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Posted by Ronbo in the Freedom Fighter's Journal

"Political satire and protected speech under the First Amendment."

"No doubt it will happen on a beautiful sunny day like September 11, 2001 - We will wake up one morning and go to our jobs (if we still have a job) or be sleeping late hung over because we don't have a job anymore.

"How will we know something terrible has happened?



The article depicts an uprising against a government that seeks to control more and more elements of our lives. While this article may not reflect the feelings of most citizens -TEA Party or otherwise- there is a growing undercurrent of anger that the socialism we resisted for decades in the Cold War we now begin to embrace.

There seems to be little of the former respect for the "loyal opposition", but instead a level of vitriol that began emanating from the left and grows by the day. And who can not feel anger when TEA Partiers stage peaceful, respectful protests in the streets against Obama policies, leaving the place clean in the aftermath, yet are vilified by the left? They are taunted by Democrats in congress and accused of evil deeds by a corrupted press - the same press and Democrats who exalt the shabby antics of the OWS crowd.

Read the signs carried by the Occupy crowd and tell me you do not see the roots of civil war beginning to sprout in America. The FFJ story may be satire, but it is scary when placed alongside the statements of the American left and its mood should not be lightly regarded. TD

Ann Coulter: If I Were a Liberal

Ann Coulter "If I were a liberal, I would have spent the last week in shock that a Democratic audience in Flint, Mich., cheered Vice President Joe Biden's description of a policeman being killed."
"Obama's jobs bill tackles the problem of rape and murder by giving the states $30 billion ... for public school teachers.
"Only $5 billion is even allotted to the police, but all we keep hearing about are the rapes and murders that Democrats are suddenly against (as long as being "against" rape and murder means funding public school teachers and not imprisoning or executing rapists and murderers).

"Finally, did Flint use any money from Obama's last trillion-dollar stimulus bill to hire more police in order to prevent rape and murder? No, Flint spent its $2.2 million from the first stimulus bill on buying two electric buses."
Here she is on Matt Lauer (video)

Neal Boortz on the "Occutards" including "The Occupy Movement is Obama's Movement"

Here is a full list of articles for those who enjoy/are driven to more and more commentary on these useful idiots littering American streets. Disagree with me? Then click on this link and enjoy.

Clear Out the Occutards "Hat’s off to Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed this morning. Last night he sent in the Atlanta Police to clear the occupiers out of Woodruf Park. To everyone’s credit, there was no violence. Most occupiers left, a small group decided to stay and be arrested. "

Trust Fund Useful Idiot "Now bear in mind that through this entire rant this kid is crying and screaming at the top of his lungs. Also bear in mind that this kid is a trust fund baby. He has wealthy parents and has neither had, nor will he have for some time to come the necessity of working to sustain himself. He’s a professional student … now with some actual teaching responsibilities at Columbia."

The Occupy Movement is Obama's Movement "It is a leftist, anti-wealth, anti-capitalist movement inspired by Obama’s class warfare rhetoric over the past years. These childish and ignorant know-it-alls actually believe that the rich don’t pay taxes and that Wall Street is to blame for our financial crisis. When you tell them that people who earn over $380,000 a year earn about 18.9% of all earned income, but pay nearly 40% of all income taxes, they give you that brook trout look … mouth hanging open with glassy eyes. When you tell them that the Republicans tried to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but were blocked by Democrats – principally Barney Frank – no less than four times over the past ten years, they look at you with the face of complete incomprehension.

"We have a president who despises capitalism. The protestors echo that. We have a president who believes that wealth belongs to the government, and that the government is the ultimate decider on how it will be distributed. The occutards echo that.

"In some respects it would be sad to see the occupy movement end. These children are constant reminder of the inevitable results of Obama’s class warfare efforts and what is sure to be a pure wealth-envy class warfare campaign."

Young Occutards Got Suckered "The reason they are not protesting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is because to do that would mean that these kids .. who have always been told how wonderful they are .. would have to admit that they made a mistake. They would have to take responsibility, and you know how much they must loathe the concept of personal responsibility. So instead of blaming themselves for putting an incompetent Marxist hack in the White House, or instead of protesting the hack himself, they find a scapegoat: Wall Street."

Random Insensitive Thoughts "OccuTards tweet me saying “What’s the matter with having a conversation?” Beating drums and crapping on my flag does not constitute a conversation."

Christian Charity Free to Staff on a Religious Basis

Heritage "The question in the World Vision case involved the scope of the Title VII religious staffing freedom: Does that freedom apply to independent religious charities, such as World Vision, or only to traditional houses of worship, such as churches, synagogues, and similar groups and groups closely affiliated with them?

"Earlier this year, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit decided that World Vision qualified for the Title VII religious staffing freedom. That decision stands as a strong victory for religious freedom."
More here. And here.

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