Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keep the Electoral College!

By the Tunnel Dweller at the Tunnel Wall:

Lets look at it this way, shall we?  Look at this map of the United States mainland taken at night and observe the lights. Some areas are very bright while others have few lights, but the most brilliant patches of light are the areas that will choose our president if this nation abandons the Electoral College.

The great swath of the plains will have little voice -candidates will rarely even visit there- while the brilliant patches along the Eastern Seaboard, Great Lakes and Pacific Coast will pretty much be the chooser of the candidates.
Now compare this photo with the Electoral map of the US below and see which political spectrum would have the say on presidential elections. Blue states are Democrat-controlled, (in case you were not aware) and the Pacific Coast area sends us Nancy Pelosi along with Fortney "Pete" Stark, Maxine Waters, Jerry Brown and left-wing indoctrinating school curriculum.
The Great Lakes area gave us Obama, Reverend Wright, Rahm Emmanuel and Chicago-style politics. The Eastern Seaboard sent us Barney Frank, Carl Levin, Bernie Sanders, Al Sharpton and mushy RINOs such as Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Mitt Romney ( the latter being an excellent debater, however).

The Electoral College map tells me the Democrats will be at the forefront of any fight to replace the EC with the popular vote and will make eloquent arguments about "putting the American people back in charge of our nation's destiny".
The Electoral College is our best safeguard against electing trendy,"movement" candidates, its main failure being the election of a "celebrity" president such as Barack Obama, the darling of Hollywood, the news media and the PC entertainment industry. But it is our best hope.
We must keep the Electoral College.
By Bill Hayden, the Tunnel Dweller.

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Popular Vote or the Electoral College?  "The Electoral College preserves federalism, encourages candidates to build national coalitions, and grants definitive electoral outcomes. It requires a presidential candidate to win simultaneous elections across 50 states and the District of Columbia."
Hans von Spakovsky: Destroying the Electoral College: The Anti-Federalist National Popular Vote Scheme .

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