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Ronbo: The Orlando Incident

From the movie script, “The White Rose.” Location: Orlando, Florida on the 4th of July. The scene opens as a middle aged man wearing a backpack walks down a divided four lane street. The street is well landscaped with palm and pine trees lining the roadway. There are views of several motels and business building while the man walks into the camera eye for a few minutes. The weather is beautiful under a cloud free sky as this is morning long before the thunder storms move in for the almost daily afternoon shower.

Then the scene changes to one of hyper activities: Orlando police and Orange County deputies block off the man’s path up and down the street. A black SUV with tinted windows rolls up to walking the man who stops in his tracks, as if expecting such a development. The doors open and two men in plain clothes jump out and quickly arrest the walking man and handcuff him.

The walking man is dressed in shorts and wears a loud shirt as is the custom with Florida tourists. The two plain clothes policemen are dressed differently: One wears casual sports clothes and has short dark hair; the other officer is well dressed in a conservative dark business suit and has longish hair that is the current style for men.

The Walking Man: “Since I’m obviously in custody a couple of things: Aren’t you required to read me my Miranda Rights and tell me why I’m being detained?”

The Sports Clothes Cop: (who is busy going thru the backpack) Who said you’re under arrest? Whatever gave you that idea? This is just a friendly encounter with an old friend: I’m Agent Smith of the Secret Service and the well dressed gentleman who is busy looking at the phone list in your cell phone is Agent Jones. (Jones waves and smiles. He is now busy in examination of the wallet)

The Walking Man: “Are you sure you have the right guy?”

Smith: “You mean you aren’t you? You aren’t the famous ’Ronbo’”

Ronbo: “Glad to meet you. Now would you take off the cuffs? I think my hands are beginning to swell up?”

Smith: “Shortly.”

(A dark Lincoln town car with tinted windows drives up. Agent Smith opens the rear door and has a brief conversation with the person inside. The camera backs off and we can see the street blocked off at either end by SWAT teams who watch the party intently. Smith finishes the conversation and walks back to Ronbo.)

Smith: “The Deputy Director of the Secret Service will see you now, please follow me.”

Ronbo: “As if I had an option….”

Smith: (Looking at Jones who follows with the back pack) “Find anything?”

Jones: “Only $10,000 in the back pack. Hundred dollar bills.”

Smith: “Say, Ronbo, where does a man who hasn’t held a job since 2001 come by $10,000?”

Ronbo: “I got lucky at black jack in Vegas?”

Smith: “Okay. Now show me the receipt from the Casino?”

Ronbo: “Didn’t you find it? I thought I put it with the money.”

Smith: “Try again.”

Ronbo: “My uncle died and left me $10,000”

Smith: “Not your Uncle Sam?”

Ronbo: “No, my Uncle Fred.”

Smith: “Show me the Will. Ronbo, I’m disappointed. You’re suppose to be the master of conspiracy and yet come up with BS stories just like a common street thug busted with a bag of drug money. I guess you know the government seizes this money?”

Ronbo: “I’m sorry Agent Smith. If that really is your name. The Secret Service seems to be filled with Smith and Jones. Please feel free to keep the cash -- I know in these troubled economic times the government needs every red cent it lays its hands on.”

Voice from inside the limo: “Smith take off the cuffs you put on Ronbo and give him back all his property. Ronbo please join me.”

Ronbo: (sliding into the back seat with Smith taking the front passenger seat) “Well I’ll be darn: It’s Senior Special Agent John McKenna, my arresting officer from 1994! I see your career with the SS has been rewarding -- A deputy director, no less! I’m impressed.”

McKenna: (who bears a likeness to Martin Sheen) “I see you have grown as well, although not in a socially approved way. I do wish you’d stop calling us the “SS” -- I mean one gets the mental picture of secret policemen breaking down doors and arresting people for being Jews and such.”

Ronbo: “As is well known, the American SS is an equal opportunity organization who equally oppresses all Americans regardless of race, creed, or religion.”

McKenna: (Changing the subject)”Where would you like to go for lunch.?”
Ronbo: “When in Orlando I always go to my favorite hamburger joint -- the NASCAR bar and grill. It’s just up this street after the light”

McKenna: (To the driver) “ You heard that? (the man nods) To Smith: “Take off Ronbo’s cuffs. I don’t think we’ll have any trouble with him. Also, call off the back ups.”

Ronbo: (Trying to get circulation back in his hands) “Why do you guys always put the cuffs on so damn tight?”

Smith: “It’s what we do. It’s our thing. After all, we are the good guys and you’re an ex-con bad guy. You should be glad we let you go to be as free as a bird.”

(The limo pulls up to the VIP entrance to City Walk where the NASCAR is located. The three men walk into the park. All three are dressed in shorts and wear loud shirts, which is the standard attire for males on vacation in Orlando. In a short time they are seated at the NASCAR bar and grill. A pretty blond waitress hands them a menu.)

Waitress: “What will ya’all have?” spoken in a southern accent. Her name tag reads, 'Sue.'”

Ronbo: “I’ll take the world famous NASCAR cheeseburger with fries and a big dill pickle washed down with a very large Coors draft. ”

McKenna: “Smith and I will take the same. We are in such a vacation mood today.”

Smith: “A beer? We are on duty, chief.”

Ronbo: (To Sue who looks puzzled) “You see, Sue, these are agents of the Secret Service and they are suppose to interrogate me today and so are on duty. They are not allowed to drink on duty, not even a beer. But it would appear that Agent McKenna has reached such a high level of authority in the SS that such small matters of discipline are no longer important. Please show your gun to Sue, Agent Smith.”

Sue: (smiling) “Oh, I get it! You all are actors in some new movie here at Universal Studios. What’s it called?”

Ronbo: “Revolution.” (Smith kicks Ronbo under the table)

McKenna: “I’ll take my burger rare. What about you, Smith?”

Smith: “As rare as I can get it. I love the sight of blood (Shooting eye daggers at Ronbo)

Sue: “And you , sir? How would you like your burger cooked” (Looking at Ronbo with pen and pad in hand)

Ronbo: “Well done.” (Smith eyes him coldly)
(Sue hurries off with the order)

Smith: “Chief, could I have five minutes alone with this jerk. I promise not to leave any marks or break any bones.”

McKenna: “I respect your zeal for law enforcement, Agent Smith, but we are here just to talk to Mr. Ronbo like gentlemen. Isn’t that right, Ronbo?”

Ronbo: (rubbing his knee) “Damn Smith that smarted! I’d hate to get kicked by you if you were wearing steel toed boots.” (to McKenna) “Yeah, sure. It’s your dime, start talking, Mac.”

Sue: (Appearing with the beer) “Enjoy. The burgers will be here shortly.”

McKenna: (Taking a small sip of beer and wiping his mouth) “Ronbo you simply must stop dropping out of sight for months on end and moving about the country doing God knows what. Did you know in the last several months we have had Ronbo sightings in places like Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and California.”

Ronbo: “I like to travel about and see the big old U.S. of A.”

McKenna: “And you are done just that…But what puzzles me is that you don’t seem to stay in one place longer than 24 hours.”

Ronbo: (Taking a big sip of Coors) “I get bored easily and move on.”

McKenna: “Why did you go to Las Vegas?”

Ronbo: “I heard the beach was great here.”

Smith: “The beach? Las Vegas, Nevada is in the middle of a desert!”

Ronbo: (Finishes off the Coors and orders another by sign language to Sue at bar) “Damn! I was misinformed.”

McKenna: (To Smith) “Ronbo is having fun with us.” (To Ronbo) I see CASABLANCA is one of your favorite movies too? What role do I have?”

Ronbo: (As Sue brings him another cold one) “I think the Claude Rains role, a corrupt petty official of a collectivist government who wants to be on the winning side with the loot.”

McKenna: (Noticing that Ronbo is making excellent progress on his second Coors) “I see you have the Humphey Bogart part down pat -- you’re a drunk.”

Ronbo: “Yes, but I’ll be sober in the morning and you’ll still be a flat foot secret policeman.”

McKenna: “Ronbo, we know you have been out West for months. We know you have been throwing around money -- millions of dollars -- like a drunken sailor on a weekend pass. We know that you seem to have access to an apparently limitless supply of AK47 and ammunition. We know that you seem to have made contact with about half the dangerous militia types on our watch list….”

Ronbo: (He waves the empty glass at Sue, both Smith and McKenna are still working on their first beer) “There’s a problem? Let us just say for the sake of an argument that I’m traveling around the country giving away guns and money to people you disapprove of. So what? As long as the money are honest bucks and the AK47s aren’t automatics you have no case. I may just be altruistic and just helping out my survivalist friends.”

Smith: "As you well know being a man of no small weapons experience it only takes an expert a few minutes to convert a semi-automatic AK47 to full automatic. Interestingly, someone had done that already to the weapons we captured."

Ronbo: "If you say so, Agent Smith." (Ronbo appears to give his third large beer of the afternoon all his attention and the agents watch with awe as it too follows the quick fate of the first two.)..."Of course, it could be that the AK47s you intercepted were never semi-automatic to begin with."

McKenna: "We had thought of that as well...But where would someone get access to full automatic AK47s?"

(Sue carries in a tray filled with cheese burgers and fries. She serves them to the three men along with another Coors draft for Ronbo.)

Ronbo: (Takes a long sip) "Ah! There is nothing better cool beer on a hot Florida July afternoon! (Smith and McKenna eye him coldly) Guys I'm not feeling the love here!"

Smith: "Answer the question, mister?"

Ronbo: "Why do you keep asking me questions that you know the answers to?"

McKenna: "Please humor us."

Ronbo: (He finishes off the beer and waves the empty glass at Sue who pulls the handle to the Coors draft machine) "The answer obvious -- Only the military could supply the weapons in question in mass quantity....which means..."

McKenna: "Yes?"

Ronbo: "Very bad news for your side: The Armed Forces have joined the rebel cause."

McKenna: (Placing three pictures on the table from a folder he's carrying) "You know these men?"

Ronbo: (Eating the cheeseburger and fries like a starving man and washing it down with large gulps of beer. He pauses briefly and looks at the pictures) "More importantly do know who they are."

McKenna: "This is General Conway. The second is Jack Idema. The third is Mark Alexander who is more commonly known as 'Mister Big'"

Ronbo: (Who has just downed a good quarter of his burger in one large bite and chased it down with a large gulp of beer) "My co-conspirators in revolution. Do you think you sell the case to a U.S. Attorney."

McKenna: "I wouldn't think of it! (He looks at Smith with a smile) I'm sure the Department of Justice has its hands full of work processing the important things the president is interested in: Tax cheats, drug dealers and white supermacists.

Ronbo: "So you want to make a deal, Louie? This is getting so CASABLANCA. I can see a beautiful relationship starting. Why the turn about? Let me guess -- the higher ups didn't believe a revolution was brewing and refused to allow you to crush us."

McKenna: "If you can't beat'em join em."

Ronbo: "I believe you."

McKenna: "Just like that - you believe me. No proof needed. A trusting soul?"

Ronbo: "Let's just say we have our people in the Secret Service. They tell us things."

McKenna: "Terms?"

Ronbo: "We allow you and your bodyguard Smith to live anywhere in world outside the USA after the success of the revolution. I'm sure as a man of the world you can have a wealthy retirement. You have a Swiss bank account, I believe?"

McKenna: (Angerly wipping his lips with the napkin) "Agreed."

Ronbo: "There are conditions."

McKenna: "They are?"

Ronbo: "You must turn President O'Hara over to us alive. The White House is not to be defended by the SS. No Secret Service or White House files, recordings or videos are to be destroyed."

McKenna: (Wiping the sweat from his face) "I'll do my best, but I can promise nothing."

Ronbo: "I think you can and will deliver -- you're a ruthless bastard."



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