Friday, September 19, 2014


News from Britain: The Scots will stay in the Union, but only for a bigger welfare check from the English taxpayer…

Meanwhile in England there is great sorrow that the Scots didn’t leave the Union.

“You’d think after making fun of the Jocks for the last 300 years they’d get the message and LEAVE the Union! ” said  crying Englishman John Adams in a business suit at an exclusive London Pub.

The mood was different in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, where relieved Scotsmen drank into the wee hours of the morning when news of the "No" vote to leave the Union was announced.

Said James MacArthur dressed as a Scottish bagpiper, "It was a close one tonight! We almost lost our welfare check from England! So me and the lads are doing a celebration for the Queen by playing "The Drunk Bagpiper" for the 50th time tonight...would you like to hear?

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