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On November 22, 2008, Jack Idema married Penny Alesi in a Muslim wedding ceremony at the infamous Casa Arabi Sex House (up in the lighted tower) in Mexico. The groom, in true Muslim military strongman tradition, wore a uniform of his own creation. The bride wore an attractive Arabian dress purchased by her soon-to-be husband in Dubai, just after his release from prison in Afghanistan in 2007. The evening of the wedding was warm, calm and clear under the starry Mexican skies, the perfect romantic backdrop for two lovers standing before Hans van Kooijk, a boat captain who was thought to have the authority to conduct a wedding as the captain of a ship.

The wedding ceremony was a short affair of less than half an hour that consisted of Arabic words translated on cards for the bride and groom to speak, rings exchanged (The bride's ring was an el cheapo never replaced with a real diamond) and the lighting of candles.

Unfortunately for the new bride, this picture of gentle lovers in an earthly paradise would soon turn into a latter day Dante's Inferno of the worst regions of Hell.

Jack Idema, the groom and alleged romantic “man's hero” of many adventures in various parts of the world including Afghanistan turned out to be a classic psychopath. A wolf of a man who attempted to turn an innocent woman into his slave by means of mental, emotional and physical torture. This was a session of Hell lasting endless months in an isolated part of Mexico far from the eyes of Mexican federal law enforcement, who very likely wouldn't have been interested, since the people involved were foreigners.

What torture Penny Alesi underwent at the hands of the raving and often drugged Jack Idema the world may never know in detail, even Penny today has problems remembering, as the brain can only take so much horror before it switches off. However, it is certain she was often hit for small misdemeanors by her new husband. (not to mention the fact that she was always ducking to avoid the items coming at her head (mostly cell phones, glasses and ashtrays). There were also attempts on her life by Jack Idema, who was only stopped by the intervention of their bodyguard Frank, an honest, intelligent and very physically fit man that Penny credits with saving her life on more than one occasion.

The story gets worse as the long months of 2009 passed. However, because Penny had moved her cats down there to Mexico to be with her at the end of March 2009, she endured it. She not only had herself to worry about, but her three cats who are were her children and she had to stay lucid enough to protect all of them. Furthermore, she was very worried about her newly adopted Mexican cat, Tinka, and Nina, the dog from Afghanistan she had rescued for Idema.

Penny soon discovered that her new husband had been unfaithful and was/is a secret homosexual with many male playmates. These include Nancy the transsexual, Fernando his boyfriend and Eduardo.

Idema, Fernando and Eduardo loved to be the stars of home videos with many other homosexual partners as extras who came to the Casa Arabia Sex House. This establishment soon became famous as a vacation spot for American homosexuals and was listed online as a gay resort in Mexico. The homosexual orgies continued around the clock at this establishment, fueled by cheap Mexican liquor and expensive illegal drugs like cocaine/heroin provided for a price by Idema and the Mexican drug cartel. Of course, the fun seekers were off limits to Mexican law enforcement, since the owner of the complex was a corrupt Mexican Senator.

After months of torture that makes the Hanoi Hilton look like a Boy Scout camp, a broken Penny was introduced by Jack Idema to the orgy games at the pleasure dome of Casa Arabia, where men rule in true Muslim fashion and women are reduced to Third World white slavery whose only reward is bare physical survival. The well fed, happy and lucky citizens of the West, especially women, cannot begin to imagine the horrors of womanhood in these regions where decent women like Penny are forced to purchase their lives by Muslim husbands like Jack Idema at the cost of brain washing, drugs, beatings, mock executions and perverted sex with dirty and diseased people. Many women would commit suicide rather than submit to the torture and degrading sexual demands of a psychopath.

But Penny is a survivor.

She escaped her prison hell in the Casa Arabia Sex House with the help of few good men and women. On July 30, 2010, Penny filed charges in Chetumal, Mexico against Idema. The legal Mexican document is here in Spanish (English translation in progress), but if you have knowledge of the Spanish language, as many Americans do, you will be shocked at the horror related in legalese. In brief, the document states in detail how a good American woman by the name of Penny Alesi was broken in body and degraded in spirit by a modern day De Sade in 2009 and 2010 at a homosexual sex/drug resort in Mexico.

The reward for Penny and her hellish experience in Mexico has been continued death threats, name calling on blogs, obscene phone calls, endless lies about her motivation for telling the truth and legal civil action by the co-conspirators of Jack Idema living in the United States. Most of these are legally challenged individuals have never even met Idema The Hun in person, although one woman, Lynn Thomas, has had at least one sexual liaison with him (the author hopes Idema wore protection). Ms. Thomas continues to fight daily for the "Idema Honor" by waging endless electronic warfare on the Blogsphere using more than one publication.

In recorded messages and emails, Idema tried to convince Penny to come back. One message in particular, has Idema screaming at her on her answering machine "What the fuck is going to happen to the business now? You HAVE TO TALK TO ME TO STRAIGHTEN THIS OUT. Just come back home to me and it'll be alright." Penny has never been arrested, has never had any substance or alcohol abuse problems, had excellent credit, had the same job for fifteen years and was the perfect target for Idema. She was previously married for thirteen years as well. No children just her pets.

When the Idema threats from Mexico failed to bring Penny back into his camp, he begin to send Penny's elderly parents emails laced with vulgarities and filled with lewd photos taken from the orgies he forced her to participate in under torture threats. The failure of this attempt to get Penny back on the Idema side caused El Jacko to double down and call Penny's parents long distance to make threats of jailing them "as co-conspirators" (!) and calling their terminally ill daughter "a whore." These emails and audio recordings (that will be published on the Internet at a later date) are disgusting to read and hear, especially as senior citizens should be not subjected to that kind of harassment.

When this gambit failed, Idema contacted Penny's brother and repeated the action related in the paragraph above. This was Penny's reward for looking after Idema's dying father, a decorated WW II Marine Corps hero, who she arranged to have buried with full military honors complete with a 21 gun salute and Taps. After this very moving tribute to a fallen patriot, the officer in charge of the Marine Corps burial detail presented the "Old Glory" to Penny Alesi, as Jack Idema, the man's son and heir refused to attend the ceremony, fearing arrest in the USA on felony charges.


Penny published the Idema threats and harassment of her family on, Of course, the Idema free rent propaganda minister, Lynn Thomas, the publisher and owner of Cao's Blog, took aim at the facts presented by Penny to spin them as lies in article after article. This author thinks Ms. Thomas should go work as a highly paid member of Obama's Propaganda Team, as she has a rare talent for making lies look logical, rational and true! Lynn Thomas reminds this author of a woman who is seen by the police with a smoking gun in her hand over the dead body of a man with a large hole in the middle of his chest saying to the officers, "Are you going to believe me, or your lying eyes?"

Article after Lynn Thomas article hit the Internet, the latest gambits launched from the Idema Gang in Mexico and the USA "proving" that Penny was "insane." This author can verify personally from over a year of talking to Penny Alesi on numerous occasions by phone and countless emails that this woman is quite sane and very strong minded. He recently interviewed Penny and her legal counsel in person to see if what she was saying was true. She presented this writer with documents, recordings, CDs, photographs and all the verification necessary to prove she is telling the truth. No wonder Idema and his followers are trying to discredit her. They don't even have a clue how much information this woman is retaining. When this latest piece of mud thrown at Penny rolled off her face without result charging her with insanity, the Idema Gang moved the "Penny Alesi and Jack Idema Were Never Married" gambit to the center of the chessboard.

Check again for the Idema Gang!

First of all, there are pictures and witness statements that prove Penny Alesi and Jack Idema were joined together as man and wife in a Muslim religious ceremony in Mexico. These types of weddings happen every day in the Muslim World and are recognized immediately by The State as being legal and binding. This author doesn't know the legal status of such a wedding in Mexico, but the important thing to remember is that most Jews, Christians and Muslims believe that marriage is a sacred contract between a man and woman with God, not the State. In America, a Jewish, Christian, or Muslim wedding would be recognized as legal and binding by the various states in the federal union.

Penny Alesi and Jack Idema are about as married as two people can be!

There are other items of evidence to check this gambit - For instance, Jack Idema wrote the obituary for his father H. John Idema. In this moving tribute of a son honoring his hero father, he states that Penny Alesi is his wife. Idema also created an inappropriate handout for the funeral that complained about the length of time it took the government to arrange the full dress and very moving patriotic ceremony. In this document Jack Idema states Penny Alesi is his wife, and thanks her for many good deeds done for his late father.


At the end of this voyage into a heart of darkness, that is the soul of Jack Idema, this author has to wonder who is more guilty – Jack Idema – or the horde of his fellow travelers who have made profits from his crimes in the past and future, yet still consider themselves good people. This writer thinks no one can remain good if they follow evil. After all, Jack Idema is a psychopath, a subhuman, a wolf disguised as a human out for the kill – So we can expect evil of such a creature. But what about a lawyer or businessman who knows Jack Idema is evil, yet for profit continues to do business with him?

This writer believes the question was answered years ago by the author of Moby Dick, where an entire ship full of “good” men die save one, because they knowingly and willingly followed an evil commander.

Today, Penny lives with her parents in poverty. The once robust body that could propel Penny along jogging trails for miles is now reduced to ruins by the many terrors of HIV/AIDS, a “gift” from her former psychopathic husband who thought nothing of killing a good woman for his own personal gain. The once sharp mind that won her honors in school has become a short circuit that cuts on and off, the playground of horrible nightmares and terrible flashbacks to terror in Mexico at the hands of the psychopath and sadist who laughed at her discomfort, and often threatened to "gut her" if she told anyone the truth.

A wise man once said that overcoming the bad things in life is what makes us better people.

Thus the trials of Penny Alesi over which she has won many hard battles against the armies of the night made her a gallant warrior for truth and justice in the endless battle against evil. Yes, her poor head has been beaten bloody on more than one occasion; her once attractive body invaded and eaten alive by a deadly virus; but she has never been conquered by one of the most ruthless enemies and torturers one can imagine.

This is the claim few of us can make make..

Those who can we call HEROES!

Penny Alesi is a hero and an American Freedom Fighter!




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hans said...

Sounds horrible this story, written by Penny? If not, where is the name of the author or why didn't you put your name on it sweetheart ? Who knows what happened between those two highly intelligent, headstrong and agressive mates. When I, hans van kooijk, knew them, Penny was already skinny as a 2x4 and as tough as one too. Some mornings Jack (probably deserved it) had blue spots on shoulders, breast and belly after "sweet" Penny vented her anger once alone with her chosen man. Both Penny and Jack tended to blow up when I knew them, so what.....Hot Love War Zone...maybe?Penny certainly had lot's of time and opportunity to think about there relationship (years) and we (my wife and me) offered space if she wanted to rethink stuff. So...use this space as a forum for vengeance? Why...what's the use..give it a rest!