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Primetime Propaganda’: Help Us Expose Hollywood’s Conservative Blacklist

In the Tunnel Wall:    "That is why Conservatives in Hollywood live in even greater fear than any other employee. In Hollywood, anyone can perform their job perfectly and still get fired. However, if one Liberal and one Conservative each performs their job perfectly, and one must be fired, the Conservative is the one who will be shown the door.
"It’s time to expose the discrimination that exists in Hollywood, and shine the cold light of reality on the Liberals who pay lip service to tolerating all points of view."

Sesame Street's pinko puppets brainwash our kids  "That's the claim by a right-wing* author who says he's exposed a left-wing plot behind some top TV shows."  *His words, not the Tunnel Dweller's.

Goodbye to 'Law [and] Order:' 20 Years of Attacking Businesses, Conservative Ideals
"The Business & Media Institute examined the portrayal of businessmen in TV dramas in 2005 and found that a person was 21 times more likely to be kidnapped or murdered at the hands of a businessman than the mob. Businessmen also committed crimes five times more often than terrorists and four times more often than gangs."
"That analysis included all three popular “Law & Order” shows (original, “Special Victims Unit” and “Criminal Intent”). On those programs, almost 50 percent of felonies (13 out of 27) – mostly murders – were committed by businessmen.
"Original cast member Michael Moriarty condemned the “unconscionable” liberalism of “Law & Order” in Dec. 2009, saying, “I hardly expected my old television series to be the clown act that leads the American viewing audience into an increasingly predictable pile of hard left propaganda.”"

In the Tunnel Wall...



Will Obama Sink the Democrats?

By James Lewis

The media are playing "divide and conquer" games against Republicans now, a strategy that worked in 2008 by leaving us with John McCain as the only candidate. This time they are swinging between viciously attacking Sarah Palin and her family, and hyping real or imaginary divisions between Republicans -- never among the Democrats, who present the image of a united front with Stalinesque unity. But you can bet there's a lot of vicious in-fighting among Obama, the Clintons, and all the rest, because Obama may be destroying the Democratic Party as we know it.

Already the media are spreading the Big Lie that the GOP has a "weak field" of candidates, declared and undeclared. Like Rudy Giuliani, the best NYC mayor in the last half century and a heroic figure on 9/11/01. Or the four successful former governors of Alaska, Massachusetts, Alabama, and Minnesota. We have one accomplished black businessman, who looks, acts, and talks like a responsible adult, and two brave and articulate conservative women. Even with his flaws, Newt Gingrich was the most powerful GOP Speaker of the House in the last half century. This is a "weak field"?

When know-nothing Obama ran in 2008, the left orgasmed all over itself, and swung a Nobel Peace Prize for him, just for running while black. Even today Obama is a hyped-up incompetent compared to Giuliani.

What the left really fears is that Obama will sink the Democrats. American political parties come and go. In the 19th century the Whigs died out and the Republicans emerged with Abraham Lincoln. Harry Truman's Democrats were forced to purge the Stalinist left from the Democratic Party, making a fast switch to the mainstream because they were deeply penetrated by Stalin's spies and agents of influence. Americans were justifiably scared of Stalin's nuclear bombs, weapons so big and destructive that nobody knew what might happen. The Democrats, some of them vociferously pro-Soviet, had to change in order to survive. They produced generations of mainstream liberals -- Truman, Humphrey, LBJ, JFK -- who would look exactly like conservatives today. Without purging the totalitarian left, they would have died as a party.

Today, as soon as Iran explodes a bomb, Obama is going to be in deep, deep trouble with American voters. Nuclear proliferation is now happening all over the Middle East, because Arabs fear a nuclear Iran much more than a nuclear Israel. Obama has Carterized the most unstable region in the world ten times over. The Democrats well remember how Jimmy got beaten by Ronald Reagan.

The left cannot be trusted in the War on Terror. Carter let the Shah of Iran be overthrown by murderous tyrannical throwback Ayatollah Khomeini. The left is just weak-minded -- which is why they keep denying there is a war going on, even when our troops are fighting and dying in Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, and parts of Africa like Somalia.

When the history of the War on Terror is written, it will start with Jimmy Carter, who honestly thought that bloody-minded old Khomeini was "some kind of saint," according to his UN Ambassador Andrew Young. The Shah was pro-American, and educated generations of Iranians (including women) in modern ways of thinking. When Carter allowed Khomeini to take Iran, the mullahs immediately killed off the secular opposition, tried to overthrow the Saudis next door, and ended up in a vicious war with Saddam that killed a million people. Today they control Iran, Syria, and Lebanon. They have always had tactical alliances with Sunni terror groups like Hamas, the Taliban, and Al Qaida. Afghanistan is taking huge bribes from Iran. The Iraqis are worried that as soon as the Americans leave, they will be next.

Thank you, peace-loving Jimmy Carter. What a masterstroke it was to enable the first modern throwback terror regime in the Islamic world. What an example for future generations Jimmy Carter gave us.

Americans who are not mentally comatose today are turning against Obama, because O openly pushed Mubarak out of power in Egypt, thereby sabotaging the only effective peace treaty in the Middle East. Anybody who doesn't see that as a disaster is simply lost to reason. But a lot of liberals will never, ever get it.

Just like Jimmy Carter, Obama is bringing to power the most radical Islamists in Egypt, Turkey, and the other Sunni nations. Obama has done nothing to stop Iran's ruthless march to nuclear power, so that the Saudis may now be ordering their own off-the-shelf nukes from Pakistan. China just announced that "any American attack on Pakistan would be treated like an attack on China." North Korea allowed a US nuclear scientist to visit a brand-new enrichment plant that could only have come from China.

Is this a royal mess or what? And that's only his Foreign Follies.

Domestically, what has Obama done? He's Carterized the economy, with inflation rising for food and gas, and economic stagnation causing almost 10 percent unemployment. He has constantly insulted and demoralized ordinary Americans. He is a racial divider, not a healer. He has literally given the middle digit to Hillary Clinton on television, and symbolically dissed just about everybody else, especially the most productive people in America.

Obama has lost the House of Representatives for the Democrats, and that means that hungry liberals all over the country see their career prospects stymied. His plans for a second term are terrifying: like running your medical care from DC. Rationing medical care for seniors, like the UK. Driving doctors out of business. Affirmative action in all the medical schools, just like Hillary proposed in the 90s.

Listen to these mainstream commentators.

Michael Barone keeps warning that Obama has brought in "gangster government." That's the considered judgment of the best-known PhD political scientist in the country, the editor of the Almanac of American Politics.

Patrick Caddell, after a long career as a mainstream Democratic pollster, is utterly enraged at the leftward lurch of the Demagogues since Clinton. Caddell is just about the last honest man on that side of the aisle. All the decent people in the Democratic Party have been chased out.

Charles Krauthammer, the only other conservative at the Washington Post, just wrote that:

Note how Obama has undermined Israel's negotiating position. He is demanding that Israel go into peace talks having already forfeited its claim to the territory won in the '67 war -- its only bargaining chip. Remember: That '67 line runs right through Jerusalem. Thus the starting point of negotiations would be that the Western Wall and even Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter are Palestinian -- alien territory for which Israel must now bargain.

The very idea that Judaism's holiest shrine is alien or that Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter is rightfully or historically or demographically Arab is an absurdity.

This is not just about Israel. Imagine what people are thinking in Taiwan, South Korea, Poland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia -- all international flashpoints where trust in American assurances has kept the peace for long decades. When Obama publicly abandons Israel, people start shaking in fear all over the world.

The leftist monopoly on the news is crumbling. The new conservative media are expanding and in quality and quantity, a long-delayed response to the leftist degradation of our culture. Conservatives now have the most articulate speakers in the country, including Rush Limbaugh, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and more.

The left is intellectually bankrupt, and the only thing keeping it alive is media control and government payoffs. The only way the left can stay in power is by monopolizing the media and the schools, to brainwash an entire nation about such little things as the history of the Cold War.

Obama himself is locked in post-colonial socialism, an ideology that has been completely rejected in China, Russia, India, and much of Latin America and Africa.

It is fear, and not self-confidence, that is making lefties like Chris Matthews act like aggressive chimps. When chimpanzees feel scared they go into a very aggressive stance, tear branches off the bushes, bare their teeth, and make loud noises. That's Matthews today. This is not what people do when they feel confident. It's what the power class does when it's afraid of losing it all.

Some leftists are scared that another McCarthyist backlash will arise if Obama loses. They have brainwashed themselves so much about Joe McCarthy that they are now scared of normal Americans. But they also know how extreme they look. To answer Rush Limbaugh the left presents vicious name-callers like Ed Schultz and a squad of Hollywood airheads. If they felt confident they would simply answer substantive arguments with their own. But they are dreadfully weak on substance.

When Americans become serious again -- when Iran's big bomb goes off, or the Great Recession keeps going -- they will vote out Obama and the Democrats.

Every time you read another JourNOlist claiming the GOP is in trouble, just change the word "Republican" to "Democrat." The left isn't losing sleep about Republican losses. They can see the earth yawning open under their own feet, ready to swallow them up, just as the House Democrats were swallowed up in the midterms. Don't think they aren't worried about their poll numbers. Don't think they aren't scared about Tea Party Americans. Don't think they can allow conservatives like you and me to exercise our free speech. They feel panicked, vulnerable, and incompetent. That's where all the rage is coming from.

Historically, leftward lurches in America are always followed by conservative corrections. Woodrow Wilson was followed by Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover; FDR and Truman by Eisenhower; JFK was relatively conservative by leftist standards, but after LBJ swung hard left, Nixon and Ford succeeded him. Jimmy Carter led straight to Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton was stymied by a powerful GOP Congress. And Obama...

We'll find out soon. The SEIU has just pulled out their old Communist banners, and they are tearing off the mask. ACORN is back in business. George Soros is funding all the loudest leftist fronts. Marxists are suddenly sprouting all over the campuses, like an outbreak of ugly pimples. The left is out of the closet.

Yet the Global Warming fraud has been exposed, and the Democrats have suddenly found out they want missile defenses. We now have Aegis-equipped anti-missile vessels near all the hot spots in the world; that's the technology the left threw screaming fits about for decades. Had the left won that debate we would now be exposed to the tender mercies of Iranian missiles a half an hour away. Now that the US has proven that missile defense is possible, every other nation in the world is rushing them into place.

The phony "energy crisis" is on its last legs as countries like Poland, Canada, China, and Israel have discovered major deposits of convertible shale deposits. Natural gas from shale will break the monopoly of OPEC in less than a decade, and reactionary Islam will then lose its big money edge in the world. The Middle East will lose much of its strategic importance as shale deposits are exploited all over the world.

Obama is starting his reelection campaign six months early. The left is already flooding us with phony pre-election headlines and disinformation. Those are signs of panic. They can read the portents of doom in the polls.

The left is strongest on hype, not substance. Alinsky taught them that the appearance of power beats real power. They are always puffing themselves up like blowfish, and trying to demoralize the rest of us. Just watch it happen.

By next year we will know if the left can fool all the people all of the time. No matter how much Obama tries to look like a winner, in fact he is a ball and chain for the Democrats. He lost the House in the midterms. Even the French and Chinese are ridiculing him.

Here's hoping that they all sink together, and that a more centrist party will succeed them.

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WASHINGTON -- Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will travel to Iowa next month as part of her nationwide bus tour, two sources with direct knowledge of the plan told RealClearPolitics. Palin's trip to the nation's first voting state -- where she has not yet set foot this year --will further escalate the already feverish speculation that she is leaning toward a White House run.

(Excerpt) Read more at realclearpolitics.com ...



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Further proof of Idema's connection with the enemy. As we've said previously, he not only lives in an Arab house in Bacalar, Mexico. He wears Arab garb & sold tapes to Al Jazeera featuring himself water boarding & torturing Afghans for profit. Here's proof he also is very good friends with these terrorists. You don't have to be an active member to sympathize with the cause. Jack and Mullah Mujahed were at Pulacharke prison together. Mullah Mujahed, who has 200,000 or more Taliban terrorists under him is a terrorist, but Jack considers him a good friend. Put all this together with the facts and you have a traitor plain and simple. Photos do not lie. Idema sold his country out long ago & is continuously trying to cash in on his lies telling more stories for a quick buck to whoever is stupid enough to listen. What a creep.

Below is the IED (Improvised Explosive Devises) Threat that was issued on 8/16/06 in Afghanistan regarding the Taliban suicide bombers, Jack's friends and associates.

"The MEYMANEH group is led by Haji HAFIZ from KANDAHAR or QUETTA. HAFIZ is of light build and has a black beard with tones of white. He has cut his beard short in order to avoid resemblance with a typical Taliban member. His two deputies are FNU HABIBULLAH and Mullah MUJAHED, both from CHARBOLAR (GNK) in MASAR e SHARIF (42S UF 3164). Mullah MUJAHED is possible ANWAR AL-HAQ, aka MUJAHED. MUJAHED is not a common name, but often seen as a label for veteran mujahedin fighters. ANWAR AL-HAQ is earlier reported to be a TALIBAN commander thought to be conducting insurgent activities in NANGARHAR province, AFGHANISTAN. Mullah MUJAHED might also be ANWARUL HAQ MUJAHED, listed as TALIBAN in charge of NANGARHAR province as of April 2006. He is reportedly close to TALIBAN leader Mullah OMAR. The group will travel to MAZAR E SHARIF before moving on to MEYMANEH. While in MAZAR E SHARIF, the group will stay in the home of Mullah MUJAHID. Commanders could nurture and fuel radicalism without finding substantial proves. The absence of such indications does not omit that there could be people supportive to TALIBAN. In given circumstances they might be supportive or ally themselves with terrorist elements."


GALLUP: Military Personnel, Veterans Give Obama Lower Marks...

7 'NATO troops' killed were American..


Will America Suffer the Fate of Rome?

By Robert Klein Engler

Many people with whom I talk these days say they sense something is happening to their familiar world. They are not sure how to put this feeling into words. For them, the river of time seems to have altered its course. You hear this uncertainty expressed not only at cocktail parties but at barbecues, too.

We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America." These words by Barack Obama echo through time. Have they been heard before, in another language, in another age?

I sense those who walk by the banks of the Potomac nowadays realize the politics of those who once walked by the banks of the Tiber. We share in our time, as the United States of America passes into something else, an experience shared by those who lived through the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

Like a mighty river, the flow of politics creates a current that is irresistible. We may want to stop the flow but we can't. That feeling of struggling against the current, of swiming hard but getting nowhere, is what the man cast adrift feels before he is drowned by events."

In Niall Rudd's introduction to his English translation of The Republic and The Laws by the Roman statesman Cicero, Rudd writes:

Cicero dreams of Rome as she had been a hundred years earlier, before the structure had begun to give way under the strains of empire.

Granted, it would be too late to save the Republic now; three years later Caesar would cross the Rubicon. But even if, by some stroke of magic, Cicero's dream had come true, disaster would not have been averted. By the 50s huge problems had developed which could not be solved within the framework of what was, essentially a city-state.

First, an empire of such size and complexity could not be run by a small élite of all-around amateurs in which within a decade the same man might be expected to manage finances, administer city departments, sit as a judge, and lead a military campaign. The voting system was over-centralized and out-dated; citizens could no longer be expected to travel to the capitol for elections and other meetings of the assembly...

There were also intractable economic problems resulting from the decay of smallholdings owing to the absence of farmers on military service...All this led to the growth of a workless and resentful urban proletariat, which could easily be inflamed by demagogues.

That, in turn, contributed to the worse problem of all. Troops were recruited by promise of loot and land...(these troops) depended for their future, not on the Senate, but on the power of an ambitious general...There is an air of unreality about the Laws.

Little by little, the river of time floated the Republic into the Empire. Today, we look back and remember the insanity and debauchery of Caligula. We remember, too, Cicero for is writings and how he, according to Plutarch, "stretched out his neck to meet the murder's stroke."

Now, let us imagine a thousand years from today. A scholar of that new age is translating from English to his own language what remains of William F. Buckley's God and Man at Yale.

In his introduction to Buckley, this future translator writes about Buckley as if he were the Cicero of his age living in the American Republic, except Buckley did not suffer the fate of having his hands and head cut off by his political enemies.

Our future translator writes:

Buckley dreams of the United States as she had been a hundred years earlier, before the structure had begun to give way under the strains of globalization.

Granted, it would be too late to save the US Constitution, now; the Democrats would run Obama for President. But even if, by some stroke of magic, Buckley's conservative dream had come true, disaster would not have been averted.

By the late 1990s huge problems had developed which could not be solved within the framework of what was, essentially a nation-state. First, a nation of such size and complexity as the United States could not be run by a small élite of patronage, party politicians in which within a decade the same man might be expected to manage finances when he was only good at campaigning.

The voting system was corrupted by illegal immigration and out-dated machinery; voters could no longer be expected to prove citizenship, or vote for a candidate who would abolish their government job...

There were also intractable economic problems resulting from the decay of small business, owing to the increase in government regulations and higher taxes ... All this led to the growth of a workless and resentful urban proletariat who lived off welfare, and which could easily be inflamed by Democrat Party demagogues and their media allies.

That, in turn, contributed to the worse problem of all. Troops, who were recruited to fight the desert wars, came home to inflation, falling property values, and unemployment. Their patriotism also was suspect in the New North American Union.

Many of these troops joined the underground and resistance. They were hunted by military drones, the same drones they used for desert warfare ... There is an air of unreality about God and Man at Yale.

Three thousand years have passed in translation. Our translators wonder if to be born and to die is the common journey of man. In-between, there is politics; Republics and Empires come and go. Some are statesmen. Other men are assassinated.

Robert Klein Engler lives in Des Plaines, Illinois. His books, Monarchs of August and Contra Obama, are available from Lulu.com. Read about his legal defense fund.

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OK. It's not what we'd call huge, but it will do.

Pictured above, please find the screenshot of Rep. Anthony Weiner's alleged, ahem, man part. Our resident schlong information freak, Ali, found it on alleged wanker @RepWeiner's yfrog account, just before it was deleted. So now, everyone in the office has a new nickname for Mr. Winky: "Yfrog."

Oh boy. We can't make this stuff up. OK, maybe we can.





Did N.Y. Congressman Send Penis Photo to Student?

The Internet was abuzz Saturday after it was reported that Rep. Anthony Weiner had apparently sent a lewd photo to a Seattle-area college student.

The New York Democrat quickly asserted that his online accounts had been "hacked" after Andrew Breitbart's BigGovernment.com reported that Weiner's Twitter account was used to send the photo, which shows the pelvic area of a man in gray undershorts with his tumescent penis bulging.

Late Friday night, a public message from Weiner's Twitter account (@RepWeiner) included a link to the penis photo, posted on the YFrog.com photo-sharing network. That message was directed to a Twitter account identified as belonging to 21-year-old Gennette Nicole Cordova, a student at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Washington.

Caches of Cordova's Twitter messages appeared to show that on April 9 she sent a message: "I wonder what my boyfriend @RepWeiner is up to right now." One of her friends on Twitter remarked the next day that Cordova's "crush" on the congressman was "cute." In one of his Twitter messages Friday announcing an appearance on the MSNBC cable network, Weiner made a joking reference to what time the show could be seen in Seattle.

Cordova's Twitter and Facebook accounts were deleted Saturday -- "Very odd," New York reporter Liz Benjamin remarked -- and the YFrog account that included the penis photo was also deleted. Media critic Lee Stranahan speculates on the motives for those deletions. While Weiner has made flippant references on Twitter to what was quickly dubbed "WeinerGate," he has made no explanation of how the "hacking" took place. Attempts to reach the congressman's press office were unsuccessful, blogger/talk-radio personality Peter Ingemi reported Saturday evening.

(Excerpt) Read more at spectator.org ...

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Jenny Durkan - "A MAN'S MAN!" - Barack Obama (2009)

The famous picture of harmless Shakespearean actor John Wilkes Booth and Confederate hero that Jenny Durkan finds offensive for some perverted Yankee reason.

In Chapter Two, “I'm Sleepless In Seattle Because of Ronbo” - the Grand & Glorious U.S. Attorney for Western Washington State falls into fury after reading this funny polemic-satire, which dares tell the truth about her Highness in crude street language.

After foaming at the mouth and chewing the carpet for a good half hour, Darling Jenny pick up the red phone on her desk and calls the Director of Homeland Security – a fellow bitch – who picks up her red phone and calls her bitch, the Director of the United States Secret Service (allegedly of the male sex, although many Patriots have their doubts) giving him orders to do strange sexual things to Ronbo, who happens to be sleeping well in Seattle, “until he gets his mind right.”

(The Fearless Leader of the Dread SS rolls his eyes while looking at a picture of Ronbo taped to the wall on which he has drawn devil horns and a tail.)

“Boss, much as I hate the guy, there is nothing I can do to Ronbo at the moment without an Presidential Executive Finding For Assassination. As it stands today, the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives him the right to say anything about a public person, which covers Jenny Durkan, as long as he makes no threats.”

“Have I read his article? Yes, I did. It was kind of humorous in gross way. I'm glad Ronbo is making fun of other public figures besides myself and President Obama. It shows his development as a writer. I think the guy has talent as an author of polemics and satire...”

“Boss, I wish you'd cut out the adult language. This line is tapped by the National Security Agency at Ft. Meade, Maryland. We don't want this conversation outed on Wikileaks, you know!”

“What? No way I can arrest the NSA for wire tapping! This is what those people do. I understand their motto is “In God We Trust. All Others We Tape,” heck they even record President Obama. We are in very good company. We are important enough to be taped and watched. “

(The Director takes another pain pill and starts to feel better, especially when he looks at the calender next to the picture of Ronbo with the days marked off until his retirement.)

“What can I do to Ronbo? Not much I'm afraid. Yes, I know he's a Class III suspect – a clear and present danger to the Ruling Class – but it gets back to that old Constitutional thing called freedom of speech....”

“Yes, I know President Obama and the Attorney General have their copies for toilet paper, but I'm pretty sure the House of Representatives and the Tea Party Movement have copies. I know Ronbo carries a dog eared copy of it in his left shirt pocket over his heart. So I guess the cows are out of the barn on that idea and it will do us no good to shut the barn door.”

Harmless, poor, old, disabled and depressed Ronbo who was very unhappy at climbing only one mountain somewhere way out West in the summer of our discontent.

“Burn the original? I thought of that, but it's pretty well guarded and those security people can shoot! I'm afraid for now we have to play by the rules for the time being.”

(The Director takes his second pain pill of the day and the world is really looking much, much better!)

Assassinate Ronbo? We tried that several times. The man lives a charmed life! On the last attempt we missed Ronbo, but we almost killed a dozen innocent civilians in Florida.

What? This is a long story. He wrote an article about it on his blog that pretty much tells the tale. I'll send you the link.”

“Have the FCC shut down, Blogger to put Ronbo's blog out of business. We can't do that Boss! The Republicans control the House, and would surely cut off the FCC funding and our money as well....”

“Yes, they can do that too! The U.S. Constitution states...”

“Boss you really have to watch what you say, as some people would think what you just said is treason..not to mention solicitation for murder based what you said earlier. I'm of the mind you are just harmlessly venting because you hate Ronbo, however, a Special Attorney like Ken Starr may look at this conversation in different light and...”

“Once again, Boss, treason and/or murder solicitation conviction can end badly for the offender.”

“We both go down together? I think not. For one thing I'll do a deal with the Special Attorney and roll over on you, bitch. And I have another ace to play. This is how the law enforcement game is played. When they catch you, you do a deal and roll over on someone one step higher, which in my case will be you. I should inform you that you stand high on the Patriot Proscription List. If an ambitious Special Attorney wants to get in good with them and agree to give testimony against you in court, I'm In Like Flint with the Tea Party Movement and the Republicans.”

(The line goes dead. The Director takes a third pain pill and feels himself smile. He goes to the bathroom just off his office and looks into the mirror. “Damn what a shit eating grin! With a little make up I'd look like Jack Nicholson in that Batman movie,” he thinks. He returns to his desk and picks up the red phone and speaks to the still silent Boss.)

“The only thing I can do to Ronbo is send one of our SS agents in Seattle to ask him politely to stop publishing polemical satire against the Ruling Class...”

“Tell him to take down that picture of John Wilkes Booth on his blog, because it gives you the willies?..”

“I'll ASK the agent to ASK him to take the picture down, but I understand Ronbo likes Booth because he was a great American Shakespearean actor who well played Brutus in his day....”

“Can my agent just shoot Ronbo? Sure could, he's armed with a .357 magnum, however, they meet every Thursday morning at Starbucks in downtown Seattle. Do you have any idea how many people are at Starbucks on any weekday? We are talking all seats filled and a line out the door! My agent would be killing him in front of a room full of upper middle class intelligent white people armed with video cams on their cell phones. This is not to mention the store cameras. Also, Congressmen would wonder why the SS is the assassination business instead putting the assassination business out of business. Why in no time all the SS would be arrested and sent for life to Shemya, Alaska. This is in the Aleutian Islands about 1,500 miles northwest from Anchorage. The worst weather is the world...tundra! I say give the Ronbo Contract to the FBI, but there is no way on God's Green Earth will my SS will murder an innocent man at Starbucks...”

I have complete confidence in the Director, United States Secret Service, because, like me, he's Irish. 'As is well known in Chicago, an Irish cop is the best policemen money can buy. - Barack Obama (2011)

(The Director hears a click. He thinks of taking a fourth pain pill, but passes on the idea because he is clearly NOT feeling any pain....Horny, yes...but NO PAIN! He finally reads the prescription label. The Latin for the drug he can't pronounce, but the “habit forming” part he understands. The Director pulls out his cell phone and punches a number.)

“G-Man? Still in Seattle? Yes, I know you hate the weather...and it's always rainy, chilly and overcast! It is the Pacific Northwest, you know. When will Ronbo go back to Florida? How should I know? Ask him yourself? Yes, I know you'd rather have a tooth pulled without a pain pill than talk to Ronbo! No, for the one thousandth time you can't shoot him!!! Congress would wonder. We have been down the road before G-Man! It's not like I'm telling you to take a bullet for the president, DUH! Just talk to the old man, after all Ronbo is 62 years and disabled. You're what? Thirty-five years old in fighting trim well armed with a .357 and licenced to kill just like James Bond.”

“No, we don't need another agent in American Samoa. We only send agents who hate the tropics to the tropics. Why? Our studies have proven that if SS agents hate where we station them, they tend to be very unhappy, but very alert and hating their superiors in Washington, D.C., where they will never be stationed. ...'Field agents always stay way out in left field' is the SS motto.”

“Suicide? This would be a bit extreme even for a highly emotional person like you, G-Man! I don't believe you, especially after I sent you that short timer's calendar with all the pay and benefits you get after 25 years in the SS posted at the bottom. Why, son, the health plan alone is pure 100% gold! Just hang in there for another short fifteen years, and The Very Generous Fully Funded Eternal SS Retirement Package will pay enough to buy a small South Pacific island in less than a year.”

“Now picture this: You're a young 50 something retired secret agent man owning your own small island and tribe somewhere in the South Pacific. Yes, you are the king of paradise! Of course, you are a good king who only offers up one human sacrifice a year to to keep the volcano god happy. You may be a just, generous and goodly king, but you're also a smart king who has read his Machiavelli and knows the value of fear. Then one sunny perfect day in paradise your security guards shove an old man in front of your throne who has survived a ocean plane crash before you for judgement, as your Highness has forbidden visitors from the outside world except for Playboy Bunnies, Sports' Illustrated Models and Michelle Obama. The old man from the sea looks...familiar....could it be? TOM HANKS??? (What movie was that? The one where he played the airplane survivor Fedex guy on a desert island somewhere in the vast South Pacific?) No! It's OLD RONBO!!! The volcano god will be appeased early this year.”

“Okay, Okay, OKAY, G-Man!!! You drive a hard bargain. The GS-16 promotion is totally out of the question, but the GS-13, Step 20 is doable. It will give you the same perks and pay as GS-16 without the command authority. You really don't want the command authority, take it from me.”

“Agreed? You will talk to Ronbo tomorrow at 0800 sharp at Starbucks in beautiful downtown Seattle even if rains and makes you depressed? You will ask him humbly to remove the picture of John Wilkes Booth from his blog and stop doing articles about Jenny Durkan? She can't help being queer - she was born that way."

What else? Back up? How many? No problem, but they buy their own coffee and drinks! I'm still getting hell from American Express because those SS agents in Moscow used my credit card number to buy themselves and their dates all the high end drinks served at the Red Square Starbucks. Very funny! They said it was their revenge for me cutting back on their overtime pay! Ha-Ha! 'We got ya, Boss!' they said. Can you imagine the bill? You know the price of coffee at any Starbucks! But at THE MOSCOW STARBUCKS! Moscow is the most expensive city in world, and you have to pay the balance on the American Express Gold Card in full every month, or get downsized to American Express Green. I had to sell my wife's BMW to pay that bill, and would you believe she is still mad at me? Women: what man can understand them! I mean she needed to lose some weight and she is because she has to walk everywhere now."

“So pass it on to your fellow agents – BUY YOUR OWN DAMN COFFEE AT STARBUCKS!!!”

Meanwhile deep in belly of the Top Secret National Security Agency (NSA) beast complex the not-so-Top Secret SS conversations have been recorded, analyzed, and made a transcript. A briefing is held the next morning for the Supreme Defense Council (*SDC) that meets weekly at the NSA.

Of course, the "law" (The law that no longer exists since Obama has used the U.S. Constitution for toilet paper) clearly states the NSA cannot tape the conversations of American citizens. This is especially true for the U.S. Secret Service, FBI and Homeland Security. HOWEVER, the Director of the NSA, a high ranking military officer and fan of Napoleon Bonaparte and Julius Caesar plans a military putsch May, 2012. These intercepted Top Secret SS conversations will play well on Fox News as an alibi for the coup.

*The SDC was created in 2009 by President Obama who signed off on it in a hurry (He was late to a golf game with a big fund raiser at Walt Disney World in Orlando) on what he believed to be an executive order giving his unelected czars and major union bosses a hefty pay raise with numerous perks. Well, the first page did actually say something like that in very large print, so Obama skipped back to the signature page and put his "John Henry" on the 1,000 page "Presidential Finding" that set the SDC to coordinate the overthrow of the Republic in May, 2012 that would result in his trial and execution by a "Provisional Revolutionary Government" allowed to hold office for ten years after 2012 without election and the appointment of a "First Citizen" (The Director of the NSA) with dictatorial powers to guide the nation back to democracy under a Second Republic.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gettysburg: History Channel film; Civil War links, The sound of the Rebel yell

In the Tunnel Wall

About Gettysburg , the documentary: "Executive produced by Ridley and Tony Scott, GETTYSBURG strips away the romanticized veneer of the Civil War to present the pivotal Battle of Gettysburg in a new light--a visceral, terrifying and deeply personal experience, fought by men who put everything on the line in defense of their vision of the American future. Cinematic in scope, GETTYSBURG is an information-packed look at the turning points, strategic decisions, technology and little-known facts surrounding the battle. Developed in collaboration with highly esteemed Civil War historians, GETTYSBURG reflects hundreds of individual accounts of the battle--the unique voices of struggle, defeat and triumph that tell the larger story of a bitterly conflicted nation."

Plus numerous Gettysburg links

The Rebel Yell that struck fear in the heart of many a Yankee soldier.

"We encourage you to listen to this voice from the past, read the ...information below to learn of the man behind the voice and how this audio treasure came to be recorded for posterity. "....

"We are grateful to Mr. J.B. Joye of Belmont, N.C. for providing us with a tape of his grandfather's voice and thanks to Pvt. Ken Curtis of Co. E of the 26th NCT Reactivated for recognizing the historical importance of the tape."

Hear a recreation of this bloodcurdling sound as Union soldiers under attack by Confederates would have heard it. Imagine this sound as Stonewall Jackson's command fell upon the flank of Joe Hooker's union army at Chancellorsville in 1863.

More in the Tunnel Wall


A Marine who was fatally shot in his Arizona home earlier this month reportedly never fired upon the SWAT team that fired at him 70 times. Jose Guerena, a 26-year-old father of two and veteran of the Iraq war, died on May 5 in his home near Tucson, Ariz., during an anti-drug police raid. Authorities initially reported that they thought Guerena fired upon them, but an investigation revealed that no shots were fired, ABC News reports.

The SWAT team descended upon Guerena's home thinking it was one of four houses associated with a drug smuggling operation. But nothing illegal was found during a subsequent search of the residence.

Guerena’s wife, Vanessa, is determined to clear her husband’s good name. She said the couple's son continues to ask: "Is he a bad guy?"

The five SWAT team members remain on active duty. No criminal charges have been filed and no disciplinary action taken.

(Excerpt) Read more at foxnews.com ...


Sadly it happens far too many times all across this country.

In fact, in 2010 I posted an article concerning the Las Vegas Police Department who murdered a West Point Graduate whose "crime" was being white while shopping at COSTCO.

To date no member of this corrupt police force has been charged with murder.

If I posted every single story I found of a cop being arrested or sued for this or that... that’s all this blog would contain is bad cop stories...









President Obama and Numbergate

By Henry Percy

Jack Cashill recently detailed what Susan Daniels, a private investigator, has learned about Mr. Obama's Social Security Number. In a nutshell, the president's SSN was issued in 1977 with a Connecticut Area Number (first 3 digits).

Here's what the SS official web site says, in relevant part:

The Area Number [first 3 digits] is assigned by the geographical region. Prior to 1972, cards were issued in local Social Security offices around the country and the Area Number represented the State in which the card was issued. This did not necessarily have to be the State where the applicant lived, since a person could apply for their card in any Social Security office. Since 1972, when SSA began assigning SSNs and issuing cards centrally from Baltimore, the area number assigned has been based on the ZIP code in the mailing address provided on the application for the original Social Security card. The applicant's mailing address does not have to be the same as their place of residence. Thus, the Area Number does not necessarily represent the State of residence of the applicant, either prior to 1972 or since.

One must wonder if the above was written or revised in the last three years in the wake of inquiries about Mr. Obama's SSN to draw a red herring across the trail.

But what if the Obamaites are setting us up for another sucker punch? Their handling of the birth certificate was masterful: the PDF posted mollified all the MSM pundits, who immediately pronounced the matter put to rest, while the artifacts in the PDF allow the matter to stay open, with attendant finger-pointing and laughter from the brilliant Obamaites at the uncouth, unreasonable, unstoppable birthers, who will accept no proof.

So let's take a quick look at what has the left said about the SSN. I donned my bunny suit for entry into a toxic waste site, Huffington Post, and searched on "obama social security number," which led to a blog by one Jason Linkins, who thought all the refutation needed was provided by "the good folks at The Week," who in turn thought the last word on the subject came from one Carole Bengle Gilbert at Associated Content:

What about Obama's father, also named Barack Hussain Obama [sic], who lived in Connecticut after divorcing Obama's mother? That doesn't count as a family connection? ... Even assuming that Obama's father left Connecticut before the Social Security number issued, his residency there establishes the connection Daniels said didn't exist. And it's not too hard to imagine a young Barack Obama checking out the place his dad once lived or connecting with people still there who knew his dad. In fact Barack Obama's dad attended college in Connecticut and in 1977, Obama was college aged; is it beyond reason to consider that he might have checked out his father's alma mater?

Where to start with this farrago of nonsense? We know that by 1977 BHO Sr. had been back in Kenya for 12 years, where he was pursuing an early grave through alcohol and drunk driving accidents. And we learn from the astute Ms. Gilbert that BHO Sr., after abandoning the future president's mother, apparently enrolled at that other Harvard University in Connecticut, not the better-known one in Massachusetts. Then BHO Jr., as a sophomore or junior in high school, went on a fact finding trip to "the place his dad once lived," met up "with people still there who knew his dad" (no small task, akin to verifying the voter rolls in Chicago), and asked one of them if, oh by the way, he might use their address to apply for a Social Security number.

Apparently the Connecticut Harvard made a poor impression on him, because 11 years later he chose the one in Massachusetts for law school. Eventful trip for a high school kid whose chief interests heretofore had been hanging out and getting high. Ties up all the loose ends for me.

But wait, there's another explanation. The Wikipedia article on Social Security numbers, under the section "Identity Theft," offers information that the Obamaites may wish to work into their story:

Identity confusion has also occurred due to the use of local Social Security Numbers by the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Republic of Palau, whose numbers overlap with those of residents of New Hampshire and Maine.[20]

So when Numbergate heats up, Jay Carney, White House press secretary, can say that Palau is close to Hawaii (both islands, both in the Pacific) and that New Hampshire and Maine and Connecticut are all in New England, so maybe the whole matter is just a bureaucratic snafu. This delivered with Mr. Carney's signature deadpan and received by the press corps (pronounced "corpse") with appreciative laughter.

Henry Percy is the nom de guerre for a technical writer living in Arizona. He may be reached at saler.50d[at]gmail.com.

Page Printed from: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/05/president_obama_and_numbergate.html

Has Romney Been Chosen To Lose To Obama? A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

It is becoming clear (at least to me) that Mitt Romney will be the GOP’s choice to lose to Obama in November of 2012.

OK, before you blast me for speaking ill of another republican (In the spirit of full disclosure – I AM a republican.) if you haven’t already figured it out – I do not care for Mitt Romney, as a candidate for President of the United States. Its not a big stretch for me… as I also did not care for his father, George Romney, when HE ran for President way back in 1968 … right up til he dropped out of the Primary in late February, or early March.

“Two weeks before the March 12 primary, an internal poll showed Romney losing to Nixon by a six-to-one margin in New Hampshire. Rockefeller, seeing the poll result as well, publicly maintained his support for Romney but said he would be available for a draft; the statement made national headlines and embittered Romney (who would later claim it was Rockefeller's entry, and not the "brainwashing" remark, that doomed him). Seeing his cause was hopeless, Romney announced his withdrawal as a presidential candidate on February 28, 1968. Romney wrote his son Mitt, still away on missionary work: "Your mother and I are not personally distressed. As a matter of fact, we are relieved. ... I aspired, and though I achieved not, I am satisfied." (SOURCE)

The “brainwashing remark” referenced above in my opinion, underscores the old adage: “Like father; like son.” Mitt’s father, George, had problems with “flip-flopping” just as his son does today. It cost him any chance he might have had at winning the GOP nomination for President. Here’s what happened:

“On August 31, 1967, in a taped interview with talk show host Lou Gordon of WKBD-TV in Detroit, Romney stated: "When I came back from Viet Nam [in November 1965], I'd just had the greatest brainwashing that anybody can get." He then shifted to opposing the war: "I no longer believe that it was necessary for us to get involved in South Vietnam to stop Communist aggression in Southeast Asia." Decrying the "tragic" conflict, he urged "a sound peace in South Vietnam at an early time." Thus Romney disavowed the war and reversed himself from his earlier stated belief that the war was "morally right and necessary.

Eight other governors who had been on the same 1965 trip as Romney said no such activity had taken place, with one of them, Philip H. Hoff of Vermont, saying Romney's remarks were "outrageous, kind of stinking ... Either he's a most naïve man or he lacks judgment." The connotations of brainwashing, following the experiences of American prisoners of war (highlighted by the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate), made Romney's comments devastating, especially as it reinforced the negative image of Romney's abilities that had already developed.” (SOURCE)

(As a side note: Mitt’s father, George Romney was born in Mexico. Yet, George Romney was a candidate for President of the United States in the primary in 1968. He was born on July 8, 1907 to American parents in the Mormon colonies in Mexico; events during the Mexican Revolution forced his family to move back to the United States when he was a child.) (SOURCE)

Now, I realize all this dates me… and that’s OK. If it has any importance, at all, it is that I feel as though I have been down the same road with Mitt Romney’s father, George, and I do not care to travel that same hilly, curvy road again. Then Governor Jim Rhodes of Ohio said, "Watching George Romney run for the presidency was like watching a duck try to make love to a football."

As difficult as it may seem to believe, for those who did not witness George Romney’s campaign back in the sixties, for those of us who did -- there is reason to believe the campaign of his son Mitt will not be that different.

We need an assertive candidate, a candidate sure of himself, without a record of flip-flopping all over the map. I just do not see that in Mitt Romney.

Here in the South, the mention of Romney’s name tends to bring on “rolling of the eyes.” He is a northeasterner, and a Mormon. That is two out of three strikes for him before the first vote is cast. If he ever gets to the Oval Office he will do so without the support of the majority of the southern states. THAT is a near impossible. A number of religious denominations in the south will never vote for a Mormon under any circumstances the human brain can devise. His campaign will be hard pressed to devise a winning strategy without the southern states.

I understand how difficult this is to read for Romney supporters, but there it is.

So, who can win against Obama? None of the republican candidate announced, so far. But, I think it is interesting, and important, that the Obama campaign has begun digging into the past of Chris Christie, the current governor of New Jersey, and Christie says he is NOT going to run. But – if Obama is concerned enough that Christie might change his mind and run, anyway, then that tells me the Obama campaign fears Chris Christie and I LIKE THAT!

J. D. Longstreet

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Are Liberals Actually Human?
Burt Prelutsky—5/27/11

Two questions that often plague me are what planet do liberals hail from, and why don’t they go back?

For instance, Michael Moore, who looks more and more like Helen Thomas every day, along with many of his fellow leftists, has insisted that, morally, there was no difference between Osama bin Laden’s killing 3,000 people on 9/11 and our killing him. Just how fatheaded do you have to be to even suggest such a thing?

But it’s not uncommon for liberals to cite moral equivalence where there isn’t any. They do it when it comes to equating cold-blooded murder of innocent people with the state’s execution of the murderer; they do it in regards to the Middle East not only when they condemn Israel for defending itself against Arab and Muslim terrorists, but when they equate Christian martyrs with the blood-thirsty Egyptian mobs who burn down their churches and slaughter them in the streets.

The reaction to the killing of Osama bin Laden was interesting on many levels. To begin with, people argued whether the proper term was assassinate, kill, execute or even murder. I think the appropriate word was exterminate, which is generally the way we refer to rodent and pest control.

Then we had the problem inherent in Barack Obama, a liberal who not only opposes capital punishment, but who campaigned for terrorists to be tried like common criminals in civilian courts, serving as judge, jury and executioner, of a man who was never Mirandized, provided with an attorney or given the opportunity to face his accusers; and, for good measure, whose fate was Seal-ed without the okay of the U.N., the World Court or Rosie O’Donnell.

Can you imagine the stink that would have been raised by the MSM if George W. Bush had green-lighted the operation? At the very least, the environmentalists would have gone berserk, comparing the dumping of bin Laden’s carcass to BP Oil’s contamination of the ocean.

Finally, if any additional proof of the Left’s intellectual dishonesty were needed, we have Nancy Pelosi stating, back in 2006, that, “Even if Osama bin Laden is caught tomorrow, it is five years too late…the damage he has done is done. And even to capture him now I don’t think makes us any safer.” But five years later, she has the gall to announce: “The death of Osama bin Laden marks the most significant development in our fight against Al-Qaida. I salute President Obama, his national security team, Director Panetta, our men and women in the intelligence community and military, and other nations who supported this effort for their leadership in achieving this major accomplishment. The death of Osama bin Laden is historic.”

You would have thought Mrs. Pelosi might at least have squeezed George W. Bush in there at some point, perhaps in place of those anonymous “other nations.” Come to think of it, which nations do you think she had in mind? Luxembourg? North Korea? Pakistan, perhaps?

But that’s the sort of embarrassing thing that’s bound to occur when, as is all too typical of liberal politicians, one values partisanship above principles, and make a practice of rewarding the vainglorious and the abysmally ignorant, people such as Mrs. Pelosi and Harry Reid, with leadership positions.

Mr. Prelutsky lives and writes in the San Fernando Valley.

He has been a humor columnist for the L.A. Times, a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine and has written for the New York Times, TV Guide, Modern Maturity, Emmy, Holiday, American Film, and Sports Illustrated.

For television, he has written for Dragnet, McMillan & Wife, MASH, Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, Bob Newhart, Family Ties, Dr. Quinn and Diagnosis Murder.

Burt Prelutsky's new book of political commentary, Liberals: America's Termites, now available. Send check or money order for $20 to cover shipping and handling to Scorched Earth Press, 16604 Dearborn Street, North Hills, CA 91343-3604

You may contact Burt via his home page.