Thursday, May 12, 2011

U.S. Attorney For Western Washingon State: The Corrupt, Degenerate, And Communist Jenny Durkan

The U.S. Attorney based in Seattle - the degenerate lesbian Jenny Durkan - is a traitor-bitch.

"Whoa, Ronbo," you might say, however, I call them like I see them.

If a "poster girl" for a corrupt, degenerate Communist female is needed, Comrade Durkan fills the bill.

The particulars?

On the issue of "degenerate" the case closed, as is well documented, Comnade Durkan (or is that "Dorken?") not only has a lesbian lover, but has went the whole way Communist and "married' an equally degenerate bitch.

This is the People's Republic of Seattle, Washington, so no problem with finding "clergy" to tie the knot. Also, if you're member of the American Communist Party (some still call them the "Democrat" Party) of long standing politically correct lap dog status, the road to promotion, riches and authority lies in being MORE corrupt, degenerate and Marxist than the rest of the Democommie herd.

Clearly, being female, lesbian, married to another woman AND having two sons trumps being heterosexual white, Communist and a female lawyer. I mean now many those people exist in the People's Republic of Seattle, Washington? There are literally a panzer division of Leftist female traitor-bitch lawyers on parade every morning in downtown Seattle, and you can hear the "click-click" of their black high heels on the concrete a block away making a sound like the Rommel's First Panzer Division rolling into Paris in the summer of 1940.

But I digress.

In 2009, Comrade Lawyer Dorken, err Durken, wildest dream came true, and President Obama, well known as the first communist-traitor bastard president of the USA, appointed her U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington. Thus proving years of hard work as the ultimate lesbian Democommie lawyer after promotion and power gets the job licked!

Yes, the pun is intended. Ronbo is of the traditional values America Florida where lesbians are sentenced to years of Bible studies and sermons by their Baptist ministers until they fly straight and true into the arms of handsome Christian men, some of whom are lawyers; give natural birth to four of five happy heterosexual kids of only two genders, walk the picket line every Saturday at the local A-Bort-U-Ary and vote for only stalwart Republicans as card carrying housewife home school moms.

So there you have it folks, the well known freedom fighter and TPM (Tea Party Movement) patriot Ronbo, a Vietnam War veteran with the Good Conduct Medal, under the jurisdiction of the infamous traitor bitch lesbo prosecutor Comrade Dorken, err.... "Durkan." who, as is well known, can indict a ham sandwich for being without mustard and win in court all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, where the Leftist Supremes often find cases on the basis of "Kas Kapital" by Karl Marx, Scottish law and all other law codes EXCEPT the U.S. Constitution.

"Yes, Ronbo, you are so SCREWED!"-stated prosecutor Comrade Dorken...err "Durkan" to her staff after reading the latest article in "The Freedom Fighter's Journal."

"On what charge, Comrade?" - asks Daniel Lackey of the U.S. Service Service. "As near as we can tell he lives in a Christian Mission downtown and goes to church every Sunday."

"Comrade, Comrade COMRADE SS Agent!!! How many times do I have tell you that being white, Republican, straight, TPM member, patriot and a veteran with the Good Conduct Medal is a high crime in the People Republic of Seattle!!! ...So do your duty, Comrade SS Agent and arrest Ronbo under U.S.C. 871 for thinking politically incorrect thoughts against our grand & glorious supreme leader President Obama."



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