Saturday, August 09, 2014


“What comes around, goes around” – It would appear that 1400 year evolution of Islam – marked by endless wars against the “Infidels” – has returned in full fury to its Middle East origins to visit mass murder and civil war.

Yes, I understand that Christians and other religions are being savaged by the ISIS barbarians; however, most of the body count is their fellow Muslims – the Sunni and Shiite – who don’t follow the ISIS brand of Islam.

Who is next on the ISIS shit list. Yes, the West has been mentioned, but the West World is far away while Jordan and Saudi Arabia to the south lay open to invasion by the ISIS storm troopers, as soon as Iraq is looted and destroyed.

Saudi Arabia is the jewel in the Arab crown and wealthy beyond counting thanks to the petro dollars, and ruled by the corrupt and degenerate House of Saud. One can see an alliance in the making with Shiite Iran, who very likely wants the destruction of Saudi Arabia more than Israel.

I know the pundits are saying that the West is in danger, but ever the starry eyed drunk poet at end of the bar who sees the glass half full and never half empty, I say when the stabbing, cutting and shooting is done in the Middle East there will nothing left of Islam but a pile of stinking bodies under the hot desert sun.

What should we in West World do while Islam commits suicide? Of course, help Christians and other religions to escape certain death, but other than that I would suggest stocking up on beer and popcorn, and watch the Götterdämmerung of Islam on HDTV.

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