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Urban Dictionary: "Go Galt" - To follow the example of the character John Galt in the book "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. A person who goes Galt is a productive member of society who decides to reduce his or her productivity in order to thwart the efforts of unproductive people to take the fruits of his or her labor.
"I can't get ahead. My taxes go up every year." 

"Easy! Just go Galt."

No one can accuse the Democrats of being the party of personal responsibility. Confronted with an economy that contracted in the fourth quarter, Speaker Nancy Pelosi blamed Congressional Republicans for obstructing the president’s agenda and creating uncertainty. 

In the wake of the financial collapse, the Democrats took full control of both the Congress and the Presidency in 2009 and were presented with an historic opportunity to put their ideas into practice. 

Unfortunately, the newly elected President Obama and Speaker Pelosi treated the situation as a political opportunity to build a Democratic majority rather than an obligation to fix what’s broken in the economy. 

Shrewdly, President Obama cobbled together a broader Democratic coalition by delivering to women free health care services, to Hispanics amnesty for young adults, to younger folks overly generous student loans, to teachers and civil servants subsidies to protect their jobs, to labor unions a rebuke of Simpson-Bowles recommendation that the retirement age be raised, and to his political friends generous subsidies for solar panels, windmills and other whimsical projects. 

Meanwhile, he cut defense, raised taxes on small businesses, and imposed unproductive regulations on manufacturing. No surprise, the revolution of the takers has instigated a strike among the makers. Rather than be slaves -- yoked under burdensome taxes, regulations and endless hectoring from the Left -- small banks aren’t lending but instead are looking to sell out to the Wall Street barons who financed the President’s rise to power. Small businesses are not expanding, and multinational corporations are taking factories and jobs.....





Like Rush Limbaugh I'm beginning to smell a big, fat stinking fascist rat named Obama and his elite Washington, D.C. ruling class, who will talk about ANYTHING other than THEIR Manufactured Barack Obama Style Great Depression II.

Yes, Virginia, it helps to own the propaganda factory of the Lamestream Media that directs the public attention to "false flag operations" like gun control and women in the military.

One wonder what the fascist ruling elite will have their stooges in the Media say when the economy totally crashes and burns?


Hey now, it worked in 1932 with Hoover!

...And if the public is stupid enough to believe in Big Media Lie of Global Warming (AGW) after 17 years of increasingly colder temperatures, that may herald the beginning of a New Ice Age, they will believe ANYTHING the Beltway ruling class tells them.


RUSH: If there were a Republican in the White House, we'd be in a recession.  If there were a Republican in the White House, we'd never have come out of the recession.  If there were a Republican in the White House, there would be a depression.  If there were a Republican in the White House and all this was going on, we'd be doing impeachment hearings by now.



'Can't be with that sweet stuff'...




GDP -0.1%...

Santelli: 'We Are Now Europe'...

Job market booming at IRS...


Automatic Budget Cuts More Likely as Stances Harden...

Pension insurer warns of rising deficit...

Dollar at 14-Month Low vs Euro...

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Confirmed? Iranian Nuclear Facility Suffers "Mega Explosion"

The Tunnel Wall;    Via itcouldn'
"Today the Times of London quoted Israeli intelligence officials as saying that "a mega explosion had occurred and caused damage to the Iranian "Fordow" nuclear facility. The heavily fortified "Fordow" nuclear facility for uranium enrichment is located underground on a mountain near the Iranian city of Qum.
"Sources reported that the explosion occurred last week. The Israeli government was trying to investigate into reports which told of damages sustained by the facility which led to trapping 200 workers inside the facility, according to the newspaper.


It would appear from recent news reports that the Islamist Regime in Egypt is in the process of collapsing due to the attempted replacement of the Egyptian constitution with the Sharia Law.

This is a clear signal to another Regime thousands of miles away in this country that seeks to replace the U.S. Constitution with the gospel of Karl Marx.

Americans - like the Egyptians - will rise when it becomes clear what their Regime is really after - TYRANNY!


Egyptians flout curfew...

Military chief warns of collapse...

Chaos Mounts...


Kurt Nimmo

June 15, 2012

Obama’s latest outrageous violation of the laws of the United States demonstrate that the nation has arrived at its destination: a dictatorship lorded over by an imperial ruler.

On Friday, Obama instructed the government to ignore an influx of illegal aliens streaming over the border. The move was implemented to sway Latino voters into the Obama camp in preparation for the upcoming election against fellow establishment candidate Mitt Romney.

Obama’s violations of law and the Constitution make his predecessor look like a piker by way of comparison. Since he was voted into office by deluded citizens who believed he would pay for their rent and food, Obama has enacted by fiat or worked with Congress to pass a number of bills that have increased the power of the executive and the unconstitutional authority of the federal government.

National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 

This monstrous statute allows the government to circumvent the Fifth Amendment. The NDAA gives the government the authority to designate American citizens as terrorists and indefinitely detain them without recourse to courts or due process of law and without specific charge.

“Permit me to state the obvious,” writes Sheldon Richman. “The government shouldn’t be allowed to imprison people indefinitely without charge or trial. It shouldn’t be necessary to say this nearly 800 years after Magna Carta was signed and over 200 years after the Fifth Amendment was ratified.”

Chapter 39 of the Magna Carta states that “[n]o free man shall be taken or imprisoned or disseized or exiled or in any way destroyed, nor will we go upon him nor send upon him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.” The concept of due process first appeared in English common law in 1354 and inspired the Fifth Amendment more than 400 years later.

The time honored principle that the state must try citizens in a court of law is now dead – and with surprisingly little resistance from our supposed representatives.

Unconstitutional wars

Not only did Obama continue and amplify Bush’s unconstitutional, illegal and immoral wars against nations that did not present a danger to the United States, he also initiated an overt war of his own in Libya (under NATO cover). He did not go to Congress and seek a declaration as required under Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. Instead, he used the fig leaf of the United Nations to cover his illegal action.

In May, the Secretary of War, Leon Panetta, said Obama will “seek international permission” to launch new wars.” He declared the “commander in chief has the authority to take action that involves the vital interests of this country” without consulting the American people.

In March, Rep. Walter Jones, a North Carolina Republican, introduced H. Concurrent Resolution 107, which calls on the House, the Senate Concurring, to prevent Obama from starting another war without authorization from Congress. It has since languished in committee.


Obama’s health care mandate forcing Americans to buy insurance from large monopolistic corporations represents the height of his arrogance and contempt for the American people and the Constitution.

Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 of the Constitution is known as the Commerce Clause. It states that “Congress shall have the power… to regulate commerce with foreign nations, among the several states and with the Indian tribes.” It does not permit the government to force you to buy insurance from a government preferred and protected monopoly.

In Federalist No. 45, James Madison wrote that the clause spells out that the powers delegated to the federal government are “few and defined,” while those left to the states “are numerous and indefinite,” although you wouldn’t know that if you listen to Democrats and far too many of their Republican colleagues.

The original intent of the Commerce Clause was to facilitate commerce between the states and prevent tariffs, quotas and taxes. It was not designed to help a lumbering and dictatorial federal government force “mandates” on the people at gunpoint.

Our supposed representatives are wholly ignorant of the Constitution and its unmistakable principles of limited government intervention. Rep. Nancy Pelosi made this clear when she was asked if the Constitution grants Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate.

“Are you serious?” she responded, demonstrating her complete ignorance of the Constitution.

Following legal challenges to the law and its consideration before the highest court, Obama threatened to cut off Medicare payments if the Supreme Court does not rule in his favor.


Obama has shown his contempt for the law, Congress, and the people by negotiating globalist treaties.

He would subvert the American judicial process by implementing the International Criminal Court. It will ultimately be used against American citizens. Professor Charles Rice of Notre Dame University Law School has stated that we will be confronted by “a monster” that effectively “repudiates the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.”

The Law of the Sea Treaty will create another international bureaucracy that will limit the sovereignty of the United States and impose globalist regulations. “The autonomy of the United States is threatened if we allow our domestic laws to be crafted by an international body that is not accountable to the American people,” writes Julie Borowski. “The U.N. is openly hostile to our national sovereignty and republican form of government. The ratification of LOST [Law of the Sea Treaty] would open up a Pandora’s Box of problems. It would impose global taxes and regulations that cripple economic growth while exposing ourselves to high-stakes environmental lawsuits.”

The Small Arms Treaty would circumvent the Second Amendment, the cornerstone of the Bill of Rights. If ratified, it will impose even tougher licensing requirements, confiscate and destroy all “unauthorized” civilian firearms, ban semiautomatic weapons, create an international gun registry, and override our cherished national sovereignty.

Startling details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership were revealed earlier this week in a leaked document. This treaty would allow transnational corporations to skirt American banking, investment, environmental and labor laws. The laws would still apply to corporations based in the United States, however. “The leaked document shows that in all of the major respects, this is exactly the same template that was used in NAFTA and other agreements that President Obama campaigned against,” Todd Tucker, the research director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch division, told Slate.

Flurry of Executive Orders

Although he lied and said he would not issue executive orders, Obama has signed a large number of them:

Council of Governors. “An Obama executive order that creates a council of state governors who will work with the feds to expand military involvement in domestic security, together with PDD 51, a Bush era executive order that gives the President dictatorial power in times of national emergency, eliminate the last roadblocks to declaring martial law in the United States,” Paul Joseph Watson summarized in January of 2010.

National Defense Resources Preparedness: This EO, signed in March of 2012, renews and updates Obama’s authority to seize control of all civil energy supplies, including oil and natural gas, and control and restrict all civil transportation. It essentially reaffirms a large number of FEMA-related executive orders issued since the national security state was installed in 1947 and is another element in an intricate structure that will enable martial law at the president’s discretion.

Less significant – although equally unconstitutional – executive orders include creating a council on bioethics, implementing a policy on space exploration, creating a mathematics advisory panel, and numerous other issues that should be addressed by Congress.

Advanced Effort to Kill the Constitution 

From the Department of Justice’s high-handed attempt to prevent Arizona from protecting its borders to restrictive EPA rules that impose unreasonably burdensome financial costs on the states, Obama’s federal government has turned into a tyrannical leviathan dictating policy and law at gunpoint.

Since the reign of Bush, the federal government has shifted into high gear the effort to degrade and dilute the separation of powers. Obama was installed precisely to oversee the further destruction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and empower the imperial presidency.

His latest move to further weaken the immigration laws of the United States is simply more evidence that the federal government will continue to run roughshod over the Constitution and the natural rights of the American people, an incremental plan implemented by the elite that is now approaching its zenith.


By Alan Caruba
Most Americans know the economy is in bad shape even if a majority voted to reelect the man most responsible for making a bad economy worse. And, no, it was not George W. Bush who is responsible for the 2008 financial crash. It was the government with its housing programs that encouraged giving mortgage loans to those who could not afford them and then bundling those “toxic assets”, and selling them to banks who then found themselves in trouble for investing in them.

Another partner in the nation’s financial woes has been the Federal Reserve, a banking cartel given the right to literally print money. The Fed recently released the fact that its holdings in U.S. government debt has increased by 257 percent since President Obama took office! Those holdings are at an all-time record of $1,696,691,000,000 at the close of business on Wednesday, January 23. The other major holder of our debt is China at $1,170,100,000.000.

It’s worth taking a few minutes to see how the policies of President Obama, whether a deliberate effort to ruin the economy or just the result a lack of understanding of how the U.S. economy works, has put the U.S. on the precipice of failure comparable to what is occurring in Europe. It is a global, as well as national problem as the central banks of the EU desperately transfer billions among themselves to stave off a catastrophe that will destroy the wealth of their citizens.

The federal government ran a deficit (the difference between what it owes and what revenues it takes in) of $292 billion for the first two months of fiscal year 2013—October and November 2012—amounting to $4.8 billion of borrowed money every day. The Congressional Budget Office reported that federal revenues rose by $30 billion—a ten percent increase over last year—but spending increased even more, going up by $87 billion (16%).

Spending on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security was about 7% higher--$8 billion than last year. For years, Congress has resisted reforming these “entitlement” programs and Obamacare has only exacerbated the problem. In order to fund its establishment, the Obama administration took $716 billion from the Medicare funds. The Social Security funds have been “borrowed” by Congress for years while the numbers of eligible senior citizens has steadily increased as “baby boomers” come of age.

The call for higher taxes on “millionaires and billionaires” has fallen hardest on the middle class, in reality increasing taxes on them. The reality is that the middle class taxpayer pays 25% of their income in federal income tax these days, but when you add in 13.3% in the federal Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes, it adds up to 38.3%. According to the Tax Foundation, the average state’s income tax rate on the middle class is 4.82% (not all states have an income tax in addition to the federal government.) That brings the total to $43.12% of middle class income drained off to pay taxes.

Add in all the other taxes we pay on gasoline, telephones, and other necessities, and the middle class is being tapped for half their earnings.

The Republican Party, in power in the House of Representatives, has offered legislation to bring some relief to middle class and other taxpayers. It has sent annual budgets to the Senate where they have died for the past three years.

All this has been happening during the first term of the Obama administration. In a January 25th commentary posted on, Steve McCann noted that “As of the end of 2012, the United States has experienced the worst five-year period—which includes, as the end of the final four years, Obama’s first full term—since 1928-1932 and the start of the Great Depression.”

McCann cited that fact that, since January 2008, the employment age population has increased by 11.7 million, yet there are 3.0 million fewer Americans employed. “Factoring in the population growth and 2008 labor participation rate, the unemployment rate for December 2012 would be 11.4% as compared to 4.9% in December of 2007.”

“At the end of 2007, the median household income was $54,489 (inflation adjusted); at the beginning of 2012, it had dropped to $50,020—a decline of nearly 9%.” During this same time, while incomes were eroding, the cost of living increased 20% from December 2007 to September 2012.

There are other stark statistics that the mainstream media tends to under-report. In December 2007, there were 26.5 million Americans on food stamps at a cost of $30 billion. By December 2012, 47.4 million were using this program and the federal government was running advertising to get more to apply for it. During Obama’s first term, food stamp recipients increased at a rate of 11,133 per day!

No matter how one measures the U.S. economy, the news is bad and holds little promise of improving. Economic growth is anemic as Obama increased debt $50,521 per household in his first term, more than the first 42 presidents in 53 terms combined.

An excellent monthly publication, Budget and Tax News, published by The Heartland Institute, is a very good way to gain the information and insight you need to understand these issues.

No need to wonder why Obama wants to increase the debt ceiling and no need to wonder why his policies continue to cripple the economy, whether it’s the failure to approve the Keystone XL pipeline or to rein in an avalanche of economy-killing regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency. Obamacare contained 18 hidden taxes when it was passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress that didn’t even read its more than 2,000 pages.

At some point this combination of increased taxes, low employment, and stagnant economic growth has to implode. That outcome can be avoided, but the nation is running out of time.

© Alan Caruba, 2013


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yesterday’s paranoia

is today’s reality.    Training for WHAT???
and THIS

One Response to yesterday’s paranoia

Ronbo says:

As old soldiers and veterans from service in several wars seen on this planet in the late 20th century, we know EXACTLY what the real deal is here: THE OBAMA REGIME IS TRAINING “LOYAL” (read, “Leftist”) STORM TROOPERS TO CRUSH POTENTIAL REBEL RESISTANCE.

This is nothing less than “The American Red Guard” getting ready for the civil war that Obama is busy planning.

Of course, these federal units MAY NOT be U.S. military, but are more likely para military formations from Homeland Security with the ranks filled with UBER loyal Communists, Socialists and Progressives who would consider the mass murder of patriots, “A Labor of Love.”

Interesting that the Federal focus is on the big cities like Miami, because the strength of the national resistance movement is in the suburbs and the countryside – the Heartland of America, the 80% of the land mass of the USA.

I think the patriot plan for civil war at this point is to focus on underground activities (like intelligence gathering) that would be impossible to stop by conventional military units.

Thus the Obama Regime seems to be training for the wrong war…at least at first, as the real serious rebel resistance is to be found in thousands of sleeper cells, with as few as one person that are EVERYWHERE – to include inside the brain of Homeland Security.


If you really want to annoy somebody, do their job for them in a very public way.

This is an angle of the growing separation between American localities and the federal government. From general discontent, to increasing non-participation, to open calls for secession, the public in most states have had enough and are actively driving wedges between themselves and Uncle Sam.

When states and local law enforcement join the party, then it is only a matter of time before realignment or divorce becomes reality.

After calling for inept, unworkable and unproductive gun control laws (forgive the redundancy), Barack Obama has met little aside from resistance. The NRA, SAF and GAO instantly announced their opposition. More importantly the citizen media accelerated their unorganized yet fact-based counter campaigns (having spearheaded gun control related citizen media for 13 years, I know Piers Morgan will not invite me to appear on his show – nobody plans their own defeat). Now we see community constabulary preemptively countermanding any new federal ordnance that they find unconstitutional. They are very publicly doing Obama’s job for him, namely upholding the intent of the Bill of Rights.

Well, somebody has to do it. We know Barry won’t.

A few sheriffs in Utah have vowed not to enforce new gun control (and by “few” I mean 28 of 29 sheriffs). The relatively free California county of Mendocino has a sheriff who also is declining to selectively decimate civil liberties. Another local flatfoot in South Carolina has done likewise. Without local law enforcement support, the federal government would have to do their own policing, arrests, jailing, prosecution and imprisonment. Given that the feds only prosecute 0.3% of convicted felons caught by NICS while attempting to buy guns in gun stores, their interest in carrying the law enforcement burden will probably wane.

Then nobody will be publicly doing that job.

This new upbeat rebellion is a continuation from 2008 when the Supreme Court was reconfirming that the Second Amendment was an individual civil right. During deliberation, Montana informed the court that when it entered the union in 1889, they were perfectly clear that the Second Amendment was an individual right, and that should the court decide otherwise, that the statehood pact would be violated and Montana would be free to go their own way (automagic secession if you will). Montana was ready to defend original constitutional intent even if the federal government wasn’t. Now local peace officers are doing likewise.

Uppity states.

This is the source of the next Great Divide. States maintain their power regardless of what Washington thinks, and can deny participation in many, many ways. As Obama pushes to make our bloated Uncle Sam more powerful, states, counties and private citizens are saying “No thanks, we’re keeping control of our destiny.” This sets in motion one or more direct confrontations, which the feds will lose. No matter how large, ornery and disobedient the federal government is, they face resistance from at least half the population, and that number appears to be growing. Any Obama enactment will wither until rational minds once again occupy the White House (hopefully the GOP can find one).

Meanwhile, discounting lunatics outside of congress, a small number of passion crimes and the like, we see nearly all gun woes occurring in America’s larger inner cities. Since the mayors of Chicago, Oakland and L.A. don’t give a damn about poor people (except during elections) their killing fields will continue being populated by children caught in gangland crossfire.

Rahm Emanuel, Antonio Villaraigosa, Jean Quan – you better start doing your job lest we do it for you.






Police officers in Seattle, Washington held their first gun buyback program in 20 years this weekend, underneath interstate 5,  and soon found that private gun collectors were working the large crowd as little makeshift gun shows began dotting the parking lot and sidewalks. Some even had “cash for guns” signs prominently displayed.
Police stood in awe as gun enthusiasts and collectors waved wads of cash for the guns being held by those standing in line for the buyback program.

People that had arrived to trade in their weapons for $100 or $200 BuyBack gift cards($100 for handguns, shotguns and rifles, and $200 for assault weapons) soon realized that gun collectors were there and paying top dollar for collectible firearms. So, as the line for the chump cards got longer and longer people began to jump ship and head over to the dealers.

John Diaz, Seattles Police Chief,  wasn’t pleased with the turn of events stating “I’d prefer they wouldn’t sell them,” but admitted it’s perfectly legal for private individuals to buy and sell guns, FOR NOW. Mayor Mike McGinn said at a news conference the private transactions are a loophole that needs to be closed. “There’s no background checks, and some (guns) could be exchanged on the streets that shouldn’t be in circulation.”

But Schuyler Taylor, a previous gun retailer attending the event in hopes of buying weapons, asked “Why not offer them cash versus a gift card? I’m still taking the guns off the streets; they’re just going in my safe.”

People were reportedly, at one point, jumping out of vehicles  whilst sitting in traffic – making on the spot deals with the gun buyers.

But the BuyBack wasn’t a bust. On the contrary – their $80,000 supply of gift cards didn’t last but 2 hours, and by 11:00 am they began attempting to issue IOU’s at which point the entire crowd responded by turning and marching toward the gun dealers, forcing the police officers to pack it up for the day.

On one last note of hilarity, the Seattle Police department claims that they will check the buyback guns to see if any were previously stolen and, if so, try to return them to the rightful owners! LOL. Brilliant!

In 1992, Seattle police collected more than 1,200 guns in a four-day buyback program.

Now the only question is, when will the Seattle Police department stage the next gun show?

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Victor Davis Hanson; Women at the Front (Discussion follows)

The Tunnel Wall;   "....Liberals say that not all women can be in a combat unit, but all should have the chance. I say not to believe a word o[f] that."
The history of US liberals is that a certain percentage of combat platoons MUST consist of women to reflect the population and therefore physical requirements will have to be lowered to make that happen.
Blackfive photo


The American approach to law enforcement was forged by the experience of revolution. Emerging as they did from the shadow of British rule, the country's founders would likely have viewed police, as they exist today, as a standing army, and therefore a threat to liberty. Even so, excessive force and disregard for the Bill of Rights have become epidemic in today’s world. According to civil liberties reporter Radley Balko, these are all symptoms of a generation-long shift to increasingly aggressive, militaristic, and arguably unconstitutional policing—one that would have shocked the conscience of America’s founders. 

Rise of the Warrior Cop traces the arc of U.S. law enforcement from the constables and private justice of colonial times to present-day SWAT teams and riot cops. Today, relentless “war on drugs” and “war on terror” pronouncements from politicians, along with battle-clad police forces with tanks and machine guns have dangerously blurred the distinction between cop and soldier.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

American Amazons? … J. D. Longstreet

American Amazons?omega-dispatch-logo-with-border2
Women in Direct Combat
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet
J. D.  -- Pensive
AMAZON: (From Greek mythology) one of a nation of women warriors of Scythia (who burned off the right breast in order to use a bow and arrow more effectively)
" ... the call by men for women to fight in their place is the height of cowardice, and worthy of the strongest possible rebuke."  Source:
Has the Obama administration gone completely nuts? (THAT is a rhetorical question.) One is required to be at least "nominally" sane before one can go INsane.
Now they are going to place the lives of that half of the human species -- able to reproduce life -- directly in harm's way.
Have they grown weary of just killing the babies?  Have they now become intent upon killing those capable of producing the babies in the first place? 
Placing women in direct combat teams is so wrong -- on so many levels. 
One thing is for darned sure. I will not recommend my grandson join the US Military.  Not any longer.
With the advent of gay society into the ranks, and now weakening the war fighting ability of the armed forces by placing women in combat roles, the US military is simply not up to the moral standards -- nor the warrior standards -- to which I would have my son, my grandson, my daughter, or my granddaughter exposed.
The left's social experiments with the US military over the decades has left us with a military that hasn't won a war since the Second World War.  (Desert Storm was basically one huge battle which lasted days.)
As  veteran myself, I am proud of having done the tiny bit that I did for my country in the military.  But that was back in the 1950s when we were marched over to the WAC's barracks at Fort Jackson, South Carolina -- which were fenced off with eight-foot tall fencing -- and we told by our training sergeant  that that was where the women were and if we even went near the place we'd be shot!
I read recently of concerns by some on the political left that America is creating a"warrior class" with our all volunteer military.  Heck, we've had a warrior class since, at least, the War Between the States.  We call 'em Southerners!  When the US decides to go to war, southern males begin lining up and signing up.  Blame our Celtic heritage and ancestry.
President Bush in 1992 created the Presidential Commission on the Deployment of Women in the Military to determine the capability of women severing in direct combat positions. “The Commission showed that women were three times more nondeployable than men, primarily due to pregnancy, during Operations Desert Shield and Storm.” (Hoar 1) The commission used expert medical witnesses and current military policy to show the pitfalls of having potential mothers serving in military units.    SOURCE:
Look.  Combat is just as mean, just as barbaric, just tough as it has always been.The combat soldier MUST rely on his physical strength, and his mental strength to survive and to aid his fellow soldiers to survive and win the victory.  That is a fact -- period. 
Let's state the obvious here:  Women cannot carry as much as far as fast as men, and they are more susceptible to fatigue.
Women are shorter.  Women have less muscle mass. Women weigh less than men.  This is a great disadvantage when called upon to perform tasks that would require a high level of muscular strength and aerobic capacity, you know, like -- ground combat.  Read more about this issue here:
This just WRONG!  A nation intent upon survival does not, I repeat, does notdeliberately place the "life-givers," -- their women -- in danger. It is a basic rule of survival. 
Frankly, I am not surprised. The left places so little value on human life, so little value on human dignity, so little value on the worth of each individual, that, to them, this is just another victory for their progressive agenda. They simply don't care about the consequences.
We've known for many decades that the political left views humankind as a plague upon their Holy Mother Earth.  So, maybe this is just one more way they feel they can rid earth of it's payload of humans and cleanse the planet. 
Consider the following:  "In "On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society,"  Lt. Col. Dave Grossman briefly mentions that female soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces have been officially prohibited from serving in close combat military operations since 1948. The reason for removing female soldiers from the front lines was due less to the performance of female soldiers, and more due to the behavior of the male infantrymen after witnessing a woman wounded. The IDF saw a complete loss of control over soldiers who apparently experienced an uncontrollable, protective, instinctual aggression, severely degrading the unit's combat effectiveness.
However, in 2001, subsequent to the publication of Grossman's book, women did begin serving in IDF combat units on an experimental basis. There is now an all-female infantry battalion, the Caracal Battalion."  SOURCE: 
Read more about the Caracal Battalion at:
I came across an article while doing a bit of research recently that I think should be read by everyone -- on both sides of the women in combat debate.  It is entitled:  "Women Should Not Be in Combat (Says a Female Marine Captain)
"For those who dictate policy, changing the current restrictions associated with women in the infantry may not seem significant to the way the Marine Corps operates. I vehemently disagree; this potential change will rock the foundation of our Corps for the worse and will weaken what has been since 1775 the world’s most lethal fighting force." --  Capt Katie Petronio  --  SOURCE:
The quote immediately above is from the article entitled:  "Get Over It! We Are Not All Created Equal."  The article was written by Capt. Katie Petronio, a Marine.  You will find the entire article here: 
Placing women in direct combat war fighting roles within the US military will do nothing to elevate women.  It will, in fact, grind women down even more.
Now that that the ban has been lifted we are left with a fight between facts an leftist ideology.  Women are now caught in the middle of yet another fight in which ideology will trump facts.
No matter how horrible the results of this decision will be for women serving in America's military,  leftists will NEVER admit to being wrong.  So, this disastrous decision will stand while the broken, twisted, and maimed bodies of America's young women, those who would bear our young, those who would rear America's children, will continue to pile up.
© J. D. LongstreetQuill # 15 - Publishing Rights
VISIT J. D. Longstreet's "INSIGHT on Freedom" Face Book Page!!:   (Just click on the link for more conservative commentary by J. D. Longstreet and other popular conservative writers!)


Hat tip to Harley Standlee, Placerville, CA

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Moonbattery  "Another reminder that the most radical excesses of the acid-crazed flower child era are now effectively mainstream:"

Left-wing ’60s radical and onetime domestic terrorist Bill Ayers will be a keynote speaker at the Association of Teacher Educators annual conference in Atlanta next month.

Ayers gained notoriety alongside his wife Bernardine Dohrn as a member of the Weather Underground during the Vietnam War. He was involved in Chicago’s “Days of Rage” riot in 1969 and went underground as a fugitive from justice after an accidental Greenwich Village townhouse explosion in 1970 killed three Weather Underground members who were preparing a bomb that prematurely detonated.

Ayers admitted in a 2001 book that he participated in bombings of the New York City Police Department headquarters, the U.S. Capitol Building and the Pentagon in the early 1970s.

He subsequently became a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a “family friend” to Barack Obama before the president became a national political figure.
"The avowed communist revolutionary Ayers is best known for grooming Barack Hussein Obama for high office, as part of the same strategy of destroying America from within its own institutions that led him to abandon bombs for a career in education. Obama’s political career was literally launched from the apartment Ayers shared with fellow terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, inventor of the Fork Salute honoring the Manson Family’s senseless murders."

And here is the Ayres philosophy of education that makes him attractive to todays' teachers unions:
“When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.’
Presenting Our Keynote Speaker for the Evening

More on the ATE here
"The Association of Teacher Educators has a long-standing commitment to equity and to advocacy. The actions taken by the Georgia legislators to focus on undocumented aliens in a punitive and negative manner are actions that we do not support."
"ATE supports diversity in education.  This commitment to diversity originates with ATE’s understanding of the concept of pluralism and the importance of creating a teaching force representative of the broader pluralistic society. ATE advocates affirmative action and multicultural education as programs supportive of diversity in education.  ATE’s commitment to diversity also influences its position on a number of critical issues where diversity may not be maintained."
We're getting off into another stream-of-consciousness tangent here, so it's time to quit. TD