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It has become obvious to WE THE PEOPLE, of these United States, that the Federal Government, that we appointed, in good faith, to protect our God given and inalienable rights, as a free and open society, from all enemies, foreign and domestic, is now, no longer serving us, but doing us great harm and has transgressed against the will of the people, doing us great malice and injustice, over a long series of transgressions and usurpations, that are becoming vastly worse, as time progresses.

Where as , WE THE PEOPLE, have sought and used up all peaceful means, at our desposal and petitioned the Government for a redress of grievances, repeatedly, to resolve these issues, only to be ignored by this Federal Government.

Therefore, it has now become our sacred duty, to dissolve and replace said Government and make it afresh, as it once was.

Therefore, knowing that such an absolute and despotic entity, will never relinquish its power, back to the rightful ownership, we must acknowledge the use of force, will likely be needed, to remove such corrupted officials from their despotic positions.

Therefore, we shall establish a rank and file force, to remove this tyrannical establishment and restore our freedoms, once again, to their rightful place of WE THE PEOPLE.

Therefore, we are establishing a recruitment base, for a standing army in the field, that will carry out this righteous duty, for the Republic and its people.

Therefore, we ask any and all volunteers, to present themselves, for such actions, as needed.

 Therefore, if you wish to take active part in said actions, against this unrecognizable, foreign government of criminals and any of its benefactors of despotism, that may include any federal agency and any mutually supporting state, county or city governments, working for the benefit of the government by sending its subjects against our effort, to remove these rogues, from within our government, your devotion to do so, must be clear, determined and without doubt.
Therefore, the purpose of Operation Red Dawn is to put an active, standing army in the field and create a network of operatives, across the nation to remove these rogue agents from their positions.

Therefore, in order to do so, we need to muster a substancial standing and mobile force, of dedicated patriots, willing to sacrifice their lives and their fortunes, to achieve the goal of removing these rogues, from their unwanted positions of power and influence and replace them with more honorable persons, that will serve WE THE PEOPLE, as they should.

Therefore, this will be a long term operation and participants should expect a long road of hard work, patience and most importantly, discipline, in order to assure victory, over these rogue elements.

This operation will have 3 phases.

Phase 1

Preparation phase

All those wishing to participate in these activities, shall be expected to be able to survive in harsh conditions for long periods and also, be able to blend in with their ever changing environment and thrive from it, while conducting missions and operations. Most operations will be in the form of providing logistic support to smaller, attacking forces and may see little action for long periods of time.

Much personal equipment will be needed for this long, ongoing operation. During the preparation phase, you need to obtain the necessary equipment to insure a good start on the long road to victory.

Many items will be needed to minimize the cost of starting up and carrying out assigned missions.

If everyone gathers their own starting equipment, during the preparation phase, we can sooner carry out effective missions, against our common enemy, without having to wait and spend more money to get you up to speed and delaying actions, that will prolong victory.

Several months have been allotted so you may gather the necessary equipment, yourself, that will ensure the survival of the groups, participating in these operations. Those that do not bring most of the said equipment, will not be accepted as participating members of the operation.

The following gear and equipment or very similar equipment, must be collected by each participant, before they can be accepted into the operation.

Rifle of caliber, of equal or greater than .223 and atleast 6 magazines, that accomidate that rifle.(No ammo for that rifle is needed, but bringing any ammo you have, will be accepted into the operation)

Cleaning kit for that rifle and the most common replacement parts for your rifle

One small utility knife and one large survival blade, hatchet or tomahawk

One backpack, of atleast 3100cc(50 liters) or greater, with several external pockets or molle attachments, with a waist strap and sternum strap. External frames are more durable but internal frames are acceptible

Two pairs of TruSpec 24/7, 65/35 Poly/Cotton Ripstop Pants in Khaki, Coyote or Sage

At least one pair of woodland or multi-cam BDU or ACU, uniform

One TruSpec Ranger Rack or similar chest rig
One pair of ALTA SUPERFLEX Knee Pads
Lensatic compass
One official cantine
One Nalgene bottle
One metal cup
One katadyn water filter
One LED flashlight
Two pairs of hiking boots or trail shoes
One pair of leather work gloves
One pair of light duty or tactical gloves(such as Mechanix, Firm Grip or bicycle gloves)
One trowel or hand shovel
One Poncho or rain gear
One very durable and reliable 2-4 person tent
One tarp, larger than your tent's foot print
Seven pairs of wool or wool blend socks
Five pairs of boxers or briefs
Three none-white, non-black T-shirts of non bright colors, such as brown, green or tan
Hygene kit, for teeth, nails, clensing, including washrags and towel of darker color
One IFAK, BOK or personal first aid kit

This will cover the main items needed to survive within assembled groups and allow you to be accepted by them. You are encouraged to bring as many essential items as possible, not only for yourself, but for other members of the operation, for they will most certainly be needed in the long run.

Phase 2

Recruitment Phase

This will be a time period, that recruits will begin to be evaluated and accepted into the ranks for training and deployment.

Recruitment will begin on the last Monday of each month, beginning on May 27th 2013. 

This is a long term deployment, so do not expect to come back to society, any time soon. This is a long term deployment.

You may either arrive by being dropped off in the area(specified by your recruiter) or by your own vehicle. If you come with your own vehicle, then you will be expected to relinquish your vehicle to us, for safe storage, elsewhere, as we can't have abandoned vehicles in any of the AO's. We cannot guarantee the safe keeping of your vehicle, beyond taking it to a secure and discrete area, for storage.

Training will be at least 8 weeks.

Phase 3

Deployment and Expansion Phase

After basic training, you will be deployed in the assigned AO, in a supportive role to expand upon existing groups and provide security operations in the area, while allowing the more experience units, the freedom to expand the operation into new areas.

Your missions will become more challenging as each assigned mission is completed and performance evaluated by those in leadership roles.

Details cannot be disclosed, for opsec reasons.

If you are interested in dedicating your life to restoring our great Republic and winning our freedoms back,  gather the said items and equipment and send an email to and ask for further recruitment information.

About Operation Red Dawn:

Operation Red Dawn is part of a long term campaign plan that is underway, to develop an active American guerrilla force, called "Wolverines", that will set themselves to the task of the restoration of justice in America and bring back our Founding Fathers vision of a free and independent way of life, with minimal government intrusion upon its citizens.

The operations starts as a small group of dedicated and disciplined warriors, that will go and remain living off the grid of modern civilization. They will be living in the wilderness, in tents and blending in as hikers and possibly hunters. They will establish a large series of small FOB camps, through out their AO and move around regularly and learn every crevis of the terrain around them.

Supplies will be coming in, whenever possible and will be dependent on their supporting elements and those that sponsor their activities.

Supplies are handled by the leadership, so the rest can concentrate on securing and patrolling the terrain around them.

New members will remain in a training area, til they are deemed ready for more responsibilities.
More experienced units will have greater responsibilities and have a better understanding of the workings of the group, as a whole.

Wolverines will have support from prepper groups from the surrounding areas, that will help supply the unit, along with other supporters that will provide us with training equipment, ammo, gear, maintenance parts and medical supplies, not to mention, food.

Some food will be grown by the Wolverine units themselves, to reduce costs and instill long term survival skills in the wilderness. This will be in the form of guerrilla gardens, planted throughout the AO, in hidden areas. Each unit will routinely check on each garden, while patrolling the AO.

For the most part, the Wolverines play a more defensive role, guarding and patrolling an area where other Special Operations Resistance Forces are stationed, that will be doing the dirty work of restoring justice within the Republic.

Vehicles will be available for transport, in times of need, but will rarely be used, otherwise.

Wolverines are to remain hidden and undetected by authorities and the public, at large. Wolverines goals are to blend in with their surrounding area, wherever they are.

We can't get into specifics or what sort of offensive operations will be done, until you reach the AO and complete training. Just know that this is a wartime operation, designed to achieve the most, with the least amount of bloodshed, possible.
There are no guarantees. It is war, after all.

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