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By Ron Barbour

What do you do if you are a famous convicted felon on the run from the law, and a man many believe to be an American traitor and international war criminal for running a private torture prison in Afghanistan?

Jack Idema's solution was to marry Penny Alesi and use her as his "front woman" in a criminal project he named “Isabeau Dakota, Inc.” and put her in "office" as “President” of a building located at 450 Robeson Street in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

This was the perfect coup from Idema's perspective: Ms. Alesi is a good woman without a police record, excellent credit rating and employment record.

In this fashion, Idema believed he could have his cake and eat it too, since he planned to continue his criminal activity in North Carolina and the USA by means of a wife he thought he reduced to white slavery who would sign documents without question in order to avoid further torture. However, this plan came to a bad end for him when Penny Alesi somehow survived torture, imprisonment and mock executions at the hands of Idema at his resort/drug/torture chamber in Mexico. Today Ms. Alesi lives somewhere in the northeast United States with pictures, documents and statements that expose more than three years criminal activity by Idema and his associates in North Carolina.

Ms. Alesi (then Idema) was “President of Isabeau Dakota, Inc.” of the Fayetteville, NC property from 2008 to 2011. There are additional documents that includes a grant for all three sections of the building as well as a bank account that also prove that Penny Alesi was forced to become Idema's figurehead president under the phony name of Isabeau Dakota with only the authority to sign documents, while all the decisions were made by him or his co-conspirators.

What was the real deal at the Idema building in Fayetteville?

One scam for Idema and associates was to rent space out to tenants and wait until they improved the property. In the period December 2008 to August 2009, the Ultimate Pet Resort was in business in the Idema building. This small enterprise was very successful. When Idema was informed that his property was improved, the lease was cancelled and the tenant was asked to move for alleged non-payment of rent. The "Idema Treatment" was repeated with a small, but growing Christian church that installed improved air conditioning, new carpet, repaired and repainted the walls and ceilings, and added two new bathrooms. There are no reports of money lost by small business and non-profit organizations who rented space at the Idema Building, but they could run into many thousands of dollars when the cost of improvements and relocation are taken into account.

Ms. Alesi finally demanded an account in 2009 of what was going on under her business name in North Carolina: She had become concerned over IRS issues in the USA and asked to "see the books." The very reasonable request by the titular President of her own company was denied by Idema and his lawyers for the obvious reasons of ongoing and past shady business dealings at the site. It would appear the final goal of Idema in regards to the final solution for his North Carolina property by means of lies, deceptions and white slavery was to allow Other People's Money (OPM) to fix it up for sell at the maximum price with the profits going into his pockets.

The major sources of lies, disinformation, propaganda, threats, slander and bad poetry against Penny Alesi and the situation at the former Idema building in Fayetteville comes mainly from one source Cao's Blog. The owner of this blog is Lynn Thomas, a decade long supporter, business associate, propaganda minister and Idema girlfriend who has published vast amounts of material that would fill a small North Carolina library in support of a “Cult of Idema.” Ms. Thomas states on her work history that she was employed at the Idema Building in North Carolina:

Property Manager · Sep 2010 to Apr 2011 · Fayetteville, North Carolina

I managed properties in New York and North Carolina and completed the work in North Carolina at the end of April."

In fact, Ms. Thomas lived at 450 Robeson Street for the eight months, as she testified on January 24, 2011 in a North Carolina Court to "help out" Idema and get space in the building rented. This long time associate of Idema also said in the same court appearance that, "Penny Idema doesn't exist, there is no such person." The reality is that Penny Alesi - the former Penny Idema and ex-wife of Jack Idema - is very much alive and can prove that she was, indeed, his lawfully wedded wife under Islam!" When easily exposed lies such as are made in a court of law under oath by Ms. Thomas it leads a reasonable person to question if anything said in or out of court by her is the truth. This writer wonders if Ms. Thomas' tearful testimony in this court in which she relates what she knows about a certain building in North Carolina and her association with Idema, and fear of "stalking" and "threats" are nothing more than the projection of guilty conscience where she give voice of what is being done to the her critics and the opponents of Idema?

One important element in this terrorist campaign against Ms. Alesi is getting the court system of North Carolina to do much of the Idema gang's dirty work. What is really shocking about this episode are the Idema lawyers acting on his behalf know full well he is a criminal under indictment. As is well known, lawyers are officers of the court held to high ethical standards. Ms. Alesi has in procession numerous copies of emails to these legally challenged individuals who refused to provide her with documents she requested, as is her right as the former president of Idema's real estate in North Carolina. These lawyers either ignore her, or say the requested documents don't exist, only later to publish the "non-existent documents" on the Internet with Ms. Alesi's forged signatures. One would think in the interest of justice, Idema's lawyers highly ethical lawyers in North Carolina would have him give direct testimony in court. After all, the world knows his current address in Bacalar, Mexico, including the police in North Carolina.

The second front in Idema's psychological terrorist war against Ms. Alesi takes place on the Internet.

It would appear that after years of exposure of Idema's criminal activities that literally spans the world, he has as supporters a small army of cultists who believe that he is super trooper warrior patriot hero who is under attack by oppressive governments and jealous individuals. These Idema cultists are so far gone in their hatred for Penny Alesi they have created blogs like "Your Worst Nightmare," in which a very nasty poem dedicated to "Penny" that was authored by someone named “Kender." The latest "Get Alesi" attack website is "For Every Action" The Idema cult have long proven they will publish anything to bully Ms. Alesi mentally and emotionally. For instance, her serious medical status as an AIDS patient who was knowingly infected by their "hero" Idema.

These lies, disinformation and harassment were bad enough, but Ms. Thomas even had the nerve to write on her blog without proof that Ms Alesi had sex with thousands of people in underground bars.This writer notes that Ms Thomas claim to be a Christian and a patriot who always tells the truth, but perhaps not the truth in the dictionary sense.


CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANTS - This journalist claims press protection under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and will not to disclose his sources at their request.

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