Friday, July 31, 2009

The Eagle Flies South

-The patriot militias continue to grow funded by Mark Alexander, alias "Mr. Big," a Colorado real estate billionaire.

-General Conway and the U.S. military coordinate with the militias for a putsch scheduled on the 15th of August.

-Islamic terrorist groups homicide bomb the Florida Mall in Orlando on July 14th and murder twice as many people than on 9/11 including hundreds of tourists from Britain and other countries.

-The State of Florida goes ape when President O'Hara blames America for the bombings because of the brutal murders of Muslims in Orlando in the aftermath of the Florida Mall homicide bombing.

-In outrage at the negative media coverage of "7/14" in Europe and Asia, and the lack of effort by the O'Hara Administration to crush the Islamofascists in Florida, the governor calls the legislature to special session. Radical Republicans take control and put secession from the Union to the vote. It is 1861 all over again in the Florida legislature as the debates get more and more anti-federalist. The critical vote is scheduled for Tuesday July 21st - one week after the Florida Mall bombings. The vote in favor of secession from the United States seems to be a forgone conclusion and the governor of Florida plans a commonwealth with himself as president and CIC of the Florida National Guard.

-At Rollins College in Winter Park Florida, the "Harvard of the South" alumni, faculty, staff and students gather to debate secession and the fallout from 7/14. The leading figure on campus is Dr. Edward Danowitz, a famous constitutionalist and instructor of philosophy. Many Rollins students have already joined militias that exist in independent cells as a means to prevent the federalists from crushing them. One such cell is JDL - Jewish Defense League - Fanny Kaplan, Doris Brooks and Robert Wise are Rollins graduate students and militia members which has just recently been funded and armed by the national militia movement ran by the legendary Ronbo and Jack Idema.

-President O'Hara and his daughter Elizabeth decide to visit Central Florida so that the president can give an important speech at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Since the president intends to visit near her former college, Rollins, where Elizabeth attended the elite private school under an alias and studied acting under Fanny Kaplan, so that the more beautiful, talented and intelligent woman can see in person the individual whose two year 24/7 acting career was superior to any role by Shakespeare played by Ms. Kaplan.

-Fanny Kaplan decides to stage JULIUS CAESAR with President O'Hara, like his daughter a college Shakespearean actor, playing the role of the doomed Roman Emperor. Elizabeth will play Mark Antony, Caesar's best friend and heir. The first part of the play is to start on the Rollins campus by student actors. By the time the president and daughter arrive at the campus, the assassination scene in ACT III will be ready to be played at The Hoffman - a new hi-tech lecture building at Rollins.

-Law enforcement officials recoil in fright that O'Hara and daughter would dare visit Florida where the state legislature plans to vote the next day on a bill that would remove The Sunshine State from the Union. In order to derail these plans, President O'Hara has ordered a small army of plain clothes and uniformed Secret Service agents (Now called simply "SS" by everyone) to Florida. The uniformed SS division are dressed in black uniforms with jackboots and often called "storm troopers, or Imperial Storm Troopers" and indeed are well trained and equipped riot police made up mostly of African-Americans.

-The President flies south towards Florida on Air Force One and escorted by several squadrons of late model and heavily armed fighter-bombers. Against all safety considerations in an attempt to quiet Floridians with a naked display of raw military power, O'Hara has ordered Air Force One and four fighter-bombers to fly low over metro Orlando and Rollins College in an arrogant attempt to shock and awe into harmlessness people he says are inbred redneck rebels.


At Ft. Meade, Maryland in Building Number One of the super secret National Security Agency (NSA) the analysts of the W1948 (The “W” stands for Electronic Warfare; “1948” stands for the section number) are listening and watching the video emanating from Air Force One in real time. As is well known, the NSA is forbidden by strict federal edict from eavesdropping on private and/or government conversations inside the United States. Due to the increasingly totalitarian O'Hara Administration, General Conway has directed the NSA under the command of the shadowy Admiral Steiner to spy on all White House communications.

The Duty Officer, Ronald Weaver, Captain of U.S. Army Military Intelligence, seeing the importance of this conference calls Admiral Steiner directly on the secure phone. In minutes Steiner and a group of high ranking officers representing the various U.S. Armed Forces intelligence services are watching the Air Force One feed on the Admiral's wall sized HDTV in silence and open mouth amazement. If what they are hearing is true the President of the United States is in the process of jumping off into the deep end of the pool with weights attached to his feet.

Meanwhile the conference is being recorded for editing necessary for the production of video broadcasts and DVDs. Transcripts are also being created by several senior enlisted Army NCOs using the latest version of Word Perfect. The soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines engaged in this Top Secret endeavor perform their tasks with a minimum of conversation in the large NSA operations center with scores of individual cubes in the semi-darkness ruled over by four large HDTV s with views of the Air Force One conference, CNN, Fox News, and video of the presidential aircraft from every possible angle.

Admiral Steiner watches for several minutes in silence before calling General Conway at the Pentagon,

“Conway...Steiner here. I'm sending you boys at the Pentagon some very interesting video intercepted from Air Force One in real time. If I understand what's going correctly our grand and glorious president seems to be in the process of killing himself. In the words of Napoleon Bonaparte, “Never interfere with your enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself.”

O'Hara and Elizabeth finish their conversation with Fanny Kaplan who asks leave to set the play in motion. The video camera in the conference room is shut off, at least the President thinks its no longer transmitting; in reality the video remains on and the scene in the airborne conference is being witnessed by hundreds at Ft. Meade and the Pentagon.

Elizabeth asks her father, “Dad are you sure you're up to this role?”

“No problem, dearest, I have a photographic memory and I've been well trained for Shakespearean tragedy in my college days. One of my favorite roles was that of Caesar, although I did play Brutus once. It always boggled my mind that anyone would be that much of an idealist. I mean Caesar had pardoned Brutus as he did most of his assassins yet that killed him for republican principles. Couldn't the fools see the Roman Republic was as dead as....well...this American Republic?”

“Dad, I should tell you that Fanny Kaplan is an idealist.”

“Don't tell me she is a neocon? Many Jews are neocons...too many.”
“No, her idealism is more on the level of philosophy than politics. She spoke many times of her unhappiness with the human race; that all she saw was imperfection. I remember one time she used Plato's allegory of cave to make the point that mankind was only a poor copy of the perfection that is God.”

“Strange girl. You said she was quite the young genius. Did she include herself as one of the poor copies of God?”

“Yes, she did. Believe it or not dad, Fanny Kaplan still suffers from an inferior complex despite her many accomplishments.”

O'Hara smiles, “So despite her talents and brain power, the woman is a sheep. Maybe a pretty little sheep, but nonetheless one with fluffy white wool. We on the other hand are wolves who can kill or rule any number of sheep. I will grant you that even the biggest and baddest wolf can be destroyed if the shephard finds a brave dog to defend it. This is the reason why I've moved step by step to reach this point....”

“The point of taking complete control of the country?”

“As I said earlier Julius Caesar, a very intelligent wolf, understood that the Roman Republic had already collapsed despite the thin constitutional fiction that existed in Rome. Therefore, the only logical thing for Caesar to do was become dictator. I see the obvious parallel between the Roman Republic of ancient times and contemporary America – a republic, I might add, modeled on the ancient Roman Republic.”

“Dad, I think Fanny's word for you was, psychopath. Since I'm your daughter it stands to reason that she thinks I'm a psychopath as well.”

O'Hara laughs as he lights up a cigar. The U.S. Congress has long legislated that smoking in an aircraft is forbidden; however, President O'Hara feels nothing but contempt for the little people of Congress; especially those in his own Democrat Party. He blows a smoke ring and says,

“Ms. Kaplan didn't call me a psychopath directly, but her meaning was clear. What of it? A graduate student and college Shakespeare actress in a small town calls me a psychopath. Ouch! That hurts so much!” O'Hara gives out another laugh, “Kaplan is right, you know, although the mental health people tell me the term psychopath is very imprecise. This is why I prefer my own term, wolf. Yes, dearest, I'm the big bad wolf and you're the little wolf being trained up by the Master who has passed her first test with flying colors by convincing everyone for two years she was just an ordinary Jewish college student.” O'Hara laughs again so hard that tears come to his large dark eyes and pounds the table briefly with his huge brown fists. “Dearest, we Fascists are anti-Semites, it comes with the territory. "

“I knew you'd like that touch, daddy! Didn't you always tell me to know the enemy? And our main enemy has always been the Jews. How better to learn about the enemy than living and sleeping with them? You are aware I shared a college dorm room with Doris and Fanny for almost two years?”

“Of course, dear little wolf cub. A brilliant move! This was the crowning achievement of your acting career. Why you should get an academy award! The daughter of the world's leading anti-Semite making friends with two Jewish girls without them being none the wiser until today.”

The cigar smokes sets off the fire alarm. An Air Force crewman briefly enters the airborne conference room to reset the alarm and confirm that no fire is actually in progress. The man, a white Air Force sergeant, does his work quickly and professionally in silence. When his mission is complete, he departs. O'Hara considers him a person unworthy of any notice by the most powerful man in the world.

“I'm dying, little wolf,” said O'Hara.

“Daddy, we are all dying.”

“Yes, but some faster than others. I have cancer. The inoperative type that will kill me within the next 90 days according to the best medical minds in the world I've paid handsomely to keep quiet. I'm taking powerful pain killers even as we speak that are becoming less and less effective. So I've decided to end my life today. I will allow myself to be killed by Ms Kaplan. You don't look shocked? No tears, no jumping out of you chair and running at me crying my name. Good, little wolf, you pass your final examination.”

“Actually, I am shocked! This is totally unexpected.”

“Oh really? If I were in good health would I risk my life to enter an unsecured college campus full of my enemies some of whom are armed to the teeth with legal and illegal weapons of every type?”

“Dad, I always believe you know what you're doing. I never doubt you.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence. In terms of Shakespeare and history I see you as playing Augustus to my Julius Caesar. I become the martyr in living color on video that will be played over and over. Do you remember aftermath of the assassination of JFK? Lyndon Johnson got everything from Congress and the American People he wanted. I predict the same thing will happen after my death.”

“But where does this leave me, daddy? I'll tell you true: Out in the cold. Vice President Ben Ware hates me.”

“Yes, but he will be forced to tolerate you and give you a high office, like Secretary of State. The people I've put in high places are My Folks even after my death. They will transfer that loyalty to my legal heir, which will be you. Then at some point you'll get rid of Ben Ware. The man is great as an intellectual and author of my two best selling books; however, he knows nothing of the ruthlessness needed to stay in power. He will need backbone, which you will supply.”

“Ware is a gutless Jew and cowardly SDS terror bomber from the late 1960s who sent others to do his dirty work,” says Elizabeth who rises and pours another cup of coffee from the service cart. She thinks in silence for a moment and returns to her chair. “It is amazing how easy it is to move Jews around like pieces on the chessboard of life for our greater good. They are indeed useful fools. Did they really believe we'd let them stay in the government one second longer than they were needed? The idiots!”

“The Holocaust was successful because the Jews of Germany allowed themselves to be fooled by the Nazis until it was too late. Why should the Jews of America be different? Like the German Jews they feel safe in their wealthy homes in exclusive neighborhoods. But we will change that, one step at a time like the Nazis. First we remove them from the government. Next will be the business community. We take American citizenship away from the Children of Israel. Then the Jews are moved out of schools, parks, neighborhoods and public life to concentration camps in the badlands of New Mexico and the tundra of Alaska. Once the Chosen People are isolated and stripped of all money and property, we kill them.”

“There are six million Jews in America. About the same number as in those parts of Western and Eastern Europe occupied by the Nazis,” says Elizabeth with a wicked smile, “And after they were killed by Hitler, the Jews of Europe were pretty much finished. The same thing can happen in America.”

“Also, dearest, the Jews will make great scapegoats while they live for literally everything that does wrong while we convert to the command economy. Unemployment hits 30%, headlines appear in The New York Times, JEWS RESPONSIBLE FOR NEW GREAT DEPRESSION! Hunger swepts the land after we remove the politically incorrect farmers, JEWS SABOTAGE AGRICULTURE! Stores run out of winter coats in January during the coldest weather in fifty years? This cannot be the our fault because the Capitalist economy has collapsed!


The officers in the Pentagon watching this dialogue can take no more. The first to speak is General Goldstein, the Commandant of the Air Force, “General Conway! With your permission may I order one of my fighter-bombers to blow Air Force One and these monsters to kingdom come?” The other high ranking officers nod their heads in agreement. Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Walter Lewis remarks, “This would be a good day to assassinate this fascist dictator – July 20th is the anniversary of the attempted assassination of Hitler by the German army. I say we order one of the fighter-bombers to shoot down the presidential aircraft – history will absolve us.”

“Gentlemen, we will do no such thing! General Lewis, the operative word is attempted. Air Force One is not very easy to shoot down. Even if the missile hits one the engines, the aircraft has three more. Also don't forget the electronic warfare equipment and highly trained EW officers? If one of the escorts launch a missile the jammers kick into operation and the pilot starts making evasive maneuvers. This assumes one of our pilots will obey such an order. This plane is flown and crewed by USAF, after all. I daresay the Air Force will not open fire willingly and knowingly on the Air Force. If I gave such an order we all would face the same fate in a matter of hours as was the fate of the German military conspirators on July 20, 1944. We would be taken out and shot by our very own American SS.”

“Admiral Steiner makes the right call on this situation. We do our duty and protect our Commander-In-Chief, our self appointed Julius Caesar. The people on the ground will have power of the ultimate veto if they care to exercise the right of citizens in rebellion. My position remains unchanged – If the President is still alive on the date of the putsch, he will be arrested and put on trial. A fair trial after what I pray will be a bloodless coup! I will not allow the Armed Forces of the United States to stain their hands with the blood of worthless scum like O'Hara. Yes, we are men of war, but we are also men of honor; we fight and die by the laws of warfare. The most important being the one that grants an enemy the option of laying down his weapons in honorable surrender.”



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What's so odd about Barack Obama is his extreme sense of self-confidence, matched with his extreme lack of experience. It seems as if Obama is utterly convinced he can do no wrong, and that Destiny is on his side. "Do you ever have any doubts?" asked a TV interviewer early on. "Never!" said the O with his big, trademark smile.

That's not rational. Anybody who harbors no doubts about doing the toughest job in the world, the job that makes you a scapegoat for all the ills your enemies can dig up, and one which visibly ages all its occupants -- anybody without doubts about that isn't thinking like an adult. Instead, he is starring in his own, child-like fantasy world.

That is what Men of Destiny do. Lenin had it, Napoleon had it, and George S. Patton had it . Probably Ahmadinejad has it, too. They have no humility, and they feel justified in sacrificing others for the higher good they are convinced they know. A contemporary journalist wrote of Patton

"Gen. George S. Patton believed he was the greatest soldier who ever lived. He made himself believe he would never falter through doubt. This absolute faith in himself as a strategist and master of daring infected his entire army, until the men of the second American corps in Africa, and later the third army in France, believed they could not be defeated under his leadership."

George S. Patton had a lifetime of training and experience behind him when he assumed command of his Army divisions in North Africa and Europe. Barack Obama has no executive experience at all, except for the failed Annenberg education project, which was a payoff to radicalize the Chicago schools and utterly failed to improve children's test scores. That's 160 million dollars down the sewer of educational faddism and political corruption. But it launched Obama's campaign (with the crucial help of Bill Ayers, who got him the job). It's interesting that Obama still believes in the fad idea of a "black based curriculum," in which jazz music would be used to teach kids in the inner cities.

In contrast with Obama, George Patton was constantly ridden by his chain of command to keep him in line: Generals Ike Eisenhower, George C. Marshall and Omar Bradley constantly battled to keep George from acting out. As president, Obama would have no such constraints.

If you remember the George C. Scott movie Patton, any time those background trumpets would sound, General Patton was having a Man of Destiny moment. Patton sincerely thought he was a reincarnation of the famous generals of history: He had a true Napoleon Complex, which gave him that more-than-human sense of confidence.

Obama appears to have a similar fantasy-driven sense of Destiny. Obama's use of the word "Audacity" is very similar to Patton's demand that his soldiers show audacity -- "L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace," as French revolutionary Georges Danton famously said. In actual war, General Patton's audacity sometimes resulted in futile suicide missions for his men; but much of the time, it was that audacity that kept the enemy off balance and losing. It makes sense for a tank general, where mobility and risk taking can lead to fabulous victories.

But Obama also believes in that kind of risk-taking, which is why his Berlin Speech began with "Citizens of the World!" He is extremely reluctant to accept that he is wrong, or to accept any criticism at all. That's why, after wasting 160 million dollars on an "education" project that had no results, he still believes in a "black curriculum." Barack Obama is an overconfident rookie, a "hot-dogger" in Air Force slang, who is overconfident and therefore likely to make mistakes.

Revolutionary personalities are often convinced they are Men of Destiny. A UCLA professor of political science, Victor Wolfenstein, has done in-depth studies of Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Mahatma Gandhi. Wolfenstein concluded that they all had something in common besides that more-than-human sense of Destiny. According to Wolfenstein, Revolutionary Personalities have close relationships with early life mentors -- substitute fathers -- who give them a sense of personal significance. They use their mentors to shift their identities to a more grandiose one, through the god-like father substitute, who validates that sense of specialness that little kids tend to have --- because there is something profoundly irrational about that more-than-human sense of destiny.

Well, we know about Obama's father figures. CP-USA propagandist Frank Davis was his father-mentor during his teenage years in Hawaii. It is a good guess that Bill Ayers was his father figure in Hyde Park, along with Jeremiah Wright and Emil Jones (the power-broker president of the Illinois Senate from the Chicago South Side). These are all ideologically and politically corrupt mentors. They all believe that the end justifies the means, as the ACORN organizer manual even states out loud:

"This is a mass organization directed at political power where might makes right."

William Ayers has the same sense of absolute certainty in his beliefs: That's why he was able to set bombs that killed his girlfriend in the Sixties -- along with a policeman and others --- and express no regret even forty years later. At the end of his life, mass-murderer Pol Pot, caught and convicted, expressed no remorse whatsoever for the two million Cambodians he had murdered.

People with Napoleon Complexes can be dangerous.

George W. Bush is different. Bush agonizes over the cost of war. He prays on his knees every day, and even non-believers must recognize that he has a profound sense of humility and personal limitations in making more-than-human decisions that he knows will result in death and injury for good and courageous soldiers. He cries when they come back wounded or dead. But he still keeps the ability to make decisions that have to be made. That is an adult reaction to those immense burdens. Bush is not Napoleonic; he is Trumanesque. Napoleon would never have retired back to Kansas City to live modestly, the way Truman did. He was too much in love with his own glorious destiny.

McCain is more like Bush. He used to be a hot-dogger back in Naval Air. But he's had some tough experiences since that time, and he's grown up. He's made his mistakes, and knows it.

The trouble is this huge gap between Obama's inner convictions and his actual abilities and understanding. That's what is troubling about Barack Hussein O'Bonaparte --- it's not at all obvious that he can do anything well. But he believes he can do anything, and his devotees pick up that sense of more-than-human Destiny.

Reasonable people don't risk their country just to alleviate their racial guilt. If Americans do it, they will end up with more guilt, and a frighteningly irrational administration.

---James Lewis



Well! Well! WELL! The chief propaganda organ of the American Leftists and the Obama Administration, the "Old Grey Whore" called with justice the "New York Lies" by the Patriots in this country has finally discovered that increasing numbers of Americans are living under highway bridges in "Obamaville" tent style housing and cardboard boxes.

In fact, in a well written article that appeared on the front page, YES! ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE NEW YORK TIMES! The Ministry of Truth actually acknowledges the existence of persons thrown on to cold city streets during the rule of a Democrat Administration because of the "economic downturn" that we realists know is the beginning of a New Great Depression.

Of course, the Orwellian "good thinkers" do not make the logical connection that America's homeless are growing by thousands with every passing day due to our Grand & Glorious Foreign Born Leader's attempt to destroy Capitalism and institute the rule of Fascism with himself cast in the role of "President For Life."

Come to think of it - Wasn't Hitler an Austrian? I understand he had a birth certificate issued by the Austrian government. This was verified by the German Media of the Weimar Republic who at least checked the birth registry in Linz, Austria.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: "Living in Tents...."

The chief emerges from his tent to face the leaden morning light. It had been a rare, rough night in his homeless Brigadoon: a boozy brawl, the wielding of a knife taped to a stick. But the community handled it, he says with pride, his day’s first cigar already aglow.

By community he means 80 or so people living in tents on a spit of state land beside the dusky Providence River: Camp Runamuck, no certain address, downtown Providence.

Because the two men in the fight had violated the community’s written compact, they were escorted off the camp, away from the protection of an abandoned overpass. One was told we’ll discuss this in the morning; the other was voted off the island, his knife tossed into the river, his tent taken down.

The chief flicks his spent cigar into that same river. There is talk of rain tonight.

Behind him, the camp stirs. Other tent cities have sprung up recently around the country, but Rhode Island officials have never seen anything like this. A tea kettle sings.

A heavily pierced young person walks by without picking up an empty plastic bottle, flouting the camp compact that says everyone will share in the labor. The compact may be as impermanent as this sudden community by the river, but for now it is binding. The chief speaks, the bottle is picked up.

The chief, John Freitas, is 55, with a gray beard touched by tobacco rust. He did prison time decades ago, worked for years as a factory supervisor, then became homeless for all the familiar, complicated reasons.

Layoffs, health problems, a slip from apartment to motel room. His girlfriend, Barbara Kalil, 50, lost her job as a nursing-home nurse, and another slip, into the shelter system. A job holding store-liquidation signs beside the highway allowed for a climb back to a motel, but it didn’t last.

Weary of shelters, the couple pitched a pup tent in Roger Williams Park, close to a plaque bearing words Williams had used to describe this place he founded: “A Shelter for Persons in Distress.” But someone complained, so Mr. Freitas set off again in search of shelter. The March winds blew.

Down South Main Street he went, past the majestic court building and the upscale seafood restaurant, over a guardrail to a gravelly plot beneath a ramp that once guided cars toward Cape Cod. Foul-smelling and partially hidden, a place of birds and rodents, it was perfect.

He and Ms. Kalil set up camp with another couple in early April. Word of it spread from the shelters to Kennedy Plaza downtown, where homeless people share the same empty Tim Hortons cup to pose as customers worthy of visiting that doughnut chain’s restroom. The camp became 10 people, then 15, then 25. No children allowed.

“I was always considered the leader, the chief,” Mr. Freitas says. “I was the one consulted about ‘Where should I put my tent?’ ”

By late June the camp had about 50 people. But someone questioned the role of Mr. Freitas as chief, so he stepped down. Arguments broke out. Food was stolen.

“There was no center holding,” recalls Rachell Shaw, 22, who lives with her boyfriend in a tidy tent decorated with porcelain dolls. “So everybody voted him back in.”

The community also established a five-member leadership council and a compact that read in part: “No one person shall be greater than the will of the whole.”

It is now late afternoon in late July, a month after nearly everyone signed that compact. The community remains intact, though the very ground they walk on says nothing is forever. Here and there are the exposed foundations of fish shacks that lined the river long ago.

Some state officials recently stopped by to say, nicely but firmly, that everyone would soon have to leave. The overpass poses the threat of falling concrete, and is scheduled for demolition. The officials have shared the same message with a smaller encampment across the river.

For now, a game of horseshoes sends echoing clanks, as outreach workers conduct interviews and raindrops thrum the tent tops. The chief lights another cigar and walks the length of the camp to tell residents to batten down, explaining its structure as he goes.

Here at the end, nearest the road, are the tents of young single people and substance abusers; this way, rescue vehicles won’t disrupt the entire compound.

Here in the center are a cluster of couples, including two competing for the nicest property, with homey touches like planted flowers. Here too are the food table, the coolers, the piles of donated clothes — what can’t be used will be taken by camp residents to the Salvation Army — and the large tent of the chief. Plastic pink flamingos stand guard.

Farther on, the recycled-can area (the money is used for ice and propane); the area for garbage bags that will be discreetly dropped in nearby Dumpsters at night; and, behind a blue tarp hung from the overpass, a plastic toilet. The chief says the shared task of removing the bags of waste tends to test the compact.

Finally, near some rocks where men go to urinate, live a gay couple and some people who drink hard. Timothy Webb, 49, who says he used to own a salon in Cranston called Class Act, cuts people’s hair here. Then, at night, he and his partner, Norman Trank, 45, sit at a riverside table, a battery-operated candle giving light, the moving waters suggesting mystery.

“It’s what you make of it,” Mr. Trank says.

Dark clouds have brought night early to Providence. Heavy drops thump against tarp. Water drips from the overpass, onto the long table of food.

In the last couple of hours the chief has resolved a conflict about tarp distribution, hugged a pregnant woman who mistakenly thought she had been kicked off the island, conferred with outreach workers and helped with dinner preparations. He is also thinking about tomorrow.

Tomorrow, an advance party for the chief will leave to claim another spot across the river that turns out not to be on public property. Many in the camp will decide it’s time to move on anyway, to a spot under a bridge in East Providence. Camp Runamuck will begin its recession from sight and memory.

At least tonight there is a communal dinner: donated chicken, parboiled and grilled; donated corn on the cob; donated potatoes. People line up with paper plates.

The rain falls harder, pocking the river’s gray surface, surrounding the dark camp with a sound like fingers drumming in impatience. The chief hears it, but what can he do? He finishes his dinner and lights another cigar.

Obama In Checkmate?

The key step is to stop one of the worst items in the Democratic agenda: Obama's plan for socialized medicine. And the good news is that it looks like we have a very good chance of stopping it.

The latest news is that President Obama's poll numbers keep dropping. A Rasmussen tracking poll now shows him with an approval rating below 50% among likely voters (a more stringent standard than most polls) and shows him with a negative "Approval Index."

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 30% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -10. Yesterday and today are the only time that Obama's Approval Index ratings have fallen to double digits in negative territory.

The important thing to notice is why Obama's approval ratings are dropping: they are dropping because he is pushing for socialized medicine. The more he argues for his plan, the less people are convinced.
It begins with the commentators. The Washington Post's Robert Samuelson is not a staunch free-marketer; he is essentially a pragmatist whose main focus is to insist that politicians are honest about their economic facts and figures. In his latest column, he offers a blunt assessment of Obama.

If you listen to President Obama, his "reform" will satisfy almost everyone. It will insure the uninsured, control runaway health spending, subdue future budget deficits, preserve choice for patients and improve quality of care. These claims are self-serving exaggerations and political fantasies.

The public is catching on, as well. I highly recommend an unusual report in the New York Times on the average American's reaction to Obama's defense of his health-care bill. Please do read the whole article, because it will open your eyes to the fact that Obama and his health-care plan are in deep, deep trouble with the American people.

Usually, the New York Times exists within an Upper West Side bubble, and its reporters tend not to notice the mood in flyover country until the Democrats lose an election, at which point they send their reporters out in a frantic effort to find out why. It's the Pauline Kael Effect, named after the film reviewer who is supposed to have said that she didn't understand how Nixon could have won the 1972 election—which he won by a landslide—because she didn't know anyone who voted for him.

Well, it seems as if at least one reporter for the Times is getting in touch with normal Americans ahead of time, and his report names the main reason the public is rejecting Obama's health-care proposal.

As Craig Brown watched President Obama’s news conference on Wednesday night on his TiVo-equipped television, he kept hitting the pause button so he could throw questions at the image frozen on the screen.

How much will this health care plan really cost, he asked. How can we cover nearly everybody without higher taxes or debt? Who is going to decide which treatments are allowed? Why cannot they just get rid of the waste without changing the whole system?
Like many in the country, Mr. Brown, a 36-year-old father of four who lives in an Atlanta suburb, has grown increasingly anxious about Washington’s efforts to reconfigure health care and what it may mean for his middle-class family. Although he and his wife, Judith, supported John McCain in the presidential race, they find Mr. Obama an earnest and compelling pitchman.
But they remain frustrated by the lack of available detail about his plan’s contours and cost.
They say they feel they are being asked to buy on spec from a government they do not trust. And they have lots of questions.

“The bottom line is there are so many unknowns,” said Ms. Brown, 35, who works part time at her church and cares for her young children. “What we do know is there is going to be more government control, and with more control you’re going to have fewer choices. It’s an innate part of being American to have those choices.”

This captures the essence of Obama's style: to offer no facts or details, just vague and general assurances that if we hand over all power to him, everything will turn out fine.

The best symbol of this approach is captured in one video clip: Obama's response at a town hall meeting to a questioner who asks about the health-care bill's provisions outlawing private health insurance. Obama says that he is "unfamiliar" with the specific provisions of the bill, but assures us that it won't take away our insurance. How can he offer that assurance, if he doesn't even know what the bill says? He is literally asking the American people to take him on faith.

Republican Senator Jim DeMint has gained some notoriety by describing the health-care bill as Obama's "Waterloo," but the analogy is a good one. Both defeats stem from the same kind of megalomaniacal over-reaching. Obama has the air of a man who still fervently believes his own hype—even as more and more of the public stops believing it.

Jack Wakeland sent me the best comment on what is going on:

"The whole Obama phenomenon—the thing that got him elected after running a campaign as a blank slate for people's hope and imagination, flying around the country fillings arenas and stadiums with rapt audiences, giving speeches about absolutely nothing—was the desire of many Americans to take part in the historical occasion of voting for America's first black president.

"As an Illinois resident and long-time student of the news who had been tracking Obama's meteoric rise from 2003 to the present, I made a proclamation to Rob Tracinski and company back in January: Obama had peaked on inauguration day. Everything else in his presidency would disappoint the majority.
"Well, now it's beginning to happen.

"The political panic that followed the collapse of credit and the stock market has abated. The majority of the American people are now looking forward to the long-term future: a $2 trillion federal deficit this year, a $1.5 trillion federal deficit next year, and $1 trillion federal deficits for ever after.
"And then President Obama and the Democratic leadership offered us a health-care 'reform' plan that is vast, incomprehensibly complex, and unexplained. Every question Obama was asked, he answered in his irritatingly purposeless, twenty-paragraph, filibuster style. But this time the American people really wanted answers, not more speeches about nothing.

"Every time conservatives pointed out, from their seats in their alternative media, the potentially devastating abuses of power that would be built into the new health-care 'system,' President Obama ignored them. He was not their president. Because his frame of reference is totally second-hand, five years of adoring comments and softball questions from the mainstream media has utterly convinced Barack Obama that the other half of the political spectrum does not exist.
"Barack Obama's Walter Mitty fantasy of being a universally admired world-historical figure continues, unbroken. It carried him through one health-care 'reform' speech and town hall meeting and press conference after another—15 in all—in which he gave the same answer to every single question: he assured his listeners that he, with his great intellect and unquestionably solid character, would see to it that the program would turn out all right.

"The problem is that the American people figured out that Barack Obama hasn't even read and comprehended the proposed programs. And he won't ever read or comprehend the final program. And he can't ever read or comprehend the program. He can't because no single human being could possibly read it and comprehend it.

"Barack Obama's approval rating will never rise above 55% again. As the economic malaise continues year after year after year, President Obama will continue to answer with more speeches about his good intellect and character, and he will continue to conduct more press conferences that he filibusters with answers about nothing. And his approval rating will slowly sink to 45%, 40%, 35%.

"By the time Mr. Obama finds himself absolutely despised by 50% of the American people, it will be too late. He will become disoriented and say and do things that horrify and embarrass his few remaining supporters. He will be a lame duck by December 2010 and go out as another one-term American president who will be mentioned in history books written decades from now because he was America's first black president—and because of nothing else."

I hope Jack's prediction is not over-optimistic, but we could be reaching a tipping point at which it becomes clear that Barack Obama is the second coming of Jimmy Carter.

But President Obama has complained (disingenuously) that this conflict isn't just about him. And it isn't. This isn't just about "breaking" the Obama administration's power. It is about putting an end to any new attempts at socialized medicine—and putting an end to them for a long time.

Over the weekend, the Washington Post carried an op-ed that argued in favor of Obama's health-care plan, but it had an amusing opening:

Barack Obama's strategy to pass health-care reform seems based on a simple principle: Whatever Bill Clinton did, do the opposite.

Where Clinton and his team crafted their health-care reform plan in the executive branch, Obama has left the details of his effort almost entirely to Congress. Where Clinton pursued an ambitious reconstruction of the entire sector, Obama has sought to preserve existing insurance arrangements and win the support of industry players. Where Clinton spent a year developing his bill before even getting to Congress, Obama lashed his efforts to a tight (and apparently unrealizable) timetable. Even the atmospherics offer contrasts: Clinton's big push for reform came in a soaring 1993 speech before a joint session of Congress, in which he offered painstaking details of his plans; Obama made his argument to the nation at a news conference last week, addressing concerns more than specifying proposals.

If we can defeat this new health care bill, when they did everything different and when they had every advantage—a popular president and filibuster-proof control of Congress—then maybe the Democrats will get the idea that socialized medicine wasn't defeated because they used the wrong political tactics. It was defeated because the people don't want it.

This is where the August congressional recess comes in. About a week from now, congressman will leave Washington to return to their home for a month, where they will spend their time attending public events and meeting with constituents—and getting an earful from the voters. What will happen is that they will encounter scenes like this one, in which a Democratic congressman tries to tell his audience that the health-care bill won't add to the deficit because it will pay for itself with unspecified cost savings—and he then gets laughed down by the audience.

I agree with The Politico when it says that "Congress’s failure to deliver major health care legislation by President Barack Obama’s deadline next month transforms the traditionally sleepy August recess into what could be the decisive moment in the battle to win support for the legislation, especially from conservative Democrats considered crucial to its fate."

This is a perfect opportunity for political activism in favor of liberty, and it is a rare case in which your own, individual action can make a substantial and immediate difference. Go to your congressman's and your senators' website, find out where they will be appearing during the August recess, and let them know, in person, that you oppose this government takeover of health insurance—that you don't want to become a helpless ward of the state.

For example, Tom Perriello—the representative for the district t
hat includes Charlottesville, Virginia—is holding a series of "Tom in Your Town" meetings where he advertises his willingness to meet constituents one-on-one to address their concerns. The whole thing has kind of a creepy feel to it, as if he is there for the lame, the halt, and the blind to approach him and asked to be healed. But it could be a very good opportunity to politely ask to meet with him and discuss health-care reform—and then tell him in no uncertain terms that he will lose your vote and make an enemy if he supports Obama's bill.

Perriello is a good target because he is a left-leaning politician in what has traditionally been a right-leaning district, so he will be a vulnerable incumbent in 2010. But this sort of thing is worth doing no matter what the makeup of your district or the views of your representative. I live a little bit outside of Charlottesville, for example, and my representative is Eric Cantor, the "minority whip" in the House. As a member of the Republican leadership, he is not likely to vote for Obama's bill; they smell blood and sense an opportunity to neutralize Obama politically. But if he returns to the seventh district and hears from many constituents who strongly oppose Obama's health-care bill, that will embolden him and the rest of the Republican leadership to press their advantage and to resist any pressure to compromise or agree to a watered-down version of the bill.

By the same token, even if your senator or representative is a committed leftist who is certain to vote for the bill, expressing your discontent will give him a sense that the public is opposed to it. This will make him more likely to understand the position of conservative Democrats in right-leaning districts and to refrain from pressuring them to commit political suicide by supporting the bill.

So this is your opportunity: just one additional person speaking out against Obama's health-care bill at a public meeting could help tilt your senator or representative against the bill. This is a rare opportunity to make a very material difference with very little effort and trouble.

If we do that, we can do more than just kill this bill and hobble the Obama administration. We can make certain that Congress won't launch any new attempts to socialize medicine for at least another decade.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Ides of March in July

- The patriot militias continue to grow funded by Mark Alexander, alias "Mr. Big" - a Colorado real estate billionaire.

-General Conway and the U.S. military coordinate with the militias for a putsch scheduled on the 15th of August.

- Islamic terrorist groups homicide bomb the Florida Mall in Orlando on July 14th and murder twice as many people than on 9/11 including hundreds of tourists from Britain and other countries.

-The State of Florida goes ape when President O'Hara blames America for the bombings because of the brutal murders of Muslims in Orlando in the aftermath of the Florida Mall homicide bombing.

-In outrage at the negative media coverage of "7/14" in Europe and Asia, and the lack of effort by the O'Hara Administration to crush the Islamofascists in Florida, the governor calls the legislature to special session. Radical Republicans take control and put secession from the Union to the vote. It is 1861 all over again in the Florida legislature as the debates get more and more anti-federalist. The critical vote is scheduled for Tuesday July 21st - one week after the Florida Mall bombings. The vote in favor of secession from the United States seems to be a forgone conclusion and the governor of Florida plans a commonwealth with himself as president and CIC of the Florida National Guard.

- At Rollins College in Winter Park Florida, the "Harvard of the South" alumni, faculty, staff and students gather to debate secession and the fallout from 7/14. The leading figure on campus is Dr. Edward Danowitz, a famous constitutionalist and instructor of philosophy. Many Rollins students have already joined militias that exist in independent cells as a means to prevent the federalists from crushing them. One such cell is JDL - Jewish Defense League - Fanny Kaplan, Doris Brooks and Robert Wise are Rollins graduate students and militia members which has just recently been funded and armed by the national militia movement ran by the legendary Ronbo and Jack Idema.

- President O'Hara and his daughter Elizabeth decide to visit Central Florida so that the president can give an important speech at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Since the president intends to visit near her former college, Rollins, where Elizabeth attended the elite private school under an alias and studied acting under Fanny Kaplan, in order that the more beautiful, talented and intelligent woman can see in person the individual whose two year 24/7 acting career was superior to any role by Shakespeare played by Ms. Kaplan.

- Fanny Kaplan decides to stage JULIUS CAESAR with President O'Hara, like his daughter a college Shakespearean actor, playing the role of the doomed Roman Emperor. Elizabeth will play Mark Antony, Caesar's best friend and heir. The first part of the play is to start on the Rollins campus by student actors. By the time the president and daughter arrive at the campus, the assassination scene in ACT III will be ready to be acted out The Hoffman - a new hi-tech lecture building at Rollins.

- Law enforcement officials recoil in fright that O'Hara and daughter would dare visit Florida where the state legislature plans to vote the next day on a bill that would remove The Sunshine State from the Union. In order to derail these plans, President O'Hara has ordered a small army of plain clothes and uniformed Secret Service agents (Now called simply "SS" by everyone) to Florida. The uniformed SS division are dressed in black uniforms with jackboots and often called "storm troopers, or Imperial Storm Troopers" and indeed are well trained and equipped riot police made up mostly of African-Americans.

-The President flies south towards Florida on Air Force One and escorted by several squadrons of late model and heavily armed fighter-bombers. Against all safety considerations in an attempt to quiet Floridians with a naked display of raw military power, O'Hara has ordered Air Force One and four fighter-bombers to fly low over metro Orlando and Rollins College in an arrogant attempt to shock and awe into harmlessness people he thinks are "dumb rednecks."

When Air Force One and its fighter-bomber escorts fly low over the Rollins campus on the sunny and cloudless 20th of July morning, the planes cast a shadow that looks very much like the swastika of Hitler....

Lights! Cameras! Action!

The Second American Revolution is in motion....

The Chancellor of Rollins College, Jack Reed, was watching the local Fox News coverage on a small video laptop screen. The intercom buzzed and Jack spoke into the device with one eye still on the video monitor where Dr. Edward Danowitz was giving yet another unauthorized speech on the U.S. Constitution and the earlier incident at the Rollins main gate where violence had been narrowly avoided. No thanks to the radicalism displayed by Edward, a firm friend and former philosophy teacher of Chancellor Reed many years before when the most serious issue discussed by Rollins males on a Monday morning at the main gate was, “Did you score with Mary Lou last Saturday night?”

The voice on the intercom ruined the Chancellor chain of thought about the golden days of youth and moonlight cruises on the St. Johns River with his best girl; it was the gravel voice of old Mrs. Watson, who took charge of the outer office of the Chancellor several decades and chancellors ago. So long in the past that the rumor mills said the campus was still built wood but during the reign of Her Majesty Queen Watson I had been rebuilt by her Augustus-like authoritarianism in stone.

In the normal course of things Queen Watson would handle any situation that developed on the Rollins campus leaving the Chancellor, like the king on a chess board, with little to do save acknowledge checkmates of the various enemies of the peace and quiet of a sleepy academic community were lovely girls (75% of the student body of Rollins was female) roamed about under shady trees in beautiful summer dresses and talked of poetry and Michaelangelo while boys (many from the mostly male UCF) on the bordering Lake Virginia drank cool beer under a hot cloudless Florida sun and talked of very ungentlemanly things would like to do to the artistic coeds of Rollins, as they watched their imaginary harems parade along the shore.

But today The King of the little chessboard named Rollins College was forced into The Game to avoid a checkmate, as his Queen had just been taken by a two Knights and a Bishop who demanded admission to The Inner Sanctum, also called the Chancellor's Office, and an audience with Mr. Reed Himself. Alas! Poor Jack had to turn off the Fair & Balanced Fox coverage of the early Monday morning and enter the dangerous world of conferences and battling personalities. It was bad enough for a Chancellor to enter the no win battlefield waring academic duelists, however, these were high public officials, anyone of whom could make a Gottterdamerung of the career of a lowly college chancellor even one whose very funny novel on college written under an alias, “The Coeds Are Always More Beautiful At Rollins College” won the New York Times best sellers list three months running the previous winter and tripled the male enrollment at “The Harvard of the South” last semester.

The door was opened by a nervous Mrs. Watson who introduced the three big chiefs and numerous aide-DE-camps to Chancellor Reed who greeted each man with a smile and a hearty handshake. When this happened, Mrs. Watson literally jumped out of the room and closed the door. The Bishop that Reed shook hands with looked like a young Sidney Poitier playing a black pope, and was introduced as Mr. Nightlinger; he was President O'Hara trusted Chief of Staff. The first Knight was well known to Reed – This was Sheriff Kevin Lyons, a popular and well known figure in Central Florida often in front of television cameras in the days after 7/14. The second Knight proved to be Senior Special Agent John Francis McKenna, in direct command of all Secret Service personnel in Central Florida.

Pulling together the four chairs in a sort of circle, Reed invited the men to sit down. The Chancellor had long noted that seated angry men, and he could tell by the beet red faces and rivers of sweat flowing down the three faces alone that the men had been in dispute. The aides were forced to stand, and stand they did, placing themselves as close their respective bosses as possible. Chancellor Reed attempted to start the meeting with his usual positive speech of how fair and objective gentlemen could always come to mutual agreement when he was interrupted by an bug eyed Nightlinger who stood to his full six feet like an enraged black bear on the attack and shouted at McKenna, a small man of little over five feet who looks very small, old and defenseless in his chair.

“McKenna! This Administration does not back down! Your Secret Service riot squads had the situation under control and was in the process of making arrests! Then you had the GALL! The NERVE! To ignore my firm directive to allow the well trained and equipped assault to withdrew from what? A crowd of pimple faced college boys and girls led by a couple of fat old professors? WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING MAN? And what about big cracker here (pointing to Lyons to immediately rises from his chair and takes a fighting stance)? Huh? He threatens to arrest federal law enforcement officers – officers who outnumber his inbred deputies ten to one – and you back down! Holy Mary, Mother of God, the world is turned upside down!!!”

Sheriff Lyons takes a big step towards Nightlinger with his fists balled at his side,

“Apologize for your racist comment! CRACKER is a term usually applied to ignorant Southern rural whites. I am a 1984 graduate of Rollins with a degree in Law Enforcement, so for you to call me a CRACKER is tantamount to me calling you NIGGER, which is a term for an uneducated and rude black person”

“Are you calling the Chief of Staff to the President of United States a NIGGER?”

“If the shoe fits, wear it, BOY.”

The two men stand face to face inches apart. Then a quiet voice speaks, it is McKenna, still setting calmly in his chair with an air of dignity,

“Gentlemen we shall get nowhere if we continue the black-white dialogue from 1968. In case you men haven't noticed, the country and the world has moved on...Hmmm? The President of the United States is black. One Supreme Court justice is black. Mayors, Governors, federal and state judges are black, many businessmen and actors are black....Need I go on? If the definition of racism is based on the concept of power in the nation, then I'd say it's about an wash between the two major races; thus racism no longer exists in the United States and you two have nothing to fight about on that score.”

The men return to their respective corners like two prize fighters after the bell rings to mark the end of round one. While aides to both Night linger and Lyons try to get their attention, they continue to stare at one another and Nightlinger gives Lyon the finger, and he returns the compliment with two middle fingers. McKenna continues to talk and the opponents stare at one another as they wait for the bell to ring for round two.

McKenna continued, "Back to the incident at the main gate of Rollins since you two appear to be in a listening mood for a moment. Chief Nightlinger if I had not given into the demands of Danowitz and the Rollins people, we both would be standing tall tomorrow before President O'Hara who would be asking for our resignations."

Lyons wins the game as Nightlinger turns his eyes towards McKenna and states with authority, "I doubt that. We would have been following the President's order on dealing with rioters, "No negotiations; no retreat."

"Those people would have fought. I was watching the video and audio feeds live. When Danowitz joined Ms. Kaplan and took command, the students pulled out the flags and massed behind them. Yes, the SS riot police would have overrun them in minutes, but at the price of broken heads, numerous injuries and maybe even at death or two, all well documented by Fox News and the video played over and over for days. Imagine the public outrage coming on the heels of 7/14? Come to think of it, as the responsible federal officials the two of us would have likely faced criminal charges after being fired. Nightlinger you should thank me because I saved your hide."

"So you're the guy that called off those storm troopers and reversed the arrests? If all federal bigwigs were as rational as you this state would not be on the verge of secession from the Union," said Lyons.

An aide to Lyons, a young captain wearing glasses, hands him a folder and whispers something in his left ear. Lyons looks at the folder briefly and hands it to McKenna,

"Here are 1,300 names and addresses of Islamic terror suspects living in Florida: I propose that you order your SS officers to immediately arrest all these individuals. If you do it soon, like today, I can just about promise you that the state legislature will throw the secession bill into the trash can."

McKenna looks at the papers in the folder and the lists of names, "I'm familiar some of these people and they are on our watch list. I have recommended myself to the president they be arrested and indicted for terrorist activities. The president refused this request upon the advice of the Attorney General who says the evidence isn't there to convict them."

Lyons explodes, "What more evidence do you need? The Florida Mall lies in smoking ruins. The victims are still dying in hospitals all over the country. Children have lost eyes and limbs! A deputy of mine, a twenty year man, a senior supervisor, lost his wife and youngest daughter in the bombings. I have to go to their funeral this week. What do I tell him and his son, the Attorney General doesn't think he can convict those who gave the orders to the homicide bombers!"

"I think it's a reasonable position - look how Bush overreacted to 9/11! Innocent Muslims were arrested by the hundreds simply for being of the same religion as the hijackers," said Nightlinger, as he read Lyon's list of Islamic terrorists in Florida that McKenna passed to him.

"What hundreds of innocent Muslims Bush allegedly had arrested after 9/11?" Asked Lyons who continued, "I don't recall a single innocent Muslim arrested. They all had ties to Al Qaeda."

Chancellor Reed spoke up, "If I may interject. What is the purpose of this meeting? The issues raised so far are beyond our pay grade to solve. What happened this morning at the main gate is history. I propose we do a breakfast at the Faculty dining room and go our separate ways."

"The president is coming to visit Rollins at 12 noon," said Nightlinger.

"I know about the three pm visit to rally the Democrats at the Orange County Convention Center, but I was told nothing about a presidential visit to Rollins College, although it does explain the occupation of Winter Park by 1,500 federal storm troopers," said Lyons.

"I don't understand. What could our little liberal arts college offer the president? In fact, I don't think it would be a good idea for him to visit this campus at all considering how emotional everyone has become. There may be danger," Reed remarked while looking out his large picture as if expecting students to be in the process of storming the Administration Building. All was quiet on the Rollins front.

"Do you know a girl named Elizabeth Troy?" Asked Nightlinger.

"I'm sorry I don't know her. A student here?"

"Elizabeth Troy is the alias of Elizabeth O'Hara, the president's eldest daughter. She attended Rollins under an alias because she wanted to be just an ordinary college student and not linked to being the daughter of a then up and coming black Senator from Indiana. I understand she also posed as a Jewess going so far as to create a fictional Jewish family."

"I'm still at sea here, Mr. Nightlinger," said Reed, "Couldn't Elizabeth just show the family her Yearbook?"

"I agree, but apparently Elizabeth has fallen under the spell of Fanny Kaplan, actress and Shakespeare lecturer, and wants to introduce her father the president to the glory of the Rollins stage under her direction," related Nightlinger as he pulled out a booklet given to him by an aide and gave it to Reed.

Reed thumbed through the booklet quickly, "Yes, now I remember her. An attractive Italian looking girl who starred in many of Ms. Kaplan's Shakespeare plays, which were unusual in that all the players were women. I understand in Shakespeare's time all the roles were played by men. Perhaps Ms. Kaplan was making a point in the change in gender roles over the centuries."

"Be that as it may, Elizabeth, the apple of her father's eye has talked him into coming to Rollins today for a lecture/performance of Shakespeare's Hamlet in the new Hoffman auditorium. I understand the Hoffman is newly built with the latest audio visual displays," said Nightlinger after an aide whispered something in his ear.

McKenna interrupted, "As the senior Secret Service agent in Florida I join with Dr. Reed in saying that this visit is potentially very dangerous for the president. There have been disorders already. My security teams have not had time to search the campus for guns or bombs. In contrast the Orange County Convention has been secured for days. Why not move Ms. Kaplan and her show there?"

"I cast my vote with McKenna and Reed," said Sheriff Lyons, "The president is the last person the folks at Rollins want to see. The mere presence of O'Hara on campus may cause disorders. He may not be the author of 7/14 but his inaction have made him hated in this state."

"You don't understand, gentlemen, the president's visit is not the subject to a majority vote. The president will come to Rollins via helicopter from Orlando International Airport and land on that football field (Nightlinger rises and points out the football field visible from the Chancellors office). He and his party will then walk to the Hoffman Building for a two hour presentation of Hamlet by Ms. Kaplan. At the conclusion, the president and company will helicopter to the Convention Center for the 3 pm speech. Any questions?"

"How many body bags will you need?" Asked Sheriff Lyons with raised hand.

"That's not funny," says Nightlinger with a frown.

"I wasn't being funny. I think it's a valid question. You should get outside the Beltway more often, Chief Nightlinger - The natives are getting restless and the threats against O'Hara are made in the hundreds every day," said Lyons looking at McKenna for conformation.

McKenna shrugged his shoulders as if to say, "I wash my hands of the whole affair."


Robert Wise, Doris Brooks and Fanny Kaplan are now located on the patio of the student cafeteria that faces Lake Virginia. It is eight am and the day is heating up already. Fanny has borrowed Doris' cell phone and is making calls. Robert is busy talking on his cell phone as well. Fanny lets out an animal moan sounding like a small dog being hit by car. She sits down on a lounge chair and looks unseeing towards Lake Virginia. Doris pulls a deck chair over,

"Bad news, Fanny?"

"David is dead. I just spoke his mother. The Boston police came by her house early this morning to tell her that her son's body had been discovered in Lake Washington near Melbourne, Florida. They released no details saying the investigation was still in progress. David is dead. I DON'T WANT TO LIVE!"

"Honey don't say that! What do you think David would say? I'll tell you: never gave up; never surrender! He was a soldier. A brave soldier! Be a brave soldier for David!"

"I know you're trying to help me, but I feel so cold and the day looks dark."

Robert finishes the phone call. Fanny looks at him. She can tell he knows something...and doesn't want to her to know. She knows this because he refuses to make eye contact."

"Robert, tell me."

"Tell you what, Fanny?"

"What you found out from your phone call. It was to Fred Krause, right? The Florida State Highway patrolman? He told you something about David's death. I want you to tell me."

"Fanny, you don't want to know! Don't make me tell you."

"ROBERT!" yells both women.

"Okay...Okay! A man and his son were out doing bird watching and photography on Lake Washington near Melbourne last Friday morning. About half a mile away they noticed a large black car pull to a stop on a dirt road. They saw two Middle Eastern looking men pull what looked like a rolled up carpet tied with ropes out of the trunk and dump it into the lake. Illegal dumping! This offended the senior bird watcher who was also a card carrying member of the local environmentalist wacko group, so he took pictures of the car, license plate and the men. I should add that is binoculars were the hi-tech type that allowed him to take pictures real up close in living color and great detail. The men slam the trunk shut and goose off in a cloud of dust.”

Robert takes a deep breath and continues, “The bird watcher gets on the cell phone and calls up the Florida Highway Patrol thinking that the car may be headed to SR192 since the license plate was from Orange County and the dumpers may be headed back towards Orlando. Of course, being a semi-professional police snitch – all for the greater glory of Mother Earth – our community minded wacko knows the right people to buzz in the FHP, so Florida's Finest on patrol on SR 192, which is a not much traveled route anyway, are on the lookout with an eagle eye for a black Lincoln town car driven by scum of the earth illegal dumpers!”

“The FHP doesn't have to wait long at their Deer Park traffic control point – The officer so sooner gets the call than a speeding black Lincoln flies past him doing in excess of 80 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. He turns on his emergency equipment and gives pursuit. The Lincoln is going so fast by this time it takes about a mile before the driver pulls over. This encourages the trooper to ask for back up thinking at first the Lincoln is trying to get away, and two Brevard County deputies in a unit agree to come across the County line to get the troopers back.”

“As the trooper approaches the Lincoln he senses that something is wrong. The two men in the front seat keep looking back at him and talking to one another appearing very upset. Seeing this our patrolman remains in his vehicle waiting for his back up which appears in minutes from Brevard County. This action saved his life. No sooner do the reinforcements arrive than the men in the Lincoln bailout of the care armed with AK47s and start sweeping the two police cars with bullets. Then the next miracle happens, the rounds either go wild and kill several innocent cows eating hay in the adjoining pasture or hit the engine blocks of the cars. The officers pull their weapons - .45 and 9mm automatic pistol and drop both of the bad guys.”

“This all seems pretty much an over reaction to traffic ticket and possible case of illegal dumping, so the cops leave the investigation of the crime scene to the CSI section of the FHP that has a substation in Melbourne only ten miles away. The CSI people – who arrive at the crime scene within an hour – find that the two dead men are illegal aliens from Saudi Arabia although both have valid Florida Drivers License and Social Security cards. An inspection of the car finds pistols, shotguns and two M4 assault rifles along with thousands of rounds of ammunition. When the trunk is investigated a pool of blood is discovered and samples are made. The DNA check is made at the crime scene via laptop and names David Fenny as the donor (Fanny makes her animal whimper again, but Robert keeps on talking; he wants get this over as soon as possible) You see members of the military give a sample of their DNA as part of the enlistment process. If they are killed on the battlefield it makes I.D. Of the body fool proof even it just a dot flesh remains.”

“The next stop for the cops is Lake Washington where the bird watcher and teenage son are still on their respective cell phones trying to find county workers to get the trash out of the lake. The two use the fact that Lake Washington is the drinking water source for most of South Brevard County – Thus quick action is needed. Then they hear a helicopter......

Fanny interrupts in anger, “Get to the point, Robert! The police pull David's body out Lake Washington. They transport it to the CSI lab in Melbourne. The experts examine the corpse. They find David had been tortured to death!”

“How did you know?” Asks Robert with a surprised expression.

“Because I know those Islamic barbarians like I know every inch of Rollins College! They never just simply murder their victims if they can help it; they first torture them for information and sport, and then chop off their heads, as commanded by their bloody Prophet. How many times have we seen video of some poor, helpless victim of these bloody savages on the Internet? Remember Daniel Pearl?”

Doris remarked in a hushed voice, “The horror! THE HORROR! David was a good man. He deserved a better end than this one.”

Fanny is still not finished with Robert, “What did they do to David before they killed him?”

Robert stands up and paces back and forth for a moment while both women stare at him with so intensity he can literally feel them making his mouth say words he doesn't want to speak,

“The CSI people in Melbourne found that David Fenny suffered much for many hours before his head was slowly cut off with a dull knife. Both his eyes had been cut out along with his tongue. There were bruises all over his body from beatings and marks where cigarettes had been put. David's finger nails and toe nails had all been ripped out...”

Robert stops talking and looks at Fanny as if to say, “Haven't you heard enough?”

Fanny said, “They did sexual things to him, didn't they? The filthy degenerate boy lovers...”

“David was homosexually raped. The CSI thinks he was still alive when his penis was cut off and stuffed down his throat.”

For the last time Fanny makes her dying small animal sound that chills the very souls of Doris and Robert in its horror. Doris who has an arm around Fanny's waist removes it because her best friend suddenly becomes cold and stiff. Robert notices that Fanny has retreated back into her fortress of calm rationalism and Shakespeare,

I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands,
organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same
food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases,
heal'd by the same means, warm'd and cool'd by the same winter
and summer, as a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If
you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die?
And if you wrong us, do we not revenge? If we are like you in the
rest, we will resemble you in that.

Robert thinks for a moment, “Ah yes, revenge. What shall we do? Find the nearest Muslim and kill him? Don't forget Fanny that most victims of the Jihadists are fellow Muslims. And think about how many Muslims are in this country because they fear the wrath of their fellows who may not agree with their peaceful take on Islam.”

“Who said anything about killing innocent people?”

Asks Fanny while looking at the clock on the side of the cafeteria wall which says, “8:30 am” Class is at nine, so she must cut this conversation short. She continues,

“Let me ask you both a question: Who bares more guilt? – The murderer who actually does the evil deed, or the person who brainwashes him into doing the killing? I say the men who turn their fellow human beings into deadly weapons and metaphorically pulls the trigger or set off the bomb are more to blame.”


The trio look up to see Queen Watson rushing towards them like a German panzer rolling towards Paris in the summer of 1940.

Robert pulls on his short beard and says, “You're in big trouble now, Fanny.”
“Jews are always in trouble, Robert dear, haven't you figured it out? Even here in America: We Jews are like David's paratrooper friends, always surrounded and always behind enemy lines. We stand alone...”

Mrs. Watson stops in front of Fanny after putting on her emergency brakes, and stands looking at her out of breath with a beet red face. She remains silent, but her mouth moves trying to form words. Robert, ever the gentleman, puts the elderly lady in his chair while Doris fans her with some papers pulled out in haste from her book bag.

“It's okay, Mrs. Watson, everything is OKAY! Now take a deep breath! There! Doris give the lady a drink of your bottled water. There now, dear! Feeling better? Be calm and talk to Fanny.”

Mrs. Watson recovers quickly and spits out her message, “Miss Kaplan! The Chancellor of Rollins College needs to see you as soon as possible. Why it's a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY! It is something very important and government men are in his office with him. I think it has to do with your Shakespeare class. But I don't know, they didn't tell me, but the Chancellor did say your nine o'clock class was canceled. In fact, all classes have been canceled for the day. You know I don't deal in rumors, however, one is sweeping the campus to the effect that President O'Hara will visit us today!”

“That would explain the sudden interest in Rollins by law enforcement,” said Robert.

Mrs. Watson gathers herself together, stands up to her full five feet, squares her shoulders like British Grenadier, and orders Fanny to follow her lead, which a very puzzled Fanny and her two friends do in quick march. The little party walks to the Administration building down the shady Rollins lanes thick with students and faculty given unexpected leave on a golden summer day. They can overhear parts of conversations from the students as they sail down the walk,

A girl says to a boy, “Did you hear O'Hara is coming here today? Yes, REALLY! That's why the football field has been shutdown, classes canceled and a rope walk being put in between the field and the Hoffman Hall.”

The boy relies, “Why The Hoffman? Are they doing a play today? I saw nothing about it on the bulletin board.”

The girl sees Fanny and yells, “Hey Fanny, what's the deal? Are we doing Shakespeare for the president?”

Fanny smiles and shrugs her shoulders. The four enter the Administration Building with Mrs. Watson leading taking the steps to the second floor two steps at a time to continue her quick march in clicking high heels down the highly polished stone corridor to the August Office of Chancellor, never once looking back to see if her young charges are following her lead in a latter day charge of the Light Brigade.

Mrs Watson opens the door to the outer office. She is greeted by heresy! The Chancellor was working the phone behind her large oak desk AND MAKING DECISIONS! This was MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY! Dr. Reed was a fine Mr. Christian, but a flop as Captain Bligh. So she charged around the desk, tapped the rogue on the shoulder making a thumbs up sign that clearly meant,

“Get the hell out my chair and off my phone!”

The Chancellor immediately obeyed. Everyone on the chessboard of Rollins College obeyed The Queen. This was the natural order of things. There will always be de jure power and de facto power. The Chancellor in law ruled Rollins; Mrs. Watson, a naturalized U.S. Citizen from Merry Olde England, ruled the Rollins Empire from her large oak desk.

Mrs Watson opened her desk and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Eight eyes observed her as she selected one to light up. Rollins College had a strict no smoking policy in buildings. The Chancellor started to say something, then closed his mouth.

“There is a problem?” The dragon lady challenged her boss.

“I'm wondering if you'd object if these two young people – he indicated Doris and Robert – could set in your office for a few minutes? The powers that be only want to talk to Miss Kaplan.”

“If they set quietly in the two chairs opposite my desk and read the magazines. I have important business this morning what with the totally unexpected presidential visit. This will require my total concentration and I don't want to hear an inane student conversation.”

“I think the students will agree to that very reasonable request – won't you, Mr. Wise and Miss Brooks?”

Doris and Robert nod their heads and retreat to the chairs indicated. They both pull out copies of NEWSWEEK and bury their heads in the magazines with a glance every now and then at the dragon lady who with a cloud of smoke about her head resembled Puff The Magic Dragon.

Dr. Reed opens the door to his office and indicates that Fanny is to enter which she does in her best smiling stage entrance style. The Chancellor introduced her to two men in business suits as Mr. Nightlinger and Agent McKenna respectively. The third man she has met earlier, Sheriff Lyons, and she speaks first to him saying,

“Thanks for helping us out earlier – I thought we'd end up in a riot.”

“No problem, young lady. I just do the job the voters of Orange County hired me to do.”

McKenna announces the agenda of the meeting, “As you may have heard on your way over here President O'Hara is visiting Rollins College today. The visit is scheduled for 12 noon. The President has heard of your impressive Shakespeare productions and request that you and your cast perform for him and his eldest daughter.”

Fanny takes her seat and the four men sit down as well. The various staffs of the men remain standing whispering into cellphone mikes while texting on the Black Berry. These are multi tasked people who occasionally whisper important news into their respective bosses hairy ears. She notices that Sheriff Lyons is having a quiet brief conversation with an intelligent looking and handsome young officer in glasses who keeps looking at her large breasts. Then she remembers the missing bra and makes a mental note to borrow one later from a girlfriend.

“Why would the President of the United States be interested in a college stage production by an unknown actress/director at a small Southern college? I would think the Met in New York City does a production of just about any play by Shakespeare in a style we poor hicks can only dream about.”

Nightlinger grabs the floor from McKenna saying,

“Do you know Elizabeth O'Hara, the president's daughter?”

“The only Elizabeth I can think of off hand is Elizabeth Troy. But she left this college and our acting troop last November.”

“They are one and the same. Elizabeth wanted an ordinary college experience, but this was impossible because she was the daughter of a well known Senator who was running for president.”

“I wondered why she suddenly departed Rollins without a word to anyone. Now I know.”

McKenna spoke up, “Do you hold any ill will towards Elizabeth for pulling a deception on you?”

Fanny crossed her legs after remembering she had no underpants on in a room filled largely with men some of whom were mentally raping her as they observe her clearly defined camel toe. “Well, why not?” She thought. Dress like a slut and men will logically assume you are a slut. Underpants were high on the list with the bra.

“I always liked Beth. She had a fine sense of humor and was always fun to be around. If she felt it necessary to play role to secure her privacy, I can understand. It must be difficult to be the son or daughter of a famous man. I mark it in her favor that she has informed me of her real identity by making you the messenger. Better late than never is my motto.”

Nightlinger smiled, “It would have come out sooner or later anyway – The president's children can only be hidden away from the eyes of the Media for only so long.”

“I take it Mr. O'Hara and Beth want to see a Rollins production of a play by Shakespeare.”

“Actually they want to be part of one of your productions of Shakespearean tragedy. Elizabeth chose Rollins College, which is somewhat noteworthy because of your all female productions, to study acting because of her father's love of the Bard. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, heh?”

“What play by Shakespeare are they interested in playing a role?”

“They want to leave that up to you, young lady. You are the director, after all, and our First Family Thespians mere players in a Fanny Kaplan production. Do you have something in rehearsals? Elizabeth says in the summer you usually have something for August at the Anne Russell theater.”

“The play Ms. Kaplan has in rehearsals is JULIUS CAESAR,” informs Dr. Reed, “I would think my secretary Mrs. Watson would make an excellent female Julius Caesar if Miss Kaplan hasn't cast the role already.”

“Are you people totally INSANE?” Yells Sheriff Lyons, “The plot to JULIUS CAESAR is that the emperor is assassinated in the Senate House,” He gets up to pace the floor. The various staffs stop to watch his performance, “Let me guess – You'll allow the President of the United States to star in a play in an unsecured theater on a college campus where riots may breakout at any moment. Oh! And let us not forget that none of the players, to include Miss Kaplan, no doubt to be armed with hopefully fake swords and daggers have been cleared by security. THIS IS INSANITY!!!”

“Methinks the Sheriff protests too much,” says Chief Nightlinger with a smile, our president has informed me on many occasions that he is a man of destiny. A destiny that will last many years and see the creation of a New World Order in which he will play a major role.”

“Didn't Julius Caesar think he was a man of destiny as well? I do believe he had massed the Roman legions in Asia Minor to retrace the conquests of Alexander The Great. But he was assassinated by Brutus and the Roman Republican Senators before he could lead his final campaign to India,” said Lyons looking towards McKenna for back up by a fellow law enforcement officer, “Say something, will you, McKenna.”

“I said my piece already, Sheriff Lyons, I wash my hands of this affair. I would suggest you do the same. I would recommend you pull out all local law enforcement from Rollins and the immediate area. This will be an all federal show. After all, I have thousands of 'SS storm troopers,' as you call them at my command. Why I could occupy the central counties of Florida all with just my soldiers alone. The security of a small liberal arts college with mostly female students and faculty should be a piece of cake. Right, Chief Nightlinger?”

“The show must go on! I have full trust in the ability of the Secret Service to protect President O'Hara and his lovely daughter,” said Nightlinger.

“Well if what to be is to be, may myself and Sheriff Lyons depart? We both have prisoners to beat with hoses, I'm sure,” states McKenna with a smile and wink.

The two men exit the room followed by their staffs. Nightlinger has a brief conference with his staff and asks Dr. Reed,

“The HDTV on the wall over there (pointing) could we get an outside feed piped on to it?”

“Video conference? I do that all the time. Just ask Mrs. Watson to click the right keys on her laptop and it will happen,” Nightlinger whispers something to an aide who directs Nightlinger's staff to depart the Chancellor's office, “Dr. Reed, could I borrow your office and Miss Kaplan for a short while? We have details concerning the play to discuss in conjunction with a video conference with the president who is in the air flying towards Florida on Air Force One even as we speak.”

Chancellor Reed takes the opportunity to escape captivity and responsibility. As he leaves the Administration building he is busy thinking in what way could he held responsible if the worst does happen on his Watch.

The large HDTV springs to life showing an airborne conference room manned by President O'Hara and Elizabeth. Nightlinger asks,

“Testing 1...2...3 Can you hear and see me, Mr. President?”

“In living color. Would that attractive woman to your right be Miss Kaplan?”

“In the flesh, President O'Hara,” says Fanny with her best stage smile, “And would that beautiful dark headed woman to your left be your daughter Elizabeth?”

“Fanny please! We are SISTERS! I simply insist that you keep calling me BETH!”

“Do I still keep calling you Ms. Troy, as well?”

“But Fanny you have to admit I played a great role! I was in character 24/7 for nearly two years.”

“Yes, dear, you certainly fooled everyone. Your act as a Jewish girl will go down someday in the annals of history.”

“Are you angry?”

“Why in the world should I be, Beth? The world is a stage. Although small minded people may think you're a psychopath. But we with open minds know it was a ploy to gain privacy as the daughter of a very famous man; a man of destiny, as everyone knows.”

“Thank you for being so understanding, Ms Kaplan – The first two years of my daughters college experience was spent running from the Media. It was very stressful for the poor thing as you can imagine, so you can imagine her relief at being just one of the gang for a couple of years. One's college experience should innocent and free as possible, don't you agree?”

“Mr. President, I hate change the subject, but I need to touch base with you two on the play. As I see it the only role possible for you is that of the Emperor. For Beth I would think Mark Antony, Caesar's best friend and heir apparent, would be a role made in heaven. I should tell you because of the time element and limitations The Hoffman, we only have time to do The Ides of March scene.”

Obama Using Secret Service (SS) To Imprison His Opponents

It would appear our United States Secret Service (SS) has started an Obama directed witch hunt against the opponents of "The One," one Barry Obama, a native of Kenya, who was elected President of the United States on the basis of ACORN stolen votes.

In fact, the witch hunt started BEFORE "The Messiah" was elected president, as a recent conviction in California indicates.

Yes, it is just dandy for Leftards to write books, make movies and threaten Republican Presidents like George W. Bush; the SS will yawn in boredom; however, when a neo-fascist Leftard power monger like Obama is elected First Citizen free speech in criticism of "The Great Helmsman" Obama is forbidden.

Those who don't get the meaning of The New Realities in this country may end up on a ten year cruise of the FEDERAL GULAG (Also called Bureau of Prisons - The BOP) like Walter Bagdasarian of La Mesa, California. All expenses paid, of course, along with free room, board and Obamanation Brain Washing done for free at FCI Butner, North Carolina.

The clothing is free as well, but only comes in only one color.

One would think that if the SS were in reality an honest agency of federal law enforcement they would have already arrested our Mussolini wanna-be president who has in only six months in office used the U.S. Constitution as toilet paper to wipe his very dirty collectivist brown butt.

I could be wrong, but isn't that treason?

On the other hand can a native of Kenya, or any country for that matter, commit treason against the United States? This a question for the courts. I'm no legal scholar, but wouldn't a foreigner who illegally becomes the President of the United States be guilty of some offense that would merit being executed by a military firing squad at dawn after being found guilty by a Military Tribunal?

One would think the 5,000 Special Agents of the SS would look at high treason with a serious Eagle Eye rather than riot about the 3.5 million square miles of the USA and arrest every citizen who points out that the King Has No Clothes, and whose continued stay in the Oval Office constitutes the single most serious threat to the Republic since Robert E. Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia stood at The Gates of Gettysburg.

Once again our very own U.S. Secret Service has proven Orwell was right: "Big Brother is watching you!"


Obama increasingly unpopular; once threatened

July 28, 2009· Alberto Vargas - San Diego Community Issues Examiner

President Obama’s popularity has been nose-diving in recent weeks. Many have used this information to make the argument that the people of America have woken up from a deep slumber, stupor, trance of the Obama campaign machine that handed him the presidency.

Obama-mania, as Sean Hannity frequently refers to the unstoppable swell from voters in support of the president, seems to be rapidly subsiding.

According to the latest Rasmussen Report, 32% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way Obama is fulfilling his role as president. 40% now Strongly Disapprove. This leaves the president with an Approval Index rating of - 8.

These numbers seem a far cry from the hopeful optimism that shook the nation while Obama was running for president, promising a new era of change and hope. Regardless of whether he is making the right decisions or not, the public seems to be running out of patience with him.

Conservatives cannot stand for what they call Obama’s socialist views. They strongly disapprove of his power-hungry means of taking over several of the most important industries in our country.

So-called blue-dog democrats are refusing – thus far – to go along with the administration’s proposed healthcare reform. Generally speaking, there is a growing sense that the nation does not like what President Obama is doing to the nation.

This, even before the elections, has left a very bitter taste in the mouths of many Americans. He’s been a polarizing figure, thus far.

To this end, a La Mesa man has recently been charged and convicted of threatening to kill the president. This apparently took place during the presidential campaign. Had this man not been arrested, one can only wonder what he would’ve said or threatened to do now that the president has lost his popularity; and confirmed many people’s fears.

Walter Bagdasarian said the country would essentially fall apart during an Obama presidency and went so far as to suggest assassination. Marilyn Huff, U. S. District Court judge expressed that such threats are sufficient grounds to find the man guilty of “two counts of making threats against a major candidate for president of the United States.”

Bagdasarian chose to forego his right to a jury trial. As such, he is scheduled to face sentencing on October 26. He faces the possibility of a maximum of 10 years in prison for these threats.

His defense attorney argued that the man was drunk during his tirades, which were posted on-line on the Yahoo Finance message board. His attorney also brought up the First Amendment right to freedom of speech. He also made the argument that his client had no real intent of following through with the threats and cited the man later apologized for having posted such violent comments.

The judge reiterated, “You have freedom of expression…but the wonderful protections of the First Amendment are not without responsibility. The defendant intended the statement to be taken as a threat.”

Today, many might argue that the 47-year-old La Mesa man was on to something when he warned that “the country would fall apart during” the Obama presidency. What they won’t agree is that threatening somebody with assassination is not exactly the most democratic means of mounting political opposition.

The voice of the individual is important and must not be silenced.