Thursday, November 15, 2012


We will not surrender, we will not retreat and we will not "moderate" our stance!! FReepathon XXXIX
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Now that the GOP-e's anointed RINO has failed to attract sufficient numbers of conservative voters (the Republican base) to defeat the most blatantly corrupt liberal, er, communist useful idiot to ever occupy the White House, they've come up with an ingenious plan. We should "moderate" our stances against liberal causes like abortion, illegal aliens, the homosexual agenda, socialized healthcare, gun control, carbon tax, recreational drugs, resisting over taxing the "wealthy," etc. Our self-appointed Republican political "experts" now say we've lost the war against socialism and therefore must run up the white flag of surrender and become just like the godless socialist democrats to "attract more moderate votes." Conservatism, ie, defending God's commandments, defending the constitution, defending the rule of law, defending life, family, country, liberty, the borders, the founding principles, the pursuit of happiness, etc, is just too extreme in the new moderate world. 

NUTs to all that libtard psychobabble!! 

The GOP-e and their RINO enablers can KMA!! 

If you think the evangelicals and the right-wing conservative base failed to turn out for the most liberal candidate to ever run on a Republican ticket (even though he pretended to be conservative), what in the hell do you think will happen if the GOP openly moves even further to the left? 

Not only no, but HELL NO we will NOT moderate our stance against abortion, same sex marriage (or any part of the homosexual agenda), gun control, government mandated/socialized health care, big spending, big borrowing, big taxing, over taxing the "wealthy," globalism, "climate change," carbon tax, the borders, the illegal alien invasion, resistance to the ridiculous liberal wars against Christianity, morality, coal, oil, gas, mining, agriculture, industry, or against moral society, capitalism and liberty itself!! 

We are here, we are in your face and we will not retreat. We reload!! 

Damn the RINOs, full speed ahead for God, Family, Country, Life and Liberty!! 

Woo hoo!! And our FReepathon is still going strong!! 

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Thank you all very much!!
God bless.

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