Monday, November 17, 2014


All part of the Big Government/Big Media plan to destroy NFL football.

"They thought they were on the verge of major upheaval in the NFL.  Much of journalism -- and don't doubt me on this. Much of journalism's success is determined by how much upheaval they can cause in citadels of power.  Now, it used to be that anybody who held power was a target of the Drive-By Media.  That's no longer the case when avowed politicians of the liberal Democrat stripe are in power. 

Then there is no attempt to hold them employable. There is no attempt whatsoever to harm they happen.  It's just the exact opposite.  They are propped up, until they're no longer useful, and then they move on to a replacement left-wing liberal to prop up, which is why all the talk on Hillary right now. 

How many times over the course of the many years of this highly popular broadcast have you heard me say that the way journalists climb their ladder of success is point to the resume when we were working in a smaller media market and say, "See, there was a guy that ran tire store, and the guy was corrupt, and I did the piece that took him out of business!"

"You did?  Why, you may be on the fast track to the Washington Post." 

I mean, that's what they saw happen on 60 Minutes: The powerful got destroyed, taken down a peg.  Well, I'm here to tell you that there's always an agenda behind everything.  There's no news anymore.  The NFL story quickly became an agenda.  You had to know the politics of it to be able to correctly spot the agenda.  The secondary aspect of this was the media measuring their power."

 --Rush Limbaugh

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