Monday, January 17, 2011


Remember, the instructions from the White House are you keep focusing on Palin, you keep telling the American people what a dangerous, unqualified boob Sarah Palin is. David Cameron, prime minister of the UK, is set to act over soaring petrol prices. The London media is pushing him, but silence in the USA. From "Petrol Prices may Kill the Economy and the Coalition." They are severely worried about the economy blowing up because of rising energy prices in the UK, the same prices that are going up here. You're just not having it reported. Lots of urgency in the UK. But here it's all Palin bashing, on orders from the White House news center. "UK, fuel prices yesterday nudging their record highs of July 2008," and Obama wants us talking about the strange harmony BS! --Rush Limbaugh

Read the Background Material...

MSNBC: OPEC Ministers Say World Can Handle $100 Oil
Reuters: Rising Gasoline Prices Sour U.S. Consumer Mood
UK Express: Petrol Prices May Kill the Economy and the Coalition
Rasmussen: 75% Want Health Care Law Changed
The Hill: Study: Climate Change Contributed to Rise and Fall of Roman Empire
Reuters: Oil Off on U.S. Data but OPEC Eyed As $100 in Sight
Wall Street Journal: US Stock Futures Fall Slightly After Jobless Claims

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