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Gadhafi dead, who's next on Obama's hit list?

IBD Editorials ^ | October 20, 2011 | Andrew Malcom Political News & Commentary

In what might be called the Obama Doctrine, but won't be because it isn't one and we were leading from behind anyway, the nation's top community organizer has helped NATO reorganize another bad guy from the world scene.

Thirty-one weeks after Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama promised that the Libyan military operation would last "days not weeks," Muammar Gadhafi is dead, along with hundreds of fighters and civilians on both sides. The dictator lasted through 42 years of international insoucance, ever since Obama was a sixth grader.

But near the beginning of the Arab Spring earlier this year Gadhafi made the threat that he was going to kill every opponent in sight in his country's then new rebellion.

On the way to South America with his extended family, Obama appointed himself caretaker, said the mere threat of such slaughter made it in the United States' national interest to prevent such a humanitarian disaster.

He joined allies attacking the regime's military installations and gear to give the ragtag rebellion a chance. And much later he got around to telling Congress he'd launched military operations that, despite all the explosions and deaths, he wasn't calling a war.

Nevermind that countless other black-hat regimes around the world have already gone way beyond threatening to kill large numbers of their civlians. Can you say Syria? Sudan? North Korea? Iran? The Obama administration instead invited Iran's diplomats to U.S. embassy July 4th parties around the world. That kind of outreach has not worked as well as Tomahawks.

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