Friday, October 07, 2011



The recent visit of Michelle Obama to the headquarters of the U.S. Secret Service (SS) speaks volumes concerning the fear her husband has of assassination and was meant to warn off potential threats to the president by highlighting the scope and reach of Obama's Praetorian Guard and secret police - the SS.

This writer is not privy to insider information on the subject, however, he has been on the receiving end of years of SS paranoia which views all members of the Tea Party Movement, Patriots and Republicans as the most grave threat to the presidency while being in denial concerning the real threats to President Obama - the radical Left in America and the Islamists.

If President Obama is to fall to the gun, knife, or bomb in the coming months, the author of destruction will not be the Patriots on the Right Wing who value the U.S. Constitution, but more than likely a twisted member of the Left who simply walks into the White House, or a Democrat Party function, under the observation and permission of the SS in order to carry out the dastardly deed. In fact, Obama was the target recently of a book thrown at him by a Leftist supporter.

It goes without saying this book could have just as easily been a bomb thrown by a man cleared by the SS to approach President Obama.

In the days of the ancient Roman Empire, the emperors were always assassinated by the people in their inner circle that included the Praetorian Guard, which got so far into the emperor killing business that for a period of 50 years in the third century A.D. only one emperor died of natural causes.

Are we in for a "Roman Empire Rerun?"

If my theory of the JFK assassination is correct, and Kennedy was murdered in an SS plot, the process of rule by assassination in America has already started.

A Roman scholar of the imperial era once posed the question regarding the Praetorian Guard, "Who guards the guardians?"

A modern American asks, "Who watches the U.S. Secret Service?"


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