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The best thing about being a blogger is that you do not know what will show up in your email.

Yesterday morning it was a couple of emails from a friend in California who reported the arrest by the Secret Service of fellow patriot blogger, Robert Tracinski, early yesterday morning.

I have not been able to confirm this event, and I pray it's not true; however, we do live under the terror of the attack dogs of Secret Service tyranny released by the Obama Regime, who have a well documented track record of going against Obama opposition Rightists while ignoring Bush presidential threats made by Leftists.

If the Obama Homeland Security establishment that includes the Secret Service is not concerned with the blow back from a frontal assault against the religion of over seventy million Americans in the Roman Catholic Church, why would they back away from the arrest of the intellectual leader of the Tea Party?

C&P of the emails in question:

Email One:

Robert Tracinski and his wife were arrested by the U.S. Secret Service this morning in Virginia.

There are no details, but it would appear to be due to Mr. Tracinski's critical articles on Obama.

The children are said to be in state of Virginia foster care.

Email Two:

I'm in xxx, California so I can't do "boots on the ground" in Virginia today, but my source who lives near Charlottesville reports they personally witnessed Tracinski and wife being arrested by the Secret Service and local police. When questioned the police refused to tell bystanders the reason for the arrests. I have called the Charottesville PD this morning and was referred to a female spokesman who said, "no comment." Ditto the Secret Service. I attempted to call Tracinski at his business phone 540-967-5531 and it was not answered by a human.

This is how things stand at the moment....looking for confirmation.

As to the reason the Secret Service would arrest Robert Tracinski, the peaceful Objectivist writer and Tea Party activist, I haven't a clue.


UPDATE: 2/14/12

It would appear that Mr. Tracinski and wife were NOT arrested on Saturday morning as reported by my confidential source.

As is well known, blogging is far from an exact science and in the rush to be the first with the news mistakes are sometimes made. In my defense, I did note that my report was based on a confidential source in California who received the news from a person in Virginia. However, more often than not my confidential information on breaking news is accurate, as was the report on the recent death of Jack Idema in Mexico.

The Freedom Fighter's Journal was first to report this news in the USA.

In regards to the publication of articles by Mr. Tracinski on this blog, I'm sorry if failed a few times not to give him credit for his articles. In the future, I will limit myself to simply posting the link to his articles published on the Internet in the context of my commentary on them.

I will not apologize for my characterization of Mr. Tracinski as the intellectual leader of the TPM - Tea Party Movement. In terms of first American Revolution, he would occupy the role of Thomas Paine. I have no doubt the importance of Mr. Tracinski's role in what many are calling, "The Second American Revolution" is not lost on those in Homeland Security with the power to imprison those who they deem to be "traitors."

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RRD said...

Tracinski has contradicted it on his Facebook page.Either you are yourself the victim of a hoax,or you are the originator of it.