Sunday, June 24, 2007

The White Victims of Black Racism

An ocean of ink has been spilled to describe the crimes of white racism directed against blacks. This shameful practice has also frequently been the subject of numerous television programs and movies that rightfully denounce the days of slavery and segregation. The end result of this decades long assault against white racism has been to end its alliance with law, and to turn most whites into anti-racists who build bridges to those who are people of color.

Yet at the same time rising black racism has been ignored, or rationalized by those saying, "Black people cannot be racists: They lack the institutional power." This notion flies in the face of the reality of thousands of blacks in this country have considerable power in the government and business. It also flies in the face of the reality that many countries in Africa, such as the Republic of South Africa, are ruled by black majorities many of whom practice a new form of racism where black racists prey on white victims.

South Africa is not the only country where black racism has raised its ugly head -- In the United States the majority of crimes are black on white with the result that most criminals locked up in state and federal prisons are black. These black racist crimes are seldom reported in the Mainstream Media (MSM) with the same outrage that are white on black crimes, and the logical connection with black racism never made.

Perhaps the worst contemporary example of black racism was the murder-rape of a white Tennessee couple by black thugs. This terrible crime has barely been reported by the MSM although much remarked on by many in the blogsphere who called it a "Hush Crime" -- A crime ignored by the Mainstream Media because it did not fit the MSM template that racism exists only among whites. Needless to say, if the races of attackers and victims had been changed, this country would have witnessed a virtual firestorm of outrage by MSM directed against white racism.

Until this rising problem of black racism is addressed with the same vigor that white racism was addressed by the MSM in years passed, the crime rates will continue to increase. Perhaps the day will come in the USA where the average white citizen in the United States will be forced to turn his home into a Hi Tech South African Style Fortress to save himself from roving bands of black racist thugs who especially target whites as victims.

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