdad. His fate was not immediately known….

Since the latest fighting broke out in mid-May, Hamas and Fatah leaders—under the mediation of Egypt—have repeatedly issued cease-fires. But none of those truces has lasted for more than a few days, and Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi said the Palestinians "are entering a slippery slope of a civil war." At issue, she said, is the shape a future Palestinian state will take -- "whether we're going to have a Palestinian state that is a national secular state; or is this going to become an Islamic state with a more closed ideological society."

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