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Helen ClarkLosing your children and losing your income: which two binding chains could control a population better? And few are doing it as well as the U.K. and New Zealand. A glimpse into the tiny Antipodean country of New Zealand which you've probably heard little about may be a glimpse into the future of the entire west. What you're about to read may be a shock but forewarned is forearmed.

Helen Clark, the prime minister of the country (who is amazingly enjoying high levels of popularity at least according to Leftist media, the Herald) is an interesting leader. Elected as the leader of one of two major parties, the center Left, she appears to act rather as the puppet of the extreme Left party, The Greens echoing their draconian policies on the economy:
Prime Minister Helen Clark expects to stay onside with the Green Party, despite its reminder that there is just one more Budget for the Government to deliver on its promises or face a possible withdrawal of co-operation. (More)

And recently, she acted as Greens spokesperson at the APEC conference held in Sydney this week:
The Green Party is calling on Prime Minister Helen Clark to push for binding targets on climate change at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit in Australia...

Notice the word 'binding' used here. Basically, the extreme Left, of whom Helen Clark is clearly and transparently the figurehead, is using the New Zealand leader towards 'binding' the free world into draconian demands that are not only impossible to fulfill, but are also futile. Both of these initiatives that Helen Clark is involved in reflect what are obviously the same kind of stasis market ideology that Hillary Clinton adheres to.

(See more here and here on the use of AGW justifications to limit the dynamic free market.)

Now it would be bad enough if all the New Zealand Left were after were your money. Pauperising the people and controlling food would be a sure fire way of complete control. But they're after something a lot closer to home than just money.
The Children's Commissioner is proposing mandatory screening of every baby's home life...Cindy Kiro wants every newborn baby's parents or caregivers to nominate an authorised provider to assess their family's progress through home visits.

Those who refused to take part would be referred to welfare authorities.
The system is dependent on the establishment of a database tracking the development of every New Zealand child - a move which has been resisted by civil liberties groups.

That's every single child! Interesting the use of the word 'resisted'. It's a weak word which implies authoritarian moves and the reaction of underlings. Why would they not use the word 'opposed' or 'fought'? This latest move by the New Zealand government comes on the tail of the controversial anti-smacking (against physical discipline) laws which were pushed through parliament in May this year.

So basically, they first push through a law and then the policing to ensure that this law is obeyed to the letter. Now, let's just move off the topic of New Zealand for a moment to see where this could and almost certainly will lead. Over in the U.K., you're seeing a rise in the removal of children from parents for little reason. See here and here. And now, also in the U.K., children are to be 'tagged'. (Or perhaps microchipped as a high risk group?)

Bottom line? In Helen Clark's far left New Zealand, not only is the government actively against dynamic market economic gains, but the control is also moving closer to home to your own family practices and freedoms. Who is going to resist a government which has the power to take your child and put him/her into a foster family deemed appropriate under the state (perhaps a gay 'family'?) It seems that many western countries have a Helen Clark waiting in the wings to impose these same controls upon you. The ideologies clearly come out of the same streams of current theories and evolutions of Marxism. It is worth the courage it takes to really look at the future and what is lurking in the shadows to rob us of our freedoms.

By the way, Helen Clark may be seemingly 'enjoying high levels of popularity' but why are so many New Zealanders leaving the country for greener pastures?

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