Thursday, October 20, 2011


There have been over 1500 arrests and counting in the Wall Street Protest. That is just in the last 10 days. The Wall Street/Communist/Nazi/Progressive/Union/Trust Fund Baby/Hollywood/Democrat street party is becoming dangerous. Just yesterday the Communist Party of China joined in.

The Flea Baggers main objective seems to be to divert our attention from the biggest failure of a President in our lifetime. Their job is hard because his record of failure grows daily.

The Flea Baggers do have a long list of complaints though. One of the biggest is that no one has gone to jail for destroying our economy. When this ‘crisis’ started at the end of 2007, the people in control of our Congressional oversight committees were Democrats. They, including the community organizer Barack Hussein Obama, held a complete voting majority in both the House and Senate. Complete Control of Oversight!

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