Sunday, September 28, 2014


Excellent article on Muhammad here and the violence his totalitarian ideology of Islam has generated up to this day.

However, my study of Islam makes me question if Muhammad was a literary invention by scholars more than 200 years after he allegedly existed in Saudi Arabia.

After all, everything he said or was said about him was handed down for generations in the oral tradition. At some point, very likely in Baghdad around the 9th century, the dogma of Muhammad was finally written down.

I wonder if these intellectuals, who were working for the all powerful caliph of the time, might have created Muhammad out of the image of this ruler, along with the KORAN and the rest of the ideology of the Arabian Totalitarian Cult.

Fortunately, we have a recent modern day example of such a religious intellectual, one Carlos Castaneda who created the cult of Don Juan, a Mexican Indian witch doctor in a series of 12 books. This cult was very popular in the dope smoking hippie days of the late 60s and early 70s, when scores of Castaneda believers turned Northern Mexico upside down looking for this Don Juan character, who, it was finally determined by experts in many field trips to Mexico, never existed.

Thus Don Juan was a necessary literary invention by Castaneda of a central character whose personality, beliefs and struggles in life were used by the author to launch a new cult that he named "Tensegrity" and hoped would grow into a major world religion.

Judaism has Moses.

Christianity has Jesus.

Islam has Muhammad.

Tensegrity has Don Juan.

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