Friday, February 11, 2011


Muslim reporter: 1st Egypt, then The Islamic Republic of United States

The Patriot Statesman ^ | 2-10-2011 | Aisha Foda

Egypt was a famous Christian nation going back to the times of The Apostles. Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined muslim Arabs threatening their livelihoods. Then one day an army of terrorist muslims ruthlessly attacked the peace loving Egyptians for one purpose: Force islam down their throats.

So many analysts on the right and left miss the reality of this historical fact when reporting on Egypt. They only focus on the islamic brotherhood, Al-Qaida , Hamas, Hezbollah, or other organizations, while avoiding the elephant in the room. Muslim historical documents reveal Mohammad and faithful muslims glorifying rape, torture and murder of nonmuslims to the shouts of allahuakbar. Mohammadean terrorism has been going on for 1388 years among faithful muslims. Here is a 3 year old muslim girl on muslim station revealing what hundreds of millions of muslims in “secular and moderate” muslim nations are taught from early childhood:

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Ronbo said...


The game of human life ain't over until it's over: Mankind may become yet become gods.

Maybe Nietzsche was right after all - that Man will become Superman, although not by evolution, but by His own Will and Intelligence, "Triumph of the Will to become Immortal."


If this advance in science happens while I'm alive, I opt to be Apollo (grin)...