Thursday, October 06, 2011

Evil opens up one eager eye

So much information, way too much [no ... I'm definitely not advocating for less (info), nor less democracy, nor fewer elections, tyvm]. And it's coming faster, yet again ever more furiously. A torrent, a deluge. And a mudderhubbard large share of it, pure unadulterated propaganda.

How to sort, how to process? Pick and choose people ... select. Do NOT try and glean meaning, from every single last granule of sand. Throughout the whole of infinity. Merely grab up one handful. Let it slip slowly ... streaming through your fingers. Watch the grains, as they fall.

So pray tell (dearest blog fooh elmo), what duzz yo grains tellya ... huh?
Armageddon is here (sorry ... but it most certainly is). There is now no longer any reason to wait. Watching for any possible triggers (of any kind). No. Events are now already underway, gears be a turning ... inside the IslamoCommie traitor machinery, as we speak. OPEN YOUR FREAKIN' EYES MOFO'S ... NOW! And yes, do (pretty please with sugah on top). Keep your welding goggles handy. The apocalypse is just around the corner (and we ain't talking disco).

One postage stamp sized country, nine miles wide (at its narrowest). One. Itty. Bitty. Little. Tiny. Country. Has the balls. To put Islamist Iran, the destroyer of worlds, down. And for which Israel, will be dragged, hoisted upon the cross ... and crucified. As well every single last remaining Jew, in the world. There are no words to describe this madness. Nor the darkness that gathers. But rather than shop for some heavily discounted, future (glass) lake front property, in Iran? Mebbe get you some lead, instead (cock and lock b*tches).

And hang on ... anyway you can. No, it won't be easy. It really won't [as I've told y'all a thousand times already (maybe ya might wanna get on over to the pound. And rescue a puppy or a kitten?)]. It will be hard. Very (fascist Islamist regimes are like that). In a world where 'Wall Street' is now code (for
greedy Jews). Where the Amish [yes, the Amish (and/or any religious conservatives in America)], are painted as stone cold killers . And al Qaeda in North Africa/Libya? Why they're our newest ... Bestest Friends Forever!!!

Stand up people. Even in the darkness. Among the insanity. In the midst of treason. Stand tall. That you may be counted. Do not flinch. Call out if need be. Do. We rise together. Or we fall apart. Never again, to climb out this evil abyssal. As the global Islamist war machine springs to life ... opens up one eager eye.


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