Monday, December 10, 2012

Obama’s Kingdom of Fairness; Forget the deficit. It is now the role of government to soak the undeserving rich.

From the Tunnel Wall:  "All the old criteria in a free-market economy that decide how much we are able to make — education levels, hard work, personal responsibility, particular tastes and values, skill sets, self-discipline, or even sheer luck, accidents, relative health, or inheritance — now matter far less.
"Instead, Obama’s all-knowing, all-powerful federal government, through higher taxes, more spending, and greater deficits, will set right what the unfair marketplace has so skewed. At last, we learn what Obama really meant when, in unguarded moments, he sermonized about “redistributive change,” the need to “spread the wealth,” knowing the proper time not to profit, and “at a certain point” making too much money.
"Do we need to heed any longer the ancient advice — scrimp to leave something behind for your kids; try to get a promotion; make sure your savings account is larger than what you owe — if some inequality results?"

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