Friday, November 28, 2014


This writer believes he has the answer – or to put it more accurately, this writer believes that David Goldman, writing as “Spengler” in the Asia Times, has the answer (emphasis mine):
Why do individuals, groups, and nations act irrationally, often at the risk of self-destruction?  Part of the problem lies in our definition of rationality.  Under normal circumstances we think it irrational for a middle-aged man to cash in his insurance policy and spend money as fast as possible.  But if the person in question has a terminal illness and no heirs, we think it quite reasonable to spend it all quickly…  And if we know that we shall presently die of rabies, what is to prevent us from biting everyone we dislike?  Countries sometimes suffer the equivalent of terminal illness.  What seems suicidal to Americans may appear rational to an existentially challenged people confronting its imminent mortality.
And also to an “existentially challenged” political philosophy – liberalism – confronting its imminent mortality”?
Could it be that Democrats, looking at:
  • two historic midterm election losses;
  • a presidential election victory in 2012 that depended heavily on leads in the use of so-called data mining and micro-targeting – leads that Republicans apparently have now erased – and IRS suppression of conservative 501(c) groups;
  • President Obama’s underwater approval ratings;
  • the public’s increasing, contrary to Democratic expectations, opposition to Obamacare;
  • the massive inroads several GOP candidates made into the Latino vote; and
  • other indicators of shifting voter sentiment,
be signaling, through their actions, an understanding that, for liberalism, “the jig is up” – that the American people have rejected liberalism as a governing philosophy?  That America cannot be governed from the left?  That Obamacare, sooner or later, one way or another, is doomed?  That the enactment of Medicare, a half-century ago, was not a glorious milestone on the left’s march to a European-style welfare state, but liberalism’s apotheosis?
Could it be that liberals, watching the results streaming in on election eve, concluded that it was not their candidates, but their entire philosophy and worldview that lost on November 4, 2014?


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