Monday, October 12, 2009

Should Obama Be Tried For Treason? Take The Poll At The Freedom Fighter's Journal


The poll majority think that President Obama should be impeached and/or tried for treason as an ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC. What say you? Do you stand for liberty, or do you favor Obama style fascism as do a small minority who have taken the poll?

[Obama]..a fascist president. A man whose mentors were a child rapist, a domestic terrorist, a racist minister, and assorted Communists who orders his subordinates to attack private citizens, union thugs to stifle free speech, ACORN felons to manufacture votes, and the FCC to throttle opposing speech on the radio and Internet.


marty92108 said...

Forget about it! Who do you think is going to impeach Obama, all the Democrats in Congress? First priority, get the Democrats OUT of office in 2010. Then consider going after Obama.

Anonymous said...

Attack Obama now!

Orly Taitz has the right attitude. Hit the lying bastard with every lawsuit idea possible.

Orly has more backbone than any weasel man in Congress.


Anonymous said...

We all can sign and post comments but things won't happen unless ACTION is taken.
EMail your state reps and the Military.
He is now going to bring those who master minded 9/11 to NY for a civil trial
He has also asked Congress to back off the FT Hood investigation.
Not makeing a decision on sending troops is the reason for TREASON.
Get this man out of office NOW If you wait it will be to late.

orville1 said...

Is or is not the Commander in Chief the senior military officer in command of all the lower ranking officers, NCOs, and other enlisted personnel of the armed services of the United States?

As the supreme commander he is as much governed by the same rules as his subordinate officers and enlisted personnel, namely, the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), which demands that violations be punishable "as a Court Martial may direct".
Note: The use of "may" in the above quote from the UCMJ is perfectly correct english as in "as a Court Martial 'is permitted to' direct".

Possible violations: Derilection of duty, etc.?

Who can add to this list? All vets at one time had memorized all these articles that we were taught. We are the employer of the CIC/POTUS! Has he violated our trust?

orville1 said...

Anonymous said...

"Orly Taitz has the right attitude. Hit the lying bastard with every lawsuit idea possible."

I understand your unhappyness with a person elected to command our armed forces and lead our government and agree that he apparently doesn't have a clue as to how to solve problems or even define something as a problem.
However, stating that he is a "lying bastard" could possibly get your ID on a government nasty list! Can you prove he is either a liar and/or a bastard? It is a lot easier to prove that I am neither a Liberal nor a Democrat.

orville1 said...

Food for Thought:
Getting on the Nasty List might have done no favors for Vince Foster.