Wednesday, December 17, 2014


  • You know those clowns in the sideshow who razz the rubes into buying off-weighted baseballs to throw at him. That’s the boy king. It’s clear his purpose is to bring destabilization. But he’s too stupid to have done this on his own.

  • Figure out who’s behind him and get to them one at a time. It’s a hard task to do, but it can be done with the right people. There surely are some decent people actively digging who have the integrity of the Oath Keepers, but are every bit as hidden as the shadows that they are tracking down. You want to avoid that big world war? Pray the clandestine version of the oath keepers succeed. The over-long reign of the Sophist School of human despotism needs be ended.
    • Pascal, I think we are on the same page: Obama, who may be dying of AIDS according to one report, is a low I.Q., Affirmative Action Black promoted way beyond his level of expertise, which would be busboy at a fast food eatery working for minimum wage and tips.

    • Therefore, Obama was created by The Ruling Class and is little more than a puppet on strings, whose every move is scripted by them. Those of you interested in the details, I would recommend you read, “America’s Ruling Class” at

    • So anyone looking to make a real change in the political situation needs to the know the name and address of the Leftist Puppet Master pulling Obama’s strings.

    • Yes, I know The Ruling Class is an oligarchy; however, somewhere in the background someone is the “Mr. Big” of this conspiracy. If the Oath Keepers are indeed on the hunt for this individual and could terminate him with extreme prejudice, then much conflict could be ended in the world.
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