Saturday, August 09, 2014


Mocked for so long over my prediction of a caliphate, yet.... See the news out of Iraq. Look at the land ISIS claims it will rule. It doesn't matter anymore, it is here and it our worst nightmare. What is happening in Israel is an attempt to unite all Muslims around the world in one common cause, destroy Israel, the Christians and Jewish people and then America. It has nothing to do with the Palestinians or "occupied land". We must not be afraid to see what is currently happening, if we turn our face it will grow and spread. Kidnapping of women and children, beheadings and slaughter of innocents - even Muslims who are "just not Muslim enough." We must open our eyes and tell each other the truth. Then we can honestly ask: what comes next? Watch my old shows to find out or listen/watch TheBlaze TV, we are no longer dealing with "Muslim extremists". 

They are Muslim psychopaths.

We will make it, if we keep our heads and come together. We must not fear. Together we can do anything. We are all Americans first. United we stand, divided we fall. We can unite to help get people out and to safety. No more wars. This is a civil war and they are drawing us into it to help them unite the Middle East. Let us help those in need, but I do not believe we are prepared for what comes next.

Stop the politics and stop the genocide.

Americans should stop being "cowards" and attacking the Islamic State terror...

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