Sunday, November 23, 2014



Last week I said that the AP committed "media rape" on Bill Cosby. They did an interview, seemingly broke the agreed upon rules, got him to give a non answer after the interview and then smeared him by saying "look, Cosby wouldn't answer". Horrible journalism and the AP should be ashamed of themselves. 

If one of my reporters at the Blaze would have done that I would have fired him or her.

With that being said, the Washington Post just did real journalism on the Bill Cosby case. Wow.

This is one of the most disturbing articles I have read in quite some time. It makes me question everything I know.

The abuse happened from the 60s through the mid 2000s. The women seem credible and some are in their 70s. What grandmother is going to say this? 

Can you be a good guy in Hollywood and make it? No wonder so many movies are dystopian and void of any hope. If this is the kind of stuff they know is happening and are powerless to stop it, it only makes sense that they do not believe that the good guys win in the end.

What all Americans need to see is that when we really believe that "all men (and women)are created equal", it doesn't allow for people to become too powerful to be brought down. It is power that corrupts. When the people fail to discern right from wrong, the press picks winners and losers and the institutions hide darkness because of fame, fortune or power really bad things happen.

If this is true, Cosby is so duplicitous that his behavior in public becomes psychotic itself.

Sad, but we should read and pray for justice whatever that means.…/d7074938-718e-11e4-8808-afa…
In new interviews, women detail their sexual-assault allegations against the legendary comedian.

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