Monday, June 28, 2010

Message From The New Sam Adams


I have worked for a Second American Revolution since 2005 when I finally realized that compromise with the Left was impossible because they had become dominated by the Communists who had taken over the Democrat Party lock, stock and barrel.

This came after a long socialist evolution in American politics going back about 100 years. The election of Communist Barack Obama only sealed the deal. Our federal government has become socialist, and the American Armed Forces have become the defenders of socialism.

I think revolution is the only option for American Patriots. I realize that a majority of American do not favor taking up arms in defense of liberty at this point - They still think elections will rollback the Red Tide. It won't. The Communists (who call themselves "Progressives") also control Academia, Media and Business. The only means of restoration of the republic is by force of arms, since many thousands of hardcore socialists can only be removed from public life by brute force.

American Patriots are already revolutionists, this is in our DNA from the First American Revolution and the U.S. Civil War, but we must become radical republicans and rid our country of its ruling elite in the same ruthless way the French revolutionists rid their country of their reactionaries in 1789 to 1794.

It is well said that the U.S. Constitution is not a suicide pact. Therefore, we must make total war on all forms of socialism who attempt to hide behind that document and that infest our body politic. When these Communist parasites are terminated with extreme prejudice and our Homeland is secure once again, we must launch a counter attack against all forms of world socialism and ally ourselves with the Freedom Fighters of the planet.

The Communists declared war on Freedom in 1848.

The time has come for Freedom to declare war on Communism.

The only good Communist is a dead Communist.

--Sam Adams


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