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White victim of violent assault glad black attacker gets no jail time

A Georgetown University student who penned an inane piece about how he understood the people who mugged him at gunpoint, now has good company.

His name is Mark Andrew. He is in his early sixties, ran for Mayor of Minneapolis this year, and is a member of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor party. No doubt you can read between the lines – or in this case the hyphens – to figure out what they stand for.

While at the Mall of America, Andrew had the misfortune of encountering three teenagers who robbed and beat with a metal bar using “full force” as one of them screamed, “I’m going to kill you!”
Andrew suffered multiple injuries. He needed nine stitches to his head and had a large gash in his mouth that made it difficult to eat or drink. The grandmother of one of the girls said her granddaughter is very sorry this happened (“this” not being some random act of nature, but a violent, potentially deadly beating the girl intentionally carried out) and the grandmother is committed to getting her help.
Aw. Sweet. KARE 11 reports:

MINNEAPOLIS - A teenager who severely beat former Hennepin County board chairman Mark Andrew at the Mall of America last year won't go to jail for her crime - and he's glad she won't.

Eighteen-year-old Deea LeShawn Elliot pleaded guilty to first-degree assault for attacking Andrew with a metal baton last December after her accomplice stole his cell phone. A judge on Tuesday sentenced her to 14 weeks of intensive counseling and a year-long immersion in an arts program of her choice. She won't go to jail if she meets those conditions.
Andrew tells Minnesota Public Radio he strongly believes in redemption, and the way to turn her life around is not to send her to prison.

"I believe in human kind and I believe in restorative justice," Andrew told MPR. "And I don't think harsh prison terms for three youngsters - one a legal adult and the other two juveniles. I didn't see the value in incarcerating any of these three for a long period of time."
Andrew met face-to-face with Elliot in court Tuesday. She repeatedly said she was sorry.
"She came over to me and apologized, and I hugged her, and she just broke down in my arms," Andrew said. "To me, it was a beautiful moment, because I could see how badly she felt. It was very, very healing."

How touching. I can certainly imagine the relief this criminal ingénue felt once she learned of her incredible fate: no jail! I wonder if Andrew will be so lucky the next time around. Unless, of course, that art program works miracles.
Oh and hey, all you kids out there who want to go to art school but can’t afford it, the take away message here is not to go bash someone over the head with a metal bar. Got that?

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

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