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To give you an idea of the tenor of the march, the police confiscated “plastic guns…”
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Today was the annual Muslim day parade, where Muslims take over Madison Avenue and convert it to an outdoor mosque. It is always scheduled near the anniversary day of September 11 — takbir! These marches are always controversial (more here).
The theme of the parade was advertised as Islam and America’s shared common values. But it was anything but. It was a political parade in support of terrorists in Egypt and Gaza. There was a lot of anti-Jewish propaganda — the flags of annihilation coupled with outrageous pro-terror Muslim Brotherhood propaganda.
Before the police confiscated the guns, the Muslim were posing and “shooting” people.
Jew-hating children were used for propaganda purposes, clad in the jihad war scarf.
pali kidThe Muslim Brotherhood terror group was well represented.  Urban Infidel told me that “Egypt” was portrayed as a woman in a noose accompanied by a band of thugs with a chariot denouncing el-Sisi! Apparently they had plastic guns, but the cops took them away.
Last year (and previous years) the black flag of jihad would be raised at this “parade.” But this year they knew better — in light of the beheading yesterday of British aid worker David Haines and the earlier beheadings of James Foley and Steve Sotloff. Last year the black flag of jihad flew:
black flag of jihad muslim day parade
black flag
My colleagues Pamela Hall and Urban Infidel are  uploading videos and snaps. Check back here for video of the fake guns. Before the police confiscated the guns, the Muslim were posing and “shooting” people. We will have video of that, too.

Videos thanks to Urban Inifdel
UPDATE: Egypt in a noose. Pro-jihad marchers attack Egypt, Sisi and those that threw off the yoke of Islamic tyranny under the Muslim Brotherhood.
More pics from TRTD:
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