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Where Next for Obama? Magic can turn failure into a resume enhancement.

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David Solway  " My suspicions deepened as his candidacy soared and by the time he gave his Denver coronation speech I knew beyond the slightest hesitation that he was as fake as the classical columns he spoke before and as artificial as the teleprompters that accompanied him everywhere. From whatever angle one examined him, the man was unmitigated bad news for a country swept up in a protracted seizure of idolatrous frenzy. The ensuing years only confirmed the fact that, in electing him to the presidency, America had done itself megaharm."
David Solway is a Canadian poet and essayist. He is the author of The Big Lie: On Terror, Antisemitism, and Identity, and is currently working on a sequel, Living in the Valley of Shmoon. His new book on Jewish and Israeli themes, Hear, O Israel!, has just been released by Mantua Books.

Norman Podhoretz:  What Happened to Obama? Absolutely Nothing. "...nothing happened to him. He is still the same anti-American leftist he was before becoming our president, and it is this rather than inexperience or incompetence or weakness or stupidity that accounts for the richly deserved failure both at home and abroad of the policies stemming from that reprehensible cast of mind."
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Why not? What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Clearly, the authorities and the Leftstream Media have given a green light to murder based only a person's skin color, so if it's okay for blacks to murder innocent inoffensive whites, the same should be allowed for whites. This is a fairness issue. The time has come to legalize "nigger hunting" on the white lightening fueled Redneck Friday Night - Yes, them good ole boys need to be officially allowed to lock, load and shoot blacks from their pick up trucks with no bag limit!



I am trying very hard to remain civil and reasonable in the wake of this latest outrage. But if a mass deportation of all Muslims (yes every last one of them, even the so-called "good Muslims") were to occur, suffice it to say that I wouldn't object. They are truly the enemy within. They are not and can never be authentic Americans.

Theme park shuts its gates after mass brawl breaks out over Muslims banned from wearing hijabs

Daily Mail ^ | 7:34 AM on 31st August 2011 | By Mark Duell

A theme park was forced to shut its gates to visitors yesterday when a mass brawl broke out after Muslim women were banned from rides unless they removed their headscarves.

Two park rangers were hospitalised and 15 people were arrested in the scuffle at Rye Playland in New York.

The theme park was crowded with around 6,000 visitors. Roughly 3,000 were in a Muslim tour group celebrating a holiday at the end of Ramadan.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

"In the case of the Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., his skin color will provide no protection from his appalling record of incompetence and stupidity."

Maybe it’s “just politics” or maybe it’s the fancier psychological term, “projection”—saying that others possess the same traits as oneself—but it is impossible to ignore the way liberals in general and Democrats in particular are quick to label any Republican president or presidential candidate as “dumb.”


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Obama Snubs VFW: First Time In Group’s History White House Not Sending Senior Official To Veterans Convention…


"We had been told, on leaving our native soil, that we were to defend the sacred rights conferred on us by so many of our citizens settled overseas, so many years of our presence, so many benefits brought by us to populations in need of our assistance and civilization. We were able to verify that this was true, and because it was true, we did not hesitate to shed our quota of blood, to sacrifice our youth and our hopes. We regretted nothing, but whereas we over here are inspired by their frame of mind, I am told that in Rome factions and conspiracies are rife, that treachery flourishes, and that many people in their uncertainty and confusion lend a ready ear to the dire temptations of relinquishment and vilify our action. I cannot believe that all this true, and yet recent wars have shown how pernicious such a state of mind could be and to where it could lead. Make haste to reassure me, I beg you, and tell me that our fellow citizens understand us, support us and protect us as we protect the glory of the Empire. If it should be otherwise, if we should leave our bleached bones on these desert sands in vain, then BEWARE THE ANGER OF THE LEGIONS!!"

The author was Marcus Flavinius, a centurion in the second cohort of the Augusta Legion serving in the Middle East, to his cousin, Tertullus, in Rome during the early third century A.D. in a letter that could easily be written by an American officer serving in Afghanistan today.


What Liberals Fear More Than Obama Losing

By Geoffrey P. Hunt

The left are now wringing their hands fearing their agenda is overripe, blaming everyone else for their own spoiled pickling. While Obama's sinking prospects for re-election are disquieting, the real source of liberals' despair is their sudden, unexpected realization that the progressive agenda is dead in its tracks and will likely be in full retreat after 2012.

Obama is finished, but the demise of their identity politician is neither the main event nor surprising. He was a lame duck after he returned from Copenhagen empty handed in September 2009, expecting the mere presence of his electro-magnetic glow would secure the 2016 summer Olympics for Chicago.

He cannot claim a single success. His resume is a bibliography of failure. His signature achievement, the dubious namesake ObamaCare, was designed by someone else. Its central feature, the individual insurance mandate, is destined to be overturned by the Supreme Court.

We will have our fill of post mortems, ad nauseam, about how The One broke their hearts; his considerable skills, now considered overrated, were just no match for the enormity of the clean- up needed after Bush's mess; a victim of his opponents' entrenched racism.

Obama was only a convenient vessel, a mere tool. But enough about Obama; even the Congressional Black Caucus is ready to Move On.

The end of the Progressive Era, eclipsing Obama, has come from two places -- one fiscal and pragmatic, the other ideological and visceral. First, the debt crisis and persistent economic woes have made it clear that the progressive agenda is unaffordable and unsustainable. The money pumps in the forms of more borrowing and taxes cannot possibly keep up with the tons of green water spending coming aboard.

"Short-handed" by Lionel Smythe, National Maritime Museum, UK

Second, beyond the limited government ideology now gaining real traction, Americans without an ideology are finding that central planning madness from Washington is making their lives worse, not better.

The tipping point provoking the libs' worst nightmare was contained in Rick Perry's speech announcing his candidacy to be the Republican nominee for president. Perry proclaimed his mission was not to make government more accountable, effective, or efficient -- that's standard issue bromide from populist reformers. No, Perry was bold enough, and as his critics will assert reckless, to suggest government should be irrelevant -- his words "as inconsequential to your lives as possible." This may be the most radical anti-government posture since Calvin Coolidge, leaning on the likes of Lord Acton:

There are many things the government can't do, many good purposes it must renounce. It must leave them to the enterprise of others. It cannot feed the people. It cannot enrich the people. It cannot teach the people.

The liberal press are frightened out of their wits. Whether Perry is an authentic purebred limited government advocate may be debatable. No matter, he's close enough.

Perry's credibility as a governor, his disdain for Washington, his unapologetic and outspoken defense of conservative principles, his jobs and business climate record, all despite occasional lapses and rhetorical excesses -- in short his popularity and substance overcoming his defects -- make him the candidate the Dems fear most. Perry, more ruthless, pragmatic, and plain spoken than any of his rivals is the most likely to lead the coming dismantling of the federal government monstrosity.

MSM's Jeff Greenfield nearly soiled his pants describing Perry's brand of extremist limited government:

It is a formulation of a brand of current conservative thinking that breaks radically with two centuries of American history. There is no mission - other than defense against foreign foes - that is the proper task of Washington...

To argue that there is nothing of moment that Washington should be doing marks a version of that argument that is nothing short of astonishing.

Read all of it here. Greenfield seems to believe whatever the federal government does is equally momentous -- fighting wars, ending slavery, enabling westward expansion beyond the Alleghenies, and mandating rules on low flow toilets and energy saving light bulbs. Greenfield commits the increasingly commonplace liberal fallacy of conflating real with surreal. How absurd to suggest that by rejecting job killing global warming taxes and denouncing EPA regulations crippling business expansion and economic growth, Perry would also have opposed the Homestead Act and desegregation.

It doesn't require a PhD in economics or history to sort out the origins of the progressives' inevitable downfall. During the past 60 years we've rung up deficits in 51 of them. Democrats controlled both the US House and Senate in 38 of those years. The Democrats, increasingly dominated by the ideology of redistributive economics, welfare state largesse, and central planning elitism, have simply engorged themselves without restraint, spending us into oblivion.

Spend, spend , spend some more...of someone else's money. Then threaten to take more of it while libeling those who protest financing this bottomless pit.

The liberal vision of the ideal state is fat, sloppy and lazy. Why exert yourself if someone else will buy you food stamps and school lunches? Why bother learning to read, write, do simple algebra, or acquire any employable skills when you'll get free health care and subsidized housing? Why eat right and keep fit when obesity and diabetes is a protected disability?

Americans are finally fed up with the Democrats' value system: no personal accountability; moral equivalence; belief that success is derived from exploiting everybody else; everybody else is a hapless victim; we are all racists and xenophobes, consigned to endless acts of contrition where reparations and open borders would be the only relief.

Here's a story of a public school janitor describing the obscene waste in his school's cafeteria. An apt metaphor for the trillions of social program spending since LBJ's Great Society: taxpayer dollars shoveled onto a compost pile with nothing to show for it. Far from a bed of roses, instead fostering a culture of depravity, dependency, and entitlement. The writer of this piece wonders out loud what many of us think in private. Is poverty real with such bounty? Certainly poverty of spirit is real. We are an impoverished nation when it comes to intellectual honesty, denying that self- reliance and sweat equity, not government handouts, enabled American exceptionalism.

The liberal legacy soon to visit America has been displayed writ large in the London rioting. The consequences of the welfare state combined with illiteracy and a moral vacuum were predicted nearly 50 years ago by Daniel Patrick Moynihan's infamous "Report", The Negro Family: The Case For National Action. Moynihan focused his attention on urban black society, the fatal breakdown of the family unit, and was vilified by the left for doing so. Moynihan's insights should not confined to the black community. His observations would equally apply to Britain today and throughout much of post-modern America.

Today's black unemployment rate ranges from 20-40% depending on who's counting and where. What have the trillions devoted to our welfare state achieved for them? More illiteracy, more broken single parent families, more crime, more dependency, more rage. And now, we're bankrupt. What next?

What next is not more of the same. The welfare, entitlement and central planning state is a perpetual resource sink paying no dividends. Flush Obama and turn out the lights on the Progressive Century. The party is over.

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At a protest sing-along against Governor Scott Walker at the Wisconsin Capitol on Friday, a member of the Red & Anarchist Action Network (RAAN) held up a huge banner saying “Class War” and then delivered a message to someone filming the event: “All you f**king Tea Party Baggers, It’s coming, get ready.”

Watch the video here, courtesy of Media Research Center (MRC):

Anarchists talking about anarchy may not be surprising. But considering RAAN’s history, maybe it should be. What is RAAN? MRC describes it as a group with “a history of street protests and union pickets which turn violent.” In fact, a website that appears to belong to the group even boasts a timeline of confrontation with authorities and violence against political parties and banks:

March 3rd, 2011 – Members of RAAN are involved in minor scuffles with police after the Wayne State University campus bookstore is briefly occupied during anti-austerity protests in Detroit, Michigan. The day before, several streets in the city center had been shut down by unpermitted protests in response to proposed state budget cuts to education.

March 2nd, 2011 – A crew identifying itself as “Derby City RAAN” smashes out windows at a CHASE Bank branch in Louisville, Kentucky, explaining in a communiqué that the bank was attacked for its funding of the I-69 NAFTA Superhighway project as well as mountaintop removal mining in Eastern Kentucky. Expressing solidarity with a similar attack by RAANistas in the city of Lexington less than a month earlier, this previously-unknown cell explains that, “Our actions may be small and nothing but a symbolic gesture, nonetheless we act against all that oppresses us in this world.”


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Well, let's see - a body is found on a popular hiking trail in Yellowstone with signs that Yogi Bear wanted a manwich rather than the traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the backpack and the Federal Park Rangers do nothing other than investigate. This is the second time this summer that tourists have supplied the lunch manwich. One wonders if this National Park is a front for federal bureaucrats who want to supply a fresh food source for hungry bears?

Read this article and weep.

Yogi Bear is no longer a funny children cartoon and neither are the politically correct federal bureaucrat Park Rangers who allow dangerous wildfire to roam and kill at will.

I've changed my mind ... I'm voting for Obama after all


Obama cutting vacation short

Urging everyone in Hurricane Irene's path to prepare, President Barack Obama decided to cut his vacation short Friday and return to the White House for a storm he described as potentially historic. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the president would leave Martha's Vineyard a day early."

That he would do that for us? Man ... what a guy ... what a president! And in honor of his holiness (we're not worthy), I'm going to nominate him for the Nobel Prize! I mean what are those poh peeps on Martha's Vineyard gunna do, without the Great and Powerful Chucklehead around?

And who's going to protect the Hamptons ... huh?

Along some of the area's fanciest streets, such as Meadow Lane where celebrities such as Calvin Klein live, mansions appeared empty and their windows boarded up. "There's no parties going on, that's for sure," said John Rist, owner of a local liquor store.

But, well ... the Reich Ministry knows best ... yeppers ... Mayor Michael Bloomberg: "
Staying behind is dangerous, staying behind is foolish, and it's against the law," he said in a news conference from Coney Island.

Of course, not everyone listens to filthy Kapo Klowns: 'Entire Atlantic City seniors home refuse evacuation orders'. No. But of late, it seems far too many conswervos are in fact of the opinion, that Buraq Hussein might/could be reelected [and why we need to unite behind some Brylcreem Pepsodent RINO (man or woman)].
Peeps ... please ... Stop Sipping the F*cking KoolAid! It's real simple people. Yes, it is. You do not f*ck with people's families, their jobs, or their homes.
Buraq Hussein, and his butt buddy Bloomie, do it as a matter of course (even in their sleep). And why he has zero chance.
ZERO. Of being reelected.

Maybe you're thinking 85 mph winds, or 33 mph winds ... wtf's the difference? Well, without the 85 mph winds, Buraq Hussein doesn't get his triumphal media blitz (CNBC: "Continuous coverage all day") ... I saved America, while Bush diddled Norlinz:

US President Barack Obama warned the US east coast was in for a "long 72 hours" as he led (we're really presidentin' now baby!) his government's response to Hurricane Irene at a disaster command center in Washington.

Obama on Saturday chaired a meeting [wow, he chaired a meeting! (Holy bat guano)] at the National Response Coordination Center set up at the Federal Emergency Management Agency's headquarters in Washington.

Saturday evening Obama convened a conference call with members of his senior emergency response team [he even picked up the phone! (It boggles the freakin mind)].

'Course, without Irene's charms, we wouldn't be witness (Sunday, 3:40 a.m. PST), to CNN's leel Andy, and Donnie. In some wild split screen action, both wearing rubbers (no bareback tyvm). Tag teaming Irene. Or, at 5:45 a.m. (PST), some other reporter in (wet) field, as the ginormous (one foot) surf/surge rolls in, and she gets her tootsies wet (OMG/the horror!). Screaming to her cameraman:
"grab the mic, let's get out of here!" As she drop tosses the mic, and misses, into the water.

And just in case, y'all ain' fig'rd out today's (blog post title) theme (it could happen)? Apwil Foos!

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U.S. soldier from Alpha Company 2nd battalion 27th infantry regiment, Task Forces Bronco shoots his sniper rifle at a Taliban insurgent position in eastern Afghanistan’s Kunar province near the border with Pakistan August 28, 2011.

U.S. Staff Sergeant Thomas Lemons of Alpha Company 2nd battalion 27th infantry regiment, Task Forces Bronco from Missouri, shoots his .50 caliber sniper rifle at Taliban insurgents in eastern Afghanistan’s Kunar province near the border with Pakistan August 28, 2011.

U.S. soldier Staff Sergeant Frankie Berdecia of Alpha Company 2nd battalion 27th infantry (the Wolfhounds), Task Force NO FEAR from Puerto Rico, operates a TOW missile system at Observation Post Mace in eastern Afghanistan’s Kunar province near the border with Pakistan August 28, 2011.

A U.S. Army soldier from Alpha Company 2nd battalion 27th infantry (the Wolfhounds), Task Force NO FEAR watches out from his bunker at OP Mace in eastern Afghanistan Naray district, Kunar province near the border of Pakistan early August 27, 2011. (REUTERS/Nikola Solic)

Afghan National Army soldiers look at a U.S. soldier from the top of their bunker at Observing Post Mace in eastern Afghanistan’s Kunar province near the border with Pakistan August 28, 2011. (REUTERS/Nikola Solic)

A U.S. Army Apache helicopter shoots a rocket at Taliban insurgents positioned in the mountains in eastern Afghanistan Naray district, Kunar province near the border of Pakistan August 27, 2011. (REUTERS/Nikola Solic)

A U.S. Air Force F-15 fighter jet fires flares after bombing Taliban insurgent positions in eastern Afghanistan Naray district, Kunar province near the border of Pakistan August 27, 2011.

A U.S. F-15 jet fighter leaves after an airstrike against Taliban insurgent positions in eastern Afghanistan’s Kunar province, near the border with Pakistan, August 28, 2011.

A blast is seen on the mountain after a U.S. F-15 fighter jet dropped a bomb at a Taliban insurgents position in eastern Afghanistan’s Kunar province near the border with Pakistan August 28, 2011.

Smoke rises over the mountain after U.S. F-15 fighter jets dropped a bomb at Taliban insurgent positions in eastern Afghanistan’s Kunar province near the border with Pakistan August 28, 2011.



Early Obama Letter Confirms Inability to Write

By Jack Cashill

On November 16, 1990, Barack Obama, then president of the Harvard Law Review, published a letter in the Harvard Law Record, an independent Harvard Law School newspaper, championing affirmative action.

Although a paragraph from this letter was excerpted in David Remnick's biography of Obama, The Bridge, I had not seen the letter in its entirety before this week. Not surprisingly, it confirms everything I know about Barack Obama, the writer and thinker.

Obama was prompted to write by an earlier letter from a Mr. Jim Chen that criticized Harvard Law Review's affirmative action policies. Specifically, Chen had argued that affirmative action stigmatized its presumed beneficiaries.

The response is classic Obama: patronizing, dishonest, syntactically muddled, and grammatically challenged. In the very first sentence Obama leads with his signature failing, one on full display in his earlier published work: his inability to make subject and predicate agree.

"Since the merits of the Law Review's selection policy has been the subject of commentary for the last three issues," wrote Obama, "I'd like to take the time to clarify exactly how our selection process works."

If Obama were as smart as a fifth-grader, he would know, of course, that "merits ... have." Were there such a thing as a literary Darwin Award, Obama could have won it on this on one sentence alone. He had vindicated Chen in his first ten words.

Although the letter is less than a thousand words long, Obama repeats the subject-predicate error at least two more times. In one sentence, he seemingly cannot make up his mind as to which verb option is correct so he tries both: "Approximately half of this first batch is chosen ... the other half are selected ... "

Another distinctive Obama flaw is to allow a string of words to float in space. Please note the unanchored phrase in italics at the end of this sentence:

"No editors on the Review will ever know whether any given editor was selected on the basis of grades, writing competition, or affirmative action, and no editors who were selected with affirmative action in mind." Huh?

The next lengthy sentence highlights a few superficial style flaws and a much deeper flaw in Obama's political philosophy.

I would therefore agree with the suggestion that in the future, our concern in this area is most appropriately directed at any employer who would even insinuate that someone with Mr. Chen's extraordinary record of academic success might be somehow unqualified for work in a corporate law firm, or that such success might be somehow undeserved.

Obama would finish his acclaimed memoir, Dreams from My Father, about four years later. Prior to Dreams, and for the nine years following, everything Obama wrote was, like the above sentence, an uninspired assemblage of words with a nearly random application of commas and tenses.

Unaided, Obama tends to the awkward, passive, and verbose. The phrase "our concern in this area is most appropriately directed at any employer" would more profitably read, "we should focus on the employer." "Concern" is simply the wrong word.

Scarier than Obama's style, however, is his thinking. A neophyte race-hustler after his three years in Chicago, Obama is keen to browbeat those who would "even insinuate" that affirmative action rewards the undeserving, results in inappropriate job placements, or stigmatizes its presumed beneficiaries.

In the case of Michelle Obama, affirmative action did all three. The partners at Sidley Austin learned this the hard way. In 1988, they hired her out of Harvard Law under the impression that the degree meant something. It did not. By 1991, Michelle was working in the public sector as an assistant to the mayor. By 1993, she had given up her law license.

Had the partners investigated Michelle's background, they would have foreseen the disaster to come. Sympathetic biographer Liza Mundy writes, "Michelle frequently deplores the modern reliance on test scores, describing herself as a person who did not test well."

She did not write well, either. Mundy charitably describes her senior thesis at Princeton as "dense and turgid." The less charitable Christopher Hitchens observes, "To describe [the thesis] as hard to read would be a mistake; the thesis cannot be 'read' at all, in the strict sense of the verb. This is because it wasn't written in any known language."

Michelle had to have been as anxious at Harvard Law as Bart Simpson was at Genius School. Almost assuredly, the gap between her writing and that of her highly talented colleagues marked her as an affirmative action admission, and the profs finessed her through.

In a similar vein, Barack Obama was named an editor of the Harvard Law Review. Although his description of the Law Review's selection process defies easy comprehension, apparently, after the best candidates are chosen, there remains "a pool of qualified candidates whose grades or writing competition scores do not significantly differ." These sound like the kids at Lake Woebegone, all above average. Out of this pool, Obama continues, "the Selection Committee may take race or physical handicap into account."

To his credit, Obama concedes that he "may have benefited from the Law Review's affirmative action policy." This did not strike him as unusual as he "undoubtedly benefited from affirmative action programs during my academic career."

On the basis of his being elected president of Law Review -- a popularity contest -- Obama was awarded a six-figure contract to write a book. To this point, he had not shown a hint of promise as a writer, but Simon & Schuster, like Sidley Austin, took the Harvard credential seriously. It should not have. For three years Obama floundered as badly as Michelle had at Sidley Austin. Simon & Schuster finally pulled the contract.

Then Obama found his muse -- right in the neighborhood, as it turns out! And promptly, without further ado, the awkward, passive, ungrammatical Obama, a man who had not written one inspired sentence in his whole life, published what Time Magazine called "the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician."

To question the nature of that production, I have learned, is to risk the abuse promised to Mr. Chen's theoretical employer. After all, who would challenge Obama's obvious talent -- or that of any affirmative action beneficiary -- but those blinded by what Obama calls "deep-rooted ignorance and bias"?

What else could it be?

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Nashville or Nuremburg?

Rick Averill

Already we have watched the Obama regime drop a criminal conviction of Black Panthers violating the voting rights act, rescue and repair vessels being detained by the Coast Guard en-route to the Gulf oil spill and the Obama appointed NLRB preventing Boeing from opening its new production facility in South Carolina. Last Wednesday, DOJ enforcers, under command of capo Eric Holder, raider the Gibson Guitar company facilities in Nashville and Memphis.

According to my source inside Gibson, 20 armed agents raided the factory and seized pallets of wood, guitars and company computers (no word yet on the embargoed wood content of the computers). Gibson Chairman Henry Juszkiewicz was livid at this latest bullying of Gibson by the US Justice Department. In 2009, they had staged a similar raid and, while no charges have been filed, the DOJ refuses to return the confiscated property.

Juszkiewicz points out that the wood comes from one source in Africa and one in India. The wood is purchased from the same suppliers as other US guitar manufacturers, Fender, Taylor and C.F. Martin. This is the second raid on Gibson while all other manufacturers have been left alone to do exactly what Gibson is doing with no interference from the Federal government.

There has been speculation that these actions could be political payback because Henry Juszkiewicz is a Republican donor while Chris Martin gives to Democrats. Some company history here might shed more light on the subject.

The Gibson Company was started by Orville Gibson in 1894 at his workshop in Kalamazoo, Michigan. As the popularity of Orville's instruments grew, his company grew with it. Gibson eventually became the most respected name in Mandolins, banjos and guitars in the world. In 1963, Gibson was having difficulty remaining solvent and parent company CMI president H. H. Berlin hired Stan Rendell as V.P. for manufacturing to straighten out the problem. In the book, 100 years of Gibson, Rendell says explaining the problem the company faced:

"The problem was the steelworkers union!" he details (the company had been unionized during World War II, when the plant was making metal-intensive war products). "They were dictating everything."

Rendell's solution was simple: Move all string manufacturing from Kalamazoo across Lake Michigan to Elgin, Illinois. This reduced the crossover from job to job and increased efficiency both in guitar production and string making. It also sent a message to the union that Rendell was not going to mess around. (Mulhern, 1994)

Rendell soon returned the company to profitability but labor and quality problems persisted. Finally, the decision was made to open a new production facility in Tennessee, a right-to-work state. Hear this Boeing! Manufacturing in a new location with a new labor force was not easy but eventually the old Kalamazoo plant was phased- out with products coming out of plants in Nashville, Memphis and Bozeman, Montana.

Gibson has not only regained its former reputation for the finest quality electric guitars, but also enhanced that reputation. Gibson (like Chrysler and General Motors), was nearly destroyed by a parasitic labor union. The company survived by shedding the shackles of organized labor and starting out anew. This is not an American success story that unions, democrats or President Obama would like to share. Consider also that C.F. Martin's whose headquarters are in Pennsylvania while Fender and Taylor hail from California- not exactly right-to-work states. One more thought to consider is that Martin, Taylor and Fender also have a vast manufacturing presence in Mexico while all Gibson's are 100% US made.

You can take you pick of reasons Obama's DOJ is using their Gestapo tactics on Gibson, but one thing is certain; this sounds like Nazi Germany, not Nashville, Tennessee.

Felten, E. (2011, 08 27). Guitar Frets:Environmental Enforcement Leaves Musicians in Fear. Wall Street Periodical .

Mulhern, T. (1994). Gibson: 100 Years of an American Icon. In Gibson. Gibson Publishing.

Parsons, C. (2011, 08 26). Mai lOnline . Retrieved 08 26, 2011, from

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An Over-Hyped Storm

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

A reputable online meteorological service, says none of their reporting equipment on the NC coast recorded over 33 mph winds during Irene’s “assault” on our coast. At the same time the National Hurricane Center was reporting 85 mph winds.

Those of us on the ground in NC were wondering when the hurricane was going to begin.

Some forecasters are referring to Irene as a fake hurricane while others are saying Irene was over-hyped by the media. I don’t think Irene was a fake storm, but I DO think the media unnecessarily scared the hell out of the public along the eastern seaboard of the US.

Irene had the punch of a strong tropical storm. Having lived here in Hurricane Alley for just less than fifty years, I have experienced a heck of a lot of tropical storms and hurricanes. Irene was a pussycat compared to most.

My house did not creak or shudder a single time as Irene drifted over my section of eastern North Carolina. The highest gust of surface wind I recorded was 22 mph. I am certain there were gust that were higher, but were not recorded by me.

I would compare Irene to a strong summer thunderstorm in southeastern North Carolina. (We have some duzzies!) I have experienced and reported on hurricanes striking North Carolina since the early 1960’s and Irene, as I said above, compared to her forerunners -- was a puny weakling. She was certainly undeserving of all the hype by the mainstream media.

Here in North Carolina, it is second nature to take the necessary precautions when a hurricane is expected. We don’t wait for the federal government to direct anything. We just do it. In fact, a spokesman for FEMA was reported as having said that when they arrived and looked over NC’s preparations they could find Not A SINGLE NEED WANTING.

So, when a Tar Heel tells you that there was a huge gap in the reporting/predicting and the actuality on the ground during hurricane Irene’s visit to our state, then, believe me, something went very wrong.

The mainstream media, in my opinion, did a major disservice to the American public by over-hyping Irene. It WAS a large storm and an impressive looking storm, but it was never very powerful. Small tightly knit storms are usually far more powerful than large storms spread out over 600 miles. Think of an ice skater with arms in close to the body spinning furiously with lots of energy and speed. Then think of that same skater spreading his/her arms out and slowing down with the resulting reduction in energy and speed. The same principal applies… but not always. The one thing predictable about hurricanes is … their unpredictability.

Then, too, Congress is considering a near 40% cut in the budget from which the Hurricane Hunter program is financed. That would force the brave men and women who fly those highly sophisticated and technological aircraft into the eye of the storms (twice a day) to get vital information for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -- including the National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center, to partially stand down, reducing the number of flights, and badly crippling the program AND NOAA’s ability to read the storms and make accurate forecasts and predictions.

A hurricane that threatens the nation’s legislative buildings, and the White House itself, could be seen as a “godsend.” It would surely drive home the point concerning how important it is that the Hurricane Hunter program be left intact. Understand: This is NOT an accusation. It is purely an observation.

For those whose first hurricane experience is/was Irene, especially those of you in the northeast – a word of warning: Do not judge the ferocity of hurricanes by Irene.

The MsM has lost even more credibility with the consumers of their news product. Co-mingling news and entertainment is not the best format for informing the public of a natural threat headed their way. As we witnessed, after a few hours, the real information about Irene was embedded in a continuous show that painted a doom and gloom scenario. It was entirely too much.

Back in my day of broadcasting we made sure we did not create a climate of fear when reporting information on hurricanes headed our way. We reported the location, speed, and direction of the storm while assuming that our listeners had sense enough to take the necessary precautions. And they did.

And they still do. Unfortunately, the media seems to believe we are the dumbest creatures on God’s green earth. Folks along the southeastern seaboard, especially Florida and the Carolinas, are walking encyclopedias on hurricanes.

If the major networks want to interview an authority on hurricanes, it is not necessary to have academic meteorologists – just interview an old-timer from southeastern North Carolina. Where hurricanes are concerned – experience beats book-learning and lab-training every time.

J. D. Longstreet


Sunday, August 28, 2011


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obummer's Illegal Uncle Arrested; 'Uncle Omar' Hits Cop Car, - Tries to Call White House,

Obama's Illegal Uncle Arrested; 'Uncle Omar' Hits Cop Car, Tries to Call White House

The Washington Times ^ | Sunday, August 28, 2011 | Kerry Picket

A number of media outlets have already reported that an illegal immigrant from Kenya by the name of Onyango Obama, 67, was arrested last week on Wednesday after he rammed his SUV into a police car in Framingham, Massachusetts.

He was later charged with DUI among other violations. I spoke to Framingham Public Information Officer Lieutenant Delaney who told me that when Onyango Obama was asked at booking if he wanted to make a telephone call to arrange for bail, the Kenyan immigrant replied: "I think I will call the White House."

It should be noted that the Times of London, highlighted an Onyango Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign, when the British daily found President Barack Obama's “Aunt Zeituni” living in Boston illegally.:


According to article, federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement has warrant for his arrest and ICE previously ordered him to be deported back to Kenya. In the meantime, a judge has not set bail on the driving charges but ordered that he be held on the ICE warrant.

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A Lesson from Egypt for American Politics: A wise president puts into effect policies that work. A smart president sees his policies aren’t working and changes them

From the Tunnel Wall.

An Egyptian president says the Israelis ate my homework
This American president says that the Japanese earthquake ate my economy
"And he blames the local equivalent of Zionist imperialist running dogs such as Bush, the Republican minority in Congress, ATMs, Arab revolts, the Japanese earthquake, the Internet, workers manufacturing too many corporate jets, taxes being too low, bad luck, and “headwinds” because his policies aren’t working and then doubles down on the aforementioned policies. Then his supporters call critics greedy racists for not supporting the failed policies.

"As I said earlier, when a country is unable to discuss its problems honestly and intelligently, it is unable to fix its problems." "
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Statement by Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance,
on the Vilification of Enoch Powell,

26th August 2011

A couple of weeks ago, the historian David Starkey made a comment on the riots. He has been widely denounced for what he said, not least because he referred approvingly to Enoch Powell.

Professor Starkey is able to defend himself. What concerns the Libertarian Alliance is how our increasingly totalitarian ruling class regards Enoch Powell as some kind of Emanuel Goldstein. Even if nothing controversial in itself is said, to speak of him without visible and ritualistic loathing will bring you under suspicion of thought crime.

We therefore say this with regard to Enoch Powell. He was a classical scholar of great brilliance and distinction. His Lexicon to Herodotus (1938) is one of the most valuable works ever produced on the ancient historian. As well as in Latin and Greek, he was fluent in every main European language, and in Welsh. He was also at least competent in several ancient and modern oriental languages. In addition, he wrote a fine biography of Joseph Chamberlain, and was an expert on the mediaeval House of Lords.

During his long political career, he was notable for his defence of the British Constitution and of the traditional liberties that it embodied. He was an anti-socialist and an anti-corporatist. He resigned from one Conservative Government that was soft on spending and inflation. He helped bring down another that was a national disaster. He played an important part in stopping further "reforms" to the House of Lords until the year of his death.

He opposed British membership of what became the European Union, and he regarded the American alliance as barely less undesirable. He opposed the Cold War and the First Gulf War. He believed in a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Norther Ireland. He was easily the best political speaker of his age.

The public reason for why he is so hated by our modern ruling class is that he opposed mass-immigration and multiculturalism. Since the legitimising ideology of this ruling class is based on the claim that “diversity” is strength, and the threat of utter destruction for anyone who disagrees, his opposition might be sufficient reason for his being hated. Even so, much of the hatred rests on the envy of men and women who are themselves uneducated and illiterate and dishonourable and sordid and incompetent. Enoch Powell is hated in part because he dissented from the established view on immigration, but also because he was a shining example of what a statesman ought to be – and of what a statesman often approached to in this country before the present clique took over.

I am proud to say that the Libertarian Alliance frequently invited him to speak at its meetings in the 1980s and 1990s, and that we published several articles by him. Of particular importance among these articles is the attack that he made in 1984 on the Drug Trafficking Offences Bill and the principle that it brought into English law of asset forfeiture without conviction. (See Hon. J. Enoch Powell, The Drug Trafficking Act versus Natural Justice (Introduction by Dr. Chris R. Tame), The Libertarian Alliance, 1987, ISBN: 0948317 97 3).

When Enoch Powell died in 1998, our Director, Chris R. Tame, paid his respects by standing outside the crowded memorial service. I was not able to join him on this occasion. But I did recently make Enoch Powell the directing genius of my Churchill Memorandum, which is an alternative history novel set in a world of 1959 where the Second World War had not happened.

I feel honoured to have met him and heard him speak, and to possess signed copies of his books. And I rejoice in directing an organisation with which, however slightly, he was connected. A hundred years from now, no one will remember the corrupt nonentities who are now using Enoch Powell as a stick for beating David Starkey. Equally, a hundred years from now, men will still be reading Enoch Powell for pleasure and instruction.

End of Statement


Powell's famous "Rivers of Blood" speech


Gallup Poll: Rick Perry Has 21 Point Lead Among Self-Identified Tea Partiers Over Rivals…


ALGORE TO PERRY ON CLIMATEGATE: "It's all about the FRAUD, stupid!"

Perry, the Texas governor, attacked climate scientists at a campaign stop in New Hampshire last week. “I think there are a substantial number of scientists who have manipulated data, so that they will have dollars rolling into their, to their projects,” Perry said.


"It's Just Over For Obama...."

By Alan Caruba

It occurred to me (and probably a lot of others as well) that it’s just over for Obama. It doesn’t matter that he intends to present yet another “plan” to get Americans working again after his Martha’s Vineyard vacation.

Whatever plan Obama puts forward will simply repackage his failed “stimulus”, his “tax the rich”, and other idiotic socialist notions of how to “fix” the economy. They didn’t work during the Great Depression and will not work now.



Interestingly, did you notice how many of the adults that I suspect were the parent of these children were obese in the video? Not just a little obese, they were very obese. That is not the image I associate with hunger.

Prepare for a deluge of stories like this in the coming months as congress contemplates cutting entitlement spending. We can expect the free school lunch stories in the next few weeks too. Again, look at how many obese people appear in these stories. I could feed my entire family quite well on food stamps if I skipped junk food and concentrated on staples such as rice, beans, turkey or chicken, pasta, and basic seasonings. I rarely see those in the checkout line when someone whips out the EBT card.


Some attractions at the park, winners receive real U.S. food stamps, reduced college tuition certificates, realistic ID cards, and free medical care benefits. Grand prize winners win a week free trip to D.C., expenses paid, with limo service, where Congress presents them keys to the city.

Men in border-patrol caps tackle a young Mexican to the ground amid jagged rocks and cacti. "You need papers to come to this country. This is not a game!" shouts one agent as he yanks the man's arms behind his back, almost tearing them from his shoulders. It looks like a scene on the U.S. border that would get human rights groups yelling. But actually, it is a game, and it takes place in the mountains of central Mexico. All of the participants are Mexicans, many of whom have paid to be part of the re-enactment of the arrest, part of a border-crossing experience for Saturday-night revelers.

The so-called night hike in the highlands of Hidalgo state is a curious testimony to Mexico's identity as an emigrant nation, in which enormous numbers of young men and women continue to risk their lives sneaking into "El Norte" for a perceived better life. Every weekend, dozens of participants pay about $20 apiece to scramble up hills, slide down ravines and run through tunnels pursued by siren-blaring pickup trucks and pumped-up border-patrol agents shouting in accented English. (See pictures of the fence between the U.S. and Mexico.)

To many outsiders, this seems an odd way to enjoy a night out. But the participants and organizers all say it is both a great deal of fun and an important way to raise consciousness about the migrant experience. "It was fantastic. It totally exceeded my expectations," says medical saleswoman Araceli Hernandez, nursing a bite from a giant ant and brushing off dust after the five-hour slog. "But it makes me feel sad thinking about what the real migrants go through."

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A ringing endorsement of Rick Perry from Kinky Friedman, with as many laughs per square inch as any endorsement I have ever seen (emphasis mine):

I have been quoted as saying that when I die, I am to be cremated, and the ashes are to be thrown in Rick Perry’s hair. Yet, simply put, Rick Perry and I are incapable of resisting each other’s charm. He is not only a good sport, he is a good, kindhearted man, and he once sat in on drums with ZZ Top. A guy like that can’t be all bad….

These days, of course, I would support Charlie Sheen over Obama. Obama has done for the economy what pantyhose did for foreplay. Obama has been perpetually behind the curve. If the issue of the day is jobs and the economy, Rick Perry is certainly the nuts-and-bolts kind of guy you want in there. Even though my pal and fellow Texan Paul Begala has pointed out that no self-respecting Mexican would sneak across the border for one of Rick Perry’s low-level jobs, the stats don’t entirely lie. Compared with the rest of the country, Texas is kicking major ass in terms of jobs and the economy, and Rick should get credit for that, just as Obama should get credit for saying “No comment” to the young people of the Iranian revolution.

More to the point, could Rick Perry fix the economy? Hell, yes! …

As a Jewish cowboy (or “Juusshh,” as we say in Texas), I know Rick Perry to be a true friend of Israel, like Bill Clinton and George W. before him. There exists a visceral John Wayne kinship between Israelis and Texans, and Rick Perry gets it…

So would I support Rick Perry for president? Hell, yes! As the last nail that hasn’t been hammered down in this country, I agree with Rick that there are already too damn many laws, taxes, regulations, panels, committees, and bureaucrats. While Obama is busy putting the hyphen between “anal” and “retentive” Rick will be rolling up his sleeves and getting to work.

A still, small voice within keeps telling me that Rick Perry’s best day may yet be ahead of him, and so too, hopefully, will be America’s.

This could be a turning point. Foreplay and America are back, baby!



"The divergence of theories regarding who Obama is and what he is really up to is quite astonishing...".

A Unified Theory of Obama

By Jesse Weed

The divergence of theories regarding who Obama is and what he is really up to is quite astonishing.

Obama the Wimp

This interpretation actually comes from the Democratic left who are disappointed that Obama won't adopt a vocal, combative stance for more taxes and stimulus spending.

James Carville: "If Hillary gave up one of her balls and gave it to Obama, he'd have two."

Paul Krugman: "It's hard to escape the impression that Republicans have taken Mr. Obama's measure -- that they're calling his bluff in the belief that he can be counted on to fold. And it's also hard to escape the impression that they're right. ... all indications are that the party will have to look elsewhere for the leadership it needs."

Obama the Clueless

Bret Stephens, WSJ: "Even when he's criticized, his failures are usually chalked up to his supposed brilliance. Liberals say he's too cerebral for the Beltway rough-and-tumble; conservatives often seem to think his blunders, foreign and domestic, are all part of a cunning scheme to turn the U.S. into a combination of Finland, Cuba and Saudi Arabia. I don't buy it. I just think the president isn't very bright."

Obama the Manchurian Candidate

Norman Podhoretz: "He is still the same anti-American leftist he was before becoming our president, and it is this rather than inexperience or incompetence or weakness or stupidity that accounts for the richly deserved failure both at home and abroad of the policies stemming from that reprehensible cast of mind."

Obama the Tammany Hall Politician with Ivy League Veneer (and Soros as Boss Tweed)

Buzz Patterson: "Without Soros and the Shadow Party, Barack Obama would be, at best, a senator from Illinois attending social gatherings with domestic terrorists Bill Ayres, Bernardine Dohrn and sitting in the pews of black liberation theologist Reverend Jeremiah Wright. At worst he'd be an unremarkable and unheard of state senator. Instead, Barack Obama is President of the United States."

Bernie Goldberg: "Yes, that's right. You know, I think it's easy to forget that because of Barack Obama's great smile and easy-going personality, it's easy for a lot of people not to notice, especially a lot of independent voters, not to notice who Barack Obama really is. And who he really is is an old-fashioned, at times downright nasty Chicago politician who gives hypocrisy and cynicism a bad name."

But is it possible to put all these seemingly disparate Obama interpretations into one consistent picture? I think so. They are not as antithetical as they seem.

The Hypothesized Profile

Let us hypothesize, initially, that Obama is firmly convinced of the moral superiority of his ultimate vision for America -- whatever that may be. He is also firmly convinced that confrontational polemics is not the way to implement his vision. One way or another, we "folks" and our representatives are too mule-headed to see that his vision of what America should be is the right one. He needs to stealth-walk us along the path to our proper destination. Each step can be justified as being a step towards better schools, better health care, a better energy system, better diplomacy. Better this and that.

America must be stealth-walked to a destination it would otherwise reject. Obama will accomplish this with his considerable oratorical skills to justify each step. Each goal along the way will seem humane and high-minded. The justification offered will be little more than homilies, but in his hands they will be inspiring, epigrammatic certitudes. To oppose such would reveal the moral poverty of one's position.

Who can oppose affordable universal health care as a goal? Who can oppose moving to a sustainable non-polluting green energy-based economy? Who can oppose smart diplomacy in which nation states act in concert? Who can oppose improving the conditions of decaying inner cities? ...

It is all-important that he appear the pragmatic, high-minded statesman who is not blinded by an ideology or partisan politics. That means he must be willing to compromise for the "good of the country." If he appears the ideologue rather than the high-minded statesman, he cannot stealth-walk us to our proper destination.

In summary, the profile is of a man who is: (1) convinced that he knows what America should become and that his vision for America is morally superior; (2) convinced that his vision is unpalatable to the majority of Americans and that hence, Americans must be tricked into heading for the proper destination without being given a clear statement of just what that destination is; (3) convinced that he must appear the high-minded statesman rather than the combative ideologue in order to nudge America along its righteous path. Let us call this the X-Profile.

Now consider the Wimp Theory. What is seen as backing off from a fight is actually consistent with Obama's posture of appearing to be the high-minded statesman willing to compromise. He is not willing to go to the wire for increased taxes and spending and risk being seen as a strident partisan ideologue. Once he is seen as a strident ideologue, the stealth-walking is over.

Consider the Clueless Leader Theory. Just as any CEO of a corporation must do, Obama appointed "czars" to implement the grand design of his policies. A CEO cannot be an expert in finance, marketing, personnel, manufacturing, engineering, design, and so forth. The CEO must appoint experts who share his vision in those areas. But Obama's czars, for the most part, have been clueless. Some had to be thrown under the bus; others are hanging on and becoming an increasing embarrassment. Obama is not clueless as to where America should be going but his policy implementers have failed him -- in that sense he has himself failed. But failure is not inconsistent with the other three criticisms or with an ultimate goal set. Obama is chagrined that his stealth-walk has hit one pothole after another and is not above whining about it. (Now that is not statesman-like.)

Consider the Manchurian Candidate Theory. The belief is that behind the defense of specific policy objectives defended by high-minded rhetoric is a grand plan or vision for America that Americans find unacceptable. This directly supports the hypothesized profile advanced here. It adds to the profile by claiming that they know what the ultimate plan/destination is. They have marshaled a great deal of evidence to back their points. The profile hypothesized here, however, does not specify the plan -- only that is not announced and defended up front. Not only is the Manchurian Candidate position is consistent with the profile, but it adds substance to the profile.

Consider the Old Time Tammany Politician Theory. Obama's administrative successes have been rife with sweetheart deals, kickbacks, waivers, and paybacks (both positive and negative). But that is consistent with the necessity of the stealth-walk and step-by-step advance to his ultimate goals. If Obama thinks that it is futile to argue up front for his ultimate policy goals and appear the strident ideologue in the process, then his goals must be inched forward by behind-the-scenes backroom deals. The exception, of course, was ObamaCare, both publicly announced and backroom-jacked into existence. But Obama could still appear the patrician by having Reid do all the dirty work, which the man apparently loves. By contrast, the greening initiatives are by administrative or agency regulatory fiat -- the stealth-walk epitomized.

The profile remains intact. Whatever the means-induced destination may be (and I believe Podhoretz has it right), the profile is of a president who would stealth-walk us to that destination -- a president who is absolutely convinced of the moral superiority of his vision and is hence justified in using Machiavellian back-room tactics to nudge the unenlightened on the righteous path...and the potholes and bumbling Czars are not his fault.

A leader with the X-Profile both invites the four criticisms and is in his own mind impervious to them. A leader with the X-Profile can sustain his belief in himself as a noble leader taking a squabbling country, insofar as it is possible at all, to its proper destination. It is inevitable that (1) his leadership will be seen as weakness to the ideologues who think their vision is his and don't understand the necessity of statesmanship; (2) his leadership will be seen as clueless by those who cannot see the path of his leadership; (3) his leadership will be seen as diabolical by those who suspect his destination but fail to grasp its nobility; (4) his leadership will be seen as just plain old pay-go Chicago politics to those who fail to grasp the high purpose of his leadership.

The leader with the X-Profile may be failed by his constituency and his people, but he will still see himself as a great, high-mined, visionary leader ahead of his time. It is quite natural that such a man would resort to finger-wagging and scolding his squabbling, foot-dragging legislators while at the same time seeming aloof, narcissistic, and besotted with a sense of moral and personal superiority. Is that Obama?

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